Spread the Love – November 2013

November was the month of my birthday and thus there was no lack of sweet actions from my loved ones.
On my actual birthday, my younger brother, Kaiwei, was out of Singapore. The rest of my family arranged a simple dinner at a nearby coffee shop with me. Initially, I felt something was weird when they took a big round table and I was somehow told to take a seat instead of free seating like usual. Although they almost made a blunder when the waitress was asking for the size of the dishes, I was somehow too tired to notice that. Eventually, ET, Derrick and Peisee turned up to surprise me. They had brought along my present, which was my Thinktank Airport Essentials camera bag. I had also gotten many “vouchers” that I could use for photo shoot. My younger brother had actually planned for it before he went to Philippines for his holidays, which made him the biggest hero for the month. I also felt bad for making his buddies come down after work just to accompany me.
For the previous years, Gilbert had been making great effort to meet up with me and Dexter Peh to celebrate our birthdays together. We were three great army buddies who happened to be born in the same month. This year, Dexter was too busy and hence, we had to do without him; besides, he had already celebrated with Gilbert together with their mutual friends. Titus and Wanling joined us for a special morning. They took a cab in the early morning to pick up Titus and I before we headed to Sentosa. Gilbert prepared the cake and salad, Titus did his famous bread and Wanling made some juices. Although I almost died listening to Gilbert and Titus “arguing” for the entire morning. Sentosa Palawan beach may not be the best place to catch sunrise but it was the company that mattered most.
The month of November had filled me with lots of love by my family and some of my closest friends. I knew they would be there for me whenever I need them.

Johor Bahru for Kaiwei’s Birthday

[Saturday, 11 December, 2010]

I was busy typing emails and later on, I tried to finish the article Home Tuition in Singapore before going to bed at 5am. Lucky woke me up near 11am as he sniffed my ear to cause irritation with the loud and air pressure.

I took MRT with my elder brother and mum and met up my elder brother’s girlfriend at Kranji station. Then, we took bus 170 over to Woodlands Checkpoint and then to Johor Bahru. The queue at Woodlands CheckPoint’s bus interchange was totally screwed up. Bastards had started cutting queue and forming a third queue in between the actual two ones. It was beyond control and none of the officials had attempted to clear the mess.

My mum went for haircut, treatment and dyeing of hair at the old shopping centre next to City Square. I had chicken rice with the couple while waiting. We went back to check on my mum and realised the salon allowed smoking inside and I was angered by such illegal act. We went shopping for a while before going back to find my mum again. The couple left to meet up with my younger brother and his gangs at the MacDonald’s while I stayed behind to wait. After my mum was done with her hair, she told me us she had purchased a bottle of lotion from the hairdresser. I was disgusted that she was cheated again as my elder brother told us that the hairdresser earned very high commission for such sales, which meant that we could get the lotion at much cheaper price elsewhere.

We went for lunch at the Hong Kong café because it was my younger brother’s birthday and we could get a big container of tea for free. We did not order a lot of food. After lunch, we separated into two groups. My younger brother stayed with his friends. It was a very boring afternoon for me. Sometimes I had to wait outside the crowded shops that my mum shopped in. I was sleepy and had many better things to do and it was a really big torment for me.

The two groups of us met up at 6pm and hopped on to the cabs that we had booked before we proceeded to a faraway seafood restaurant called “TKK” or “Ti Kong Kia” or “Son of Heaven”. It was by the side of the sea, facing Sembawang. Other than the good scenery, the service was excellence. It was too bad that I was not a seafood fanatic.

We went back to City Square after that and did a little shopping. Luckily, this time round, my mum was quick and we joined up with the rest soon. When we were crossing over the custom, we realised the design for arrival and departure were symmetrical after some confusion. We were waiting for CW2 bus to go straight to Bugis and my younger brother saw the Resort World bus. We left the queue and boarded our new discovery at the price of ringgit five bucks each. The bus left us at Keppel Road before it went towards Sentosa.

After reaching home, we saw that Lucky had messed up the entire place. My elder brother arrived almost at the same time and he was stunned to see that Lucky had destroyed his girlfriend’s new slippers.

I spent some time replying Wanling and Gilbert through Facebook about the upcoming outing.


Birthday Celebration of the Three Besties

[Sunday, 28 November, 2010]

I started work on the home tutor Singapore page to list the tutors using Ajax. It was a stressful morning. Seeing that Lucky was bored and nobody seemed to have taken him down for a walk, I took him down alone after 3am. He refused to dump his waste downstairs but luckily the poo ended up on target at home. Clearing the newspapers was much easier than clearing the poo on the floor directly. I blogged and went to sleep near 9am.

I woke up at noon and started packing up. I went to Mount Faber Safra to join Peh and Gilbert for our post-birthday celebration. My stomach was causing problems. Anyway, Gilbert made a Doraemon cake by himself. After celebrating by the pool, just outside the gym, we started swimming. Gilbert and I were too lazy that we only went for four laps before we started chatting at the Jacuzzi.

We went to Lock Road for dinner. It was Indonesian food and the sauce for the chicken was quite nice. However, we wasted a plate of mango salad.

After Peh sent me home in his new car, I continued working on my tuition agency site.


My Birthday 2010

[Thursday, 4 November, 2010]

Facebook kept me occupied for hours. It was tedious to reply to the birthday greetings; and at certain point of time, the flood overtook my pace. I went to bed at 4am.

I managed to wake up on time. In the train, there was an insane uncle bothering me, asking me which camp I was from and he kept asking me to go to the cookhouse to eat. I realised Terry was two doors away from me at the opposite side. The uncle did not spare him. However, he moved away fast enough to end his torment earlier. Later on, Kang told us he was being woke up by an idiot and we knew he was the same person. I had overheard an auntie saying this old man loved to disturb people in army uniform.

I bought a hotdog bun for breakfast. It was an unusual day for there was a safety talk, which all of the NSmen were forced to attend as well. Basically, all except one shit point regarded us at the end of a talk. We had a boring discussion for the safety day before moving for lunch break. There was a mini birthday celebration and I had to be the centre of attraction.

I left camp earlier together with Terry since we had got the off pass settled. I logged on to Facebook and there were more birthday greeting for me to reply.

I dozed off in the evening and left for dinner with my mum and younger brother at 8pm after the channel 8 show. We went to Manhattan at Central. Gastric pain attacked me but our seafood platter came late. We had two glasses of drinks and they were pretty interesting. We walked to One Fullerton after the dinner instead of taking straight bus home directly.

After reaching home, I was surprised with a cake. The whole family was around to celebrate together. I kept myself busy replying to birthday greeting in Facebook.

I had lost count of the number people who greeted me. It was probably over two hundred of them. I was excited to see messages from people whom I thought would never greet me, on the other hand, I was disappointed to hear nothing from some good friends.


Bobby’s Birthday Treat

[Wednesday, 29 September, 2010]

I spent the morning catching my show until 4am. I woke up at noon but dozed off again until 2pm.

While continuing to catch my show, I made progress in my website.

In the evening, Bobby got me down to the gym earlier to meet up with the rest of his friends for dinner at the Chinese restaurant near the gym. It was his birthday treat, which kept me troubled for a few days over what I could get for him. It was difficult for a poor person to get anything for a very well-to-do person who had never ever looked at price for food in his entire life; his young daughter could have spent much more than me on food in total even though I was probably three times her age. Being a poor blockhead, I decided that I would just help him with his work.

The dinner was not really fantastic to me since I did not really appreciate the very traditional North China food. The waiter was wearing home clothes and what amazed me was his shorts. My seat was not very good and thus I did not talk a lot since I was sitting apart from Le Tian and Andrew, while Tze Khit was in Australia.

Soon after reaching home, my brothers were ready to go down to walk the dog. We brought the waveboard and scooter along. It was the second time I tried playing with the scooter even though it was in my house for donkey years already. I tried it more than ten years ago at Bianhong’s house and since it was movement was restricted, I gave up soon and his two cute sisters mocked at me. Anyway, I got a good hand of it soon.

My mum joined us after her work and we went home together.


Ziying’s Advanced Birthday Dinner

[Thursday, 16 September, 2010]
I went to sleep at 2.30am after my mum scolded Lucky for peeing on the floor outside the room when I was inside the toilet. It was not long before he woke up and started peeing on the newspaper I placed in front of my wardrobe. I thought it was okay to leave it there but he woke up again and started scratching the newspaper. I was not sure how long he took to doze off but I had a hard time doing that.
I woke up after 12pm and went back to sleep and finally got up at 3pm. I spent quite some time clearing up spams in Facebook and also trying to save the Facebook pages from the team’s nonsense.
My younger brother returned home earlier to take care of Lucky’s dinner since my elder brother and I had to leave the house for appointments.
I was shocked after alighting from the crowded train from the green line at Jurong East for the platforms were packed. The next train towards north was, however, far from the station. It took about six minutes for me to suffer in sweat before I resigned to fate that Singapore was overpopulated and the SMRT was totally not efficient enough. I waited for the next train and I started to figure out people who usually stood right in front of the doors were not totally at fault because many passengers could not board the train.
I was late for ten minutes. Jason and Cher Fong were sitting at the entrance of Mayim and Benson arrived soon. Later, I realised the actual table booking time was postponed for half an hour. I was told that the dinner would not be expensive but it did not seem so. Jason had bought a compact yet solid camera while Benson brought his DSLR along, and thus I did not take out my pathetic camera. It was a great dinner with all the friends around. The final bill was thirty-eight bucks each.
Benson, Jason and I waited for Lynn to settle some stuffs with her friend outside KFC before we went to the train station. Jason and Lynn took the same train as me.

Zaki’s Advanced Birthday Celebration

[Friday, 2 July, 2010]

I was crazily working on SmokeForWhat again and slept at 7 plus in the morning. Magdalene woke me up at 9+am to inform me that we were going to have early dinner with Zaki at 5.30pm. I could not doze off after that and thus I went online. There was a spam mail from Weitat and I quickly informed him. After some time, I finally managed to doze off.

I was woke up in the afternoon by my neighbour’s shouting. She had difficulties in walking and her dog ran out of the house when she was going out for treatment. I went out but she was actually blocking the corridor that wasted quite some time for me to go over to find the dog. Luckily, the dog was shivering at the stairs nearby. It was raining heavily and the dog was afraid of thunder. It was my first time carrying a dog with great fear because she had just done her operation and her stomach was still in stitches.

I went to 313 Somerset to meet up with my ITE buddies. It was Zaki’s advanced birthday and we gathered at Marche. The entire shopping centre, including the restaurant, was a babe-sighting heaven. I was so distracted by sweet faces walking around. Hirman’s hyperactiveness made the night with lots of laughers.

After the dinner, Hirman left in Magdalene’s car to pick up his from Orchard Tower. The rest of us went up to try to adjust Zaki’s new watch but it was too bad that his wrist was far too small. I was quite stunned by one of the shop assistants who looked nice. Next, we went to Centre Point and Joei got herself an item for makeup. Then, we waited outside for the drivers who were caught by the traffic jam.

I took Magdalene’s car together with Zaki whose house was too near for him to drive over. The birthday boy started making tea for us and it smelled awesome but the taste was not as superb as expected. We started playing Monopoly Deal when the rest arrived and it was an interesting game. Jenne arrived soon and we stopped the game once Zaki pawned us.

We began the cake-cutting session and it was fun. I was shocked by Zaki when he proudly stated that he had nothing more to wish for. He had houses, car and money, girlfriend and a stable job; though he did not own all the best things in Singapore, he was being so appreciated and contented with his life. I supposed having a bunch of true and no hidden agenda friends was another great achievement of his life.

After that, we played the DVD – Ugly Truth. Hirman dozed off halfway as expected as he claimed that his contact lens were too dry. I missed a part of it because Chua called me after he saw my scene in the latest episode (170) of “Your hand in mine” on channel 8.

It was at 11 plus, everyone started to leave and I hesitated for a while before deciding to stay behind to accompany Hirman, who continued with his sleep.


Movie Night (Joei’s Birthday) at Zaki’s Place

[Friday, 4 June, 2010]

Friday morning, I struggled with my second bowl of fried rice. It was supposed to be my dinner but I took my supper outside and thus I had to finish it before my mum started nagging.

My main delivery of the day was numerous outdated blog posts.

I arranged with Hirman to pick me up on his way to Zaki’s house but Jenne was coming over to purchase a cake at the Amara Hotel and thus I waited for her instead. She told me she would be arriving at 6.30pm but she was delayed for more than an hour.

We went to make the order but Jenne realised her wallet was not with her and thus she went back to her car to search for it. I made the payment, signing off with my Go! card for the first time. Since she did not look very happy after her stressful day of work, I felt quite unsafe to talk much. She drove and overtook countless cars on the busy road and I was very worried for I was holding onto the cake.

Zaki, the chef, was cooking in front of all the hungry people who were chewing chips. It was to my horror that the main ingredient was beef. In order not to trouble anyone, I had a very plain dinner.

Cleaning the dishes was fun. Next was the cake cutting session for Joei but since Hirman had earlier on exposed Jenne’s location without knowing, it was no longer a surprise for Joei.

Everyone left except for Hirman and I.


Mothers’ Day Dinner

[Sunday, 9 May, 2010]

I spent the early morning finishing up for the sCreative website. Then, I moved on to improve other websites. The morning was boring.

Work occupied me throughout the afternoon. I was able to push the latest design to live, which left me a more peaceful mind, except that lots of contents were required to be added.

Since both of my brothers were not in Singapore, I was quite pressured over where to bring my mum out for dinner. Tengy gave me good suggestions and I was very impressed with her knowledge of my neighbourhood, forgetting that she used to work around my place and Chinatown.

In the end, I brought my mum to Chinatown Point for Swenson since both of us could not order many dishes if we were going to have Chinese meal. The ambience was not nice because the place was too small. The banging onto the chair by the staffs and the loud market noise from the customers were annoying. We ordered a plate of fish and chips and breaded chicken to share. The waitress recommended us a $5 add-on for a drinks, soup and ice-cream to fill our stomachs completely.

We walked towards People’s Park Centre at the Swanston store to get cheap stuffs before going home. I wanted to help my mum to top up her Ez-link card since she was complaining that she had not done it for very long already, and suddenly she asked me to transfer some money into her bank account, and my hesitation to get a DSLR camera died.


Mum’s Birthday and Setting up Tze Khit’s New Gym

[Sunday, 25 April, 2010]

I reached home at around 4am after Weiye dropped me near my house. I went to withdraw money and three Malay guys approached me to transfer two bucks over to one of their bank accounts because he did not have enough money inside his account to withdraw the minimal amount. After the guy passed me the two dollars worth of coins, I felt quite unsafe. It was in fact very dangerous to do it since they would get to know my account number.

After reaching home, I got my mum to search for her birthday present which I placed on my younger brother’s table. After that, I gave her a hundred bucks. She was pleased with both the present and cash. I was satisfied with myself for the first time for getting a present which she liked. I was, however, still quite frustrated over getting Jingkun’s present since the volleyball group knew what they needed and would get everything by themselves; moreover, I had much different taste from them somehow.

I had late lunch with my brother and his girlfriend at Subway at Amara hotel. After that, we went up to the newly opened Sportslink shop at level three. We were not very satisfied with the prices of the stuffs even though they claimed everything was on sales. After that, I went to Tze Khit’s new gym to pay him a visit but he was not around. His colleagues and friends did not question me even though I stood inside for quite long before Tze Khit returned. Since my family was having early dinner, I did not stay there for long.

The couple and I went to Kampong Bahru Road. We decided on the coffee shop there so that my aunt would join us for the dinner since it was near her place. My mum came over with my aunt and we started ordering from the seafood stall. I knew I would be using quite a bit of strength at night and somehow my appetite was better than usual. The entire meal including the drinks cost me over forty bucks.

After reaching home, I cleared my email before going down to join Tze Khit at his gym. My first task was to get the six strong men dinner inclusive of twelve drinks. They suggested chicken rice but later, told me I could get them anything. It was already nine o’clock. I rushed over to Maxwell food centre and as I had expected, nothing there could really fill the six guys’ stomachs. I went to Chinatown Complex food centre but the chicken rice stall was closed. In the end, I went across the street to the shophouse to get the chicken rice. While waiting, I went to CK departmental store to get six cans of coke. I collected the food before going to Maxwell food centre to get six cans of cold drinks from the drinks stall. The uncle gave me a small packet of ice.

I realised I made a blunder in getting the food as I did not insist on getting breast meat. In the end, there were bones and Tze Khit hated the chicken wings. I remembered that the shop’s name consisted of “boneless” and thus I was too comfortable with them. At least, I was quite satisfied in myself for saving some bucks for Tze Khit by getting cheaper drinks. The rush to get the stuffs back fast weakened me quite a lot.

Tze Khit went home after having his dinner to get some stuff. I stayed behind to help fix up some of the gym machines. It was tedious to tighten up the screws. I almost thought the gym machines came in one piece until I went over to help out.

Some people would probably think I was stupid to spend my time helping others while I could at least spend the time playing game to relax myself even if I did not start looking for jobs. I thought the culture of helping one another should be spread because nobody knew he would need helps as well in future. Helping others did bring myself happiness.