• Costa Sands (Pasir Ris)
  • Unit: J07
  • 159M Jalan Loyang Besar, Pasir Ris Park, Singapore 509404
  • Tel: 6582 2537
  • Tel: 6583 2188 (booking of equipments)
  • Check-in on Fri, 03 Nov, 2006, after 1430h
  • Barbecue at 1700h Sat, 04 Nov, 2006
  • Cake cutting at 2200h Sat, 04 Nov, 2006
  • Check-out on Sun, 05 Nov, 2006, before 1030h
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Help needed
  • Drivers: friends with cars, please drive down so that you can send my guests home if it is on the way.
  • Chefs: at least 2 committed friends who can hang around more at the BBQ pits.
  • Photographers: at least 2 friends with their own cameras to take photos/videos around especially on the BBQ day itself like how I always do.
  • Please check the items to give suggestions and offer them if you own any.
  • Please suggest activities and offer any item required if you own it.
Free Shuttle Bus
The resort offers a free two-way shuttle bus service to Pasir Ris bus interchange. (Turn right to taxi stand from MRT)
  • Friday: 0900h to 2300h, hourly, excluding 1300h.
  • Saturday & Sunday: 0900h to 2300h, half hourly, excluding 1230h, 1300h, 1330h
Public Bus - SBS 354
Last bus timing (from bus interchange)
  • Weekdays: 2200h
  • Saturdays: 2352h
  • Sundays: 2354h
Service frequency: 11 to 19 minutes

(Alight at Opposite Downtown East and walk further in)

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