Two Days Internet Camp

The two-day internet “camp” had finally ended. Mike paid around two hundred bucks for me to attend it with him.

I tried to go home as early as possible on Friday night but could only doze off for three hours. The heavy rain after daylight was a huge turn-off and I got my shoes and socks wet.

The seminar was at Riverfront hotel and I was surprised with the overwhelming response from so many people. I estimated there were around three hundreds participants, inclusive of a few young children.

People were puzzled over why they wanted to conduct such seminar to teach people how to make money and somehow I got the answer. After all, it was a kind of advertising and promoting of their fame and moreover, they were selling their software, videos and books much more expensive than you could imagine after teaching everyone the usefulness.

I skipped volleyball on Saturday evening so as to rest properly since I had to answer to Mike to learn but I couldn’t doze off at all. I was in a pretty bad shape but could manage to keep myself awake.

Lunch was on Mike for both days. The first day was a buffet lunch at the hotel, which was a waste of money since we were in a rush. I guessed that probably had helped the organiser earn more money by getting commission from the restaurant.

I managed to learn quite a number of stuffs even though at times I got so sleepy when they taught stuffs which I had already known. Overall, it was quite worth the money. It was all thanks to Mike that I was able to attend it.

Experience at MediaCorp

[Monday, 09 April, 2007]

Finally, I got to sleep as early as 3am. My alarm clock sounded at 8am but I went back to sleep for my mum was supposed to wake me up after she was done with my half boiled egg. Forty five minutes later, I waked up but it was not ready yet.

After my very light breakfast, I set off in bus 167 to Thomson Road. I took a long stroll up the hill (Olive Road) as I was welcomed by two dogs barking fiercely at me. The owner of the house was very irresponsible that he did not lock up the gate and they dashed out towards me but luckily they posed no threat.

I was able to get to MediaCorp, but somehow was not confirm about it. I called Jesedy and even approached the guard, and finally the lady at the reception. I exchanged my identification card for the visitor pass, which was actually quite fun for it could be tagged to open the doors. I was stunned when the lady told me to call Jesedy but later I realised my information was keyed in earlier. I hanged around there for some time before asking the same lady for direction and she took out a map to guide me.

I managed to find my way to the Annex Building and soon met up with Jesedy. I was told to enter an empty room to fill in my particulars and memorise some lines. Later, another guy was brought in and he was there for audition as well. His name was something like “Haixi”, who was five years younger than me. We did some photo-taking and self introduction using video camera, which was quite weird.

After I was done, Jesedy received a call and she passed over to me, telling me it was from Ben. The voice was unfamiliar but since I had not talked to him for very long, I did not have any doubt at all. I started replying him with crappy messages. When he asked me why I was there, I told him I was too poor recently and had to work part-time. When he asked why I was with Jesedy, I told him he was with her and not me. Later on, the audition for Haixi started and Jesedy took over the phone and realised he was Ben’s dad.

The friendly lady returned me back my identification card later and joked with me. I went to the toilet to shit later and realised it was very nicely done. As I was making my way to the bus-stop without looking at my map again, I realised I got to a dead end at Caldecott Close. I saw a small guard house with a rifleman and further inside was another one. I knew some important people were staying there. I asked the first guard for the way and realised I had made a complete wrong way in the rain. Then, I managed to take Andrew Road, which led to the expressway by the side of Macritchie Reservoir, which was somehow quite familiar. Then, I went to the bus-stop and waited quite long for bus 167.

After reaching home, I dozed off soon. Waking up at around 4pm, I took my lunch, which was fishball noodle. Francis called me about the Boonlay rental and later, I called Regina for the forms and left for the office soon. I was disappointed that the forms for the rental of the whole hostel were not ready yet when the commencing date was 16th April, which was coming soon.

The Metalink people were earlier then the previous lesson. Somehow, I could not endure through the lesson for my head was spinning, perhaps because I had caught some rain and the room temperature was quite low. At least, I used back the same old tactic and was able to have some peace throughout the lesson without anyone asking me irrelevant and uninteresting questions. It marked the end of the six lessons but there should be at least one or two extra lessons soon to come.

I took bus 145 home and I was stunned when the bus stopped at Harbourfront for a pretty and sporty girl boarded it but was sitting at the front. She alighted at the same bus-stop and I was not in my mind again that I took another route home instead of the centre way. At least, the glance at her at the alighting doors was good enough to brighten the night.

Kelly called me soon after I reached home. I started watching television and finally was able to catch the “Four Famous Constables” on channel 8. Later, Kelly called me again and I brought the commission letter down to pass to her. She was busy on phone and I waited for her.

Suddenly, a cab stopped and a very hot and pretty girl alighted. She took the inner lift. Kelly was signalling me to look at the babe throughout even though she was very busy on the phone.

This night, finally I realised nothing than the Nanhua Secondary (or maybe ex) girl, there was another babe staying at my block.

Fifth Day of Course

[Wednesday, 04 April, 2007]

After sending Jianhao home, Jingkun, Weitat and I decided to drop by Mingfa’s house for a little chat. Later, Weitat sent Jingkun home before dropping me at my house. If it was not for Weitat, willing to spend extra half an hour on driving, I was not able to join them for the late night dinner and gatherings. I worked till after 7am.

Waking up after 2pm, normal daily routine proceeded but I had to attend the course at my office. At the lift, I met my neighbour, Kok Hin’s mum. She claimed I have lost at least four kilograms over the past few months and I was quite scared.

I was very early again. I got to chat with Royston for a while. As the rest slowly arrived, I was complimenting myself in my inner heart for I purposely sat at the edge and placed my bag besides me, so that Ruixiang could not sit besides me. Suddenly, I was distracted by some nice smell, turned towards the direction of it and saw him eating titbit. I could never guess what he was thinking about to take such strong smelling snack in that closed little room. I almost dozed off many times during the course and could never pay full attention.

I took my bread only when I was at the bus-stop. As I was near the carpark, I met Sor Ling and she was so excited to see me, telling me she actually wanted to find me urgently. She told me she had “lobang” for me and I was quite excited as well. She asked for my number again, saying that she had too many namecards to dig into.

After receiving her SMS, I added her in MSN. When she messaged me minutes later, she started asking me weird questions and at the start I had guessed she was in MLM but I never imagined she was actually doing very well in it. The money was tempting but my principle would never allow it.

Third Day of Course

[Friday, 30 March, 2007]

I was nodding really badly that I went to the bed and dozed off for some minutes before my mum arrived home. It was due to my work consciousness that I waked up in no time to continue with updating my sites. My brother was playing Condition Zero and I wanted so much to join in the game but the weight of money was higher. There was a little chat with Jianhao through MSN at the same time. I got too carried over by work due to the fact of the “dropping shares price” and eventually went to bed only at 6am and it took me quite some time to doze off with my plentiful thoughts mind.

I was trying to sleep for as long as possible for I had to attend the course at night. Mingfa waked me up at around 2pm eventually and he dropped by my house soon as he was at Bugis. There were some sensitive discussions before he left at around 4pm and I continued with my work. Kaelyn called me to look for some information online.

Self-made versus pre-made

When I was on my way to the office, I realised I had forgotten to bring my name tag. Upon reaching my destination, I started off checking new quotation from Kaelyn, which was with my Ou Xiang, and they did not invite me along. Then, I typed out my name using the office’s computer and printed it out immediately. I went back to the receptionist area’s sofa and started folding the big A4 size paper. Since it was around 6pm, Regina had left and thus I had nobody to chat with. Surprisingly, Winnie walked past and then she helped me to get some stuffs to complete my name tag.

Afterwards, I got to chat with Christopher. He was a manager from another team who I met earlier on at the computer area. He looked a bit like James Tan but seemed to be more concern about me. He gave me advices.

I was happy when one of the staffs for the course remembered my name so well. She was not a babe, but I really liked the feeling of being appreciated and recognised; I was always very early there for the course, which earned me the respect somehow.

Since Mingfa was not there, I had to sit alone until the pest came over to borrow pen from me and gladly shifted his stuffs over and that was my nightmare of the night. Apart from he was irritating; I could not trust him at all to ask about Kelly when he seemed to be together with one bastard of my team during a meeting which was months ago when Kelly was still around. Throughout the lesson, I was sleepy and could not concentrate.

I went to take bus 145 again instead of bus 167 or 196 for the route I preferred, which could give me some memories. There was this girl looking quite pleasant waiting down there and the bus arrived soon. Somehow she was so weird like as if she felt being looked at; when there were available seats behind, she chose to sit behind the bus captain. It was a turn off to see her alighting at the same stop as me but I purposely took another way home, which was of same distance.

My mum helped me to order fried rice to be delivered to my house and that was my very late dinner. At least, I was able to catch my favourite channel 8 China show “Zou Xiang Gong He” for the night.

First Day of Course after Four Months

[Monday, 26 March, 2007]

The stock market fell and it affected me badly; not the real one though. Work occupied me again. I did my best and slept as early as 4.30am.

I told myself I should sleep longer this day so as to keep myself energetic for the evening’s lesson. I could not remember if anyone had waked me up, but I told myself not to wake up even in the dream. I persisted until early afternoon before opening my eyes.

The afternoon was dull as usual, especially to witness the final result of the stock market at 3pm. After some work, I set off for the office at around 5.30pm.

The company was surprisingly crowded with the higher level people. I took one of the computers to surf net since I was half an hour earlier. Adeline came over to use the computer next to mine and I was glad that she still remembered me.

Almost everyone, except for three other people, was late. The lecturer, Douglas Lee, was very impressive. He was a good speaker with strong tone and gave people the confidence. I met Gary, who was Kelly’s friend. Then, Ruixiang joined me by my side and he talked too much, which was a big turn-off. The course went well. Mingfa called me twice to inform me that he could not make it.

I took bus 145 home. It was pretty crowded considered at the hour and when the bus was near Telok Blangah Height, I spotted an empty seat and went over. Suddenly, I was tagged hard on the shoulder. I turned over and saw Fenghui but she was alighting already.