Year 2010 – The Year of Isolation

I stayed at Clementi ITE for three months to help my boss. Eventually, I left the place after spending more than a week to work on a farewell website. Soon, I received my degree certificate from University of Wollongong. I also went back to ITE to help Hirman for the orientation camp of the second time of the year.

I had my second last volleyball game of the year before quitting my job. Somehow, I was greatly disappointed over certain things. Thereafter, I rarely got to see my buddies.

I concentrated on my quit smoking website. After officially releasing the website, I was very glad with myself that I had made some contribution to the world and I thought I could die without any regrets after that.

Tze Khit moved his gym over to Tanjong Pagar. I was very happy to see a good friend whose career took off well. I spent a lot of time hanging out with him and updating his website for him. Those sessions were very stressful because he and his partner were giving me instructions by my side and there was no table to work on. Furthermore, I felt very uncomfortable charging a friend for my services. I got to meet many interesting friends at his gym. I went back to Clementi ITE for volleyball with Tze Khit for once, which was the final time I got to touch volleyball for the year.

As I was jobless, my bank account started draining especially when I continued to give my mum money every month without fail. My Sony Ericsson phone G705 died on me and I started using an old Nokia 3120. I began losing touch with my friends as the old phone could not read the entire SIM card’s memory. Since it was totally not user-friendly, I gave up sending greeting SMS to my friends during festivals. I was not broke but it made no sense to hurt my piggybank more when I was still jobless and thus I waited on for my phone plan to be over.

There was no progress in my relationship. I met two very nice girls but they were too busy to go out with me. They eventually got attached.

Towards the end of the year, I began working on a tuition agency website called Smart Tuition. It was after several bashing from friends that I should not be working on non-profitable websites when I was jobless. Mike saw some light in my working direction and began coaching me. We almost missed our first outing as I could not find his contact inside my temporary phone while he was holding onto my old number.

My Birthday 2010

[Thursday, 4 November, 2010]

Facebook kept me occupied for hours. It was tedious to reply to the birthday greetings; and at certain point of time, the flood overtook my pace. I went to bed at 4am.

I managed to wake up on time. In the train, there was an insane uncle bothering me, asking me which camp I was from and he kept asking me to go to the cookhouse to eat. I realised Terry was two doors away from me at the opposite side. The uncle did not spare him. However, he moved away fast enough to end his torment earlier. Later on, Kang told us he was being woke up by an idiot and we knew he was the same person. I had overheard an auntie saying this old man loved to disturb people in army uniform.

I bought a hotdog bun for breakfast. It was an unusual day for there was a safety talk, which all of the NSmen were forced to attend as well. Basically, all except one shit point regarded us at the end of a talk. We had a boring discussion for the safety day before moving for lunch break. There was a mini birthday celebration and I had to be the centre of attraction.

I left camp earlier together with Terry since we had got the off pass settled. I logged on to Facebook and there were more birthday greeting for me to reply.

I dozed off in the evening and left for dinner with my mum and younger brother at 8pm after the channel 8 show. We went to Manhattan at Central. Gastric pain attacked me but our seafood platter came late. We had two glasses of drinks and they were pretty interesting. We walked to One Fullerton after the dinner instead of taking straight bus home directly.

After reaching home, I was surprised with a cake. The whole family was around to celebrate together. I kept myself busy replying to birthday greeting in Facebook.

I had lost count of the number people who greeted me. It was probably over two hundred of them. I was excited to see messages from people whom I thought would never greet me, on the other hand, I was disappointed to hear nothing from some good friends.


Year 2010 New Year Resolution

Quit being a lecturer
Since more than a year ago, I wanted to leave for hundreds of reasons. It has been accumulating.

Find a stable job
It is time to get a stable job to have a stable income while striving for my future.

Get driving license
Many people are born with silver spoons and they can start getting their license once they reach the age limit; I cannot. Given time, I do not have the money; given the budget, I do not have the time.

Turn into inspiring site
Life is a learning experience. I live through the hard way, and it will be nice to let people learn something out of finding out my life.

Get up
This project has halted too long since more than two years ago. This is a little effort I can contribute to the society.

Get sCreative company up
A joint effort proposed by Irwin; something that can push and prove my capability in my desire to work on something major in my life.

Up 10 websites/blogs in total
A little race against Mike; an ambitious goal being set to place myself in a financially stable stage of life.

Get rid of big fish tank
The big bulky tank with two crazy tortoises splashing disgusting water out of from the top, heating up the electricity bill with the big plump and forever-on light, it shall be removed from my tiny packed messy house. It is placed just besides me with the irritating sound of dripping water. This is not my house; it was my father’s house.

Get rid of two birds on ecstasy
Two crazy small gayish parrots chirping in the middle of the night in the darkness have gone over my limit. My elder brother sought no consent before bringing them home; again, leaving them in the living room.

Heal stomach
The Chinese physician says that it is harder for stomach to get healed than other parts of body. I continue to get bloated right after eating. I have to keep going back to replenish my medicine, and avoid spicy and any food that is hard to be digested.

Jog 40 times
I need to keep myself healthy and I need to see more babes at all the beautiful destinations.

Sleep before 1am daily
For more than half of my life I’m destroying myself.