Stay over at Hirman’s Place

[Sunday, 15 August, 2010]

I waited with Regina for the bus number 2 from the interchange and it did not leave sharp at midnight. Since it was late, I had to send her home no matter what. For almost the whole journey, she was showing me Facebook status of her crush through her iPhone, which was boring. We were, however, being entertained by an Indian who could not keep his voice down at the top of the double-decker bus. An old man who was sleeping at the back “sheesh” at the blackie but his skin was too thick.

I took a cab to Hirman’s house after sending Regina home and it cost me over six bucks for the short distance, but it was much better than travelling home directly. I felt the need to own a car. Anyway, I was so unlucky to go into the lift that an old man came out with a lighted cigarette. Smoking was not only a problem in my area.

Hirman started teasing me as he thought I had a girlfriend. Jeremy was at Hirman’s house and since I was exchanging SMSes with Regina, I decided to sleep in the living room in order not to interrupt their sleep; I preferred to sleep without the air-conditioner anyway. I was hungry but Hirman was too tired that he had changed his mind about going for supper.

Regina called me to check my location. I felt quite bad for not talking to the host more because I was on phone while he prepared the sofa bed for me. We put down the phone soon as she was going to read her book. I could not get to sleep and the last time I replied her slow SMS was after 3am.

Jeremy and Hirman got up after 7am. We went to the airport together to send Jeremy’s friend off, followed by having breakfast at Killiney. The set of breakfast inclusive of tea, half boiled egg and bread cost $4.05, which was much more expensive than any coffee shop in Singapore. I supposed the extra two bucks were for breaking the eggs or probably, the extra tiny piece of egg shell left inside.

After the meal, I walked both of them to the entrance and bid them goodbye since they were going to somewhere near Regina’s house to play tennis while I did not bring any gear again, and was still in my jeans. I went straight to the toilet to settle my stomach issue before taking the train, suffering the long journey standing alone. It was around 11am when I reached home. I uploaded the photos into Facebook and dozed off while the videos took ages to kiss Facebook.

I went for lunch with my brothers. I was craving for the lor mee at Ah Moy Street which my younger brother suggested but it was closed for the day without any notification. We ended up going to Maxwell Food Centre and had Chinese mixed rice at the “Tiong Bahru” curry rice stall. The pork chop was quite impressively done.

My younger brother and I started dozing off soon after reaching home. Regina called me in a harsh tone to get me to remove the video from Facebook and thus my sleep was interrupted again.

My video was packet fried rice. I started installing the old Adobe Premier and Aftereffect software to edit the video before I uploaded it again. Huiting suddenly messaged me in Facebook as she had a new task for me.


My Younger Brother had Finally Returned to Singapore

[Monday, 9 August, 2010]

It was Singapore’s National Day and my little plan was Facebook was to be executed. Running an event to get Singaporeans and supporters post their wishes for Singapore together, it was never an easy job when most people did not read instruction. The original plan was to get them to comment on the main status so that we could see the total number of posts without any counting, however, some of them chose to post new status, while most of them posted their greetings directly on the event’s page. I tried to reply to every of the scattered posts but dumb Facebook limited the number of posting even for the owner of the page.

I went to bed at 5am. As I had foreseen, I was woke up by my mum’s repeated annoyance. She stepped on the mattress so many times that jerked me up and she even threw her clothes on the mattress to make enough noise to wake me up, and that the clothes even hit me. I gave up and got up at around 1pm, feeling irritated by my mum’s irritation, which she could never realise what had happened.

My family and I had our lunch at Tanjong Pagar food centre again. We went for the Thai food stall and it was quite good.

After reaching home, I continued to try my best at Facebook but it was never an easy task. I was tired at times and I went into the room but my mum was occupying the entire two single mattresses in her nap as her useless stuffs were by the wall and she slept more towards the outside, whereas her clothes (not sure they were used or unused) were at the other end of the mattress. More than three times, I could feel my back aching but I went out of the room within five seconds. I stood by the front door and thought over how pathetic my future life would be. I wanted badly to have a room of my own so that I could have my own privacy and a neat working place to work on the internet, and I was very certain that I could make gigantic improvement on my work.

We left the house at 5pm after some flaming up of my elder brother as my mum started nagging at him fifteen minutes before the scheduled time to leave. My elder brother’s girlfriend stayed behind to catch the National Day Parade on television. The three of us took train to Tiong Bahru station to meet my aunt before we crossed over to take the opposite train towards Changi Airport.

We went to Terminal one and met up with my younger brother’s two buddies. The most dramatic thing happened as my elder brother’s first ex-girlfriend saw us and came over just before my younger brother came out. We started greeting one another and my mum was so happy to see her, and started grabbing her elbow like they were sisters.

We went home by train to put down the two big luggage bags before we went down to have our dinner together. The dinner was at the Food Loft coffee shop where we had seafood. The television show – IP Man – distracted me.

After reaching home, I spent quite some time catching up with my younger brother inside the room.


Thrice a Week

Last week was the rarest week of the year. I played volleyball thrice in a week alone. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday marked the history ever since I started working in my current job almost two years ago.

I did not play as good as in the past anymore.

On Thursday, I stayed alone inside the office until six plus. The effort to start setting up the poles and net boiled me up so much when one of the Pilipino guys started bringing his laptop out to pretend busy. The group of them was good players but certainly freeloaders. The game was full of ups and downs, but I was glad enough to amaze myself a couple of times. I walked home by myself.

On Saturday, I had my FYP lecture 2 before going home to change up and meeting Jingkun and Weitat at Vivocity. Dinner was settled at Long John Silver’s before we set off for Clementi. The game was boring at times and my performance was never consistent. We had dinner at Changi Airport Terminal 1 where Jingkun and I lost to the temptation of Popeye’s chicken. We ended our night at the Mustafa before Jingkun sent me home.


My Younger Brother was Back from Europe

My younger brother finally returned from Europe last Friday. His girlfriend drove over to pick us up before going to Changi Airport Terminal 1 to receive him.

It was certainly a great exposure for him, which I would never have the chance to experience.

Alas, my mum needed not to worry for him anymore and that I could have a higher chance to have someone to accompany me to play LAN game before the commencing of my hell days two weeks after.

We had lunch at Vivocity’s Food Republic and I forgot that I should not take the expensive chicken chop since the standard had dropped.


Second Time to Changi Airport Terminal 3

It was my second trip to Changi Airport Terminal 3. The first time was together with Weitat, Mingfa and Mingli when they knew I had not been there since the official opening during January. We had Popeye and it was quite a great night after shopping at Chinatown during the Chinese New Year period.

Two days ago, I made my lonely trip down to the Terminal 3 by train after work. I dragged on my feet in my exhaustion upon the returning from reservist a day before. I had Popeye again. Departure was usually an unbearable session. I had far worse experience than that.

Poppye after Volleyball

It is a big turn off to play volleyball with people who show “black face” for no reason right at the beginning of the game. But we have to accept the fact that not everyone knows how to control emotion. The next time when you decide to roar or show your discontentment, consider whether if it is pointless and if it will give negative effect instead, because we are all grow-ups.

All the way to Changi Airport to have Poppye is really interesting but somehow it strikes me for the fact that Wilson and Weitat always have to drive so far and also waste their petrol fee. It is a mixture of whelming with togetherness and guilt. If I were the one who owns the car, I might not want to drive so far away unless I’m not tired and is rich enough to afford the petrol fee.

When you do not know when is the right time to talk and whether your friends are in the mood to talk, it is best to remain silent. But silence can be a torment during long journeys. We all want to be with the correct crowd but the sacrificing ones always have to give in.

We grow up to have our own sets of thinking. What is required is the ability to compromise; but too much is bad because people tend to take you for granted.

Bad Experience at Mediacorp

Yesterday was my fifth time at Mediacorp but it was not as smooth.

As early as 9am I had to be there but they didn’t key in my details and I was locked outside the guard house. I called Luvina but could not get through and she didn’t pick up the phone at office, whereas Row didn’t pick up her phone as well.

The cute girl came to sign me in and later, I realised her name wasn’t Row and I was quite stunned since it was the third time we met already. This time, the wardrobe auntie wanted me to wear pant instead of my jeans so that I would look more mature, thus giving me extra trouble.

The other part-timer, James, was very busy and eventually he turned out to be a real estate agent. We didn’t really talk until we reached the airport. I preferred the friends I made in the previous four times since we got to chat more.

It was a long wait before our scene started. Probably it was really a regret to promise Luvina for the turn up since things went really sick. The director as predicted was someone who was demanding yet failed to explain things well. It was probably her own problem if she were to get heart-attack since she was not satisfied with two untrained part-timers who were being paid thirty bucks each.

The actor, Huang Zong Yao, sarcastically asked, “Who trained them one?” It actually reflected how boar he was since he didn’t know part-timers didn’t get to attend any course. At one time when I felt most disgusted was when exclaimed in furious, “Don’t worry! Later we will give you a closed up shot!”

It was all about playing with the angles with the camera. God knew what the director really wanted. To experienced actors, perhaps, they knew everything well but they couldn’t expect much from others.

One thing I could easily conclude was that the production cost was really low and tight that they couldn’t afford NGs. Experienced actors had their own says and they had choices to play with their creativeness which the directors would try to not interfere much and that’s why those actors were always correct and even cause the confusion to part-timers.

I was totally turned off when I knew James and I had to take the bus back with this actor alone. We were all quiet on the way and I couldn’t doze off even though I hadn’t caught wink the entire night.

They Both Flew Off

[Tuesday, 06 March, 2007]

I was a good boy and thus I slept early. I went to bed at around 2am and was waked up by Gilbert’s SMS at 8am and thereafter, I could not doze off again. I checked my phone at 9am and realised the alarm had sounded but there was no noise at all. The panadols I consumed before sleeping did me good.

I was quite disappointed to see the empty table for my mum had told me she wanted to get me “zhu chang fen” after returning home. She came back late and I only got to eat it at around 10am.

I went to Ghim Moh to meet Kailin and before I left the house, Suimin called me. I could not find Kailin at the Ghim Moh bus interchange and later realised she was at Holland Village. Since I was a foreigner at that place, it took me quite long to find her. By then I was in bad sweat. I did not take any food except for the rojak, which I almost could not finish it.

Lulu called me twice and I really wanted to shout over the phone for her attitude really sucked. She did not do Uncle Sam’s house properly while he was away and now she expected the tenants to take over it.

After the lunch with Kailin, I took bus 198 down to Queensway Shopping Centre to get the FBT shorts for Suimin. I went to check out the flat at Hoe Chiang Road afterwards and realised the condition was still not satisfying enough.

Upon reaching home, Justus came over to get helps from me. He was able to do his own work but was seeking for companion. Luckily for this day, he was less distracted and thus time was well spent.

Rich boy boy threatening the cabs to stop

Suimin called me and wanted me to meet her straight at Eunos instead of the Airport. It was so rush for me and I actually got there earlier than her. She behaved so much like a “boyboy” at times but her punches were peanuts. We went to the provision shop to get some of her stuff. It was nice crapping around with her, but however, she lied to me again and we did not take photos together. I accompanied this rich chicken to the roadside to take cab.

Just when I was at Tanjong Pagar MRT station, it was pouring heavily. I waited for the rain to subside before walking home, but was of course drenched still. I took my bath again and left my house at 8pm to proceed to the airport.

At the airport

After reaching there at 9pm sharp, I could not get hold of the chicken. She did not even reply my SMS until around thirty-five minutes later, she finally answered my call. She was with her mum and brother and a few of her friends, and basically, I was kind of being ignored somehow. It was pretty obvious she was quite shy but at least we got to take photos together. Around twenty-five minutes later, she told me to leave before her schoolmates arrived.

Journey home was crowded since Exports. Maybe there was a big sale over there?

This was a sad day for both Kaven and Suimin had left Singapore. Kaven was kind of my model to be a successful gentleman and Suimin was the only asshole who would laugh insanely with me. And I would have to spend the whole week without having anyone to accompany me to vent my anger or be crazy.

Receiving Gilberto at the airport

[Tuesday, 22 August, 2006]

Everyone was either working or studying that nobody except Raymond was free to go to the airport with me. It was my idea to receive Gilbert who went for holidays at Thailand on the previous Friday. It would be nice to do that because I felt so good when my BMCC buddies went to receive me the previous time I went overseas.

I was thinking of going there earlier to study but Raymond suggested studying after that. So, we agreed to meet at 1330h since Gilbert’s flight was at 1400h.

It was a disappointment that the Skytrain service was down due to upgrading. The first thing on my mind was how much the temporary attendances were paid. It was also incredible to get so many mini shuttle buses just for these two or three days.

As usual, Raymond aka Buddy aka Gou Gou (Dog in Chinese Hanyu Pinyin) was late. He promised to reach by 1400h which he failed to abide to his promise again. I checked the flight on the screen and then checked with the information counter to realise there was no such flight reaching at 1400h.

I sent Gilbert a message to ask him to call me immediately upon landing and he replied me. I came to understand that he had earlier given me a timing of the departure time of his flight from Thailand when I was expecting the timing the plane would land – any friend would expect to know the latter’s timing and not the departure one.

A sudden feel of loneliness filled me even though I was all prepared to go there alone before Raymond promised to join me. I went to draw money to replenish my near empty wallet and the balance of my bank account dampened my mood once again; I had spent and given away so much more than ever in a month that nearly a month’s slavery allowance was gone.

I went to the Burger King and had a large cup of ice lemon tea, which amazed me for the taste was much better than any that I had drunk before. There was this reoccurrence on my mind that someone had complimented it before, or maybe just the outlet.

I sat there alone to study, indulging myself in a world of deafness among the oncoming customers. At the end of the third hour, Bunny finally arrived and I had sadly beaten by the exhaustion of intensive studying of just less than two chapters of the book. He was worse than me that he dozed off soon after opening his book.

A very distinguished figure taken from very far


Raymond aka Bunny, the always-fly-aeroplane latecomer

We had a little chat as we struggled with our own study. Just after the arrival time of the flight at 1809h, we packed up and waited outside belt 21. At the farthest side, we managed to see the unique Gilberto looking for his luggage. With a little disappointment, Bunny had to leave right after we met up with Gilberto.

After that, Gilberto and his friend, Anna (did not hear her name properly) had dinner with me at the Burger King outlet. Then, I listened to some of their exciting stories at Thailand, knowing how fun they had been. Gilberto’s planning had made the trip so fulfilling and worthwhile.

Followed by dinner, we bid each other goodbye. Both of them went to get a cab whereas I took the shuttle bus back to terminal two to catch the train home.