A Crazy Night

Sometimes, I do crazy things without thinking when there is no time to even hesitate. I hate to give up chances, which I have been doing. The usual thought “how many ten years’ do we have” has been emerging in my brain a lot.

I held my bladder and dashed through the late night of the crowded town area where people stared at my semi formal attire. I slowed down to look at the map but my heavy head refused to tell me how to use it. I continued in my half drunk state, into the darkness at the unfamiliar place. I was very uncertain of the direction. I had never thought of giving up but I prayed hard to have more time. I did not mind suffering longer as sweat began to drench me and I just wished to get to the correct location. The road names gave me fears and I began to doubt my judgment of the direction. It took me great courage to move on when I did not get any text reply. I saw hope when I finally saw the correct road sign but the bus-stop was empty. I dragged on my weary feet and proceeded but the next destination along the same road damped my short-lived happiness. It appeared to be a never-ending road, which I pressed on.

I reached in the nick of time. There was so much for me to celebrate about. It was one of the most memorable and dramatic stories of my life even though I puked and landed myself with bruises on my hand. Then, I realized my calf muscles had long given up on me. I was nervous and too loss on words, but I felt great.

It was not a story about a prince on a white horse but a smelly chap slightly better than being barefooted. There was probably no charisma or a heroic feeling with the shabby looks, but that was far beyond a normal guy could do.

I tried hard and I did well, but the initial goal might be just wrong that I ended up posing problems to everyone.

Hangover at Zaki’s Place

Staying over at Zaki’s place, at Parc Emily, over Friday night was great. Basically, he made me realized true friends were always there to help no matter what. He was not even scare of me puking all over his place like how Hirman did the previous time.

I slept early on his bed. My head was spinning with pain and my mood was unstable. I woke up around twice at nine plus and three plus due to my phone. Other than that, it was one of the longest duration I had slept for the past few years.

He walked me to the coffee shop nearby to have roti prata together. Afterwards, he cleaned up the house while I played with his cat. Then, we walked from his place to Funnan Centre and I finally got to know how centralized his place was. I was tempted by an Acer laptop Aspire 4736 at the price of $1200.

Next, we went to Raffles’ City to do his groceries, where I picked up a few skills from him in selecting food and fruits.

I probably needed a few weekends of staying over there in order to recuperate from all these years’ fatigue, especially the recent stress. The tranquility was tempting.



[Thursday, 31 May, 2007]

I struggled till 5am for it was Vesak Day and I needed not to go work.

I waked up at around noon and began with my work. The slow computer pissed me off that I almost wasted the entire afternoon, which I could have possibly tripled my work with a better system.

Kelly called me again to inform me that the completion date for block 102 Bedok was the next day and since the keys were still with me, I was totally turned off. After talking to Mingfa, he said he would collect them from me and at the same time, he asked me out for steamboat with Wilson and some ex Shuqun players.

They arrived at my place in three cars owned by Wilson, Alvin and Shunliang. I took Wilson’s RX8 and proceeded to Bugis instead of Marina South, where we had problems finding parking lots. After we parked the cars, we went to the steamboat stall but there was a long queue.

We went to Bugis Junction instead and decided on Pastamania instead of Seoul Garden because of the price. Shunliang left to take duck rice and came back later. The girl who entertained me at the counter smiled without stopping, which puzzled me a lot. However, she managed to persuade me to pay extra two bucks for a ten inches Hawaii pizza instead of a seven inches one.

There was a cute waitress on training, however, the rest were joking about her because they claimed that her mouth was big like Jeff Wang. We joked about asking for her number. My pizza seemed to be on the plane and we called for this cute waitress who went to help me and get one with the circumference overcooked. We made some fake fuss over it and she was a bit loss. When she offered to help me get a replaced one, I refused to, for we already had enough of wait. Mingfa told her I wanted to get her number but I was cool with it. Shunliang helped me with two small slices of them and I had to stuff them into my mouth for their parking coupons were going to expire soon. before we left, I asked her to submit our lucky draw coupons and I told her the one on top belonged to Wilson in order to “sabo” him.

Inside the car during the car washing

Wilson’s good friend – the monkey

As we got back to the street where we parked the car, we crowded around Wilson’s lousy car to discuss where to go. Junyuan’s girlfriend needed to join her friends at Serangoon Garden and we decided to join them eventually. I got into Wilson’s car and he led the way until when we were at Hougang, the other cars lost track of us after a filter lane near the sports hall. Wilson decided to go to the nearby petrol station to clean his car.

As we joined up with the rest, they wanted to use the toilet and thus we went back to the Shell petrol station from the roundabout. Just then, we realised the mini-mart was 7-11 store and we went in to get drinks and titbits. After that, we went to a park nearby and joined up with Junyuan’s girlfriend’s big group of friends.

Shunliang seemed moody and I tried to stay close to him but there was no chance to talk to him about his problems with people around us. There was an unpleasant smell at the part where they sat down and I only went inside when they decided to play Indian poker and soon, changed to the “Zhong Ji Mi Ma” number guessing game. My guys were thinking that all of them were very childish, but we got to mix with them well with the game.

They started pouring all the different type of drinks into an empty bottle and even adding of sea weeds inside. I lost a game by accident and was forced to drink up the water which one of the girls added in the remaining washabi sea weeds, which was very disgusting for I had to chew on them for quite long before I could swallow them. My face turned red I supposed and I felt like I was drunk, and in fact, I would rather drink alcohol than to take that bottle of disgusting water.

We played the last game when I was supposed to “sabo” Junyuan’s girlfriend as instructed but Junyuan was not sure how to use my phone and the plan was seen through and Alvin was the final victim. After that, Wilson sent Junyuan, Junyuan’s girlfriend and I off. He dropped the couple near Bugis while I was still feeling drunk.