Graduation Ceremony

[Friday, 23 April, 2010]

It was the day of my long awaited graduation ceremony. I tried to sleep at 3am but it took way long for me to doze off, not because I was excited, but due to the fact that I had been sleeping during daylight.

My aunt came over to my house in the morning. I was not very interested in attending the graduation ceremony since I would get my certificate no matter what; however, Josephine replied to my Facebook status that it was for my parents. My mum finally decided to iron my graduation robe and she complained it was a very tedious job. I wanted to help her but decided it would be better for her to do it.

We set off at 11.30am. The waiting for bus 75 was very long but I had the time planned well. Registering at the counter right after reaching SIM, the ladies apologised badly for not able to issue my certificate on that day. I went to the dressing room and there were quite a number of staffs, probably from the photo studio, helping all the graduates to dress up. I finally put on the graduation robe properly. I felt like as if I was filming in the Harry Potter movies.

I had another long wait, sitting on the chair inside the hall where the speakers dragged the time though they looked smart and did speak well. The only focus I had in mind was to present myself smartly on the stage where video cameras were pointing and close-up would be projected on the two screens instantly. It was finally something exciting to me. On the stage, after trying hard to act cool for a while, I almost turned blank. After receiving the certificate of attendance, I went back to the same seat and there were speeches after the top graduate made his words.

We finally had our sixteen bucks per pax buffet and both my mum and aunt tried hard to make sure the money was worth it, which could never be. I had phototaking with my classmates outside the library. Phototaking with my family was never complete without my younger brother, which was one of the greatest reasons I did not really feel so excited for the day.

I went to Singapore Polytechnic straight away to meet up with my ex-colleagues. I was quite puzzled why Alvin was giving the treat and later he told me he finally got promoted to the senior lecturer post after taking the role for so long. Since Joy, Weitat, Afni and KK were not going, I was quite stunned. Luckily, Hirman joined in to create lots of fun. Diana took the seat beside me after my persuasion to add more delight to the evening.

Weiming sent me to Commonwealth MRT station where I took the train home, feeling guilty that I could not accompany my family for dinner.


Met up with Irwin

[Saturday, 13 March, 2010]

Irwin finally returned on Friday and I met up with Irwin at Sim Lim Tower. After purchasing his books, we left for a big tour around the building, crossing over traffic junctions to realise we had made a wrong turn each time. Eventually, we got to the correct bus-stop and waited very long for bus 851 to go to Funnan Centre.

There was a mechanical robot car competition and the fact that all the students owned nice laptops made me envy them. We settled down at TCC for coffee before going to the Challenger. After walking around for quite some time, he decided to get a mouse and external harddisk. It was a long moment of relaxation with jokes and opinions.

The Swensen restaurant seemed to be replaced by Pizza Hut and therefore, we decided to hit on KFC. Next, we strolled to Central and rested at the Burger King restaurant. I could not detect any wireless network at all and we tried for quite long to see if there was any problem with my laptop. After giving up, I started showing him my work progress for the new site.

Next, we strolled all the way to my house where he boarded the bus at the bus-stop opposite.


Family Day at Jurong East Swimming Complex

Sunday was family day again. My auntie came over in the morning and the whole family went to Jurong East Swimming Complex for a swim. We had fun. It was supposed to be a heavenly place for couples though.

The place was dark as expected with some China people. I only managed to see a couple of babes from far. The best thing was that all the visitors and lifesavers were all friendly.

We rented two floats and I was proud of my own judgement. We went for a few rounds of the lazy pool and eventually started trying on the slides. My face almost went pale when my younger brother pressed my mum to try the top slide and she actually gave it a go given her timid character. It was great to see her coming down without any problem.

It started raining after my mum went to wash up while we were waiting for the waves at the waves pool. It was an empty threat though. My brothers and I enjoyed the waves for almost fifteen minutes before we went to wash up. After that, it started pouring and we crossed over to the market for lunch.

My elder brother left us for his girlfriend. The nasi lemak I bought was a letdown. However, we had cheap fruit juices. After that, we went shopping at the provision shops nearby, almost finishing the last few dollar notes of my wallet.

My younger brother insisted to take bus again since he was using concession pass but he did not realise that we actually paid more overall for transiting instead of taking the train directly. The worst thing was to waste uncountable time in our exhausted bodies.

At night, we called for delivery, and luckily I had enough coins to foot the bill.


Early Home from Tutorial

Yesterday, Weitat offered to send me to school again. Just as we were about to leave, Chi Chiang volunteered to give me a ride as well and I had to reject him. I felt so blessed with good friends who were willing to spend extra time just to make my life more comfortable.

I was more than an hour earlier for the lesson. The usual study tables at both sides of the lifts were filled and I moved to the opposite where I discovered the area where not as many people were desired. There was however, a group of students at the second table, making noises to distract me.

I was fed up with the Microsoft Word that hung on me and it was probably due to the windows updates I did before leaving the office. I had to switch to the 2003 version to get things working. It was a pleasant evening eventually with the passers-by, drawing more of my attentions. SIM was definitely crowded with cute babes.

I made my attempt to create documents for the FYP as the leader. Since I had wasted quite a lot of time with the MS Word bugs, Soon Siong caught up with me soon.

After dinner, we reached the lab right on time. Dr Loo surprised me by saying we could submit the assignments on the spot instead of following the paper’s instruction of emailing him before 7pm.

I began digging into the tutorial two all by myself and finished it right after Dr Loo announced that we had to submit it to him. We left the lab at 8pm, breaking the record. I was quite glad with myself for being able to finish the work for the entire group to prove my worth.

I missed a bus 75 right in front of me and thus, I followed Soon Siong in his bus 74 to transit to MRT.

I closed my lids a few times and lost track of the actual time that I dozed off.


Babe on Bus 75 again

It had been quite long since I last noticed babes on the trip home from school. She was sitting two seats behind the back doors of the bus 75. In her navy blue top and neat hair near shoulder length, I was mesmerised instantly.

The pen and notebook on my hands were secondary of my thoughts. My work resisted the temptation pathetically. I did not turn to the left to have a glance of her again but I had never lost her image of my first sight.

To my wrecking heart, though the journey was further than expected, she took up in front of the doors at the bus-stop nearest to Great World City. Her slightly bare shoulder on a side brought out her stylishness.

That was my second and last sight of the fairy-like eye candy.


The Mute Woman on the Bus 52

One of the bad incidents I witnessed on the bus happened last Thursday. I was on the way to school in a packed bus 52 near Sunsetway. Standing on the right side of the bus more to the front, I suddenly heard yelling a few metres in front on the left.

It seemed like a mute Malay woman who had a little girl with her assaulted an educated middle-aged Chinese woman. The supposed-to-be victim shouted that she was trying to ask the Malay woman to move her belonging away from a seat for the sake of others, and the Malay woman started to punch her, followed by kicking and pushing.

Things got nasty as the Malay woman started screaming like a mad woman. The Chinese woman ordered the bus driver to pull over by the side while she called police. In the busy hour of the evening, the sound of the bells howled repeatedly. The screaming resumed and the Malay woman dragged the little girl to the back doors in the hope of getting off and nobody dared to stop them.

Finally, the stunned bus driver moved forward to the nearest bus-stop to alight all the innocent passengers before the police’s arrival. Only a handful of people stayed behind and I was puzzling over the few people who were sitting right at the end of the bus for they chose to stay behind. They were sitting too far behind that they probably did not see anything to provide any detail to the police.

I would not sentence the Malay woman simply based on one-sided story but for as far as justice was concern, she was wrong to draw her fists. There was however, I reserved some sympathy for the mute.

The nearest police station was supposed to be quite near but seemed so far away. I managed to catch a bus 151 to reach school soon after that.


One of the Worst Days

A day started with official work and a faraway lunch. The chicken rice at Beach Road was good but I preferred roosted chicken and the rest was somehow more to a similar preference. I got two pairs of shorts before that at the “Little Thailand” of Singapore – Golden Mile.

In the rain, we walked around the army market where I got myself a Caribbean with a lock to secure my batches of keys. The roads were flooded and I got my socks a little wetted to turn my day black.

My suggestion to visit IKEA was massacred by the rain. I did not want them to make a trip down just to get a cushion and a white board; since young I felt uneasy to make others follow my decision because I did not want any hard feeling. I was simply unlucky that I anticipated correctly that they would make a lunch trip there during the holidays but I was away on that very long-awaited day.

The continual of work inside the office was interrupted so many times that I was so turned off. It was a sin to irritate designers.

Many things could be done much earlier, such that others would not be bothered.

SBS Bus 52 was ridiculous. It seemed like leaving Clementi at 6.10pm could nearly get me late for school. The long wait for the approaching of bus 52 so crowded that the driver did not want to open the doors. I quickly paced towards the next bus-stop at the MRT direction to wait for bus 154. After another long wait, two bus 154s arrived at the same time. The good thing was that they took turns to stop at the bus-stops.

The lecture’s contents were boring to the extent that I had to rub my eyes to keep myself awake, but I still had a second of knock-out to poke my finger into my right eye.

The sick bus journey added burden to my brain as I started to feel giddier. The last deadly blow was the couple who boarded near Great World City to provide a weird smell of fishball noodle right in front of my seat.

It was one of the worst days of the year. Nothing beats an abandoned heart.


Reasons to Skip Night Class

One of the irritating incidents I had ever encountered on the train was when I was trying to read up on my lecture notes by the side of the “inner” doors, two bangalas came in, one standing right in front of the door and the other one hanging on to the ring support at my left. It was not that bad if they did not start talking and sandwiched me with the noise. The latter even walked towards the doors to see the scenery and then walked back to his original position.

I spent my free time in office to study and do my assignment. Wee Lian’s kindness to get us involved in the afternoon’s workshop caused hesitation. I was more than happy to join in the creativity game with my colleagues but I had to prioritise my night class top after having a session the night before and also, waking up early in the morning for work.

Lunch was too sudden for me. It was quite a big group outing this time with Dorothy, Mei Hoe, Nicholas, Daniel, Mrs Wo, Vivian, Mrs Lam, Mrs Seetoh and my two usual buddies. We went to West Coast to have sliced fish soup with noodles. The person who attended to us was very impatient and rude and we were surprised that Dorothy could take it without asking us to leave together. Anyway, it was costly at the price of $5 and XO soup would be $7. Practically, I was not a lover of the item and thus, could not tell the quality.

Jingkun and I sent Weitat home before going back to the office. I was right that I could not stand sleeping for less than four hours the night before, however, I waited for Jingkun to finish off his stuffs and we left around forty-five minutes later than projected time. We even had some food outside the theatre, which cost us time.

By the time I reached home, it was almost five PM and I dozed off soon. I woke up in shock at around six-thirty PM, knowing that I would definitely be late for my night class. I hurried down to the bus-stop and it took around twenty minutes for bus 75 to arrive but it did not stop since it was too packed. Seeing that the bus-stop was half full with people who were all waiting for the same bus and not wanting to waste another twenty minutes or longer time to wait for another packed bus, I quickly paced off towards Tanjong Pagar MRT station, leaving a babe behind.

I was very quick on my feet like usual all the way to the station, however, inconsiderate people were blocking the way. Perhaps, I was very proud of myself for the consideration I gave to others whenever I was strolling slowly on the way, which in turn, increased the demands for others.

I was good in calming myself down, in order not to blame SMRT for not sending more bus 75 down at the busy hour. I was reminded of government’s campaign to advise Singaporeans to use public transport and yet the public transport system was never good enough. The train was very packed as well but somehow I managed to squeeze in.

Bad things did come with good returns for I was blessed to get to see a very stylish looking girl. She was slim in her office wear and at almost the same height of mine, holding a Mac book. I was more tempted when I saw her hold a shoes bag, which probably described her sportiness. However, she alighted at around Commonwealth.

I took bus 154 at Clementi to SIM and was late for more than forty-five minutes. I could have arrived half an hour earlier if I did not walk to the bus-stop, wait for the crowded bus and walk to the MRT station.

I was totally lost at the lab since I was very late. During the break, I sat with Yuanle and his colleague. Japit started revising the lecture and I was so impressed that he managed to enlighten me unlike the main lecturer who totally failed despite having more time with us.

I was almost killed under the torment for Yuanle’s friend went out to smoke during the break and thus when he returned, his entire body was smelt of smoke and together with his opened Redbull, the smell was horrible and poisonous and I knew the effect of taking third-hand smoke was far worse than anything.

At the end of the lecture, I called Irwin a few times before he picked up to tell me to meet up in another day.


Smoke Slayer Version 1.2

I started mugging on the way to work. I spent my morning more useful than ever.

Alex caught me at my seat to ask me to go touring with him after he had helped NEA to make $800. There was no luck inside his car and we had a little suntan after that before he advised me to take my lunch half an hour before lesson began.

It was crowded in the canteen. Jingkun and Weitat were already there with Mrs Wo, Dorothy, Elvin and Afni. Kevin joined us afterwards.

I was distracted from editing the Flash game. Flash animation was tedious work and it was difficult to demonstrate, otherwise, I would have to do thirty over projects and I would be awarded the points in the end.

I was very stressed up in the afternoon. After around four years, it was difficult to understand even my own coding. However, it seemed that hard work did pay off and I managed to debug it at around five PM, and finally feeling relaxed.

I went up to find my gang but they were all gone and probably did not want to disturb me since I looked stressed. I had a little chat with Meihoe for she was trying to show me the video taken during the cohesive event – Food Rally. Grace Cheong joined in to explain more details of her video editing story while I held my bladder.

I went to school earlier than usual and met Haiyati at the bus-stop and we took the same bus but she alighted at Clementi MRT. Traffic was much smoother at that hour. I went to the fourth storey to get a teriyaki chicken burger but took a beef one instead and I was more alert than usual to go back to the auntie. She made an exchange with me but I was rather disappointed with the taste of the chicken burger this time.

I went into the lecture theatre early but it was difficult to doze off. I concluded defeat. Yuanle arrived a few minutes before seven and finally I realised I did not check the school email for instructions and was totally unprepared for the tutorial.

Mr Loo started off broadcasting the presentation groups and helping us to find our team members. I was quite happy to get to know new people. Mr Loo sounded very soft and I was very glad when he mentioned that he would be taking another two of my modules in the next two semesters.

The tutorial was basically all about the presentation and we were dismissed as early as nine PM, however, bus 75 kept me waiting for long that I could only reach home at ten PM. I was so frustrated at the fact that even “bus 61” had arrived twice. Music kept my temper down.


Thrown $20 Ez-link Card to Sleep in Lecture

For the second consecutive Saturday, I went down to SIM for lecture. Although it was the last day of the intensive lecture for this semester, things did not spell good.

The lecturer executed his power to make everyone feel sleepy again and I was so wasted throughout. During lunchtime, Yuanle and I dined at the canteen together with his colleague. Both of us had fish and chips. I saw Lynn and Zijian who were nearby. Since I was very tired, I did not go over to address them but it turned out to be a wrong decision since Lynn told me her hottest classmate was actually presented.

I was expecting the lecture to end very early but somehow it was dragged until the very last half an hour. I overheard from some others that they were clueless as well. Yuanle did doze off many times as well but he was flooding the lecturer with questions after the lecture, which scared me off.

I was very frustrated to wait for around twenty minutes for bus 75 to arrive. The bus-stop began empty to crowded and soon, quiet down again. The worst thing happened when I realise my EZ-link card was not in my wallet. I dropped a two-dollar note instead and it began my depressive day. It was the first time I made such mistake of losing important card.

I was sitting at the farthest back of the bus and a young sweet girl boarded the bus with her mum. The back number sign of the bus was lying on the seat and the girl put it at the back. As the bus moved, the sign fell and hit her head. I took the board from her and put it besides me.

Since I got home late, my plan to take a quick nap failed. After clearing emails, I went off to Vivocity to meet up with Irwin. I was right on time but Tingfeng and him were earlier, queuing at Sushi Teh. It was the first time I went inside and it was quite nicely decorated. Irwin’s friend, Eugene, came and joined us, and we shared some dishes together. Irwin footed the bill of around $95.

After Tingfeng left, we went to collect the online booking tickets and it was billed under Irwin’s credit card. I met Albert who was camping there with his friends probably after their beach volleyball game.

The long awaited movie, Chi Bi 2, was quite impressively filmed but the fake storyline turned Irwin off. At least, I was able to concentrate fully. After the movie, three of us went off in different directions. We were supposed to go to Dragonfly with Kaiye who flew us aeroplane. Anyway, I did not have the chance to hear from Irwin about his recent story.

After reaching home, I was busy with filing of police report online, and spending large amount of time at the SAF, Ez-link and SIM websites.