Fell Sick for a Month

Not many people would believe that I have a rather weak body. Taking too much “heaty” food would take me down, other than being very upset. I usually feel thirsty even though my water bottle is always near me.

I was down with sore throat, cough, flu, diarrhea, and probably some fever almost a month ago. I went to the TCM before all the pests arrived and the four days of good behaviour did not save me. Then, I had to force myself to visit the polyclinic because I was told that green phlegm meant that it was a virus infection. Green poo threatened me more.

I knew I could have recovered much earlier like usual but it was a different scenario this time. Within the first few days when the symptoms arrived, I was deeply upset over certain news that I had lost my determination to resist anything. It made me feel stuffy on my chest and I knew my conditions would be worsened.

It took me a few weeks to pull myself together after trying to accept reality. I was, however, very loaded with work that I could not have sufficient rest. Keeping myself occupied with work was quite a good way to numb myself anyway. Nevertheless, being in a bad shape had slowed down my work by a lot.

The dry cough after the phlegm was gone kept me companied throughout for at least a week more. I still went to the toilet twice or more times daily as a new routine, and there would be bad tummy-ache at least once.

It was until Thursday night, I felt healthy and managed to have a good volleyball game, followed by supper at McDonald’s with my elder brother and mum.

Battling against illness depends a lot on the mind and I know I should try to avoid recalling depressing stuffs.

Volunteered for ASD Singapore Goodies Bag Packing Team

[Saturday, 20 November, 2010]

I worked on the tuition agency website until 9am and managed to also create a Twitter and Feedburner accounts for it. I dozed off for a while until 10am and felt quite surprised that Huiting did not give me morning call. My mum bought noodle for me and the fish cake she heated up in the oven was cold. I went to the toilet twice and I knew I would be late definitely.

Huiting called me when I was at the lift lobby and in order not to be disconnected, I did not board the lift. She told me she was leaving Singapore Polytechnic and since she did not know how to get to her friend’s place as well, we decided to meet. However, I was not sure where to meet her at since she did not know the Pasir Panjang Food Centre. We agreed on meeting at the prata shop, which I knew would take me longer to reach.

I was too tired to walk after having the diarrhoea and thus I went to the bus-stop in front of Amara Hotel instead of walking a longer distance to Keppel Road. I alighted at Vivocity to change bus but Huiting told me her bus did not stop near the prata shop. Therefore, I got her to take cab in directly while I stick to my original plan.

After arriving at Pasir Panjang, I made a wrong move to enter the private estate on my left, which was actually a deadly. Judging from the map, if there was an opening, I would have shortened my journey by quite a lot. I took the entrance at the extreme right and managed to find a familiar path along the canal. Eventually I made it to the playground and I was lucky to reach the destination soon.

After going into the house, I managed to see Huiting and I was quite stunned to see that one of the girls was stylish looking. We got started soon and it was quite messy for the goodies from the sponsors were too many to be lined up properly. We had over four hundreds of goodies bags to settle and I mainly worked on some papers and magnets that nearly broke my back.

We ended work after 2pm and went to the nearest duck rice stall to eat. It was the second time I went there and I was quite surprised over how popular it seemed to be when there was nothing much special. The meal cost more than sixty bucks and Ricky, being the eldest guy, treated us.

We took bus to Harbourfront while Huiting stayed at the bus-stop to wait for her sister to drive over. I was quiet through the journey for I knew none of them, except for the stylish babe did talk to me on the way for our lunch. I waited at the bus-top while the rest of them went to the train station.

I dozed off soon with Lucky after reaching home after 3pm. I woke up at around 6pm and started working on the tuition agency website.


Meeting Off, Stuck at the Gym for Work

[Monday, 25 October, 2010]

As usual, I spent the morning working on my tuition website and then blogging. I went to sleep after 7am.

Lucky woke me up in the afternoon. My elder brother went down for his leg treatment again and thus I had to take care of Lucky by myself for an hour.

A guy from Starhub, Ari, called me regarding the request for voucher for my renewal of mobile phone plan. He insisted that Starhub could only give me at most a hundred dollar voucher and I was quite pissed off. I got him to call me back the next day so that I could discuss with my younger brother as we had intention to switch over to Singtel for Starhub’s reception was ridiculous.

I wanted to go down to the gym earlier but I had some stuffs to sort out with my younger brother regarding the tuition agency. Since he was coming home, I waited for him.

I left home at around 7.30pm, so that I would be early for the meeting with Andrew and Letian. I was quite shocked that none of them was around there since I thought they would be there for training before the meeting. I waited until it passed 8pm, I SMSed Letian who did not reply me. Later on, I tried contacting Andrew and he told me the meeting was cancelled for Letian was sick. I was at a lost suddenly for waiting down there over nothing.

Tze Khit stopped me from leaving since he had a poster for me to edit. He accompanied me to Burger King where I grabbed my dinner and helped Wilson to get a meal too. Tze Khit insisted to treat me for the dinner but I used his fifty dollars note to foot the bill before taking out my money from my wallet to return to him together with the change. He was too generous to check the sum.

We went back to the gym soon and I started having my dinner. The new mushroom chicken tasted quite nice at the first bite but I craved for the normal chicken burger instead.

I started working with Tze Khit and Bobby. They wanted to make changes to my previous design with all the updated stuffs. It was an extremely tough night for me as they were trying hard to fight against time and poured me with multiple instructions at one time before I could finish even a step. There were numerous trial and errors to exhaust my brain and fingers, especially when I was using the laptop’s mouse pad.

Right before midnight, when it was almost done, while waiting for them to surf the net for photos, I rushed to the toilet as I had diarrhoea. The rest of them left the gym soon.


Diarrhoea at the Gym Again

[Friday, 23 July, 2010]

I went to bed after 5am. Zaki woke me up at around 11am to ask me for my email because he was going to organise a trip during the National Day long weekend. Tze Khit dropped me an SMS that he had changes for his website again and I promised him to go down to the gym. My brunch was cereal.

I reached the gym after 1pm and he had some changes with his web form. It was hell to me and it took me some time to figure out roughly what the original script was doing but I was not able to customize it to what he wanted. After having diarrhoea, I continued with the work and provided another better solution for him. He could not believe it would take such long time to simply add another feature and I did not show the stress on my face.

Tze Khit went out for errands while I sat on the sofa and dozed off for a while. Weisheng’s phone prevented me from going into deeper sleep. The unwell stomach had caused weakness all over me, together with the lack of sleep, I waited for Weisheng to start off training at 4.30pm.

Since I was weak, I took longer breaks. I did not dare to overestimate my energy this time and I had lighter weights. The four sets of chin-ups went in the sequence of 18, 12, 10, 8. Eventually Tze Khit complained about my long rest time.

After the workout, I stayed there to chat with them since my mum had changed her mind and decided to cook just for dinner instead of late lunch. Bobby talked about me not having enough protein to replenish my wear-off muscle since I had been refusing to take protein powder.

My mum changed her mind again and she called for delivery instead. After that, I called Ouxiang to ask her about Kaelyn’s wedding and she checked it out for me, and I was stunned for I had typed too much craps in my Facebook replies that she thought I was not going to attend. I was lazy to attend wedding dinners but for great friends, I would spend the time sitting down there just to get a few exchanges of words and taking a group photo.

When I messaged Huiting, she told me there was a major change in her project and thus the website I had been helping her with the design was no longer needed.


The Day My Family Went Malaysia Again

[Saturday, 3 July, 2010]

It was my third time staying over at Zaki’s wonderful house. He kept the place so neat and tidy, and the furnishing was too great for a person with an absolutely disgusting house like mine. My family were going to Malaysia for durian trip over at my brother’s girlfriend’s relative place and that was why I felt a bit uncomfortable not accompanying my mum the night before they left.

I did not bring my laptop along as I was not prepared to stay overnight there; in fact, it seemed to be an impromptu decision to go over to Zaki’s house. He left his netbook at the living room and thus I was able to go online this time. The netbook was in fact a killer for the keyboard’s alignment was slightly different from a “regular sized” laptop’s, which meant a lot. I was struggling very hard to type in the darkness, by the side of the glass door next to the balcony. One of the most common key used was “backspace”.

I spent the morning replying to Huiting’s MSN messages while typing my diary in Gmail. Afterwards, I used Gmail to store a story written for SmokeForWhat.comMy ex girlfriend is a smoker.

I went to the toilet at around 3am when I was ready to sleep but I was horrified by the fur all over my jeans. I was raped by the mat that Zaki’s cat, Pika, always rested on. I spent more than ten minutes inside the toilet to pluck the fur off from my jeans.

Hirman had wrapped himself up with the blanket and thus I used a big cushion to protect me from the cold air sent down by the fan on the ceiling and right in front of the air-conditioner. I could not doze off. After some time, Hirman woke up to witness my unglamorous hideout and I was glad to be able to sleep properly under the blanket. I dozed off soon.

We woke up at around 7+am. Hirman and I left after 8am since Zaki was going to accompany his parents. We had our breakfast at the nearest TCC. I was actually eyeing for half boiled eggs and it almost caused me to drool in my sleep. Nevertheless, the TCC in the building of NAPFA was quite stylishly furnished and it was not a bad idea. We sat there and chatted. We shared our views and we both agreed strongly to the fact that our group of angels were people without hidden agenda and thus it made us so comfortable to hang out with.

He dropped me at Bugis Village and I rushed to the nearest toilet after crossing the road. It was drizzling and it was probably not the best idea to change my mind and take bus instead. I reached home at around 11am and the house was empty. I called my mum but she did not pick up the call and I knew they had left for Malaysia. After bathing, I dozed off.

Magdalene woke me up at around 2pm in the afternoon. It was the second time she woke me up within two days but I was glad that she did that before I woke up totally strengthlessly due to famine. She had nice appraisal for me after she saw me in the drama “Your hand in mine”, which she had recorded and was viewing with her daughter.

I went downstairs to get myself a packet of carrot cake before going up to continue with updating of SmokeForWhat.com.

At night, I called for delivery for a packet of Malay fried rice.


Photography with Hot Babe and Hunk

[Thursday, 24 June, 2010]

The updating of blogs took me hours and by the time my sleep devil stopped refusing me to doze off, it was daylight.

Both my brain and movement were slow in the morning. I was supposed to meet Vanessa at 12.30pm but I was late for around fifteen minutes in my zombie-like pace. Nevertheless, I waited at Boonlay MRT station’s platform for more than half an hour for the hot babe.

We went to Tanjong Pagar market for our lunch. I was glad that she was more than easygoing and she got so excited while eating the famous ice kachang. We went to Tze Khit’s gym and started the photoshooting. I was at a lost since I was a newbie in handling DSLR camera and had never tried focusing on both model and equipments. The three of us managed to get things done eventually.

Le Tian arrived later. The four of us left for Bras Basah to pick up the gym posters and purchase some hard board. After that, we took our early dinner at the foodcourt. Le Tian left to meet his friends at Bugis whereas Vanessa went to Raffles’ City to shop before meeting her friend. I felt bad to let her go alone and having to travel to the west by herself.

I followed Tze Khit back to the gym. Diarrhoea hit on me and I had to wait for some time to do some simple workout.


Visit to ITE Choa Chu Kang

[Wednesday, 23 June, 2010]

My eyes were unusually tired in the morning and I tried to make good use of the opportunity to doze off early. However, I remembered the air-conditioner’s warranty submission was going to be dued, and thus I had to start penning. Mitsubishi was cool for they provided an envelope that said addressee would pay for the stamp fee. However, All Best’s warranty was a postcard that required stamp and I found that troublesome.

After everything was done, I started dozing off but I woke up within less than an hour later. I could not doze off again and thus I joined my brother in the World Cup game of France against South Africa. France was pawned. Though I had no special liking in them, I still felt reluctant for the once champion team to not even get into the top 16.

A bad stomach was one of the main causes that made me unable to doze off.

I made my virgin trip down to ITE Choa Chu Kang. It was a long journey and I hated transiting from the East-West line to North-South line and finally to LRT.

The first thing I looked for was the toilet. After chatting with Mdm Seet for some time, I managed to survive to reach the toilet. After that, I went to find Diana before going down to meet Joy and Weitat at the foodcourt. After walking around the foodcourt and meeting familiar faces, I finally bought a bowl of liang doufu. Diana joined in and later, Juliana came with another section head. Weitat and Joy left and I felt quite awkward sitting down there.

After lunch, I went up and got to see Mei Hoe. She showed me around the campus but since it was raining, we could not get over to the sports complex, which I was most interested in. Magdalene arrived next and I went around with her together with Joei and Weitat. After that, Joei and I sat onto Weitat’s car to lead Magdalene to Yew Tee.

I went off with Mei Hoe to Choa Chu Kang and took our dinner at the coffee shop near the interchange.


Long Hours of Meeting

I managed to pull through my Sunday outside when I was not feeling well. The usual weekend burnt was back again for my studies.

As Soon Siong had predicted, the meeting would drag for an hour before everyone was present. We met up at the usual place, at The Cathay Starbucks, but the seats with power source were all taken up and the guests did not seem to be leaving after standing there together with Soon Siong for nearly forty-five minutes. A group of youngsters were playing Dota while another ang moh lady occupied two tables with five chairs, and she reminded me of those Dracula shows in her red and curly hair.

We moved to SMU where Jeremy met up with us. Jeremy and I formed a recce team in search of a better place. We shifted to the accountancy’s study table to realize that there was no Wireless@SG connection. After wasting so much time, we set off for early dinner at the Kopi Tiam across the road after some discussion. I had a big plate of char siew rice, which was very rare, yet I was not full after finishing the entire plate. It was probably due to the bad diarrhoea the night before. In fact, I was feeling very weak, moreover, with the muscle aches from the continuous days of sports for the past few days.

We moved to the first level of SMU after dining. I bought a cup of soya bean drink and Jeremy soon admitted that he could not withstand the heat. We decided to move to some café instead of going down to the SMU’s basement that was secluded from the free internet access.

Our first station at the Coffee Bean café was a disappointment with the number of students occupying the tables. After that, we decided to try our luck back to our usual meeting place again. We split into two tables until the sofa seats were empty, and we finally merged together as a team. I was exhausted by the. This day, Andy seemed to have come to enlightenment that he managed to spot some major flaws, which we could have improved a lot. I was very glad that he had pointed them out, but at the same time, I was very disappointed with the continuous changes of our project game play. It had been months and we had been making major changes for almost every meeting. We were too short of time.

I tried to read up about the sockets notes given by Jingkun in my tiredness and discomfort body, and it spelled only exhaustion. I had been missing Java programming for years and the basics were enough to give me problems.

The meeting lasted until 10.30pm and the preparation for the next day was a phobia and caused frustration.


Failed to Catch a Wink Again

After a night of wrecking my house with the new furniture, the following afternoon on the Sunday was set to relax myself. Indeed, I had a deep sleep in the afternoon before I started working in the evening.

For as much as I hated to work at home, it seemed impossible to get things done without these struggles. Till then, there was no wish of continuing with my usual web design hobby for I knew the time span was too short for anything.

I refused to sleep that night, putting all concentration into each detail of every piece of PowerPoint projects and making sure I allocated marks accordingly to the efforts without any slight biasness.

In the morning, I had a tight schedule with the toilet; it was either due to the dragon fruit which I took before midnight or the disgusting jam on the bread which I swallowed for breakfast. I flushed my house’s toilet thrice and the school’s toilet twice, while I held on to avoid more times in the later part of the day.

We had lunch at Dover and the food was cheap. I had no choice but to feed myself with noodle during the stomach rioting period. Just when we were planning to make a move, it started pouring. We waited for some time before the rain showed mercy on us and resumed only after we got back to Jingkun’s car.

My initial plan to get started with marking of the last set of papers seemed way too far to fulfill. The afternoon kept me occupied with helping a colleague with software. I was not trying to be over-nice but she helped me a lot during the last semester when I was struggling with some problem children.