Nanyang Kitchen at People’s Park Complex Food Centre

A visit to Chinatown last evening killed my huge appetite. My family and I went to People’s Park Complex Food Centre for our dinner and my younger brother happened to have a craving for herbal soup. Since I was exhausted from the night cycling half a day ago, I wanted to take some meat. We ordered a bowl of soup and sweet and sour pork rice from the stall “Nanyang Kitchen”.

It was run by China people. The lady was very rude. She forgot about my order after collecting money and made me stand there for very long. My brother had taken our herbal soup away earlier on and left me waiting there alone. Many people who had ordered other food (meat and fish) were served before me.

She thought I was a new customer and tried to take my order again. I told her I was waiting for my sweet and sour pork rice and she started asking her chef to include my dish. Next she told me, “Young man, there are many people waiting for their food, be patient okay? The meat requires a long time to cook.”

Obviously she was in the wrong and I was in fact very polite to her all along. I was very turned off that she tried to hide the fact. Can’t this China lady admit her mistake? I’m a Chinese born in Singapore and it’s obvious I could hear her late instruction for her chef.

I don’t think she’s running an honest business. She overcharged a customer who was sharp enough to expose her. The food tasted quite bad seriously. She was a great foreign talent who was actually quite bad in her mathematics who also reminded me good customer service.


Visit to Mike’s House

[Sunday, 6 February, 2011]

I continued with my SEO work until 4.30am.

I woke up after 11am and started playing with Lucky. After that, I set off to Hougang to meet up with Mike. By 2.10pm, I reached there and walked around for a while while waiting for him. We had lunch at Aston at a coffee shop. The grilled fish was quite normal. After taking lunch, we went shopping at Hougang Mall where he bought a fan.

We went to his house and I got the biggest ang bao money of the year from his dad. I got to see his newly painted room but it reminded me of the purple dragon fruit.

After that, we went to NEX at Serangoon to shop around. I was quite pleased to see a dog café at the top storey. There was a wet children playground as well. The King and King Wong shop impressed us with the gorgeous European furniture but they were rather costly. We got four wall paintings there. While we were inside the V-Hive shop, Mike’s dream girl came with her friends. Soon, I left the party.

I went to Chinatown to meet up with my family. We had dinner at the chicken rice shop opposite CK. After that, we went over to shop a while before going home.


Sandwiched in China’s Town

[Saturday, 22 January, 2011]

I kept myself busy with SEO for the tuition agency website and also made some planning for the pages. After blogging, I continued with SEO till 6am.

I woke up at 2pm and started working for the entire day. I improved on the FAQ page and continued with SEO.

In the evening, my family and I went to Chinatown’s Swanston to top up household products. I was quite taken aback on the bus because I had told myself not to step into Chinatown before the Chinese New Year because of the crowd. The massive jam along the way irritated me. After purchasing the item, spending near to $50, we went to the KFC for our dinner.

Then, we made the wrong decision to cross over to the pasar malam. Eventually, we could only move less than half a step every second. I realised I was getting very impatient due to the fact that there were too many things pending for me to handle and squeezing with the crowd was definitely waste of time when we could not really look at the stalls. I got a little giddiness from the walk. We left through the street before the Indian temple.

We went to the NTUC for a while before heading home.


Sunday Dinner at Chinatown with Family

[Sunday, 16 January, 2011]

I spent hours to blog before going to bed at around 5.30am. I woke up at 3pm to work on the tuition agency website and I managed to improve on the tuition assignments feed.

I had dinner with my family at China’s town and I was quite turned off to see the huge crowd due to the pasar malam for Chinese New Year. We ordered a set meal from a seafood stall that offered sting ray, prawn, vegetable and toad’s meat at around $37. I did not really like the food, besides, they were too spicy. My elder brother got some satays and almost got himself into some problems.

I took a little walk around the NTUC with my mum and younger brother. I was busy checking out the coke’s price because I thought Mike could save near 50% money by purchasing large bottle coke instead of can.


Two New Gym Works Pending

[Sunday, 19 December, 2010]

I took blogged as the first task of the day and went to sleep at 6am.

I woke up after 3pm and started “packing” my desktop to tidy it up. I had a chat with Tze Khit and Mike before my family and I went to meet my elder brother and his girlfriend at Chinatown’s CK departmental store. Initially, they wanted to have dinner at the porridge stall opposite but I opposed since I had taken it with Mike just a few days ago and it was nothing good. In the end, we went to Maxwell food centre instead. I took chicken rice for dinner.

Tze Khit continued the conversation with me by helping me to vent through my website. He managed to find typographical errors. Suddenly, Bobby called me and asked me to go down to the gym to help him with stuffs again for the next day. Tze Khit started telling me about the requirements to update the Gold’s Gym website. I was very stressed because I was badly exhausted by the recently office renovation and that it had already halted the progress of my own website. If I could not push the site faster, my saving would be dried up very soon and I would be in a sorry state for helping others instead of myself. However, Tze Khit promised me to fund my AdWords campaign, which I could not even find time to explore.

I continued working with my tuition agency website and did SEO for it.


Lucky to Hot Dog for Nails Trimming

[Saturday, 6 November, 2010]

I spent quite some time blogging before going to bed at 6am.

Eventually, I woke up at 2pm and had my lunch. After that, I followed my brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend to bring Lucky to trim his nails at “Hot Dog”, which was near River Valley. We took cab over.

Lucky was excited to be at the pet shop. After trimming his nails, he pooed on the floor right behind an ah moh who was footing her bill at the counter. My elder brother bought a spraying conditioner for him. Then, we had a long walk towards Clarke Quay. After passing by Riverside Point, we bought two ice-creams and boarded a cab at South Bridge Road. Upon alighting at Tanjong Pagar, I bought a cup of Slurpee to share.

We had dinner at Chinatown an hour later after my mum returned from work. We had eleven small bowls of chicken rice and the thrill was the trying out of cheap fruit juices at a dollar each. My stomach was bloated and thus I took only two bowls of rice and little meat.

After reaching home, we were surprised that Lucky did not make a mess out of the kitchen. I started working on my website by submitting it to directories and also created banners to place inside.


The Lucky Two Smiles because of Lucky

[Friday, 22 October, 2010]

My mum and I went down to the third storey to take our shower. We brought along Lucky as usual and we took turns to look after him. As usual, I spent my morning working on the tuition website. Eventually, I spent hours typing emails to get helps for the website. I continued with blogging and gave up after 7am. Lucky came into the room and my younger brother woke up just in time to halt me from dozing off. I fell asleep after 9am.

I saw light at around 2pm. One of the workers knocked the door to get permission to come in because he needed to change the electricity wires for the main switch and it was then I realised how the cabling worked.

A china man was working on the new main door, which was ahead of schedule. However, my mum and elder brother tried on it and realised there were difficulties closing the door without using strength. They went downstairs and my mum went to the office to complain about the door. I was totally turned off when I saw the guy, Bob Lim, one of the site supervisors.

As expected, he told me craps and lied that it was how the door should work and then he started telling me stories about the other units’ doors that were done improperly. I tried my neighbour’s door and it was smooth. Later on, another supervisor, Ricky Teo, came by and my mum told him about it. Immediately, he called the China man back and insisted that something must be done to the poor finishing. We confirmed that we were right about the problem and I saw through the hypocrite who tried to push problems away to save himself from trouble.

We went to Chinatown for dinner with Lucky. My younger brother brought his slippers along to fix it and we waited very long for him between Chinatown Complex and the flat at Sago Lane. After that, he told us that it was due to a China guy trying so hard to bargain price for a pair shoes with the shop owner that my younger brother had to wait for them to finish before he could talk to the owner.

We went to Food Street but half of the stalls were empty. We decided to go to the chicken rice shop further down towards the main street. After having our dinner, we walked towards Outram MRT along the main road and went to the Japan Home shop to see what we could get for the bathroom so that we could get the workers to fix up at the end of the renovation.

My elder brother carried Lucky and waited at the squeezy entrance of the shop and I took over him after a while since he had better ideas what to get. It was one of my luckiest days I had after months that while I was trying to make way for the passers-by to avoid Lucky from trying to sniff anyone, a very stylish and charming girl passed by with her mum, and we exchanged smiles. At the end of the shop’s entrance, they made a U-turn and we exchanged smiles the second time. I saw the luxuries of carrying a cute dog on the street.

My brothers and I went for shower at the third storey as early as 10pm without my mum since we knew she would return after midnight.


Swim at Sengkang and Foot Massage at People’s Park Centre

[Saturday, 9 October, 2010]

Other than working on my new website, I started blogging for my personal and other blogs to keep them updated. I slept at 5am. It was an unusual day for I slept on top of the double decker bed, swapping places with my younger brother. However, as I climbed up, Lucky woke up and made a din for he wanted to join me.

I woke up at 8am. When I was checking my email, I realised my Facebook account was live again. I was the first to arrive at Sengkang. Peh had just woke up while Gilbert was a few stations away. I even had the time to walk around and hesitate to have my KFC twister because I was worried that I might throw out inside the pool later. I went to the toilet before going to the control station to meet up with Gilbert. We went to Breadtalk and we set off to Farmway after I had my hotdog bun.

While we were purchasing the tickets to the swimming pools, Peh arrived just in time. I felt uneasy with the old swimming trunk for the rubber was loose already. We used the digital lockers before going down to the main pool. We stopped after each lap and completed only ten laps. Then we went to play the slides. It was very enjoyable and I was quite reluctant to leave but Peh was having something on.

We went to Compass Point for lunch. Dining at Yoshinoya was one of the worst terrors I had but I decided to go with the flow without telling them I did not like the restaurant. Peh had to leave right after the meal and I followed Gilbert to Ion to get his new Topshop member card. After walking around for a while, we went home.

I dozed off in the afternoon soon after reaching home. In the evening, my younger brother decided to bring my mum for massage as she was complaining about her shoulders after the long eyes check-up. We went to People’s Park Centre and my younger brother and I had foot massage while waiting for my mum. It was a good experience for the send time I had ever had foot massage. The massager held back whenever he saw that I was in extreme pain. The only flaw was that the two massagers kept talking and often paused.

We had dinner at the hawker centre nearby. Since I had five pieces of “shui guo” before leaving house, we shared two plates of noodle. The shops that we wanted to visit were all closed. During the journey home, my elder brother called and we met up at Duxton Plain Park with Lucky. My younger brother went home to get the waveboard and scooter, while the rest of us crossed over to the 7-11 store below Icon to get slurpee.


Good Feast at Chinatown Complex

[Sunday, 3 October, 2010]

I had another tough night working on my new website. For the second time, I slept with Lucky at the living room’s floor on straw mat at 6am. My younger brother returned at 9am from his German friends’ hotel. Then I went into the bedroom to sleep and Lucky joined me.

I had lunch with my brothers and elder brother’s girlfriend at Maxwell Food Centre and we brought Lucky along. I was not sure what to eat since taking the two dollar value noodle too often was not a good choice. In the end, I went to the curry chicken rice stall to get some expensive mixed vegetable rice for my younger brother and I.

After lunch, we took Lucky to the third storey to play at the playground. My elder brother bathed Lucky after we went back and I started working on my website again.

At night, the entire family had dinner at Chinatown Complex. We ordered satays, sting ray, vegetable, fish head and xiao long bao. We also had cheap guava juice, lychee drinks and dessert. We shopped a while at CK departmental stall before we hurried home to feed Lucky. He had his dinner at 9pm for the first time. We were not very worried since he often dragged his dinner.


Dining and Shopping Together as Whole Family

[Tuesday, 10 August, 2010]

I slept at 6am and my mum woke me up at around 10.30am before she left for the hospital. I was brushing my teeth and she changed her mind that she left together with my elder brother without even telling me. I went back to sleep until around 1pm.

The four of us had lunch at the Tanjong Pagar food centre. After that, I accompanied my younger brother to the MRT station to buy his student concession pass.

I spent the afternoon doing up an article for SmokeForWhat but it was much easier since someone else had typed the article out and I was merely formatting it and researching the keywords.

At night, the four of us went the Chinatown Complex to have dinner at the level two food centre. This time, we had chicken rice but my younger brother did not take much since he had the same food not long ago in school.

After the dinner, we shopped at Swanston and followed by the CK departmental store where I saw a very cute and sweet girl. Next, we moved to the Tanjong Pagar NTUC.

It had been long since we went out on our own.