Respect Volunteerism

My beautiful friend woke me up early in the morning to offer me to join in the fun to bring the hunks and babes for a free meal. Despite having only two hours of sleep two nights ago, being bitten by the burning sun and spending late night to support my celebrity friend’s performance, I sweet-talked myself to get up. After caressing the toilet bowl twice, I rushed off to meet the volunteers in my weak body.

It was supposed to be a great day working with people with great souls. I knew the least thing I could do was to take photos to capture the beautiful moments, including the unglamorous ones. However, things eventually turned out differently just like how monsters always appeared in fairytale stories right after the sweet introduction.

After bringing the hunks and babes to the temple in the east and securing them to their seats under the big tentage, we were told that we had to wait for the big shot to arrive before serving them their meals. I was deeply disgusted because I realised we were used partly for political drive. There were three rows of tables where fat people were unofficially banned from walking between them. We had initially occupied an empty table in the middle but were made to move our belonging to another table because they wanted to reserve the table for the big shot. None of us complained when we were told to serve all tables, including those hunks and babes who came from elsewhere.

I tried my best to avoid the big shot’s table in case some weird people might ask me to take photos of him, which would tarnish my girlfriend’s dignity or even broke the lens – I did not have money to upgrade to a better girlfriend for now. The big shot simply came over, late, just to shake hands and wait to be served for his food. I thought if anyone who really wanted to come over to appreciate the old hunks and babes who had helped to build up the nation, he or she would have done more. If this big shot had helped out in serving the food like how the volunteers had sweated and exhausted themselves, I would at least respect him a little. It was indeed a rewarding part-time job that would give him over $10k per month. I did pity him for many people were talking behind him during his “glamorous” moments.

The drama to showcase the “kindness” of the big shot was not the most disgusting incident of the day. A lady who seemed to be the overall in-charge of the hunks and babes showed me how ugly mankind could be. Almost all of us did not know which farm she came from but she was first seen grumbling over some barricades, saying nobody would answer if any of the hunks and babes were to bypass them and fall. I was not sure if she was truly concerned for the elderly or simply did not want her head to roll, but her tone was harsh. It was just like walking on a street and a bitch came over to bark you for killing her entire family. As I moved nearer, she turned to me instead and continued to rant like as if a photographer would be so free to invite the old people wander about. Around five minutes of my life was wasted just because I tried too hard to show respect to even creature.

The same lady was ranting at another guy throughout the event. He could be her co-worker or another volunteer she had recruited. When he was trying hard to serve the hunks and babes food, she barked at him to go over to take photos of the big shot. I was extremely disgusted once again because the event was supposed to be organised for the hunks and babes and not the big shot, while our main job should be to ensure that they would not go hungry and be served with great efficiency. Even if USA’s president Barrack Obama was there as a special guest, our focus should be on the hunks and babes who had contributed to our society so much in the past.

The third brainless thing this lady did was to rant at us again at the end of the event after the big shot had left with satisfied stomach. She seemed to want us to take group photos with the big shot for whatever motives she had. It was either she was brainless enough to slip it off her mind or she had whispered to the grass to request us to do that, but she blamed us. One girl was finally pissed off and stepped up to stop her imagination and bring her back to the real world. She was lucky enough that we were inside a temple and I tried hard not to put my friend on the spot. Anyway, none of us was willing to take photos with any big shot. We did voluntary work not for show.

I feel so sad for Singapore due to the existence of such lady who is killing volunteerism. Which volunteer would offer his/her help in future to events that such lady is in charge of? Volunteers are not being paid and the least thing the organiser can do is to show them respect. In fact, even if the lady has paid people to do the work, she should also treat the salaried workers with respect. I wonder if she would feel ashamed if she ever see how I treat the town council’s foreign cleaners. You cannot simply point fingers at anyone if you think the weather is hot.

Lastly, I’m also confused over the need for calling for volunteers for some charity events. If the organisers have such close links to big shots and that they have to suck up to these wealthy and powerful people, they should be able to get many “sponsors” to employ staffs to handle the events. Why are the time of innocent and poor volunteers be needed for such events when they can offer their help to other events that truly lack funding.

I have actually learned a big lesson for the day but the main thing is that I should have tried to find out more details about any voluntary work before agreeing to help, be it taking photos or babysitting the less healthy people.

I love seeing kind souls working hard selfishlessly. The world needs more true love to make more people’s lives beautiful.

Losing Friends in Life

In life, we get to meet new friends often. Some get to stay while some move off to a more suitable crowd.

“Hey, they are very nice people…”

Sometimes we sigh after we move on to a different environment when it takes extra effort to meet up with one another to the extent that we eventually quiet down the meeting. This is somehow inevitable for we have new commitments at new places and time does not spare us.

A worse way to part with friends is through miscommunication or a drama by third party, and in some cases, the third party is a common friend.

One of the worst situations I had been through was when I received a sudden confrontation from a good friend regarding how I had backstabbed him over a project. I wanted to quit the team due to time constraint and thus I did not wish to further get involved by speaking up for the unfairness of a major decision. Somehow, someone conveyed my thoughts to him behind me and definitely in a very twisted manner to sore our friendship.

A group of friends tried starting a business together to put their personal skills into good use. It was initially a zero-dollar start-up plan but after weeks when they realised some money had to be pooled in. The leader’s decision was that only the members who were going to contribute money would be the shareholders. Why would anyone give up his current career and struggle for months in the new project which may not work out in the end, just to pray hard to become an employee in the new company and able to get back the wages for the months of hard work?

I would love to help my friends like how I used to do since I was a child, but I am never young anymore to neglect my own future. I can no longer afford to do free freelance work that require lots of time.

Months later, I realise my friend count in Facebook has reduced by one. This is an extremely bad way to lose a friend, which has been haunting me, causing fears that history may repeat any time soon due to probably jealousy.

It is extremely ridiculous for adults to lose friends in this manner.

Manager of Costa Sands Sentosa Resort Called

[Monday, 7 February, 2011]

I went to bed at 4am but could not doze off. It was 6am when I got up to do my work. I went back to sleep at 10 and woke up at 1pm in the end.

The manager of Costa Sands Sentosa Resort called me and apologised for his staff’s misbehaviour. However, that Chinese old man had already tendered his resignation letter before the incident and he was already clearing his leave. That was really evil of this guy for sabotaging the resort’s reputation before he left.

I continued with my SEO work for the tuition agency. Mike had a new SEO weapon for me but we were not sure of the power yet.

I left home at around 6pm for dinner.

Skai Chan @

Another Bad Experience at MediaCorp

[Tuesday, 25 January, 2011]

I went to bed at 2am and woke up at 7am for my haircut. The auntie had some conversation with me after the haircut as she advised me to speak up more.

I went home to take my shower and rest before leaving my house for MediaCorp. I reached at around 11.30am and went to the Annex building to do re-profiling. It started raining heavily and I went over to the wardrobe department. After opening the windows, there were three or four staffs inside and all of them were looking at me. I did not know which one was intending to entertain me and thus I stared in blank for some moment feeling very lost. The guy started reprimanding me for not following their instructions stick on the windows even though I was going there to show them my own clothes and not borrowing any clothe from them. It was merely out of professionalism that I bothered to do it and I did not expect them to be so rude. I assumed they had undergone some stress earlier on but it was definitely not right to take it on others. Due to this incident, I would reconsider over the future project.

I waited outside the makeup room with my laptop for the first time not wasting my time waiting over there. Since I did not borrow any clothe from MediaCorp, I could have left the filming place straight away without going back. I sent Huiying, the AP of the show, an SMS and she called me back to tell me not to return the MediaCorp pass because she did not want the bus driver to pick up everyone at different places. It was purely bullshit because every part-time actor had been doing that and there was no issue to return the pass and wait right at the gate which was less than twenty metres away from the stairs where the bus would be picking up everyone; there was no detouring to be made and all the veteran mini-bus drivers were definitely used to it.

The bus sent us all the way to Toa Payoh Central. The rain delayed everyone and we were waiting for so long. Since the filming crews were ready to shoot any time and there was no place to sit, I did not use my laptop. I spent the time chatting with the part-timers. It was probably due to the delay that things did not go totally like the script. We almost thought we would not be involved until we were called to become super redundant in the background running after the “robber”.

The bus sent some of the crews to Yio Chu Kang before heading back to MediaCorp. However, one of them forgot to bring a prop out and we made a U-turn, which further delayed the time. By the time we got back to MediaCorp, it was around 6pm. I was famished and took dinner there with two other guys including Timothy. After that, Timothy and I went to the same bus-stop and I took bus 167 home. Along the journey, I took out my laptop and continued with my work. I was not sure if it was due to the tiredness or shaky journey that my head started to spin. I reached home after 8pm and dozed off with the headache.

It was a totally disastrous day and I regretted badly to take up the filming assignment. I would rather help someone to maintain the website and I would earn eight times more the money. Apart from the money, it was really a bad experience. It was probably why fewer people wanted to go back to MediaCorp.

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Cheapo Took My Old Umbrella

[Friday, 7 January, 2011]

I started my day working on the new “Personal Tutors Needed” page for the tuition agency. I dozed off many times on the bed and went to sleep at 4.30am.

I woke up after 10am and took the noodle cooked by my mum. I continued working on the tuition agency website while chatting with my younger brother.

After 1pm, I went to the office under the dripping sky water. I was extremely unmotivated by the weather. I did some Facebook marketing before Mike wanted to leave at 4pm to try our luck for the “Dou Hua You Tiao” stall again. It was, however, closed as usual.

We took our meal at Burger King at the Amara Hotel, which was my lunch in fact. Mike went for his dental appointment while I went home. Upon putting down my bag, I realised my umbrella was missing and I went straight to the Burger King but despite the short interval, I could not find it. The staff was helpful but not useful enough.

I was gloomy for the umbrella was from my ex colleagues in the web solution company and it had accompanied me for years.

I spent the rest of the night working on SEO for the tuition agency.


Finally, Met up with Jenrine

[Tuesday, 4 January, 2011]

I had some discussion with my younger brother and eventually I went to sleep at 2.30am. Failing to doze off, I joined my elder brother. I woke up after 10am and went to the office.

Mike and I had our lunch at the second storey of Tanjong Pagar. He was then harassed by the car company Eazi Car Rental because they insisted him to pay the money for the wear and tear car battery. He got pissed off for the first time in front of me but I thought his temper was much better than mine.

We walked back to office and discussed over how Singapore’s review website had sided companies, probably because they were paying money for advertisements all that. There was no honest review site that allowed users to post bad reviews without being moderated by the companies. Therefore, a nasty company could easily get lots of fake good reviews on Singapore review websites. We even suspected that most of the so-called good reviews were written by the product or service companies themselves.

I had a chat with Vanessa finally after she commented on my Facebook. She thought I was doing great with an office space but I debated with her that it was Mike’s success because I did not get to contribute any amount of money. However, the conversation was short lived as usual because she was busier than me.

Mike left the office earlier to settle stuffs. I left during the evening to The Cathay’s Starbucks. Along the way, I saw that most of the shops at MacDonald’s House building were closed. Though the days when I was rushing projects with Soon Siong and the university gang at Starbucks was tough but I really missed them a lot. I had a cup of frappuccino while I tried to rush some work for the tuition agency, working on a new page regarding facebook.

It was not long before I went over to Plaza Singapura to meet up with Jenrine at the Long John’s Silver for dinner. I had quite a long chat with her over there, telling her the situation of my site. We went over to The Cathay to meet up with her boyfriend and I treated them for the movie.

Back at home, I continued with my work and at times when I wanted to ask my younger brother stuffs, he was too busy.


Being Cheated to Church Event for Second Time

[Saturday, 18 December, 2010]

I was busy with the tuition blog and eventually I updated the website with Google Map. The display refused to show the new location and I wasted a lot of time trying out. I also finished up some minor amendments for the tuition’s flyer. Lastly, I updated email and password for a tutor who got it wrong. I went to bed at 5am and I had problems dozing off again.

I was woke up by the drilling noise after 9am. My younger brother went Johor for his eyes check-up and he left some minor tuition assignment tasks for me to follow up. Since I did not handle it before, I took very long to figure things out.

I went down to have lunch with Mike before buying some stuff such as mop for the office. Then, I brought him up to my house so that I could finish up the work. He finally saw clearly why I needed a better working space.

We touched up the painting work in the office before starting to fix up the IKEA furniture. I was exhausted. Mike’s watch was slow for forty-five minutes and I was shocked when I checked the time with my lousy phone and his car’s clock. After he sent me home, I got changed and rushed off to Expo.

I felt relax when I called Caiping and realised I was even earlier than her. I grabbed myself a sandwich at 7-11 and started chewing, while I prayed hard that the Magic Show she invited me to was not a conspiracy. I had a taste of being conned to a church event by a male friend and a MLM one by another female friend many years back. Furthermore, I was so busy and exhausted, and yet I made myself available for her. I had interrogated her before accepting the invitation from her and I really hoped my intuition was wrong.

Caiping arrived with her friends and some of them were distributing Christmas presents. I felt uneasy and it was the first step towards unveiling the ugly truth. However, since she was a very religious person, I assumed her closed friends should be of the same religion as well, and thus I gave her the benefit of doubt. As we moved towards the exhibition hall, I saw big banners of City Harvest Church. Since the church could have booked a large number of tickets, I skipped it. After meeting other friends of hers, the guy let out clues by asking me if I were from her group and she tried to stop him. Later on, he asked me if it was the first time I went for a church event. Everything was clear.

In order not to make things look bad, I swallowed up my anger and played on to test my patience. The crowded place was a big turn off. We moved in and took up the seat. When she told me the magician was her pastor, it was nothing shocking to me anymore. As the show began, I felt quite boring since I did watch Taiwanese magic shows on television that were much more impressive. The dances made me sleepier for I was just expecting for “magic” shows.

The worst thing that I had expected did happen. It was a conspiracy to get non-member to join them. They tried to intimidate every non member indirectly by using the mass power – taking account that most of the viewers were their members, they instructed everyone to put their heads down. I was not sure how many strong willed smarties with integrity had refused them like me since I tried at least not to show disrespect and thus I did not turn back, but some people had walked off. It was one of the most disgusting moments that I had witnessed in my entire life when twisted words of nonsense were pushed into everyone’s ears.

Anyone could have started a religion and claim himself as the appointed one, which the special someone had instructed him to spread the religion through his dream. As accordingly to the tales I had heard, since there was no evidence to prove that the dream was a fake one, everyone should believe the guy. I was proud that I was clear that I would only believe if there was evidence. A sane person should not believe something just because there was no evidence to show that it was a crooked up story. It required a really good speaker to do a good job though.

When Caiping asked me about the “message”, I gave no comment since I was too tired and never wanted to waste my time to debate. I did not want to turn friendship sour as well just because of some craps. I could not blame her since she was just one of the victims.

It was one of my greatest hobbies to take photos with pretty girls but I avoided being included in any of the photos. I was quite worried that through Facebook, I would be located and I would see or hear things that I was very annoyed with. We took MRT off and I took a different direction at Tanah since they were going to Bedok 85 for supper.

This incident, together with the previous two, would definitely put me on guard in future when any old friend tried to ask me out.

My younger brother’s friends were at my time. The bedroom was probably too squeezy for them that they had to sit in the living room. I was with them for a while before I went inside the room and dozed off near midnight.


White Face and His Shameless Craps

[Thursday, 11 November, 2010]

Since my mum had not got home from work, I took my shower before bringing Lucky down for a walk. I brought him into the shop and after some time, the ladyboss’ “white face” husband came out. He started telling me he disliked dogs and that Lucky might bite the customers’ clothes. Then, he said that his “god” will not give me child if I enjoyed the companion of dog too much. He talked about the expense of dogs and claimed that “even human does not have the money to seek medical help”.

I never wanted to give the ladyboss or my mum any problem and thus I did not remind him that he had been jobless for more than ten years, and that his wife had to be so stingy to the workers in order to settle his debt for him. I also did not want to expose him that he had tried to force his wife to buy him a car.

I slept near 4am. My mum made me bread for breakfast and thus I did not buy anything before going to the camp. Mdm Chew came over to my side early and after chatting with her, I started dozing off every now and then until Terry started helping me with forum advertising for my tuition website. At the end of the day, we took Peter Chan’s car to Novena.

I dozed off for a while at night.


My Birthday 2010

[Thursday, 4 November, 2010]

Facebook kept me occupied for hours. It was tedious to reply to the birthday greetings; and at certain point of time, the flood overtook my pace. I went to bed at 4am.

I managed to wake up on time. In the train, there was an insane uncle bothering me, asking me which camp I was from and he kept asking me to go to the cookhouse to eat. I realised Terry was two doors away from me at the opposite side. The uncle did not spare him. However, he moved away fast enough to end his torment earlier. Later on, Kang told us he was being woke up by an idiot and we knew he was the same person. I had overheard an auntie saying this old man loved to disturb people in army uniform.

I bought a hotdog bun for breakfast. It was an unusual day for there was a safety talk, which all of the NSmen were forced to attend as well. Basically, all except one shit point regarded us at the end of a talk. We had a boring discussion for the safety day before moving for lunch break. There was a mini birthday celebration and I had to be the centre of attraction.

I left camp earlier together with Terry since we had got the off pass settled. I logged on to Facebook and there were more birthday greeting for me to reply.

I dozed off in the evening and left for dinner with my mum and younger brother at 8pm after the channel 8 show. We went to Manhattan at Central. Gastric pain attacked me but our seafood platter came late. We had two glasses of drinks and they were pretty interesting. We walked to One Fullerton after the dinner instead of taking straight bus home directly.

After reaching home, I was surprised with a cake. The whole family was around to celebrate together. I kept myself busy replying to birthday greeting in Facebook.

I had lost count of the number people who greeted me. It was probably over two hundred of them. I was excited to see messages from people whom I thought would never greet me, on the other hand, I was disappointed to hear nothing from some good friends.