Scammers Steal My Photos – but There’s Only One Me

I have being hypnotised to believe that I am cute or at least photogenic. Maybe I’m popular? After my photo was stolen in Tagged by a scammer Lawrence Tan with the MSN email a couple of months ago, recently I get to know of another scammer who is using my photo in Facebook. The name is Kingston Romeo and the URL is This Kingston is a very open pervert who has been dropping pervertic comments on girls’ profiles as seen in his Facebook profile wall. He has also tried to hook up with my ex student. Lawrence is definitely a smarter scammer as he has bothered to remove my copyright watermark on the photo, unlike Kingston Romeo; although both are probably freak-looking. One disgusting shit about these incidents is that both of them have stolen my ugliest photo but it makes me feel good since even when I’m at my worst, I’m still better looking than them. On the other hand, I have been single for more than two years. If none of the girls, including my big pool of female net friends, is interested in me, what makes the two hilarious-looking scammers think that they can succeed in winning girls over just by using my photo? There is only one me in this world. There are certainly many people in this world who may look identical, but they can never communicate in my style. I hope more friends will appreciate me for putting water benchmark on all my photos.


Singapore MRT Breakdown – People trapped in underground

I’m deeply disturbed by the video above. I do not care about how many people are saying “this is just a disruption of the services, give them time to fix it”, because it is not the main point. If you are trapped inside the train some depth below the human race living level, how would you feel? I assume most people are quite sympathetic towards others because human beings are born with kind nature. If you are thinking that this is just nothing, imagine your love ones are being stuck inside the trains. If you think that is not the worst scenario, visualise your grandparents then. I have come across some comments that the train has backup power that allows up to 45 minutes of ventilation during power failure. Even a kid would know that maximum battery lives would decrease over time – your mobile phone tells you that and your laptop has proven you that as well. What is the capacity of people for the 45 minutes of ventilation being measured? Some creative people may think that this is a once-in-a-fifty-years rare thrilling experience but I think differently. Before you attend Halloween night parties, you know you would be scared. Even if you are going for the roller-coaster ride, you should expect some breathless excitements. You know you will be fine after all. On the other hand, if the train has stopped for some time inside the tunnel and you realise it is getting stuffy with many passengers inside, you do not know if you can live for how more. If you think it can be forever safe in Singapore, the government will not be conducting emergency drills “Northstar”. Singaporeans are already warned about terrorism and scenes will flash through their minds during the lock-down during the train breakdown. You call for help and you receive none, you do not know what is going to happen next and when it is going to end. Most passengers seem to be fine except for around two who have fainted. Still, I expect quite a handful of victims could have developed some phobia after being mentally tortured for hours. All it takes is for the train officers to calm the passengers down and open the doors for ventilation. This society is being drawn a big thick line in between the very rich and the rest of the people. The rich people are managing everyone and they do not understand the rest of the people’s needs. They do not understand the basic needs for survival and the slightest integrity that even the poor people need. We are often powerless to do anything.


Sleeping Problems

[Sunday, 13 February, 2011]

I shared the last bottle of alcohol with my younger brother and I thought I could get to sleep early without taking melatonin. I went to sleep at 1am but the hungriness refused me to sleep. I grabbed some bites before going back to bed but the nose block caused by the air-conditioner spoiled my plan.

I carried my mattress out to the living room after 3am to sleep but it was not comfortable at all because it was thin and the mattress casing was rough. The main thing was that my nose was already blocked. Lucky poured in more agony as he moved around many times, changing his sleeping location. I was not sure what time I eventually dozed off but I went back to the bedroom at 7am.

I woke up at 2pm eventually. It was a tiring day and I spent my day working on SEO for the tuition agency site.


She’s a Babe

[Wednesday, 22 December, 2010]

I did many minor things and by the time I went to sleep at 6am, I could not even remember what I had done. I woke up at 1pm and rushed down to the office because Mike told me the SingNet guy would be going down. I was not sure why he did not go down the day before.

My day was lightened up by a sweet voice over the phone to enquire about a tuition assignment in my tuition agency website. I was quite surprised for people usually would ring my brother up instead since I had placed his number above mine.

The SingNet guy came and he asked for the company stamp. He passed his supervisor’s number to me and left with the MIOS modem. Mike contacted the supervisor and he said he had instructed the deliveryman to solve our issue with the stamp but he did not get back to us.

We did a thorough area cleaning and moved the furniture to the exact position. We advanced to Vivocity for dinner but Mike missed it as he tried the highway. We decided to visit IKEA instead and had our dinner at Anchor Point’s Subway. The ulcer inside my mouth and the sore throat quite irritated me.

We went shopping at IKEA to do a final grabbing of necessity before travelling to Vivocity’s BEST to purchase a kettle and fan. Then, we went to the Giants to get a mini fridge. During the journey, I was using Mike’s iPad and I was deadly addicted by it. After going back to office, we started drilling holes and continuing with the positioning of the furniture.


Work and Slept on a Sunday

[Sunday, 14 November, 2010]

My Sundays usually differed from others’ for I spent it on my website and blog, and finally slept at 9am. I was trying to rush my work after the evil reservist took away nine of my working days.

I had nine hours of sleep, which was never enough to pay back the sleep debt. My dinner was a lunchbox my mum bought from the usual coffee shop.

I had my final touch on the tutor sign up page of Smart Tuition Singapore before pushing some important changes to live finally.

My elder brother bought sushi from Giants at Vivocity and thus my night was filled with sweetness, which I shared with my younger brother.


A Bad Gaming Experience

[Tuesday, 1 June, 2010]

Ever since my elder brother improved a lot in the Command and Conquer game, the early morning was the first time we experienced ultimate setback. The computer AIs were too strong and their combination of attacks using the three different armies proved human beings’ invention was great. After a few games of defeat, we eventually won but we were both mentally exhausted.

I continued with my work and finally wrote an article for SmokeForWhat. Then, I continued with updating of the sCreative website (gone with the wind!) until 6.30am.

The day was more of my usual Facebook management.


A Good Facebook Marketing Progress

[Friday, 28 May, 2010]

I had webcam chat with my younger brother and hit the bed at 6am eventually.

It was a special day for my Facebook marketing progressed extremely well. I started a new group “We are going to melt in Singapore soon” and it became popular within a few hours. Apart from being a normal Facebook Page that had its fans increased fast like a few others, the target audience were Singaporeans and not worldwide, which spelt the success.

While working on it, I spent the time in between to work on my project.


朴完奎 – 缘 (Fate)

nai ga, neo mu, yak hai seo
nai ga, neo mu, na ba seo
keu cheo, i reoh kei, neo reur, bo go man, i teo

na yi, ji chin, ma eum do
na yi, ki peun, sang cheo do
o rain, gi eok cheo reom, i cheo sseot na bua

na reur, kam dang har, su ga, eo peo
neo ei sei man, mai dar ri sei, dui

neo, i reoh gei, ka chi ma
nai, sim chang i, neo reur, bu reu ja na
mi chi bo rok, ja nin han, i neo nei
peo i sang, a mu geos bu, har, su ga, eo pa

seur peun, na wi, mo seup bo
seur peun, neo wi, nun bich bo

geu cheo, seu chyeo ga neun, pa ra mi ryeo na
geo chin, pa ram so ri ei
gui reur, ma ka bo chi man
neo reur, bo reun, neu neun, ma geur, su, eo peo

ga teun, ha neu ra hai, neo wa, na
ta reun, gu seur, bo gu, it na bua

neo, i reoh gei, ga chi ma
nai sim jang i, neo reur, bu reur ja na
mi chi do rug, ja nin han, i nyeo nei
teo i sang, a mu geos do, har, hu sa, eo peo

tteo ti, eop neun, ma eu mei
peo rir, su ga, eop neun, yog si mi
na, i reoh gei, win ha go, win hai do
neor, ga jir, cha gyeog jo cha, eop neun, na in geor
geu reun, cha gyeog jo cha, eop neun, na in geor