Birthday Celebration of the Three Besties

[Sunday, 28 November, 2010]

I started work on the home tutor Singapore page to list the tutors using Ajax. It was a stressful morning. Seeing that Lucky was bored and nobody seemed to have taken him down for a walk, I took him down alone after 3am. He refused to dump his waste downstairs but luckily the poo ended up on target at home. Clearing the newspapers was much easier than clearing the poo on the floor directly. I blogged and went to sleep near 9am.

I woke up at noon and started packing up. I went to Mount Faber Safra to join Peh and Gilbert for our post-birthday celebration. My stomach was causing problems. Anyway, Gilbert made a Doraemon cake by himself. After celebrating by the pool, just outside the gym, we started swimming. Gilbert and I were too lazy that we only went for four laps before we started chatting at the Jacuzzi.

We went to Lock Road for dinner. It was Indonesian food and the sauce for the chicken was quite nice. However, we wasted a plate of mango salad.

After Peh sent me home in his new car, I continued working on my tuition agency site.


Banking Department had Left

[Thursday, 19 March, 2010]

Upon reaching the office, I was plagued with the fact that the banking colleagues were leaving. I was numbed in my brain. Their shifting to the Bishan campus was nothing compared to my dad’s departure more than ten years ago, but soon, I was going to feel so indifference without their presence. One day, I would be hearing their noises out of nowhere.

This morning, the office was noisier than before for the SYOG teams were preparing for the afternoon’s training. I helped out a bit. Joy and Hirman were already at the battlefield bravely with the HCJC volunteers while Weitat was obviously luckier to be leading the Cedar girls in the afternoon. It would be a very good experience if only I had my language skill improved that I would be able to help out. Obviously, I felt left out due to my incapability.

All of them were gone and I thought I would really be alone until Mingfa called me out for lunch together in the rain. He came over to pick me up soon and we went to West Coast market. The chicken chop was overrated. I felt quite bad for Mingfa had to take the extra miles to specially fetch me and send me back when he could easily cross over from Clementi Wood Secondary School after his morning coaching.

The tidying up of my resume was beginning to turn into a nightmare. It seemed like never-ending. I was very amazed with Josephine’s knowledge and nothing could really show my gratitude for her assistance.

In the evening, Hirman gave me a ride. When we were at the gate, he managed to attract the attention of Sie Sie by banging the left mirror but he remained cool and cheerful. We got Sie Sie to hop onto the car and we happily left together since she was on the way to Capitol Tower, which was near my place. However, we met very heavy traffic jams at AYE and Hirman turned to Holland Village but we had too many fans on the road to slow us down badly. With the radio news reporting that ECP was filled with zombies, Hirman changed his mind and decided to take CTE instead. Alas, he dropped us at the Central, where we transited to the train.

I knew well the journey would be longer than taking train directly at Clementi but did not expect the jam to cling onto my legs. I was cool with it since my main purpose was to chat with Hirman but Sie Sie could no longer make it for her Yoga class and thus, she decided to go to her usual workout place – UOB tower – instead.


Forgotten my Wallet

[Monday, 15 March, 2010]

Instead of having Monday blue, I settled a for a Monday black. It was one of the rare occasions that I would forget to bring my wallet along. The waiting time for the lift was more than ten minutes with weird people boarding it to waste extra time.

Lunch was together with Weitat and Joy at IMM. After going to both Starhub and M1 shops, we went back to the office. I was wondering if I should get an iPhone since the price had dropped a lot. However, the short battery lifespan and instability continued to bug me.

I did not pay careful attention to the time and just nice, Joy offered to give me a lift to the MRT station. We met Zaki on the way down and he offered to drop me at somewhere near his place, which I turned down since the journey would be longer than taking a train; I would not want to carry a heavy bag over my injured shoulders to walk towards Dhoby Ghaut MRT and having to cross over to change train at Raffles Place.

Soon, I regretted since he would be going over to Bishan soon and that I would not have such chance to chat with him again after that.


IKEA, Anchor Point and Volleyball

Kachua arrived at the college early from work and we went off to IKEA for dinner. The special meal for the day was fried dory fish. It was in fact quite normal and overpriced, but I liked the simplicity.

We walked around the furniture department on the second level and my sights were on the chairs and sofas, which were too big for my house. The entire place was freezing and I regretted changing into my shorts and slippers. The coldness almost made my toes cramp. We went to Anchor Point after that for a quick shopping before buying a hotdog bun back for Jingkun.

The games were quite nice. Eventually, we did not go out for supper. I was glad that Kachua was around because I would get a free lift. This time, we met David on the way to the gate and Kachua offered to give him a lift as well, dropping him at Pasir Panjang Road.


A Great Badminton and Volleyball Day

I had another great day. It had been a couple of months since I last played badminton. It was the first time I used the new racket. The six of us, inclusive of Hirman, Weitat, Jingkun, Mr Neo, Dorothy and I rotated to played doubles. I was totally off form and kept missing easy hits. However, the company was great.

Dorothy kindly brought us (Jingkun, Weitat and I) to the nearby coffee shop for dinner in our smelly jerseys and bodies. That was the second meal of the day, which we had together. After that, she sent us back to the campus before going home.

We were too tired for volleyball. I could have done so much better if I was not distracted in the office earlier when I was trying to trim my fingernails. The long nail instigated fears in me and I did not dare to hit the ball, which caused a lousy performance in front of all the girls, women and aunties-to-be.

After washing up, Weitat sent Kok Chiang home. Then, he drove Gin, Tony and I to my place. The prata shop was surprisingly closed for business, and we shifted to the Golden Café coffee shop.


Volleyball and Late Dinner at Newton

I had a great Thursday after so many months of dull days. I stayed alone inside the office until Tze Khit called me. I met him up at the canteen before Kachua joined us.

Volleyball was fun. I felt good that I did not do as lousy as the previous time to disgrace myself again. My team lost most of the matches but we played with fighting spirit, which was more than satisfactory.

We went to Newton for late dinner and I started digging into the remaining of my chicken cutlet, which Weitat bought for me just right before the volleyball game.

It was the first time I took Tze Khit’s van and Kachua’s Malaysian car, on the way to the hawker centre and then my house.

It was one of the greatest nights ever with the companion of so many volleyball-mates. Even though we were lack of many others and could never get together in a larger group, the night was awesome enough.


Jenne’s Birthday Celebration 2009

Last Friday was a meaningful day. I had chances to render help to others on my free will.

Hard work was never too bad with good colleagues around.

Lunch was great with Dorothy, Jingkun, Weitat and Elvin at West Coast Plaza’s Dian Xiao Er.

In the evening, Magdalene, Weitat and I took Hirman’s car to shop for Jenne’s birthday cake. Poor Hirman was staying behind to decorate the place. I was full of guilt because he had to take cab in the darkness after that to join us. Anyway, the shopping was fun. We went to Chinatown Plaza and realised the cake had to be pre-ordered. Then, we walked to Amara Hotel and saw some stylish looking cakes and decided to order one. We had sushi to fill up our stomachs before setting off. My extreme lack of sleep put me to bed during the journey.

Timbre @ Old School was a cool and cosy place to hang out. However, the hard fish and chips sucked to the maximum. However, other food tasted quite well, such as the chicken wings and pizzas. There was a high price to be paid for.

We went to Zaki’s studio apartment after that and the night was filled with interesting craps. The fun and sincere people touched my heart.


Tuesday’s Traffic Jam

I took a free lift from Weitat on Tuesday evening home from office. He was going to fetch his friend at the old Gan Eng Seng School campus near the railway station.

It was drizzling, which probably answered to the mystery of three car accidents in Singapore at the same point of time. Moreover, there were also three cases of car breakdown, which kept Weitat’s journey fully occupied.

The mass traffic jam did not affect me a lot since I did not have any class or date for the evening. However, it took me an hour to reach home and I almost dozed off completely inside the car during the prolonged journey. Even though my usual MRT journey was only twenty minutes, exclusive of walking and waiting for the train, I was more than comfortable than squeezing with the ungracious people.


The Urge for a Car

Wednesday evening, Hirman waved over to me when I was leaving the office. He was going to the airport and would pass by my place.

The comfortable trip back was so much better than squeezing in the train with so many uncivilised people; moreover, I had a companion to chitchat with me.

I could not help but to indulge in being sent home.