Passed Final Theory

I never thought I could do it.

I spent last Saturday battling with Facebook over the five hundred plus photos taken during the camp, and at night, I went to have a nice jog. I was too over-confident over myself for the one Sunday was not enough to study, unless, I was not at home to get distracted. I did not take Monday morning off to study at home, whereas, I had to do relief duties to lose more than half of the time.

I had my lunch packeted into the staff room so that I could multi-task. The weather was hot and I was wet by the time I reached the MRT. In my fatigue, I almost took the wrong train but managed to hop out of it before the doors closed. The walk from Bukit Gombak MRT towards the Bukit Batok Driving Centre was long. My mind was unclear somehow. I forgot what documents I was supposed to bring along for the test and I was not sure of the classroom as well. I sat outside classroom 1 and dozed off without further studying.

I supposed most of the bangalas who took basic theory did not pass and thus, the room was filled with mostly, Singaporeans. The seats besides me were empty at first. At the end of the briefing, an old uncle took the one on my left and started grumbling like as if the world owed him money. He had also applied some weird smelling oil that almost killed me through my nose. While I was double-checking my answers, many people left, including the babe sitting diagonally across me. I was shocked when the annoying uncle left his seat with a “PASSED” on the touch-screen LCD monitor. I kept telling myself I should never lose to him.

I was not very confident of some of my answers and one of them was even a guess. I knew I had done my best for probably not many people had gone through the questions twice like me. I clicked the submit button and I knew my effort paid.

Strangely, I was not very excited over my success.


Year 2010 New Year Resolution

Quit being a lecturer
Since more than a year ago, I wanted to leave for hundreds of reasons. It has been accumulating.

Find a stable job
It is time to get a stable job to have a stable income while striving for my future.

Get driving license
Many people are born with silver spoons and they can start getting their license once they reach the age limit; I cannot. Given time, I do not have the money; given the budget, I do not have the time.

Turn into inspiring site
Life is a learning experience. I live through the hard way, and it will be nice to let people learn something out of finding out my life.

Get up
This project has halted too long since more than two years ago. This is a little effort I can contribute to the society.

Get sCreative company up
A joint effort proposed by Irwin; something that can push and prove my capability in my desire to work on something major in my life.

Up 10 websites/blogs in total
A little race against Mike; an ambitious goal being set to place myself in a financially stable stage of life.

Get rid of big fish tank
The big bulky tank with two crazy tortoises splashing disgusting water out of from the top, heating up the electricity bill with the big plump and forever-on light, it shall be removed from my tiny packed messy house. It is placed just besides me with the irritating sound of dripping water. This is not my house; it was my father’s house.

Get rid of two birds on ecstasy
Two crazy small gayish parrots chirping in the middle of the night in the darkness have gone over my limit. My elder brother sought no consent before bringing them home; again, leaving them in the living room.

Heal stomach
The Chinese physician says that it is harder for stomach to get healed than other parts of body. I continue to get bloated right after eating. I have to keep going back to replenish my medicine, and avoid spicy and any food that is hard to be digested.

Jog 40 times
I need to keep myself healthy and I need to see more babes at all the beautiful destinations.

Sleep before 1am daily
For more than half of my life I’m destroying myself.


Passed My Driving Basic Theory Test

Wednesday morning, I was relieved because there was no relief duty. Walking into the office was like torturing myself inside a big freezer without clothes on. Thus, I moved to an empty classroom to do my remaining studies for the basic theory test.

I received my new project before the holidays even started, which boss wanted me to work on when school reopened. Workload was far from what I was expecting. I decided to leave it for the next week after my test and FYP presentation before starting to reckon my brain.

Joy offered to send me over to BBDC for my test in the afternoon but I did not want to trouble her. In the midst of my meeting, she went to packet her lunch. Mei Hoe and Daniel went out without me since they thought I was not joining them as well. In the end, I went down to the canteen to packet my meal.

It started raining right before I was about to leave the office. I walked to Clementi MRT station like usual and took the train to Bukit Gombak station. It took me around twenty minutes for a slow walk over to BBDC. I waited outside classroom 1 where more people arrived. I was quite amazed with the number of bangala. I saw one of them using a very old book and I thought I was lucky enough to be using Kevin’s one, which he used three years ago.

The guy in charge of the room was very polite. We did the test with a touch screen monitor and I supposed someone who used the station before me had trained his fingers well that the surface of the monitor was rough. Before I could finish the test, a Chinese guy had left the room. A China lady failed her test and the staff had to explain to her that she had to get another test date. Whereby, when I was doing my checking for all the questions, the smelly Bangala besides me had not even finished half of the fifty questions. I clicked the “end” button to confirm that I passed.

I was not really surprised that I could do it since they allowed five out of fifty questions to be answered wrongly. I had passed my theory during my army days with perfect score, and the toughness was similar. Being the fourth person to walk out of the room, and probably the only one with a satisfied face, I was quite proud of myself.

I waited outside to get my PDL and witnessed a rude China man arguing with the counter lady, debating over her claim of him being rude. I was disgusted when he said that he was a PR.

I took the same route back to the train. It was yet time for me to relax myself, but at least I managed to take a little break inside the train, though I was standing all the way as usual.

My other worries after passing the basic theory test were the finding of private instructor and the advanced theory, which I had no clue about.


Registered for Driving Basic Theory

It was not my idea to be committed anymore for there was more things for me to focus on, or rather, I could have spent more time resting instead. I ended up joining Jingkun for lunch at 1pm instead of the rest at 12pm. I did not take breakfast because my mum woke up late.

Jingkun and I made our way to Bukit Timah food centre. It was a good place for there seemed to be quite a handful of babes around. I wanted to take western food but one of the stalls was not selling it for maybe they wanted to try switching to fried hokkien mee or whatever. I took a long queue for a plate of chicken rice, but it tasted quite okay.

After lunch, Jingkun sent me down to BBDC. It was his idea and finally I registered for an account so that I could book my basic theory. I felt ashamed for having him to push me to do it.

I had a busy afternoon walking around, being requested for helps and also to confirm some issues with my boss. Bernard sent Weiming, Mdm Seet and I to Dover MRT station and I reached Plaza Singapura quite early. I took my dinner at Long John Silver’s alone since none of my group members was early, before making my disappointing way to the crowded and small Daiso outlet.

Next, I proceeded straight to The Cathay’s Starbucks where Jeremy joined me soon after. I was badly distracted by the hot girls walking past and sitting nearby.

Due to the commitments, I took my medicine only once for the day, totally forgotten about it except in the late afternoon.


Volleyball after Reservist

After missing two sessions of volleyball game, I finally got to get back to the court again. I was, however, hesitating to leave the house; there were too many things to do and I was just too tired.

Sleepiness took control over me and I felt doped. This evening, there were another team who came over. Without properly warm-up, I started into the game and was caught in embarrass situation where I lost points during spiking. After the first game, Mingfa mentioned about Edison Chen and until then I realised Shengli was among the team; that described how sleepy I was. Like usual, when there were too many people, I would play as libero even when I was ready to float in the air and itch for more spiking.

The game ended late. Supper was at East Coast Park’s Hong Kong Café again. It happened like all other time that they served wrong food again. However, I had to admit that the food was quite tasty even though I always took only the same few dishes.

On the way home, Mingfa took over Wilson’s car. They advised me to take up driving again and I really hoped to do it except that money was too big an issue. Unlike any of my friends, there was a big burden on my shoulder.

Driving in camp

I’m giving up driving *** vehicles in my NSF life.

Driving is the best skill I have acquired in my entire servicing life and I honesty proclaim that almost all the rest of the time is wastage to my inspiring life.

I know for sure I will not be able to complete seven thousands kilometres before I ORD to convert my military license into civilian one for free, but at least I want to keep the skill so that I can confirm a first time pass if I were to take up driving on my own.

So much for my determination to pass the driving test, with the tremendous effort I have spent, the license is not put into good use. Even when driving is necessary required in my department, I’m not given a chance.

It is recently that I realise even driving inside the camp requires another test even though I already have the driving licence. Even though nobody will bother about me not having orientated even if I drive it in camp, I feel it is better to follow the rules in case I meet any evil people.

With the thought that I want to refresh my memory once in a while, I really hope I can be orientated and then able to borrow a landrover whenever I’m free or is required to move stuffs around.

I went back to the MT-Line yesterday to look for the guy who told me I could be orientated any time without even bringing any document along. It was around two in the afternoon and I supposed they had just finished their mid-parade.

I went to the guy and tried to talk to him but he did not even look at me. At first I thought he had something on his mind that he did not want to be distracted and so I just continued to smile at him and even followed him across the car park. By then, I had confirmed that he was treating me as invisible totally. There were even a few times I thought I was a spirit out of my body.

It was not that I had offended him. In fact, he was so friendly to me the day before when I brought the contractor over and he even offered so much help. I felt so embarrassed to being treated like a fool.

However, I decided not to waste my trip there and so I approached Master Sergeant Sega instead. He was the guy who had given me so many problems during my ROC trip and I had done my best to help him everytime, even to entertain him inside the operation room. All he said was “later okay”.

I stood there waiting, but as I thought over all the treatments and future interaction with them, people of weird working attitudes, I walked off to avoid unnecessary trouble.

So, I have to drop the idea of driving a landrover all by myself.

Life goes on

I drove with my class 3 and 4 license today even though I shouldn’t be, it was quite fun.

This was a good day compared to the previous days, just that I was very busy again. But I must say I really asked for troubles myself to pick up little shit, too insignificant for others to see. Then, whenever I tried to take some rest, there were more things to do.

Though I couldn’t change the expression, I was feeling better already. Yuqing did a good job by talking about some interesting topics with me. However, it was impossible to control my voice when people asked and I started to redress my grieve in front of them.

Life still goes on, but some impacts will never be removed.

Driving and riding

Shit! I got to drive again! It was bloody cool!

I had a busy morning, carrying stuffs around again. I was testing the fire, the aching on my back that I refused to give up. It wouldn’t start immediately and so I tried to endure that I could feel the strengthless back once again.

Then, we were told to move the old computers including some very heavy servers over from the medical block which was so far away. We were given nothing, except for the five men’s manpower. Having some common sense, I suggested borrowing vehicles from the MT-line. Quek called Shep, who called the MT-line but could only indent for the afternoon.

I wouldn’t do thing which was impossible, refused to give up, I took Yuqing and Kwang Han down for a tour around the parade square. I approached the Terrestrial team but they were busy conducting lessons and they couldn’t lend us a Unimog. A few drivers waved to me and I thought they were greeting other people instead; it was a moment of embarrassed because I thought they couldn’t recognise me already. I approached them but they didn’t have extra vehicle. Sam was there conducting test and I sounded out to him and he gladly lent us one of his four landrovers. Next was the problem with the key because the drivers were already gone. I ran to the other end of the parade square where the Unimogs had blocked to look for the safety rover’s driver but the vehicle was gone. It was just seconds of time when I saw him drive back. Faizal – this great man lent me his key, which was fit for all rovers.

I started the driving. It was the credits of Yuqing and Kwang Han that I didn’t fail to switch on the signals before making any turn. I almost forgot I had to clutch in to change gears. It was a smooth journey. I took quite a long time to park nicely and I knew I could actually do it better without any instruction. We switched drivers, where Yuqing took my place on the journey back and Kwang Han made the next attempt to the medical centre. I took the last ride with everyone loaded up and felt so disappointed after stalling the engine twice.

Anyway, it was all thanks to Sam and Faizal that the work could be finished in less than two hours. I was also very touched when my colleagues repeatedly warned me to be careful of my back and not to over-exert myself.

Just when I was leaving camp, I met Jaiyat Singh who sent me to the MRT station with his bike. It was so cool with the air hitting my body, doubtlessly more fun than driving a car.

I don’t know which driving license I should take up – class 2 or 3. I’ve already had skill to drive a four wheeled vehicle and had a higher chance to pass; however the price would drain off my saving and my family doesn’t even have a car for me. Whereas to ride and support a bike is much more affordable, therefore would more likely be my future mean of transport.

From another point of view, when I’m driving a car, my left hand can be placed on the passenger’s thigh; whereas when I’m riding a bike, the passenger would be hugging me from the back. How interesting.

Islandwide Driving

Driving on the expressway was exciting. It was by then free to display my creativity i driving, whereby o instructor was sitting besides me most of the time.

We should be failures for the tests, and I guaranteed I’d get more than 30 major faults if islandwide driving was the test. That was when I finally got to understand Mr Low’s words that with the huge vehicle I was driving, I could be the “king” of the road.

My greatest regret was that he was unable to sit besides me while I cut through the lanes and forced other vehicles to give ways. I was just doing the right thing to survive on the roads of Singapore.

Driving was a challenge to build up confident, determination and hard-heartenness. I had made my first step into independency.