Mum’s Birthday and Setting up Tze Khit’s New Gym

[Sunday, 25 April, 2010]

I reached home at around 4am after Weiye dropped me near my house. I went to withdraw money and three Malay guys approached me to transfer two bucks over to one of their bank accounts because he did not have enough money inside his account to withdraw the minimal amount. After the guy passed me the two dollars worth of coins, I felt quite unsafe. It was in fact very dangerous to do it since they would get to know my account number.

After reaching home, I got my mum to search for her birthday present which I placed on my younger brother’s table. After that, I gave her a hundred bucks. She was pleased with both the present and cash. I was satisfied with myself for the first time for getting a present which she liked. I was, however, still quite frustrated over getting Jingkun’s present since the volleyball group knew what they needed and would get everything by themselves; moreover, I had much different taste from them somehow.

I had late lunch with my brother and his girlfriend at Subway at Amara hotel. After that, we went up to the newly opened Sportslink shop at level three. We were not very satisfied with the prices of the stuffs even though they claimed everything was on sales. After that, I went to Tze Khit’s new gym to pay him a visit but he was not around. His colleagues and friends did not question me even though I stood inside for quite long before Tze Khit returned. Since my family was having early dinner, I did not stay there for long.

The couple and I went to Kampong Bahru Road. We decided on the coffee shop there so that my aunt would join us for the dinner since it was near her place. My mum came over with my aunt and we started ordering from the seafood stall. I knew I would be using quite a bit of strength at night and somehow my appetite was better than usual. The entire meal including the drinks cost me over forty bucks.

After reaching home, I cleared my email before going down to join Tze Khit at his gym. My first task was to get the six strong men dinner inclusive of twelve drinks. They suggested chicken rice but later, told me I could get them anything. It was already nine o’clock. I rushed over to Maxwell food centre and as I had expected, nothing there could really fill the six guys’ stomachs. I went to Chinatown Complex food centre but the chicken rice stall was closed. In the end, I went across the street to the shophouse to get the chicken rice. While waiting, I went to CK departmental store to get six cans of coke. I collected the food before going to Maxwell food centre to get six cans of cold drinks from the drinks stall. The uncle gave me a small packet of ice.

I realised I made a blunder in getting the food as I did not insist on getting breast meat. In the end, there were bones and Tze Khit hated the chicken wings. I remembered that the shop’s name consisted of “boneless” and thus I was too comfortable with them. At least, I was quite satisfied in myself for saving some bucks for Tze Khit by getting cheaper drinks. The rush to get the stuffs back fast weakened me quite a lot.

Tze Khit went home after having his dinner to get some stuff. I stayed behind to help fix up some of the gym machines. It was tedious to tighten up the screws. I almost thought the gym machines came in one piece until I went over to help out.

Some people would probably think I was stupid to spend my time helping others while I could at least spend the time playing game to relax myself even if I did not start looking for jobs. I thought the culture of helping one another should be spread because nobody knew he would need helps as well in future. Helping others did bring myself happiness.


Dinner at RSYC and Magdalene Birthday Celebration at Marina Barrage

[Friday, 9 April, 2010]

I spent my Friday on the configuration and marketing of my domain.

As I was going to prepare to leave my house for phototaking at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC), the conversation with Joy stalled some time. I was slow somehow and before I realised, time had passed so quickly that I knew I would be late.

The stopped rain suddenly returned more fiercely than before. I kept my pace slow but the water still managed to get into my shoes to kiss my socks wet. I was at the most frustrated mood waiting at the bus-stop but it took more than twenty minutes for bus 30 to arrive. As expected, due to the slow bus, more passengers boarded and alighted and thus delayed the journey a lot more.

Halfway through the journey, the rain stopped completely. I alighted after the junction near the NUS prata shop. I almost took the wrong direction towards Clementi Wood but decided to walk back to the junction. It was a long way towards the RSYC.

I was late for almost an hour but I was not the latest. The ambience was nice and I regretted not setting off earlier. I received a trophy from Diana for contribution in the SYOG volunteer training project.

After the dinner, I took jingkun’s car and he forgot that I wanted to go home to get my wetted socks changed before joining the rest of them at Marina Barrage. He took the highway straight to ECP and then took the wrong exit. He took the wrong again and we landed up at PIE near Aljunied.

After reaching Marina Barrage, we started changing and I wore my PJC t-shirt with a FBT shorts. The rest of them were in school uniforms. We started celebrating for Magdalene and made noises at the bridge.

Lynn’s Birthday Gathering at Brewerkz

[Sunday, 14 March, 2010]

I woke up in time to catch my favourite show on channel 8 at 11am. It was the last episode of “Plan A”.

It seemed like a long afternoon for blogging. Somehow the clock on my laptop was wrong and I had to adjust an hour earlier, such that the meeting with my ex NP classmates was kind of delayed. The long waiting put me to sleep after stuffing a chocolate into my mouth.

I woke up more than an hour later in shock. I checked my phone and realised Wen Chang had messaged me saying that he had overslept. Eventually he was only late for half an hour, whereas, I doubled his record. Jason won me.

Brewerkz was never my ideal place for dinner. Even though I had been there for a few times with Irwin, my short term memory told me it was a western food restaurant and thus I made a silly and wasted trip up the Central shopping centre.

I had pizza for the second time the week but I preferred that place as a drinking place more.

It was never a comfortable gathering with a few big expensive DSLR cameras around. I kept my small digital camera behind me. I hated the feeling when being asked to comment on the fact that I used to be the one taking photos around during the schooling days and now that others were doing it on my behalf.

I could only admit to myself that photography is an expensive habit.

After the dinner, I was on different way from them after passing by the Central. Missing a bus after the long way, I decided to continue with the walk.


First Day of Work After Reservist

The first day of work after the long reservist and festival break was better than any other day. Due to the cancellation of the morning lesson at Bukit Batok, I was pardoned from official work. Magdalene was cute in her cheongsam and I made her take photos with me.

I handed over the Polar watch to Mr Neo and I knew it would affect me quite badly in my future jogs.

Having lunch together with my usual clings was more cherished than before for I knew there was not many chances in future after March. We went to IMM’s Red Ginger and after that, Meihoe and I gave the fruit stall a second chance.

Weitat’s idea to get a “Choco Exotic” cake from the Four Leaves cake shop for Joy kept me entertained in the afternoon. It was great to make friends happy.

The downturn of the day was the cancellation of Bukit Timah Walk. Basically, most people had either forgotten or changed their minds.


Dorothy’s Birthday

Last Saturday was Dorothy’s birthday. It was due to the outing that I halted my Saturday’s jog to Marina Barrage. It started with a couple of weeks ago’s chat with her in the office when she mentioned we did not have lunch together for quite long. Since that weekend was preoccupied with my brother’s chalet and that I had reservist during weekdays, I suggested the Saturday that her actual birthday actually fell on.

I was at the Amara hotel, trying to choose a cake for Dorothy as told by Jingkun. I stood there for quite long since my phone could not show the contacts suddenly. I had to search for the recently dialled list but Dorothy answered the phone for him since he was driving. Next, I checked my SMS for Mei Hoe’s number and she told me Dorothy preferred chocolate. She was nagging at me for I was not on my way yet; however, she ended up reaching there later than me.

It was a torment to squeeze into the crowded train and walking through the crowded Orchard Road with a cake; I had to take at least three times slower than my usual pace to avoid crashing into all the ugly and inconsiderate people. It did not really worth it since Daniel had also bought another cake. Anyway, Dorothy seemed to know that we were celebrating for her somehow.

I was quite disappointed with the Straits Kitchen at Grand Hyatt Hotel. I did not like the variety of food and they were not impressive to me. However, their service was excellence. Of course, the food was more high class than other buffet restaurants.

After the dinner, we chose to go to Dorothy’s house to play mahjong over karaoke. I had a few games in place of Jingkun and I realised I had totally forgotten the drawing of tiles. I spent some time watching television in the living room alone and managed to debug for


My Belated Birthday Lunch

Yesterday’s lunch was almost a mess again. Dorothy insisted on celebrating my belated birthday together with Hirman’s after we had delayed it for very long.

Daniel, Weitat, Meihoe and I made the advanced party down to West Coast Plaza. Dorothy arrived next, followed by Jingkun. We almost thought Hirman and Kevin could not make it due to invigilation and we could have wasted the food we had preordered for them. Alas, they made it down.

When Jingkun mentioned about the latest rape case in Singapore, my mind almost went blank. The worries seemed to penetrating into me again.

It was quite a rush lunch since Hirman had an event to handle, whereas Meihoe needed to go for badminton competition. We could not really sit down to enjoy the meal while chit-chatting. Even for the cake cutting session was too quick that I felt the atmosphere was really weird. Hirman sent Meihoe back to the campus and the rest of us left soon.

Nevertheless, it was a rare get-together with Kevin and Hirman’s presence. It was a good-willed planning from Dorothy, who even made the effort to email us early in the morning for the arrangement. It was my fault in fact for I denied the birthday dinner from them on my actual birthday when everyone was free.


ITE Career Fair and Volleyball in sickness

I could not escape taking the kids to Simei ITE. At first, I was supposed to replace George but his meeting was postponed and thus I was free. Just the night before, I was tasked to go since Bernard was sick, but luckily that was my favourite class. I missed the opportunity to hang out with QB though.

I reached early at 8am. Kevin came over to consult me. He related about his past experience, which could happen to me in near future.

The bus driver, uncle Tan, was very friendly. Criz was late and Alan was even worse, however, uncle Tan agreed to pick him up at Clementi MRT station before turning to AYE. The girls knew I was not in very good mood but they triggered more onto me with all the questions.

We met up with the rest before going up to the hall. None of the booths had anything for degree holders since it was meant for ITE students. The only thing that attracted me was the free notepad from NCS. While some of the girls were being interviewed for the Sentosa crew job, we stood near the booth for Yunnan Haircare, where many girls from probably a beautician related course came over and some were very cute and pretty.

We went to the canteen for their lunch and my brunch. I bought a plate of lemon chicken rice and started filling my stomach with the soup while waiting for the rest. They bought a piece of cake for Criz to celebrate his birthday and he was very cute throughout the celebration.

At around noon, we rushed off to board the bus and had some phototaking fun inside. The driver took us a tour before going back to pick up Nicholas’ retail class. After reaching the campus, I went off. Due to all the delay, my plan to visit the Chinese physician failed. I went home straight away to rest my weak body even though I slept longer than usual the night before.

I woke up at five plus in the afternoon, cleared email and rushed off to the campus. Flu had caught me and I felt weaker than before. I was minutes earlier before my bosses were leaving and the Indian guy was waiting there to lock the office up. I picked up my sports gears and talked to my bosses while going down. The canteen auntie reached and she gave me free sandwiches again, which I shared all with the rest of the volleyball players.

The game started but my legs were giving ways due to the jog the evening before. My cough had worsened and I felt feverish. My knuckle was still giving me problems. It was not so bad until Mingfa left the court after coach Michael Ong arrived; I was too used to his setting pattern to coordinate with others.

I was not only aching and sick, but also pressurized by Michael Ong’s presence. I felt quite irritated due to my poor performance in front of him because all along I wanted to prove him I could do better than what he thought.

Kachua and I left right after ten since he had to send his girlfriend home. We went to Sembawang and dined at a coffee shop. I took a plate of chicken wing rice from “Happy Chicken” and the taste was quite okay. After which, he dropped his girlfriend in front of her flat and sent me to his office where I walked home.


Celebrated My Mum’s Second Birthday

On Tuesday, my mum wanted to dine together. I was not in the mood without my girlfriend. It had also been weeks of lack of sleep for me to enjoy anything. We went to the coffee shop near Duxton Place, along Neil Road when my younger brother was returning home from school. I was not in favour of that place except that it was nearer than Chinatown.

My mum started ordering happily to her liking and I was too irritated to even look at the ladyboss. We had a very full dinner. The ladyboss tried to chit-chat with us by showing off her sons.

After the dinner, we started our usual “guess the bill” game. I made the highest bet at $48 but it turned out to be $58 instead. I won the game even though it was a far $10 difference. Everyone was unhappy with the high price but I was not really amazed since I remembered we complained not to go there anymore for the food was costly.

I did not bother to pay my mum back the money for the food like the previous times because I felt the night was really lousy.


Second Day of My Birthday

When I reached office, I saw a birthday present and a muffin on my desk. The tie was my second birthday present and I was very touched by Hirman. The muffin was from my dear Xiao Mei – Joy.

Lunch was at West Coast Plaza. Conversation was as messy as the fish market like usual but this time, the topic “friend” was too unbearable to hit on. Mei Hoe told me to “put down the chair” but she did not do it herself.

In the late afternoon, Hirman caught me in the office and told me he was going to town area and thus I decided to hop onto his car. Christine joined us since she was going Ions to meet her husband. I went in search of “red packet” with Hirman afterwards for he left his inside the office. After walking around Paragon and Lucky Plaza, we finally went back to the hotel and got one for free.

Jeremy and Andy could not make it for the FYP meeting. I had to cancel my volleyball session again and I could have met up with girlfriend if she was free instead. The remaining three of us proceeded. It was a lousy night for I was pinched by headache.


Happy Belated Birthday to me!

None of my birthdays I would anticipate like this year’s somehow. I told myself it was either the best or the worst ever.

I began the night staying up with girlfriend since she was studying. I did not sleep for long just like any night. There was a meeting during lunchtime with nasi lemak provided and thus, Weitat and I did not go out for lunch with the rest. Dorothy was pressing me to go out for dessert after our meeting but I wanted to help Xiao Mei and Zaki with the SYOG trial run. I received my first present on the table, which was a gold pedal and I felt uneasy even though I was very close with the person.

I met up with my girlfriend at Choa Chu Kang, just nice to catch each other at the interchange. After waiting for her to get changed, we crossed over to Sunshine place to rent two movies. On the way, I was melted when she showed me her rings on the fingers, one was a heart shape and another four “S”, “K”, “A” and “I”. Next, we had a long sweet journey on bus 172 towards Jurong Point. After that we took the train down to my place. The “I” ring went missing on the train and we were so disappointed that we had not taken pictures.

Before we started watching the movies, both of us had dozed off. I had predicted it since we were totally deprived of sleep. However, I did not sleep for long. It was a simple yet enjoyable birthday spent with my girlfriend, which I was satisfied enough to witness her most natural looks, inclusive of weird sounds. Pigs were cute.

I managed to send her home again. Though the night was supposed to end very late, the timing was pushed early from 1am to 12am and finally to 10pm. I could not ask for more.

It was a fake love, but I enjoyed it.