First Day of Renovation

[Friday, 15 October, 2010]

I was on Facebook to get ready my marketing work before I tried to sleep at 5.30am. Soon, my elder brother opened the door for Lucky to come in as he was leaving for reservist. I could not doze off until the workers came over to start the renovation.

It was the first day of my eleven days terror even though the thundering sounds had been terrorizing my family since weeks ago when it was our neighbour’s turn. As the workers wanted to break the tiles inside the bathroom and toilet, and it would create lots of dust, they set up walls along a passage such that the bedrooms’ doors would be blocked. My younger brother set off much earlier for school and thus I was the only one left to take care of Lucky since my mum was not totally ready. Fearing the amount of dust that would damage Lucky’s health, I brought him to the gym.

I continued updating Tze Khit’s website at the gym. He bought lunch for me since I could not join him for I had to take care of Lucky. I dozed off for seconds occasionally as I was too tired and yet had to keep an eye on Lucky in case he ran around to bark at gym’s users or even pee around.

Bobby came into the gym early and thus I was more entertained. In the mid afternoon, my elder brother came over to join me and Lucky as he came home earlier from the camp. Tze Khit had two pretty trainees. Later, Andrew came over and he agreed to join Letian and I in the business idea he had given.

After reaching home in the late afternoon, I dozed off and was woke up by my mum. She passed me her mobile phone for a survey regarding MediaCorp’s television channels. That lady started to piss me off with the endless questions I thought were dumb. My brain was almost numb at the moment but I felt holy for being nice.

Lucky came over and nipped me non-stop. Suddenly, my mum told me it was near 10pm and Lucky was still not fed. I was stunned and jumped up of the mattress, and went over to question my elder brother who was playing game. I quickly started preparing his food.

After Lucky finished his late dinner, the three of us took Lucky to Maxwell Food Centre where we had our late dinner as well. It was creepy to eat with tiny cockroaches crawling around. After so many years, I was surprised that nobody had reported the disgusting pest infestation to NEA or any organisation to clear it up.


Facebook Account Down

[Tuesday, 5 October, 2010]

I was totally engrossed in the website and went to sleep at 8am. I woke up after 2pm.

It was a rather weird day.

I was on my laptop in the living room when I heard a girl’s voice saying “I’m scared of dogs”. Soon, a girl walked past and dropped a flyer for a community project. I was stunned when I saw the elegant girl in her white top, looking sweet and simple. I could not help but to feel lucky.

I took Lucky down to the gym with my thumbdrive but I could see A4 size posters at the new gym before I went up and I knew I had wasted my effort. I tried to keep Lucky as close to me as possible in case he started peeing around.

After reaching home, I was horrified to realise that my Facebook account was disabled. With my connections lost, it was difficult to start advertising when my new site was going to be up soon.

Anyway, I spent the night continuing with my website. We did not bring Lucky down for a walk since I had already brought him down earlier to the gym.


Weird Day, Weird Friend

[Friday, 20 August, 2010]

Jade messaged me in MSN and I reminded her to remind me to sleep early, and thus I went to sleep after 3am right after she went offline.

I woke up before 9am and continued to lie around the bed. My mum made half boiled eggs, bread and milo for my breakfast. I went to the gym at 11am and that was one of the earliest times I went. I felt bad for not going down for the past four days when I was too engrossed with my work even though I did not make much progress. I was completely ruled by my sleepiness and almost blackout in the gym. After the workout I struggled on the chin-up bar for twenty pulls.

The bank salesman came over to settle Tze Khit’s credit card transaction. After that, we left the gym together with his friend. It was drizzling and thus he decided to dine at the new Japanese restaurant along the way, which was just a few metres away. They dragged me in but I did not take anything since I might be meeting Regina with her friend soon. When Regina finally replied me after 1am, I asked her what time she could make it to Vivocity and she replied a single word “soon”. I quickly rushed home and washed up.

I reached the destination at around 2pm and started walking around Daiso. I paid a visit to the pet shop and finally the arcade before I went to the concert area to boot up my laptop where the internet connection was slow. Nothing much could be done.

After 3pm, Regina finally SMSed me that she had reached but her replies were far too weird. I went down to find her at Toastbox and she treated me transparently. Together with her friend, we went to the Burger King in the most awkward atmosphere I had ever encountered, just like best friends turning into strangers out of a sudden. I knew it was a wrong choice to go out but I never knew what was going on.

We found a table at the Burger King immediately. She dragged her friend along to get food without saying anything to me. I lost my appetite. When they returned, she finally spoke up and asked me why I did not go and get my food but I merely shook my head. Her friend began to astonish me with his outspoken character, being creative and blunt, he had endless examples to compare things, and sometimes quite offensive. I was quite amazed with some of his jokes in my lostness and sleepiness. Sitting right opposite them, I felt awkward when Regina was far too quiet and thus I kept my eyes at the next table at the kids.

After eating, Regina started taking her work out. I thought she was going to start doing her revision the entire day there until her friend discouraged her. When he started asking her to choose over going to his or her house, I was quite stunned until he told me they were friends since primary six. His suggestion to catch a movie stunned me once again for I thought he was going to revise with her together after our lunch or meet-up. I finally got a chance to ask him what was wrong with Regina when we were at the toilet, and he assured me that she was quiet for she did not want him to bully her more. So much for his crappy jokes, I thought it was true, but still, she behaved far too weird.

As we walked around the shopping mall, her friend pulled her hair and held them in the most annoying way often. Whenever he put his hand over her shoulder, she snapped the fingers away immediately but she did not look angry at all. I was amazed over her tolerance and their closeness. When he mentioned about how lousy her boyfriend was, I was totally lost for I thought she was just having a weird hard crush on a wrong person but was still in the safe zone. I did not try to correct him since he definitely knew more than me and it seemed that I did not have any reason to talk.

They planned to go to Sengkang and I had no idea what they had in mind but I remembered her crush was staying there. It was totally not a good idea to join them since things were going too weird for me and that I had many work on hand, moreover, I was going to view dog with my younger brother in the evening.

We stopped by the Candy Empire where she hesitated over getting some candies. I had a hard time resisting myself to tell her to grab them all. Her friend solved her problem by asking her to look at her wallet to see what she could afford. The shop was a good babe attraction.

When they were entering the train’s entrance, I bid them goodbye. As they were going down the escalator, he was still pulling her hair and I saluted to her tolerance once again.

After reaching home at around 5pm, my mum packeted dinner for me and I dozed off while waiting for my younger brother to return. He got home around two hours later to tell me and we waited for a while for the seller to send the dogs’ pictures over. As the seller was too demanding over the ugly dogs, we decided not to give up the viewing with our budget.

I started working on Bianhong’s photos. Though my mind was still filled with blankness from the day’s weird encounter, I was able to make good progress with the design work.


Most Romantic Night Ever

[Saturday, 14 August, 2010]

My brothers and I had a game of Command and Conquer before my younger brother went to bed. We planned to go swimming in the morning and thus I wanted to try dozing off earlier. However, Eileen messaged me and told me of her failed application to SIM and we started talking on phone later. Her incredible cute stories of her past entertained me till after 6am.

I woke up at around 12pm, feeling surprise that my younger brother did not wake me up for the swim. However, I could see that the sky was not in good mood. Five of us had lunch at the market and the owner selling duck rice turned me off the second time with his sales. My younger brother wanted to add an additional egg and he muttered and then pointed at the picture of a set meal for me, which included beancurd and egg, and thus I said okay to him. In the end, he did not serve us with egg and he told me that he had earlier mentioned that the egg was sold out. It was sort of ridiculous. The worst thing was that his duck meat was over salty.

Not long after reaching home, Huiting messaged me and told me to help her with a banner design for a blog, which she needed it by the same day. I spent the next few hours doing up the banner. Towards late afternoon, Regina told me she did not want to attend her church but she refused to meet me earlier.

I set off after 7pm and took bus 167 at Cantonment Link. When I was near Bukit Merah, I saw a bus number 5 in front and I had a strong intuition that Regina inside and true enough that she SMSed me that she was reaching. We went shopping for food together. I was quite disappointed that I could not find sushi at the NTUC. The MacDonald’s was closed as well. We went to the KFC and that was when I realised that upsizing everything in a Zinger meal could cost a big bomb.

We went back to the interchange and took bus 131. When it started turning into Bukit Purmei, I was quite turned off since Henderson Waves was actually just a few bus-stops in the straight Henderson Road away from the interchange. After making a big round, we finally reached our destination and climbed up the stairs to the beautiful Henderson Waves. I was glad that Regina was amazed with the beautiful scenery as well. It was a cool night and I had never thought of being with a female friend hanging around there at night, especially when I did not own a car.

We walked to the far side of the bridge and found a space to sit down. We took our dinner while playing around with the cameras. Next, we walked towards the Terrace Garden and we stopped by the fitness corner to take photos together. It was the moment I had waited for years as she trimmed her hair super short the previous time I managed to take a picture with her.

As we were entering Terrace Garden, I saw three Bangala walking behind us and I supposed that was the problem with going out with a girl at night that I had to tighten up my muscle and get ready for any unforeseeable event. Regina was acting like a reporter with my Sony camera but the battery was drained up soon. It was to my horror that my younger brother did not charge the spare battery and we had to give up the fun.

We reached the top of Terrace Garden to join other people to glance at the fireworks of the Youth Olympics Games starting ceremony from far, but it did not last for long and I could hardly catch any. Regina was waiting for more fireworks with my Olympus camera but it was a useless wait. I was glad that she was ready to take more photos with me ever since her crush joked with her that she was ugly. She did not see the remote control I held in my hand until I decided it was not fun to keep the secret anymore.

She was on the phone for quite long before I led her down to Forest Walk. The place was beautiful, though it more remote than any other places and I was shocked that she chose to complete the journey with me instead of turning back. It was the first time I went there at night, and instead of being with a group of guy friends, I was in fact with a cute girl. I felt lucky being trusted. We reached the Alexandra Arch after the long walk and finally Hort Park. After using the toilet, we went down to the hall area and Regina took pictures with the SYOG Mascot. We went to the swinging seat near the entrance and finally started heading off.

I checked my phone and was amazed that it was already 11.30pm. Regina was worried about getting home since she stayed far in the east and I was a little disappointed for she should not worry with me around. We crossed over the road and took bus 166 to Outram Park and waited for the last bus number 2. On the way, I dropped Hirman a SMS and he told me I could look for him afterwards.

It was one of the greatest nights I had ever been through.


Friday the 13 Unluckiness

[Friday, 13 August, 2010]

My brothers and I finally played Command and Conquer together and we stopped after two games. I started blogging and eventually shut down at 5am.

I woke up earlier than my alarm clock, which sounded at 10am. To my disgust, Regina reported to me that her school hated me and thus, our outing in the afternoon had to be cancelled due to her detention till evening. It was indeed Friday the 13.

I went back to sleep soon and finally got up at 2pm. As my brain was still trying to start up the engine, my elder brother told me that my mum had bought nasi lemak and it could be spoiled if we did not consume soon. I had a super restless day for having non-continuous sleep.

At night, I webcammed with Regina and she kept showing me stupid pictures. She even made me show my younger brother the shit’s photo and he commented, “Which girl is so desperate?”


Blink Blink Blink

[Monday, 2 August, 2010]

I slept at 3.30am after blogging and washing up.

I woke up at around 10am when the Tanjong Pagar GRC team came over to take photos for the housing upgrading work. I got prepared and left my house after 11am to collect my passport. I reached around fifteen minutes earlier and received my passport quite soon. I got home within an hour after departure. After taking a short nap, or rather, dozing off, I spent the time on Facebook to invite people to the National Day event.

I left my house after 4pm and reached Takashimaya at 5pm sharp. I stood by and watched construction work at the big empty square right opposite the big screen. Twenty-five minutes later, Jade messaged me to meet at 313 Somerset. At first, I thought it was a prank. I walked over in one of my lousiest mood and walked around the building first time and on my own. I was relieved when I received the next SMS that she and her classmate were at Superdog already. I looked at the directory and went down to basement 3.

We went to Paragon and finally decided to dine at Fish and Co where I had my usual fish. Then, we walked over to Wisma to shop for Liurong’s cosmetic stuff before she left. Jade and I went back to 313 Somerset to walk around and finally sat at Food Republic for tea before we left.


Mum’s Check-up at SGH

[Thursday, 29 July, 2010]

I was not in a good mood and blogging took me quite long. Crapping with Vanessa and knowing about her boyfriend’s funny opinions on Tze Khit and me kept me entertained to release the tension. I went to bed right after 4am.

My mum woke me up at around 7.30am. I was quite stunned when she asked me if I wanted to follow her to the hospital together with my elder brother when we had already finalised it days ago. She made half boiled eggs for me before the three of us set off, walking towards the hospital. We waited for the shuttle bus at the bus interchange and changed our mind.

The Singapore General Hospital was heavily guarded with nurses near the lifts under each block. We had to register, and obtain a sticker and a stamping on the back of the palm. I was quite taken back by one of the nurses at the Enscopy Centre because of her sincere and sweet smiles.

After my mum went in for her check-up, I went to the toilet for the third time of the day. It was freezing but I was well-prepared in my jeans and shoes, unlike my brother in his shorts and slippers, shivering away. His cup of hot drink turned cold soon. I spent most of the time usefully by typing an article regarding smoking in corridor.

My mum came out before 11am and she looked very pale. The nurse explained her condition to us and even showed us the photos taken inside her big intestine. There was nothing much serious after removing some acne inside but she had to report to the specialist again next month when the lab report was out.

We went to the Kopitiam food court for our brunch. The roosted chicken rice from the Muslim stall was very disappointing. My mum had soup mee hoon while my brother impressed me with his decision to take po pian. After that, we cabbed home.

Once I logged into MSN, Jade messaged me and finally started her webcam for she was supposed to do it with me the previous night. However, my network was having problems and it took me some time to get reconnected. She was in her class and thus, we could not really chat much even with the webcams on. I started nodding and went to bed after her class dismissal.

I got up a couple of hours later. Irwin finally got back to me via MSN to tell me that his already changed plan from viewing of camera at Funnan to movie at Vivocity was once again shifted to drinking at Clarke Quay together with his girlfriend and Eugene. I did not want to get into the hobby of drinking and thus I did not join in.

I was not in a very good mood still. Too much thought circulated in my mind that I started playing a few games of Condition Zero to distracted myself and to burn off the irritants. It was yet another inefficient night being stuck in front of the television.


Webcam with Jade Finally

[Tuesday, 20 July, 2010]

When Kevin started messaging me in MSN, I began to realise my life was really stagnant. At least, he complimented me on the development of SmokeForWhat. I went to sleep after 4am, setting my alarm clock to sound at 10am.

It was a great battle after 10am and I managed to stay awake after half an hour. I started blogging insanely. Since it was raining throughout the afternoon, I was lazy to step out of the house.

There was nothing special about the evening except that I got to webcam with Jade for a while when she was studying with her male classmates.


Saturday at the Gym

[Saturday, 17 July, 2010]

I broke my record and went to sleep at 3am. Nevertheless, it was not easy to doze off. I woke up after noon and had lunch with my family at the coffee shop near block 7. It was taken over and managed by Food Loft. It was an interesting meal with the old drinks stall helper who screamed loudly over to the drinks stall in her high pitch whenever someone ordered a drink. The girl sitting over at the next table was quite cute.

After the brunch, I went to the gym straight away even though I noticed that I did not bring my water bottle along. It was a slacking Saturday and I wasted lots of time hanging around due to my stomach not giving me face again. After going to the toilet, I rested for a while before resuming my second training of the week. The four sets of pulls-up dropped from 15 to 12, followed by 10 and 8. After the workout, I had some usual nonsensical jokes of his old experience from Bobby together with Shaohui.

I had a very restless evening. My elder brother played Condition Zero with me for a couple of hours.


Dinner with the Babes

[Friday, 9 July, 2010]

I spent the morning updating SmokeForWhat crazily. It took too much time and effort to type new article. I had a few more in mind and phobia was taking over me. I went to bed after sunrise, after replying Huiting’s SMS.

Since the initial dinner venue was at SP, I had no plan to take off early. After some hesitation, I made my way to the gym.

I had no time to waste like usual to take lots of breaks in between the workout. While others always used “resting is useless” to push themselves, my mind was full of “resting will make me late”. I almost killed myself by exhausting myself thoroughly. During the previous “day 2” training, I could do four sets of wide shoulder pull-up, but this time, my third and fourth sets could not even reach ten pulls to complete them. My injury on the left shoulder hurt more than ever.

I managed to finish the entire workout within an hour. While I was trying hard to stable my wobbling legs, I checked my phone and realised Eunice had changed the meeting venue to Bukit Timah. I rushed home to shower and get changed. When I missed the bus 75 right in front of me, I knew I was bound to be late. The next bus took ages to arrive while the road was full of other vehicles. There was no other way to get to my destination earlier other than this direct bus.

While I was still stuck in the jam of Holland Road, I thought Huiting was near Ngee Ann Polytechnic already and thus I would be the last to reach. I dropped off a bus-stop earlier and paced towards the Old Town White Coffee, reaching the junction earlier than the bus at the nearer stop. I was glad that I was not the last one to arrive.

It was a good dinner but since Eunice had declared to pay for the meal, I was quite stingy with the selection of my food. I was the only guy but it was not the main reason to be rejoiced, for the companion of nice people was more attractive. We moved to the food centre for dessert after that before Eunice called for a curfew at 10pm.

I had lots of fun crapping with Jade while waiting for her bus. After that, I went to KAP’s MacDonald’s to test their toilet before going home. The place reminded me of the past, after my A division volleyball games, the entire team went down together for dinner.

My plan to spend the peaceful night trip on bus 75 doing my work failed as I was troubled over Firman’s project, which had no budget.