Sinful Dinner at Anchor Point Hong Kong Cafe

[Thursday, 20 January, 2011]

I made some amendment for the tuition agency website’s design. Then, I continued with SEO until 5am.

Mike woke me up after 10am to tell me that he had forgotten to bring his office keys along. I rushed down to the office at 11am and we dined at the canteen. We had the Chinese mixed vegetable rice for the second time. However, we were the first customer this time. The food was much more expensive than other places.

I continued with SEO and we also exchanged ideas on it. I started working on the new article Private Tutor Singapore when Mike suggested going to IKEA for early dinner. We called for a cab and alighted at Anchor Point before crossing over to IKEA. Mike changed his mind after seeing the menu and we went back to Anchor Point and had a feast at the Hong Kong café. Mike ordered extra side dish and I felt sinned because I could hardly finish my plate of chicken chop.

We went back to IKEA to walk around. Mike bought his new lighting for his house before we started eating the famous IKEA ice-cream. The DJs from FM 97.2 were there to conduct a game and they tried to find topics using Mike’s lighting. After a while, we decided to take bus back to office. The taste of ice-cream was bad for I was having a stomachache. Eventually, we flagged for a cab.

After releasing my waste, I started working till after 11pm. We walked back to Tanjong Pagar while Mike went to Amara hotel’s taxi stand to get a cab home.


Lucky to Hot Dog for Nails Trimming

[Saturday, 6 November, 2010]

I spent quite some time blogging before going to bed at 6am.

Eventually, I woke up at 2pm and had my lunch. After that, I followed my brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend to bring Lucky to trim his nails at “Hot Dog”, which was near River Valley. We took cab over.

Lucky was excited to be at the pet shop. After trimming his nails, he pooed on the floor right behind an ah moh who was footing her bill at the counter. My elder brother bought a spraying conditioner for him. Then, we had a long walk towards Clarke Quay. After passing by Riverside Point, we bought two ice-creams and boarded a cab at South Bridge Road. Upon alighting at Tanjong Pagar, I bought a cup of Slurpee to share.

We had dinner at Chinatown an hour later after my mum returned from work. We had eleven small bowls of chicken rice and the thrill was the trying out of cheap fruit juices at a dollar each. My stomach was bloated and thus I took only two bowls of rice and little meat.

After reaching home, we were surprised that Lucky did not make a mess out of the kitchen. I started working on my website by submitting it to directories and also created banners to place inside.


Bought New Air-Conditioner Finally

[Wednesday, 26 May, 2010]

I had two games of Command and Conquer with my brother. We played three versus five in a different and harder map and we managed to secure our area properly before launching an attack to tear down the enemies fast.

I was woke up by a person who was given the wrong number and she even dropped me an SMS. I hated to reply to unknown number and I hoped that person would realise she had made a mistake soon.

In the afternoon, I continued with my project, creating new SQL table for new criteria. However, before I could do many things, it was 4pm and I set off with my brother and mum to IMM to search for air-conditioner. We took the shuttle bus over and I realised the “bus-stop” was relocated. There were three shops side by side, inclusive of Gain City. We went to the first shop and learned more about the prices before we tried the “All Best” shop and thought the auntie was more comfortable.

Since my elder brother told me that he would return me his share by installation, I dumped $2,138 on the new system-2 Mitsubishi air-conditioner and I probably needed to fork out another $150 on the fixing day itself for a new frame to fit the new condenser.

I could actually withstand the heat of the bad weather more than anyone, except for the sweating part that would irritate me from working during the day. I was very irritated by the wastage of electricity in my house as well, for the extra fridge in the living room, air plump filtering the big fish tank, the forgetting of switching off lights in the morning, the 24-hours alive computer, and the excess usage of old non-inverter air-conditioner. All these bundled up to big electricity bill for the 3-room HDB flat that nobody would ever expect. Since the bill would eventually come to me in the end, I would rather get a new air-conditioner to reduce the monthly electricity bill.

No doubt, it was a gigantic blow to my long “holidays” plan to build up my websites, which seemed to take forever.

We took the shuttle bus back to Jurong East MRT station. My elder brother squeezed into the train at the centre platform to go and find his girlfriend first. Both of them boarded into “my train” at Woodlands and the four of us headed towards Bishan MRT, where we transited to the Circle Line. Our virgin trip on the Circle Line was towards Payar Lebar station where we switched over to the Green Line to Aljunied station. We proceeded to the You Tiao Da Wang stall but I was torn down by the long boring train journey that I felt so sick to eat. In the end, we took a cab home.


We Worked and We Ate

[Tuesday, 27 April, 2010]

I played LANs game with my brother and we caught the shows on Discovery Channel together. In the end, I slept at 5am, which was earlier than the days before.

Meeting Irwin at Orchard MRT made me proud for my time estimation was excellence that I arrived just around five minutes earlier. However, he took the wrong direction’s train and thus I had to wait at the platform for half an hour.

He brought me to Shaw House and we started having Mosburger after U-turn from the MacDonald’s since he did not like Mac breakfast. We started working at the open air MacCafe after breakfast. It was a good place to work at only if it came without the presence of the smokers. I could feel that my entire body stink and I was so uncomfortable throughout. Our late lunch was takeaway MacDonald’s from the nearby outlet.

In the evening, we went to Far East Plaza, followed by ION where we took second round of dinner in such short time interval from the previous meal. The Go Go Curry claimed to be the best curry in the world. My stomach was bloated even though I took only one quarter of the big portion of food shared.

We decided to walk to my house in order to digest the food and the sudden heavy rainfall welcomed us for a few minutes. We proceeded on and stopped by Liang’s Court for toilet break before resting by the side of the river next to The Central. Irwin wanted to continue with work but the MacDonald’s at Funnan Centre did not have power supply and the TCC was going to close in an hour’s time. After walking to Clarke Quay, we took a cab and Irwin dropped me at my place.


Christmas Eve 2008 – BBQ and Movie

Christmas Eve fell on Wednesday and this time was something different from the usual staying-at-home or hanging-out-with-volleyball-buddies. My family had a barbecue session at East Coast Park in the late afternoon but things did not go smoothly.

I was lazy and it was never my intention to join in the fun if not for my younger brother preferred the family togetherness and that it was a fresh experience. My brothers did the packing of equipments.

The weather was a total disaster. When the dark clouds first sent a warning, we defied proceeded with plan. We boarded bus 196 and alighted at Parkway Parade to shop in the NTUC supermarket to get the food and some other items. It cost me nearly fifty bucks.

Next, we strolled across the underpass and decided on an empty barbecue pit since all the sheds were taken up. I did not feel secure at first and I knew I was right when a group of youngsters came over to tell us they had booked the pit. We quickly evacuated to one of the empty tables.

It started pouring and we set up the tent before moving the lighted tray over to the entrance. My elder brother’s gears were enough to set up a tiny tentage to house the fire and food. I was glad that I did not bring the better ground map along because the current one was pierced at the four corners. We started mocking at the group of youngsters who “snatched” our pit away.

Soon, we realised that we had made a wrong move of setting up our big ground sheet below our tent. The cheap tent was not waterproof and even though it was good enough to block the rain, any contact with the cloth would cause heavy water diffusion. Our pants started to get wet and it was yet another underwear-wet-wet experience.

I was yearning to get home but it was good enough that I was simply enjoying the serving of food with my mum. The amount of food was just nice for the five of us. As the rain got smaller, my mum, elder brother and his girlfriend went to the MacDonald’s and they got back with another ground sheet to put inside the tent and a new pant for me. Then we started to finish the remaining delicious food.

We waited for the rain to stop before packing everything up and walked back to Parkway Parade to catch bus 196.

We started taking shower once we got home. They planned to catch a movie and eventually managed to persuade me to join in. My main hesitation was the problem of taking a cab home after the movie since we had five persons. They proceeded first to Tiong Bahru Plaza to get the tickets while I accompanied my mum over after taking my bathe.

The Yes Man was quite a good movie. It somehow reflected on my life on the number of opportunities I had given up. I said “No” more than “Yes” in my entire life and I had missed out a lot. I did not have a choice anyway.

After the movie, we tried to get cab but none of the drivers was daring enough to house in five of us and thus we decided to walk home.


Visiting Dessy at NTU; the Volleyball and Cab

We met up with Dessy at NTU for lunch on Thursday. We approached the new canteen next to NIE where we started admiring the university lives. It was the experience that really attracted us.

The babes, the hostel, the activities and the fun seemed to be something which we would have given a pass to, as time would never bestow the opportunity to us anymore.

We managed to find seats among the crowd and waited for Dessy. I had chicken chop for the cheap price of $2.80. We took a little walk downstairs while waiting for Jingkun’s girlfriend. There was an event held by “Red Bull” and a cute girl was actually giving away free drinks, inclusive of helping everyone to open up the cans. The lecture theatre was big and beautiful.

Jingkun sent his girlfriend and her classmate off while Dessy and I took Weitat’s car. It was a pity that we gave a miss to visit the hostel before biding her goodbye. Next, we proceeded to pick Mingfa up and finally got back to school.

I wanted to waste no time and eventually stayed inside the office to do my websites instead of joining them at playing badminton. However, I started nodding soon due to lack of sleep and nothing much was accomplished.

Weitat called me at around six PM and I went down to join him, Mingfa and Mingli, and realised I forgot to bring my gears down. I quickly took my wallet along and halfway, I realised I needed the key to the cabinet as well.

After I got changed, I managed to play a bit of badminton before they started setting up the net and my game was terminated. I tried to rest my heavy head but the sweat stopped me.

We started playing with fourteen people and thus two were waiting outside each time. My team was cursed again somehow and we gave the opposite team a head start. When I joined the opposite team in the next set, I was having an odd feeling. It was not a fantasy night somehow.

I got to chat with Mr Peh after that and the conversation was certainly beneficial.

In the end, I hopped onto the cab together with Kachua. The cab driver tried to move the car like a snake and I had to raise my voice while chatting with Kachua in case he really dozed off. Throughout the journey, my heart was beating fast.

Aunt's First Warding at the Hospital

Most people were rushing to finish marking their papers and words were exchanged; somehow the spirit was good. On the other side, it seemed to be a quieter day for Weitat and me in the absence of Jingkun.

We went to Clementi’s bookshop to search for Weitat’s book cover while I started drooling over the programming books on the shelves. However, before I could find any PHP book, Weitat was done. We went to the bookshop above the fast food restaurants where Mingfa came over to meet us. The board games and stationeries, including bags sparked my excitement.

Next, we proceeded to send Mingfa to CMPB for his stubbornness to book IPPT test before proceeding to Bukit Merah to buy some finger food. Mingfa called us soon and informed us that he had remembered the wrong date. It got complicated when Jingkun was supposed to meet us for lunch but the sudden change of time might pose problems and Mingen had called Mingfa suddenly and wanted to join us. Alas, timing was good enough that we managed to meet up at the ABC market without much delay. Mingfa, Weitat and I were too lazy to choose what to eat and thus we got ourselves the chicken rice again.

After getting back to work, I tried to concentrate but it was not long before my mum made a call to me. At such an odd hour – three PM – she asked if I might be happened to knock off from work already. Then she told me that my aunt was at the hospital. She further scared me that the doctor had claimed that there seemed to be some stones inside my aunt’s stomach and her life might be in danger. She told me that she was going to my aunt’s home to take care of my sick uncle and my brother was waiting at the A&E.

I did not know how serious the situation was but it would not look nice if I were to leave work early when Jingkun was already not around, and the few slackers who were deemed as part of our gang might not be around as well. My determination to finish off my last set of torment held me back. Soon, I started to realise struggling on was a complete waste of time and could even cause errors in my lack of concentration. Finally, I could not hold it anymore and went to inform my boss that I had to leave immediately. He did not question me and instantly gave a hand signal to acknowledge.

On the way, cold sweat started dripping off my tensed body, as my worries started sweeping my brain all over. I began to worry about the medical bill but was pleased that I had not registered for university yet. The lack of visit to my aunt was somehow prickling me.

I took the wrong path even though SGH was supposed to be my dominance for the frequent visit. After seeing my aunt who was already at the observation ward, I got to slowly piece up the story.

She started vomiting on Sunday night and visited the polyclinic on the next day. The doctors advised her to visit the hospital because they could find some lumps on her stomach. My mum’s assume-we-know-everything storytelling had posed so much fear in my mind for the past hour; I could have clarified with my elder brother earlier given the experience of communicating with my mum.

I stayed inside the ward to keep my aunt accompanied. She questioned me about going to university and apologised for not able to offer any financial help to me – she could hardly even fare for herself given no child at the age of sixty over, being jobless, and that my uncle was too great a burden to her. My younger brother arrived some time later. My aunt’s blood test results were out after five PM and everything was fine and the doctor said it could be just some gastric problems that caused her to vomit.

At the payment counter, my aunt insisted to foot her bill but my brother and I lied that they could only accept NETS payment. Then, we told her it was nineteen dollars instead of ninety dollars but the bloody brainless cashier acted like a moron and tried to correct us to make it so obvious that we were lying even though my aunt was not English educated.

My elder brother and his girlfriend made their way to Chinatown while my younger brother and I took my aunt home by cab. From SGH, it actually cost us more than seven dollars just to reach Kim Tian Road and I confirmed that cab companies were daylight robbers.

We left my aunt and uncle soon and made our way to Chinatown together with my mum. We bought some stuffs at the CK departmental store before going for dinner. The sting ray stall was closed for the day and we struggled some time before decided to eat chicken rice – my second time for the day.

Before we could finish enjoying our meal, a weird auntie approached us to buy tissue papers. It was not the usual case of such irritating acts in hawker centres and this time the seller seemed to be an insane case. She was not limping or blind, and none of her body seemed to be pitiful, but she behaved so creepy that most of the diners were staring at her wherever she went.

My mum took out tissue papers just before she came over. She simply put her tissue papers on the table and reached out her hands for money. She refused to leave and suddenly she kneeled down while she seemed to be packing her big bag. We refused to buy her threat and after a minute or so, she got up and decided to give up after some time. Wherever she went to, the people seemed to be so disgusted and even foreigners turned her away. Another disgusting act of her was when she started plucking her nose.

Government should do something to stop selling of tissue papers in food centres to stop the irritation; but however, if necessary, licenses should be given to the disabled.

Racing Cab

I took a cab just now because I overslept. I could not remember when was the last time I was this rush that I had to donate to the money-sucking cab companies but it was definitely long ago and perhaps, this was the first time in this year.

Anyway, blame it on my sickness. The panadol like usually, would cause me drowsy for more than a day somehow. I was floating throughout the day.

I managed to get the cab near my void deck when some passengers alighted at the next block inside the car park. The driver did not know where ITE Bukit Batok was and thus, I was worrying so much that it could lead to further delay of time. Luckily, he managed to get through his friend or operator and found out it was at Bukit Batok St 21.

It was around 8.55am and I told him I was supposed to reach by 9am. He chose to take West Coast Highway instead of AYE since AYE would be more congested. He took me to a thrilling experience of a car racing and sped up to 140km/h when the road was clearer. His car was simply around a door length behind other cars when he was travelling at 120km/h. I could feel my body flying somehow throughout the journey as he changed lanes again and again.

It took fifteen minutes for him to earn eighteen dollars. Cab drivers could really make good money, except that sometimes they had to risk their lives.

Collapse of My Stock Market

[Monday, 18 June, 2007]

The rotting session at Halo Bar ended only at around 1am when almost everyone was shagged out. It was pretty cheap for everyone had to only fork out $6. Since it was late, I could not allow Wilson to make a detour to my house when his house was quite near. He sent Kailin to her house and I alighted from there as well to flag for a cab. I could have hopped onto Alvin’s car since he was sending Mandy to Holland Village, which was nearer.

I blamed myself for wasting the entire day and yet did not enjoy myself enough except for the movie. I was supposed to recuperate myself and pay back the sleep debt during weekends but I was actually making myself more tired. I could have reached home much earlier if the beach outing was not cancelled. However, I definitely needed to spend more time with my buddies and if only Weitat was with us it would be more fun.

Shares price dropped badly, making things worse. I continued with my work until 5.30am and woke up at 8am. The extreme lack of sleep sent me nodding at work occasionally when the tasks were dead boring, especially with the slow computer and network there.

Han Seng was trying to upgrade our computers with some RAMs. He tried to find out about my situation and asked me if I was keen in other roles in the company, which I appreciated a lot. I was not sure how others rated him but I had not found anything wrong with him so far and I believed he was one of the few in the management who would appreciate me but too bad he was leaving on the last day of the week.

I left home soon after 6pm. My colleagues were all very concern about me for they knew I was terribly lacking of sleep. The shares price fell way below imagination and killed my hope for a better life by cutting off more than 90% of my extra income. I was too weak to do anything, feeling helpless but quite cool over it.

I dozed off after 8pm but woke up a couple of times and finally woke up near midnight.

My New System

[Saturday, 09 June, 2007]

I managed to get to sleep at 3.30am and was waked up by Kenny at 1pm. It seemed long but was never enough sleep for me to repay my sleep debt.

I started working and received a call from a guy by the name of Guoliang, introduced by Ou Xiang. He was looking for house to rent and since I was not dealing with property at the moment, I gave him David’s contact, hoping to help both of them.

I wanted to go to support Mingfa for his inter-constituency volleyball final at Yio Chu Kang at 4pm but nobody from my team was going. Eventually, I stayed at home to work since I knew he had enough supporters going down. He managed to win the game and emerge the champion.

When my elder brother waked up from his nap after soccer, we left for Sim Lim Square at around 5pm. It was pretty packed there and we went straight to the shop named “Fuwell”. We seemed quite passive and one of the salesmen gave us suggestions for other hardware after we told him of the processor speed we wanted.

Everything went smoothly until it was time for payment my ATM failed me once again. There was this “Daily limit exceeded” error even though I did not purchase anything before that. My brother’s bank account had limited money and thus we had to go to the ATM machine which was distance away to withdraw cash. However, my brother suddenly remembered his girlfriend’s ATM card was with him and thus I had to loan from her first.

We took a cab home and started fixing up the system. It was pretty messy and I was totally lost, lucky for my brother was there to help me settle everything. Just then, we realised the casing came in three colours and the man chose the silver colour one for me. I preferred blue colour but it was good enough that he did not give me the red one.

Our Mac delivery came in time just after we fixed up the system. The new burger was quite tasty.

While I was installing the OS (Operating System), I realised I should have spent some extra money on purchasing a new DVD writer or player. The existing one was slow and old, and I always feared it might break down anytime. The installation did not complete as fast as I had expected for the new processor.

My old 40gb harddisk was placed into my brother’s CPU. After that, I dragged the files over through the network to my new harddisk. The transferring seemed to take forever.

Anyway, it was the first time ever in my life that I had spent so much on purchasing something using my own hard earned money; it was also the first time I had to pray so hard for the end of month to arrive soon to top up my bank account. I considered it a good investment for I needed the speed to shorten the time wastage, and that I was able to multitask as well.

I wished so much that I was able to recuperate the time lost in the past few years and also to accomplish the long overdue projects. Alas, I was also able to start using more software without fearing my system would run like a tortoise.

My elder brother made the day for me.