Review of year 2005

It’s always sad to recall about the past but it’s a must in order to be able to do reflection – to correct mistake as well as not to let history repeat itself.

Year 2005 is the worst year I’ve ever had.

Army had totally screwed up my life. From injuries to doubt of indignity, life was never as bad as this. Alas, I was blessed to have the chance to learn driving as well as to go overseas to ROC (Taiwan), which had allowed me to gain more knowledge. The cruelty had also enlightened me over several things in life. The most fortunate gift was the befriending of so many buddies in camp who were always so concern about me.

I was sinned; I hadn’t been spending enough time with my friends. From my ex-classmates to my ex-platoon-mates, I’d failed to fork out time to even chat online with them. Many of them had eventually drawn a distance away from me, even the once closest friends didn’t bother. Year 2005 was the loneliest year I’d ever spent; even my birthday was an ignored day. I’d been keeping myself occupied with my personal stuffs and also the television set; none would have believed this, since everyone still assumed I was blessed with girls.

I’d been looking at babes and yet my courage level hadn’t improved much. It wasn’t that someone was watching over me, but somehow all my female friends were bringing my confidence down. None would ever want to go out with me, making the imaginary horns on my head grow bigger.

I didn’t have many chances to play volleyball. At the beginning of year, there were trainings of Yew Tee CSC at Unity Secondary school and Jianhui kindly invited us down, however, it didn’t last long. I managed to step into BMCC a few times but the attendance wasn’t good since everyone had their own events. Beach was rare as well and most of the times, I went down in small groups, which was quite hurting when compared to the past. At the end of the year, when the army’s volleyball started, I faced so many problems in the participation, which lasted over the year.

Financially, I was blessed as well with the little income of $450 each month, which they called it “allowance”. But since I’d to travel everyday, expense was high and I couldn’t manage to save up a lot to prepare for jobless period after ORD. I’d been spending more than usual with my friends during outings. Foods were the robbers. I hesitated to take up civilian driving license even though I’d experience in driving and was supposedly able to pass easier, because I couldn’t even afford a car and wasn’t lucky like other friends who had family car.

I’d been neglecting my personal website a lot. I spent most of my time on my journal ever since I realised the need to write down things for my extremely poor memory due to bad incidents in camp. Creativeness was lesser as time and moods didn’t permit. There’d been too many things I wanted to accomplish but failed to. Dreams were too far away.

Year 2005 – I hate it.

End of year – 2005

It rained heavily and my mum hadn’t come home with my lunch at three in the afternoon. Things weren’t going good. I was late for an hour; surprisingly Weitat was in the same train as me. I was the end whereas he was at the front. I tried to join him but the train was fully packed at the middle.

We joined the rest at Bedok’s Giant and they were ready to set off. Mingen drove Tze Khit, Mingli, Xiaowei and Guoxin to Tze Khit’s house while Mingfa, Meijun, Weitat and I went to go some food. We’d a hard time getting a cab just before a bus-stop near the MRT station where there was an illegal queue.

I’d rather take train over since it was only a stop away but they didn’t want to walk. It was really expensive to take a cab during festival period and I’d trusted the driver too much that he hit his side mirror with another car’s on the roadside.

I spent my time playing with Tze Khit’s dog, Snoopy, as well as taking pictures around. Mingli, Xiaowei and Guoxin were busy preparing the food. The fire was quite well-started as the weather seemed to turn good for our celebration and for the first time I started barbecuing and the rest slowly joined in. Some of them were busy at the mahjong table all along.

After some time, the water-melon was cut and we’d to salute to Mingli for choosing the “beautiful” green water-melon. When the news of Anqi not coming over broke out, we took out the cake and had it donated to our stomach.

Ah Teck, Kok Chiang and his future girlfriend’s arrival lightened up the spirit more. Most of us went into the living room to play game and the forfeit was to be shot by Tze Khit’s air pistol. I managed to capture some photos and a video of Xiaowei panicking when she was the target; however, she deleted them cunningly. I was down-lucked thrice but the bullet didn’t hit me.

It was all silence when Mingli mentioned about leaving with Xiaowei, Xinyi and Guoxin. She was such a noisy cockster who had created so much fun that the place turned quiet immediately upon their departure. I did another good deed before they left by taking a photo for them and Guoxin must have felt so blessed to stand besides Xiaowei.

Kok Chiang was forced to drink up some alcoholic drinks before sending his future girlfriend home. He was so weird that he didn’t want to drink in front of her and she seemed to be a very nice girl, worrying about him and willing to help him drink up a bit.

Kok Chiang returned after that and he wasn’t in a good condition that his cab passed by a few times but didn’t stop. We’d to give him a call to inform him that he’d passed by before he managed to get back.

When I was dozing off with the boredom, Kailin came, but it wasn’t enough to light up the place anymore. I dozed off, leaving Kok Chiang and Tze Khit drowning themselves in the merry of alcohol.

In the morning, Weitat, Mingfa, Meijun and Kailin left in Mingen’s car. After that, Mingfa and Weitat messaged me and woke me up, telling me that they left without informing us so that we wouldn’t be woke up.

Tze Khit’s mum asked us to go upstairs to sleep, but Jingpeng decided to go home. So, both of us left the place without Kok Chiang and Ah Teck.

It was really fun to have such gathering and would be even greater if other members like Ah Bee, Wilson and Pauline were present too.

Christmas 2005

It’s just a festival, an excuse for friends to gather, for fun and to release stress.

Every year it’s still the same, going out with the same group of friends, except the faces are somehow different; people just walk in and out of our lives.

This year, I thought I was going to stay at home until Mingfa called me. I tried to get more people like Kachua and Jinyang who had already had their own appointments, whereas Guoxin claimed he didn’t know the rest well and I stopped probing him.

It was a short notice and then Mingfa suddenly messaged me that I’d to get a present for gifts exchange. After lazing around, I started cracking and finally bought an umbrella, which exceeded the budget.

Moving about slowly and preparing to be late for more than half an hour since Weitat usually wouldn’t arrive until two hours after the meeting time, this time I was wrong. Perhaps, they might have met up earlier before going there.

Dinner was Long John Silver’s at IMM. We slacked around waiting for others and then took the shuttle bus to Jurong East MRT and proceeded to Somerset, where we had fun taking photos. When all the thirteen of us were there, we moved to Cuppage for karaoke.

Gifts exchange was at twelve sharp. I got jewellery for girls and Meijun exchanged her pillow with me. We continued with the singing and photo taking until half of us were falling asleep.

Partying during festival season could be costly like up to $28 each person. We left the place with pocket torn at around three in the morning. I gave a call to Ruoci and realised she had abandoned us again. After a visit to the Seven-eleven store, the breads cured me from my gastric pain.

We proceeded on towards Lau Pa Sat by foot and it took us around an hour to reach there. I’d a plate of chicken chop. It was quite nice except that the paper plate didn’t have any divider to prevent the fries from being wetted and the paper fork wasn’t sharp enough.

Everyone started to leave soon and we didn’t go to Fullerton One as planned. Anyway, just when I was about to leave with Weitat and his two thirteen-years-old friends, it started to pour heavily.

We boarded the first bus and the pillow saved me from being drenched badly.