Dear Bosses, Mentors and Colleagues,

The sky was clear and clouds were endearing; there were still laughers around, lovely and sincere smiles enough to fill the office even though many of you were away on leave or on course. It was finally my last day of work at ITE on Wednesday (31 March 2010).

The chapter had come to an end for me to move on. So many times I had decided to leave, but three months after three months, I had opted to stay with persuasion from my buddies. If not because of all the marvelous smiles from each of you, I would not have survived so long. I had witnessed the inspiring acts of many great hearts from people who really care and want to make a difference for the younger generations, for the kids’ future and the country’s future.

During December year 2007, I came in fears and enthusiasm. I worried not for reprimands from bosses or colleagues, but the fact that I might let the students down. Teaching with almost zero knowledge about some modules was racing against time in order to advance before the students. In year 2009 when I started my part-time night class in pursuing my degree, I found myself unable to focus anymore, which was one of the reasons I hesitated to stay; although I pulled through the course after a year, I was exhausted.

My boss made working life in ITE unlike any other places and that was why I felt extremely fortunate to be in my department - BIT/SVM. It was a great experience working with people of high tolerance level. Crapping and mingling with the students, and acting like a student in front of the new intake made my stay so interesting. No doubt there were ups and downs, and some people really tried to make my life challenging.

We had numerous kind souls among us; at times when I was down or need a helping hand, I never had to ask around. It had been fulfilling days working and learning from each of you over the past two plus years. Sorry if I have not done enough to assist you. Sorry if I have not done enough to brighten up your days. Sorry that I really need to leave for my future.

In ITE, though working is about getting paid, while promotion and performance bonus do matter, I hope all staff, like most of us do, understand that we do not work for the government, the institute or the bosses, but for the students. I strongly emphasize that good moral is more important than academic results.

KPI = Keep Promoting I-diots

In alphabetical order, weightage of friendship not in term of word count...

Thank you, Aaron Tang,

For taking good care of me when I first came to ITE, sharing your experiences and guiding me along, and making sure that the adjunct lecturers, including me, were involved in all the activities. Even though sometimes you repeated your stories, they were still interesting to me.

Thank you, Adrian Lee,

For being easygoing and chatty, and doing your best for the students, for your humorous and showcasing your big pimple (I hope it’s gone by now) without embarrassment.

Thank you, Alamelu,

For working with me in the Staff Movement Portal (SMP) and sharing your experiences with me. Your sincere smiles kept my days comfortable. Actually, it was due to you, I realized marketing had another meaning other than advertising – buying groceries in the market.

Thank you, Alan Koh,

For being one of the most gentlemanly guys I have ever met, for taking over one of the relief lessons from me (I bet you have forgotten your kind deed by now), for the badminton games, and the heartwarming greetings from you every morning. It was my pleasure to once have such a pleasure colleague like you even though we worked in different department.

Thank you, Alex Loh,

For working with me in the ERP module. Thanks for your free humors throughout my stay in ITE. Being the last man to put on the rain coat during the previous night cycling trip with the students, you had my admiration for your sense of responsibility. You did your disciplinary job well and you handled your form class impressively.

Thank you, Alvin Chan,

For working with me in various projects such as the Service Management Brochure and advertising the course in the secondary schools. Thanks for taking care of me well, offering me your generous smile everyday and your generous treats.

Thank you, Andrew Tan,

For working with me in the EIP workshop.

Thank you, Annie Soon,

For the various interaction and conversations, for being enthusiastic in your work and sharing with me your slideshow on the “char siew bao” for the performance for the elderly.

Thank you, Bernard Ng,

For being one of the most kind-hearted colleagues around, sending me to train stations and other places, and rendering assistance whenever I need. Thanks for chatting with me openly and treating me as a very good friend. Your extra effort in helping the students impressed me a lot, which very few people could do. I admire your boldness and your determination.

Thank you, Bette,

For your lovely smiles despite we did not interact much. Thanks for your care and concern.

Thank you, Brenda Tham,

For the conversations and interactions. For entertaining me whenever I went over to your department’s side.

Thank you, Chairul,

For being a threat to the students with poor discipline and for the various interactions. Hope to hear more jokes from you and that you can stay cheerful.

Thank you, Cheng Hong,

For being a quiet hardworking worker, sharing experiences and giving me advices throughout my stay in ITE. The various chat with you had been very enriching. Thanks for being a good listener and advisor. The amount of time you spent on the student counselor events was terrifying, which the responsibility was too tough for me to take up. Please kindly rest well at home when you are on MC in future.

Thank you, Chi Chiang,

For partnering with me to control the two classes for the OFA module, giving me ride all the way to my place in your cool bike so that I could enjoy breeze and the early evening fragrance of my house; consulting and offering me help whenever needed. Your quick response to issues was inspiring. Thanks for being my friend.

Thank you, Chiew Kheng,

For working with me on the poster amendment for promoting Earth Hour a year ago. You are one of the most appreciative people. Thanks for your courteous towards me all these while.

Thank you, Christine Lim,

For working with me during EIP to entertain the hyperactive kids and grumbling to me in your cute manner. Thanks for your treats and sharing your olden days and other stories with me. It was nice interacting with you.

Thank you, Cynthia,

For the numerous small chit-chats full of jokes, which had somehow helped to brighten up my days.

Thank you, Daniel Tan,

For being one of my lunch kakis throughout my stay in ITE, gentlemanly offering rides and help in all ways, playing badminton with me. It was fun watching you teasing Dot.

Thank you, Darnit,

For the usual greeting, smiles and concern. Thanks for joining in the outings to provide extra entertainment for me, having to leave your three kids at home at the far side of Singapore.

Thank you, David Chin,

For the advices and chats. Thanks for your nice words sharing your experiences with me. It was cool to be in the same secondary school as you.

Thank you, Deon,

For the badminton games and smiles that you given even when you were exhausted.

Thank you, Dessy Tan,

For being one of the nicest ladies I have met, sharing your PHP notes with me, and tolerating and entertaining all my craps.

Thank you, Diana Teo,

For being one of the greatest bosses and teachers in Singapore, doing even the simple work by your own. Thanks for working through the SYOG training materials with me; sitting inside your office was very enjoyable even till late evening. Thanks for being such a concerning boss and specially assigning relief duty for me when you realized I had to rush for lesson right after meeting. Thanks for your book on Yudan’s Confucius lecture, which was my favourite book received so far. Thanks for setting aside time to join me in the kitchen for phototaking of the food for the Christmas Charity event. Thanks for organizing trekking trips, such that I could take photos at new places. Thanks for personally rushing down to the Orientation Camp for both days after work, which motivated all the warriors. Thanks for counseling me and teaching me about the FISH philosophy. Thanks for the charming smiles every time you passed by me.

Thank you, Dorothy Tay,

For being one of the kindest colleagues towards me, sharing experiences, giving advices, organizing and making decisions for our lunch kakis team, footing the bills first and doing the dirty job of money collection. Thanks for trying your best to organize birthday treats for many of us despite everyone was having tight schedules. Thanks for your care and concern, understanding, your hyperactiveness and your lovable screams and laughers. Thanks for keeping cool and staying cute when we tried to abuse you verbally during our usual crapping sessions. Thanks for being generous and thanks for being one of my closest friends in ITE. Your work efficiency is remarkable and inspiring.

Thank you, Edwin Phua,

For working with me regarding the Christmas Fund Raising 2009 flyer. Thanks for chatting with me in your charismatic smiles. You are the only one who has replied to my email regarding my website, making me feel appreciated and my work worthwhile.

Thank you, Elvin Tan,

For sharing your experiences and teaching me stuffs, the lunch sessions together, the badminton games, and your little snacks to make my days. Thanks for being gentleman and sporting.

Thank you, Eunice Ang,

For working with me for the BIT poster featuring your sweet student, Huiting, and during EIP to witness my phobia, having nice conversations with me and being a unique thinking lady. Thanks for being appreciative. Thanks for your concern, advices, stories and treats. Thanks for your little token for me.

Thank you, Faris,

For the helps when I had awkward situations with the students, doing the gate and prowling duty together, braving through the storm during the night cycling great memory and being one of the most popular lecturers around. Thanks for appreciating my works, such as the simple design for the discipline committee lanyard. Your departure left the office hollow for months and I felt the loss of an immediate guardian angel.

Thank you, Felina,

For brightening my days with your smiles and enthusiasm, and offering both listening ears. Thanks for the great entertainment despite when you were having sore throat. Thanks for the ride in your hubby’s car to The Cathay when I had to go down for my project meeting in my exhausted brain and body. Please continue to stay cheerful so that the students would love you and would study harder.

Thank you, George,

For partnering and teaching me in the AIT modules, showing me your charisma during lesson and guiding me on the school system. Thanks for your charming smiles and great respect you had shown to me throughout my stay in ITE. Your effort and forgiveness towards your five famous students were far beyond my ability to keep up and I respected you greatly for that.

Thank you, Hasnah,

For partnering me in the CPA module, sharing your experiences with me and taking care of me. Thanks for being very appreciative. Thanks for your chattiness, your concern and your farewell gift.

Thank you, Hirman,

For your enthusiasm towards education and going extra miles for the students, your free rides, your willingness to sacrifice without a single thought of complaint, such as lending your car and that you had to take cab to the gathering in the late evening. Thanks for giving me the chance to work with you during and after the orientation camp. Thanks for your lovely birthday present, which brightened up my day during the disastrous period of my life. Thanks for sharing of your woes and listening to mine too. Thanks for being a great friend, entertainer and hero. You are the drive for the students, doing magnificent things which most people cannot do, thus, please do not be brought down by the fatigue to tear down hopes. Lastly, do not look at girls when you are driving in order not to bang into the gate again.

Thank you, Jamal,

For the numerous helps in getting my door access card fixed and various nice conversations. Thanks for your efficiency and respect you had given.

Thank you, Jenne Foo,

For being a hot and lovely boss and friend, for your unglamorous laughers that spice up the atmosphere. Thanks for working with me in the SYOG material preparation to save me from lots of work that I was not comfortable with. Thanks for being chatty and showing excessive care.

Thank you, Joanna Seam,

For working with me in the Clementi ITE Photo Gallery Website modification and sharing your experiences.

Thank you, Joei Chua,

For being one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met and being a go-all-the-extra-miles friend. I will never forget that when I was totally down, an angel dropped me a bookmark of encouragement to show that there were many people who cared for me; thanks for your excess care and concern. Thanks for being so nice, gorgeous and your undefeated tolerance for my intended nuisance. Thanks for being my friend.

Thank you, Jonathan Cheong,

For working with me in the Customer Contact Service flyer and partnering me in the AIT module. Thanks for the various serious chats.

Thank you, Jonathan Siah,

For talking to me when I was low and sharing your eBooks with me. Thanks for the usual nice greetings. Thanks for all the respect you have shown and the encouragement that you have spiced me up with.

Thank you, Josephine Ong,

For all the consultation and counseling you had given to me, spending time on my resume. Thanks for the handwriting analysis to make me understand more about myself. Thanks for your encouragement and the great friendship. Thanks for being such a lovely lady, my teacher and my big sister. Thanks for your commitments for the students, which was inspiring. Thanks for your firmness and quick decision-making. Thanks for the great lunch together. Thanks for appreciating my website, which made me feel accomplished.

Thank you, Joy Koh,

For working with me on the SYGO stuffs. Thanks for always remembering to broadcast emails to my buddies and me when others missed us out in the loop, for your numerous little snacks, your tea, your smiles, your free car rides, your beautiful and classic charismatic smiles, and most of all, thanks for being gorgeously pretty. Thanks for having lunch together with me. Thanks for your various chats with me to entertain and advise me. Thanks for trusting me. Thanks for bringing your kids to Zaki’s barbecue to keep so many of us amazed and delighted. It is looks that ages but not your elegance, and I will always see you as my gorgeous “xiao mei”.

Thank you, Juliana Chan,

For working with me for the iTalent competition 2010 website, being understanding and approachable.

Thank you, Justin,

For sharing food with me when you were around. Thanks for chatting with me, treating me like your younger brother. Thanks for approaching me to help you with the excel worksheet for ordering food, and consulting me regarding computer stuffs; they made me feel more worthy in ITE.

Thank you, Kelvin Koh,

For all the warm greeting each time. Thanks for chatting with me and your kind compliments. Thanks for being my “boss”.

Thank you, Kelvin Tan,

For guiding me in my first ever project for ITE – NCT module preparation, sharing with me all your past experiences, being one of the best bosses I can ever have in my entire life, helping me with my personal school assignments, rewarding me with smiles whenever I bother you for equipments despite you were stressed to the maximum at the point of time. Thanks for your unglamorous moments during our dinners, which really brought us closer as friends and not bounded by the relationship in office, risking yourself being investigated by the police in your house. You are one great person I admire for your philosophy and your visions and love for the students. Your humors will be badly missed. Please kindly take good care of your health before and after each meal.

Thank you, Kevin Chua,

For working with me at EIP, guiding and inspiring using your all-rounded talents and offering extensive help always. Thanks for your easygoingness that makes chatting with you extremely comfortable. Thanks for your consultation and advices. Thanks for your videos for EIP, your lunch treat and your little farewell token made with heart. Thanks for introducing me to your students. Thanks for your various free rides. Thanks for being one of the most inspiring person. You are going to be one of my most successful friends.

Thank you, KK,

For taking care of me since first day of my work. Thanks for all the lunching together, the extreme deep thoughts to plan things for me. Thanks for your great jokes, your rides to the MRT stations, for pushing me to advance myself… thanks for the infinite things. Your helps and advices stretched far more than words can express. Your boldness and memory are of admiration. No matter how far we go or what happen, we will always be good buddies.

Thank you, Lydia Goh,

For being extremely eye-pleasing and all your sweet smiles especially at the first step into the office. Thanks, on behalf of all guys. Please kindly get a seat near the doors at CCK campus. Thanks for interact with me.

Thank you, Magdalene Chan,

For working with me at EIP, being the always cheerful soul to cheer me up, appreciating my photography skill. Thanks for being so easygoing and accommodative, having lunches with me. Thanks for brightening up my days, your offering of chocolates. Thanks for your photo frame. Thanks for being my very great friend.

Thank you, Mdm Afni,

For working with me at EIP, keeping me occupied with your jokes often, increasing the female ratio against male during your long leave. Thanks for being quite sweet and chatty.

Thank you, Mdm Seet,

For helping me to handle your previous BIT class, for being the most humorous lady I have ever met, for taking good care of me, for your treats and all the magazines and books. Thanks for your treats, your teaching and sharing of experiences. Thanks for being so loveable.

Thank you, Mei Hoe,

For being the most nagging motherly figure throughout my stay in ITE, being one of my teachers to solve all my doubts on the MS Office, being an all-rounded doctor with medicine, dumping good food at me, hitting me when you said things wrongly. Thanks for your endless treats, your presents and your laughers. Thanks for playing badminton with me. Thanks for imparting some of your Qi Gong techniques to me. Thanks for being one of my closest friends. I will remember your teachings by heart.

Thank you, Meiling,

For working with me on the Christmas Fund Raising 2009 poster, for treating me like a little boy. Thanks for your free snacks. Thanks for being sweet. Thanks for working late often such that there was one more human around when I left office late.

Thank you, Mr Alvin Goh,

For the interaction during the Christmas Fund Raising 2009 preparation. Your understanding and easygoingness filled my mind

Thank you, Mr Baey,

For being my mentor and guides me throughout my stay in ITE. Thanks for appreciating my simple design work and entrusting me to do some of the banners for you; you lifted up my self-esteem somehow. Your calmness and healthy lifestyle is inspiring. I often feel more pressured in your presence for the perfection I see in you.

Thank you, Mr Indra,

For mentoring me before I took over your two OFA classes. I was totally stunned by your remarkable organizing skill. Your calmness and efficiency are always my goal. Thanks for having lunch together for the final two days of my work.

Thank you, Mr Neo,

For being macho and cool. Thanks for the badminton games, trying hard to let everyone learn instead of thrashing us to the ground straightaway. Somehow, I always idolize you for your built, your humor, and your capability, your gesture and the way you talk.

Thank you, Mr Peh,

For assigning various projects when I first came to ITE so that my resume will not be very empty. It is a pity for me not able to learn more things from you.

Thank you, Mrs Grace Cheong,

For sharing one of the greatest smiles ever. Thanks for the chats.

Thank you, Mrs Seetoh,

For your car rides and being cute. Please learn to slow down and enjoy life.

Thank you, Mrs Yeo Poh Moi,

For taking good care of me when I first joined ITE to be attached to your department - ADN, showing lots of concern to my buddies and I.

Thank you, Nat Neo,

For being the most popular lecturer around to make miracle in the strayed students, inspiring me with your enthusiasm and taking your time to plan and buy gifts for various occasions. Thanks for all the self sacrifice. Thanks for your little snacks. Thanks for be there always for me no matter what. Thanks for being my buddy. I owe you a lot.

Thank you, Nicholas Tan,

For being one of the most chatty guys around. The little greetings from you boosted up my energy for work.

Thank you, Paul,

For the firm and lively greeting every morning. I love your stylo tone when you were on the phone.

Thank you, Pierre,

For working with me in the orientation camp. Thanks for your straightforwardness, your respect and playing badminton with me.

Thank you, Pui Kuan,

For working with me for numerous MoneyPoLITE posters modification. Thanks for your fast response in dealing with your headache student.

Thank you, Sally Ng,

For spending a morning to pour juice to fill my empty bottle of MS Excel skill completely, guiding me and rendering me assistance when I first came to ITE. Your wittiness and hyper-activeness are of my admiration.

Thank you, Sharon Yeo,

For your concern and the various chats with me in the office.

Thank you, Shirley,

For working with me during the photo-taking in the kitchen for the Christmas Fund Raising 2009. You are one sweet girl who can beautify the atmosphere.

Thank you, Sie Sie,

For being one of the sweetest girls around in your non-diminishable smiles. Thanks for all the chats and concern.

Thank you, Soo Ting,

For the couple of badminton sessions together, and the smiles you have offered to me all these days.

Thank you, Sunny,

For working with me in the Clementi ITE Photo Gallery Website modification and sharing your sunny bright greeting in the mornings. You are impressive in your language.

Thank you, Tanty,

For working with me during the photo-taking in the kitchen for the Christmas Fund Raising 2009. Thanks for the greeting in your beautiful smiles. Thanks, on behalf of all guys, for being pretty.

Thank you, Veron,

For the badminton games even though I have not really played with you. You are one quiet lady who I would love to interact more with.

Thank you, Wee Lian,

For being the best boss and friend ever in the world, selfishlessly solving problems for everyone despite having to work OT everyday and unable to clear your leave. Thanks for being thoughtful, understanding, easygoing and brilliantly humorous. Thanks for appreciating my simple design works. Thanks for making my working experience so relaxing that I would never be able to adapt to my future company. Thanks for the uncountable help and kind deeds you have done for me, which I cannot list them out and in fact, have already forgotten them. Thanks for being the main reason I had stayed for the past few months.

Thank you, Wei Ming,

For giving me the chance to help out in the Sarah Home’s activities, and being one of the most chatty and easygoing colleague. Thanks for all the nice conversations.

Thank you, William Tan,

For working with me through the orientation camp. Thanks for the numerous good conversations.

Thank you, Yicheng,

For the lunching and crapping, for being cute and sometimes silly.

Thank you, Yuanyuan,

For being sweet and tolerating my craps during your two months of internship. Thanks for walking all the way to Clementi Central for lunch together under the hot sun.

Thank you, Yumei,

For being a sweet intern. Thanks for chatting with me.

Thank you, Zaki Ng,

For working with me in the EIP workshop, offering me helps and advices, guiding me through one of the worst periods of my life, putting me up at your place during my unglamorous night, imparting me some of your marketing skill, being humorous and witty, being responsible in your work and stopping students from disgracing the school at all times. Thanks for loving the students and giving them the best where possible.

Skai Chan,
Business Information Technology / Service Management (5 Dec 2007 - 31 March 2010)

Copyright © 2010. Skai Chan.