Spin Spin Spin Twice and Failed

[Saturday, 8 January, 2011]

My elder brother was back from the east side and he called my younger brother and I to bring Lucky down to meet him. While we were on the way to the prata shop, my mum was back with her friends but we continued as planned. Since we had to sit outside with Lucky and that there were smokers around, we changed our plan and decided to take away the order.

I worked till 3am before going to sleep and Mike woke me up at around 9am. I thought he was already at the office and that the person doing the QP was arriving, and thus I rushed down to the office at 10am without taking breakfast though my mum had offered to buy.

I spent my time updating my blog and Mike came an hour later. Since he had taken lunch, I went over to our neighbour to get some bread. The workers came over at around 1pm. There were four to five Indian foreigners to fix up the exit and emergency light, together with a drilling a hook to the wall for the fire extinguisher.

I finally to finish and article on Singapore Education, which was the greatest achievement of the day somehow. After that, I tried to spin the article and the software failed me after I finished the job, which was a hindrance to my SEO tactic for the tuition agency.

We had early dinner at Yan Kit Road, ordering two plates of dishes from the seafood store. I tried on my article again and I gave up after it failed me the second time, wasting a lot of my time and effort. I started looking at Mike’s Starcraft 2 game before we went home.

After going home, I continued to work on my article again.


First Spring Cleaning in Office

[Monday, 3 January, 2011]

I blogged while catching the last episode of the repeated Hong Kong show “Yi Wu Fang Gu” and went to bed at 1.30am. Lucky was in deep sleep that he did not notice everyone had gone into the room. However, I could not doze off.

Mike woke me up after 8am by SMS and I reached office at around 10am. It rained. During lunch time, I met up with Mike near Kampong Bahru Road. His rented car was spoiled and thus we walked over to Everton Park for the Chinese mixed vegetable rice. We were disappointed again for the rice was too dry and sticky. We went back to the office to continue with work before we started spring cleaning at around 6pm before going off an hour later. We had dinner at one of the Chinese mixed vegetable rice stall near 7-11.

After reaching home, I continued working on the tuition agency site and also had discussion with my brother to engage part-timer to do the job. I messaged Jenrine to see if she could afford any help.


New Year 2011

[Saturday, 1 January, 2011]

At the first minute of the year, I was busy blogging with the long due entries. Mike was relaxing himself with the Starcraft 2 game. We left at around 1.30am and I went to bed after 2am without switching on my laptop again.

I woke up at 11am and dozed off again until 1pm. My mum cooked instant noodle for me. Mike came to Tanjong Pagar and waited downstairs.

We went to the office in the rain. I did some SEO work for the tuition agency and then, followed by some coordinating work. I added in AJAX scripting for the administration end.

Mike and I had dinner at Everton Park. The Chinese mixed vegetable rice was somehow disappointing for the beancurd was spoiled. We went back to the office soon and left home after 8pm.

I had some discussion with my brother over the tuition agency stuffs.


Home Alone Final Day

[Sunday, 26 December, 2010]

I continued with my programming work on Smart Tuition Singapore and then blogged. I went to sleep after 4am.

I woke up at around 10am and started hand-washing my clothes. After that, I dozed off.

I had my first instant noodle ever since my family was away, for my lunch. I continued with my programming work for the entire day and I was being rewarded well with the success. I was quite proud of myself for Lucky was disturbing me throughout and I could still finish it.

I called for delivery for the second time and I ordered the normal fried rice instead.

At 10pm, I brought Lucky down for a walk.


Home Alone Day Three

[Saturday, 25 December, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging. Before going to bed at 3.30am, I collected the clothes from the bamboo sticks to keep them. Lucky disturbed me from my sleep many times.

I woke up at 11am by Mike’s SMS and we met up for breakfast near the 7-11, at one of the mixed vegetable rice stall. Then, we went to the office.

We shopped a while at Vivocity in the afternoon. We covered merely Daiso and Challenger before we went back to the office. The two large whiteboards had arrived the day before and we started fixing them up.

I cracked my head programming in the CMS of my tuition agency site to include AJAX. Mac came over to visit the office and he was very impressed by the design. It started raining heavily in the evening and we were going to Tanjong Pagar Plaza for dinner before the rain became a bit lighter, they decided to have their dinner at City Square instead. I went home alone and called for delivery and I enjoyed my favourite Malay fried rice from the Golden Café.

Lucky never stopped to disturb me from doing my work. I had webcam with my family.


To the Office Many Times

[Tuesday, 21 December, 2010]

The key thing I did was blogging, followed by editing of my photo. It had been too long that I did not play with PhotoShop and thus I refused to go to bed until 8am.

I woke up at around 1pm and went to the gym to find Tze Khit. He told me that Bobby had taken away the 3G mobile stick and thus he could not go through his website to tell me the amendment needed. I went to the office immediately instead since Mike told me the SingNet guy would be arriving between 3 to 5pm.

I started clearing up the office while waiting for the SingNet guy. Mike arrived with new IKEA stuffs from Tampiness and we continued with our work like fixing up the stuffs on at the walls. The air-conditioner guy came down with his two workers and we left for Vivocity. We shopped at Giants for drill, power extension bar and some stick-on wall hooks. Then we went to the food court to packet chicken rice for the workers. After going back to office to deliver the food, we left for Tanjong Pagar and parked the car at Amara Hotel. However, we went to the Thai food restaurant at the corner of storey two of Tanjong Pagar Plaza. There was a couple sitting at the table near the door and they seemed to know the staffs very well. They were playing cards and sometimes seemed quite intimate, and the most important thing was that the girl was very cute looking. The pineapple rice Mike ordered was a big portion and tasted very nice but my egg wrapping fried rice was just normal. I tried their sour plum juice but it did not really satisfy my taste.

After going back to the office, Mike decided to go back to Tanjong Pagar to withdraw money for the air-conditioner contractor. After it was done, we started cleaning and packing up again and left after 11pm. We wanted to have supper at the shop besides the prata shop for beancurd and youtiao but it was already closed. In fact, I had not even noticed it at all.


Freelance Work for Bobby and Fixing up Office

[Monday, 20 December, 2010]

I started the day blogging again and went to sleep at 6am. I woke up many times due to incoming SMSes. Eventually I got up after noon. I went to the gym to help Bobby with his poster and flyer editing before going to the office.

Mike and I continued to fix up the office furniture. Then, we went to IKEA in his newly rented Mazda 3. We started shopping around for the office again after having a clearer picture of what we needed. The young couple trying out the rocking chair made the atmosphere envious. Needless to say, the girl was cute looking. After shopping, we went back to the office and continued with fixing up the furniture until my fingers were numbed.

After going home and had my dinner, I went down to walk Lucky with my brothers.


Being Cheated to Church Event for Second Time

[Saturday, 18 December, 2010]

I was busy with the tuition blog and eventually I updated the website with Google Map. The display refused to show the new location and I wasted a lot of time trying out. I also finished up some minor amendments for the tuition’s flyer. Lastly, I updated email and password for a tutor who got it wrong. I went to bed at 5am and I had problems dozing off again.

I was woke up by the drilling noise after 9am. My younger brother went Johor for his eyes check-up and he left some minor tuition assignment tasks for me to follow up. Since I did not handle it before, I took very long to figure things out.

I went down to have lunch with Mike before buying some stuff such as mop for the office. Then, I brought him up to my house so that I could finish up the work. He finally saw clearly why I needed a better working space.

We touched up the painting work in the office before starting to fix up the IKEA furniture. I was exhausted. Mike’s watch was slow for forty-five minutes and I was shocked when I checked the time with my lousy phone and his car’s clock. After he sent me home, I got changed and rushed off to Expo.

I felt relax when I called Caiping and realised I was even earlier than her. I grabbed myself a sandwich at 7-11 and started chewing, while I prayed hard that the Magic Show she invited me to was not a conspiracy. I had a taste of being conned to a church event by a male friend and a MLM one by another female friend many years back. Furthermore, I was so busy and exhausted, and yet I made myself available for her. I had interrogated her before accepting the invitation from her and I really hoped my intuition was wrong.

Caiping arrived with her friends and some of them were distributing Christmas presents. I felt uneasy and it was the first step towards unveiling the ugly truth. However, since she was a very religious person, I assumed her closed friends should be of the same religion as well, and thus I gave her the benefit of doubt. As we moved towards the exhibition hall, I saw big banners of City Harvest Church. Since the church could have booked a large number of tickets, I skipped it. After meeting other friends of hers, the guy let out clues by asking me if I were from her group and she tried to stop him. Later on, he asked me if it was the first time I went for a church event. Everything was clear.

In order not to make things look bad, I swallowed up my anger and played on to test my patience. The crowded place was a big turn off. We moved in and took up the seat. When she told me the magician was her pastor, it was nothing shocking to me anymore. As the show began, I felt quite boring since I did watch Taiwanese magic shows on television that were much more impressive. The dances made me sleepier for I was just expecting for “magic” shows.

The worst thing that I had expected did happen. It was a conspiracy to get non-member to join them. They tried to intimidate every non member indirectly by using the mass power – taking account that most of the viewers were their members, they instructed everyone to put their heads down. I was not sure how many strong willed smarties with integrity had refused them like me since I tried at least not to show disrespect and thus I did not turn back, but some people had walked off. It was one of the most disgusting moments that I had witnessed in my entire life when twisted words of nonsense were pushed into everyone’s ears.

Anyone could have started a religion and claim himself as the appointed one, which the special someone had instructed him to spread the religion through his dream. As accordingly to the tales I had heard, since there was no evidence to prove that the dream was a fake one, everyone should believe the guy. I was proud that I was clear that I would only believe if there was evidence. A sane person should not believe something just because there was no evidence to show that it was a crooked up story. It required a really good speaker to do a good job though.

When Caiping asked me about the “message”, I gave no comment since I was too tired and never wanted to waste my time to debate. I did not want to turn friendship sour as well just because of some craps. I could not blame her since she was just one of the victims.

It was one of my greatest hobbies to take photos with pretty girls but I avoided being included in any of the photos. I was quite worried that through Facebook, I would be located and I would see or hear things that I was very annoyed with. We took MRT off and I took a different direction at Tanah since they were going to Bedok 85 for supper.

This incident, together with the previous two, would definitely put me on guard in future when any old friend tried to ask me out.

My younger brother’s friends were at my time. The bedroom was probably too squeezy for them that they had to sit in the living room. I was with them for a while before I went inside the room and dozed off near midnight.


SEO and Web Development for the Day

[Tuesday, 14 December, 2010]

It was the second night Lucky was banned from entering the bedrooms.

I spent the morning blogging and doing SEO for my tuition agency website. Sleeping at 6.30am, I woke up nine hours later by my younger brother’s SMS.

It was quite a simple day, which I spent totally on the website. I also had some discussion with my younger brother.


Swim at Jurong West instead of Jurong East

[Monday, 13 December, 2010]

I continued with the SEO for my tuition agency site, followed by blogging and went to bed at 6am.

I woke up after 7am and went off to meet Gilbert and Wanling at Chinese Garden MRT station. Since Gilbert was late, we left first and I was craving for the KFC twister breakfast, which could be located at the Jurong East Swimming Complex. However, the KFC started at 11am and we were too early for it. Wanling and I went to the hawker centre instead and suddenly Gilbert told me he had used his phone to go online and realised the pool did not open on Monday. I quickly called Wanling to return to the table to discuss before she got her food. George called me to keep me even busier as he was enquiring about the old MTRC cards that I was handling before I left ITE. Anyway, both Wanling and I took our breakfast there and Gilbert arrived soon.

We decided to go to Jurong West Swimming Complex instead. We took the train to Pioneer MRT station and walked over. I was all excited at first since it was the first time I had been there. Gilbert was amazed over the construction of it since the entire pool was built on above the ground rather than digging into it. However, the lazy pool’s depth was too shallow. Wanling had the least fun since she had some phobia with water and she had to grab my hands at times. Then, we went up to rent a float. Eventually, we went to the Jacuzzi. It was freezing. Grey clouds marched by but left soon before another platoon of them arrived. Gilbert and I tried the slide once before we left the pool.

We went to Jurong Point for lunch. We dined the Lai Lai restaurant, which Wanling had tried before. I did not like the curry sauce and that I could not finish my food for my bloated stomach and probably because I was too lack of sleep.

We went to walk around and I was stoning all along for I was totally exhausted. Wanling took the same route as me towards east for she was meeting her friend at Novena. I wanted to send her over but she was too nice that she asked me to go home straight, knowing that I was tired.

After reaching home at around 6pm, I dozed off almost immediately for hours.