Finally, Jogged to Marina Barrage Again

[Saturday, 7 August, 2010]

I had lunch at the Tanjong Pagar food centre with my family. I had a bowl of fish soup.

The highlight of the day was the jog to Marina Barrage at 6pm. Due to the problems with my stomach and that I did not maintain a constant pace, I faced difficulties. For the start, I realised it was not a good idea to set off on the last Saturday before National’s Day. I knew there was rehearsal of the National Day parade and many people would crowd around at Marina Barrage to catch the fireworks.

This time round, I held on to my phone and started recording video from Shenton Way till Marina Barrage. However, the product was much shaken than I had expected. I was quite unlucky that traffic light was against me at the first junction to delay me badly. Soon, I was exhausted and my timing was disgusting in the end.

Marina Barrage was crowded. The management even projected shows at the ground level to a big screen and they blasted the sound. There was no quiet spot and I had to go till the far end where it was much warmer to take a rest. After being attacked by sand flies, I shifted to near the lift at where I used to camp at during my earliest few trips. Finally I lay down to close my eyes and rest. However, when I tried to check my watch for the time, it started to go haywire. The screen went blank and the alarm sounded to irritate me from my rest. It stopped after quite some time and when I tried to press the buttons, the same irritant came back.

It was not a good night to catch rehearsal’s fireworks for there was explosion for every ten to fifteen minutes that lasted probably around ten seconds each time. I was surrounded by Chinese from Shanghai.

It was one of the latest times I set off from Marina Barrage. I had to use the stopwatch from the phone’s function instead since the watch was down. I hated my timing. The jog seemed to have worsened my left foot’s condition.

My dinner was spaghetti cooked by my elder brother.


Second fireworks watch

[Friday, 11 August, 2006]

On the day of the second visit to see the fireworks, Gilberto and I were supposed to get there earlier to find and book decent place. However, we did not do as planned, but only to go there slightly earlier than the previous time.

We had Burger King meal at Raffles City before meeting up with Reuben. Ivan soon arrived, followed by Louis. After buying food back at Burger King, we set off for a picnic near Esplanade.

We were joined up by Yuqing, Siu Hang and one of Gilberto’s female friends. Ivan was delighted with the “scenery” during his journey from camp.

Gilberto caught 断手 again

Gilberto on phone

A camera on tripod stand, ready for the fireworks

Gilberto and Ivan

Xiao Hong pledging loyalty to the country

Gilberto putting his hand on Ivan’s knee *obscene*

I was surprised over how we could camp there from around six till nine o’clock. I had some fun playing with Yuqing’s camera, which certainly cost a bomb. The auto focus speed was fast.

Fireworks. I love this picture a lot with the excited people on the bottom



The fireworks were beautiful, however being destroyed by a cupboard out of nowhere in the park. The absence of the lover degraded the romantic night.

There were babes everywhere, sweeties in uniforms and “Ah Lians” in all kinds of strange clothes with funny gestures. I was filled with courage to take pictures with the cute girls but realising the photo was nothing great a show-off to having a sweet girlfriend, which I was blessed with already.

The last station was after a long walk to Plaza Singapura at the Starbucks. The few of us had a little gossiping and discussion about Quek’s party.

Who placed the cupboard there?

[Friday, 11 August, 2006]

If you have been hearing about “ugly Singaporeans”, I am sad to inform you that it is still not the end. These people are continuing to ruin Singaporeans’ image.

The problem of watching fireworks arouses everyday during this National Day season.

It is good to know that the population is getting wealthier and are willing to fork out more money for the art of photography; many of them even have tripod stands with them, looking like professional photographers.

Fascinated viewers have been camping as early as six o’clock or earlier near the Esplanade to catch the grand displays. You can see mats on the floor and families having picnics with lunchboxes on their hands and even couples chilling side by side.

Since places like the side of the river do not have seats like the national stadium, there was no rule on how each spectator should assemble on the flat grounds. There is a choice of the crowds sitting down or standing up in order to accommodate everyone’s sightline. Whereas for most people, they would rather choose to sit down and enjoy the night.

However, this night, Uncle Deaf-ears made a different decision to upset everyone who was stationing further away from the river.

As the fireworks began to light up the sky in rejoice, some people had tried to stand up but were jeered by the tens of angry people behind. It was at the open area behind the famous DXO clubbing place, where there was a little pause to the stretches of trees along the river.

There were screaming of people of different races and ages, and eventually the enlightened blockheads sat down, except for Uncle Deaf-ears. He was besides a plump and unfortunate lady, and holding a small camera, standing upright to challenge the power of typhoon.

The beautiful picture without perfection

There was no difference for him to sit or stand since the display was at a certain height where he could easily take good shots of them. In fact, he had blocked the views of so many cameramen who were eager to take down the magnificent exhibit to share with their families or friends, or even to foreigners to share the joyful and magnificent celebration of Singaporeans.

The hissing and jeering sound lasted for more than a minute but they did not take effect on him; he won the innocent crowds as their voices could not bring him down no matter what.

He was standing there
while everyone was sitting down

So much for my patience, I could not hold it any longer and finally lost my calm and quietness, straight behind this uncivilised brat I realised my curiosity, “Who placed the cupboard there!”

There were laughers at the surrounding where people were in furious moods. Immediately, someone behind me shouted to urge me to give a louder voice but I felt it was enough for Uncle Deaf-ears to hear the assurance. He did not back off or even look back.

The shameless couple

I was a hero for a moment, not enough to beat the arrogance of the bully, but still managed to cheer the sweet folks up for a few seconds.

The crucial matter is how behaviours of Singaporeans have improved over the past ten or twenty years, whether have the years of courtesy campaign taken any effect on ignorant and selfish Singaporeans.

Is it fair for some black sheep to spoil the whole image of Singaporeans especially during this period of time when the international visitors are coming for the upcoming Singapore 2006 (S2006) event?

At the wrong place

[Tuesday, 08 August, 2006]

On the last working day of mine, we decided to go and catch the first day of fireworks at Marina.

Since it was only confirmed on the day itself, most of us did not bring home clothes again and everyone was already stink after the morning run, we went home first to wash up.

The meeting time was changed from 1830h to 1900h, which was still quite unrealistic. Gilbert himself was late and whereas the rest, other than Ivan and I, reached so much later like near 2000h.

Cityhall was badly packed and it was very difficult to even move around, needless to say, to meet up with them. It reminded me of situations like in Chinatown during Chinese New Year. We were astonished of course and it was a total turn-off. Ivan and I could not stand the crowd and left immediately to Marina Square once we met up with Gilbert.

The food outlets were all filled with people, even for fast food like MacDonald’s and Long John Silver’s had queue from the counters till outside the shops. It was a terrible sign for the viewing of fireworks might be obstructed by people. The only pro was that there were definitely more beauties on the road among the big crowds.

It was quite a disappointing night for me as Vivi was supposed to join us but her siblings once again had foiled our romantic plan. It was a teaching to me that in future, as parent, not to over-dote on any child or neglect any child’s feeling. Luckily my parents used to be very reasonable when I was young.

Kwang Han lying on the slope wall

Kengster acting cool

Simster, Gilberto, Xiao Hong

Kwang Han and Ivan

Gilberto, Xiao Hong, Kengster, Simster

Xiao Hong and Kengster

The moon taken with free hand

Kengster acting cool again

As the rest joined us at the camping spot right opposite the Esplanade, everyone was starving. We had a total strength of seven people, inclusive of Kengster, Simster, Kwang Han and Siu Hang. Some of them wanted to take their dinner despite the expense and timing, but Ivan and I decided to stay put since it was almost time for the excitement.

The two girls in front of us,
having more than average looks

Kwang Han resting

Xiao Hong revealing his true colours

Ivan, Gilberto, Kengster, Simster

Slowly, we started to occupy the down sloping wall by the side of the ultra wide stairs, talking craps. There were three girls further down, who had unintentionally stopped us from occupying the better positions, we teased about them as well.

The crowds at the wide stairs

Little part of the fireworks

As the fireworks started, we saw to our disappointment. One building was blocking our views totally and my tripod stand was useless. I gave up and stayed at the same position to view the little part of the fireworks, whereas some of them went to another side to have a better view.

Ivan and Kwang Han

Kwang Han at JustNoodle


The only me because I was holding camera
almost all of the time,
looking still as ugly with spectacle on

Kwang Han, Ivan, Gilberto with Simster at the back

Xiao Hong and Kengster looking ugly

After that, we walked to Suntec City and decided on dining at Just Noodle again. I was not sure whose idea it was but I loved the free flow of drinks though we did not stay for long.

Followed by the late dinner, Vivi called me and we started chatting over the phone. I felt bad actually since everyone was wondering what to do next and I did not suggest anything or talk to them. As we went up to level one, Gilbert was lost and we wasted some time searching for him as his phone’s battery had almost dried up we could not contact him.

Soon, we ended the night.

Strolling alone

It was my busiest Chinese New Year Eve ever. I got home near 5pm and then tried to contact everyone for outing at night, clear all my emails and read up all my friends’ updated blogs. I almost forgot my haircut appointment at 6pm. I nodded at least thrice but luckily nothing went wrong with my hair.

After bathing, I started to do spring cleaning. Crazy it might sound like but it was the fact, on the very last moment just before the reunion dinner when my two brothers were enjoying their sleep. Alone, I made it happen, such that the living room was so much better than before (lasted for less than a night only).

I was waiting for Guoxin to come and weirdly there was no news from him. I started my reunion dinner near 9pm and he finally called when he was already at Buona Vista MRT. So, I quickly took up my first round of BBQ food and left them on the bowl to turn cold (better than being overcooked).

I brought him home and left him inside the room to burn the “仙剑奇侠传” show into CD. He was so lucky that the burner worked. I quickly took my dinner but he hadn’t finished the task; and he left the remaining job to me. Together, we left for Cityhall to meet the rest.

Kailin was the earliest, who almost had a heart-attack as I was still at home at the meeting time, but eventually I was only late for around fifteen minutes. My ou xiang (idol), Peifeng, arrived with her cousin and then followed by Siew Chin (人妖) who brought my “girlfriend” along. Together, we went to the River Ang Bao to look for Tze Khit and his mum.

We took many photos. Tze Khit’s mum was so funny that she posed looking at the other side when we asked her and Tze Khit to have a shot together. Though many friends did not go, I was still quite lucky to have the ratio of number boys to girls at 1:2 before Anqi arrived.

The vending machines sold drinks at two bucks per can, which was insane (similar to stalls at Haw Par Villa and Sentosa). The stalls were quite boring since they sold items almost the same as the previous years.

Anqi reached before twelve but she could not find us. As the fireworks started, I tried to shoot video; Olympus C-750 was not a good camera for video filming since the sound detector was not good. (Can get the video clip from me)

In the search of us, she went to Fullerton hotel and enjoyed the seats there comfortably and almost didn’t want to leave. We managed to persuade her to get her butts off and come over. By the time she found us, ou xiang and her cousin, Tze Khit and his mum had left. I met Sergeant Kenny and insisted him to take a photo with me.

We continued to tour around and buy some stuffs to eat. Then, we slacked by the roadside besides a foundation which wasn’t in operation. It was after two that they decided to go home. They took night riders and as for Kailin, she was lucky that her family member came to pick her up. I walked to the main road, walked towards Chinatown alone.

Chinatown was still quick packed at three in the morning. The floors were sticky but I continued to finish combing almost the whole place. After which, I called my mum and joined them up and left at around four.