One Burden Off and Elder Brother was Home

[Monday, 27 December, 2010]

I was trying hard to solve an issue on Smart Tuition’s CMS that caused auto reload on completion of the first load. I walked through my coding and saw nothing that would trigger it. I was suspecting the server side but I failed to solve the problem. I went to sleep at 3am.

I was not sure if I did doze off but I got up at around 5am. Before 7am, I set off to the office.

It was quite a productive morning. I finished an article on deep breathing for the tuition agency website to help people to relax themselves. Then, I did SEO for it, together with the stress management article. After that, I started to work on Tze Khit’s website.

I had lunch with Mike at Everton Park. The standard of the fish and chips from the western food stall was a little below average. After taking lunch, I continued with Tze Khit’s website and it gave me quite a big headache since almost every link is targeted at the live site. When I was almost done with all the tasks on the piece of paper, he dropped me an SMS to let me know that he would get Daoxiong to update the site since he knew I was very busy. I felt it was really right since Daoxiong was the original person who started his two websites. I finally put a burden off my mind and started working on SEO for Smart Tuition.

I had dinner with Mike at Kampong Bahru at the Muslim prata shop near the bus-stop. We ordered Maggie goreng, laksa and mutton soup. None of them tasted good. After going back to the office, I was exhausted soon with the lack of sleep.

My elder brother had reached home before me. We went down to walk Lucky together. I got two packets of milks and some heat reducing drinks at the NTUC before we went home.


Blink Blink Blink

[Monday, 2 August, 2010]

I slept at 3.30am after blogging and washing up.

I woke up at around 10am when the Tanjong Pagar GRC team came over to take photos for the housing upgrading work. I got prepared and left my house after 11am to collect my passport. I reached around fifteen minutes earlier and received my passport quite soon. I got home within an hour after departure. After taking a short nap, or rather, dozing off, I spent the time on Facebook to invite people to the National Day event.

I left my house after 4pm and reached Takashimaya at 5pm sharp. I stood by and watched construction work at the big empty square right opposite the big screen. Twenty-five minutes later, Jade messaged me to meet at 313 Somerset. At first, I thought it was a prank. I walked over in one of my lousiest mood and walked around the building first time and on my own. I was relieved when I received the next SMS that she and her classmate were at Superdog already. I looked at the directory and went down to basement 3.

We went to Paragon and finally decided to dine at Fish and Co where I had my usual fish. Then, we walked over to Wisma to shop for Liurong’s cosmetic stuff before she left. Jade and I went back to 313 Somerset to walk around and finally sat at Food Republic for tea before we left.


Weitat’s Advance Birthday Celebration

[Tuesday, 4 May, 2010]

I slept after 4am again but this time, I woke up much earlier at 10am, feeling that I should be doing something worthy instead of slogging endlessly over my websites with little progress. However, I dozed off again before I could do much work.

Gilbert’s sudden SMS to inform me that he would pick up his camera from me in the evening was a challenge to me since my ex colleagues and I were going to celebrate Weitat’s birthday in advance. I quickly called him and he told me he did not take MC again despite he was still sick.

Jenne called me in the late afternoon to tell me that she would be going to town from Choa Chu Kang and arranged to pick me up. We decided to buy Weitat’s cake at Amara Hotel. I quickly took my shower and also burned the photos taken during the orientation camp into a CD for Hirman before I set off to meet Gilbert at the entrance of South Point. We were chitchatting away happily until Jenne rang me up and I rushed off to the Amara Hotel to meet her. We chose a chocolate cake and the lady told us we had to wait. We burst into laughers in amazement when she answered us that we had to wait for simply ten minutes.

After getting the cake, we went straight to the Wine Company besides the old NIE. Hirman was sitting alone and he had already finished his dinner with a glass of red wine on the table. The DSLR camera he placed on the table captured my interest. Both of them thought I would be able to operate it easily, however, I was in fact a newbie to expensive gadgets. I ordered a plate of fish and chips and the serving took more than forty-five minutes to come, inclusive of a reminder. Sadly, it did not taste good. The chicken wings were quite well done though and the Champaign was awesome.

Weitat, Joei and Magdalene arrived after 7pm. The last to reach was Zaki. By then, I already had a better understanding of Hirman’s five-years-old DSLR camera, given by his friend. It was a very cosy night except that mosquitoes were having a big feast as well. On the other hand, both Hirman and I seemed to be completely safe. The hottest topic was the student being possessed and all the horror stories disturbed Hirman badly. It was a fantastic dinner with the few of my greatest pals.

Hirman sent me home. I quickly got changed and grabbed my laptop before joining him at the carpark. Then, we started the long journey to his temporary rented place at Changi Village. It would be my greatest regret if I had rejected his invitation for it was a cool Terrance house owned by LTA. There were a small living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, and it was as good as a chalet. The only problem was that there was no television and I had to give my favourite show on channel U a miss.

In fact, I was quite worried about my mum since my younger brother was already not at home and my presence at home would be more comforting.


Lunch at 3 Monkeys and Completion of Resume

[Friday, 20 March, 2010]

Early in the morning, I bothered Josephine for the last time regarding my resume. However, while she was clearing up the last mess, my two bosses stunned me as they called me over. I knew it from Kevin that they had actually requested him to stay behind for three more months and thus I was afraid to be persuaded to continue with EIP so that they could re-allocate their manpower to conduct the required modules. Luckily, they only asked me to keep a look out for potential contract staffs.

I had a great lunch date with Weitat, Hirman, Joei and Jingkun. It was a new combination of some of my greatest friends cum colleagues; although I would greedily prefer all my great colleagues to go out together just like when I was working in my previous company. I was quite stressed since I did not know what small tokens I could give to everyone on my last day, and it would probably be an empty thought just like any other times.

We went to Holland Village at the 3 Monkeys restaurant. We had the entire second storey to ourselves, which was cool since nobody else would disturb us and that we would not have to restrict ourselves to noises and craps. The waiting time for the food was, however, absurd, especially when the place was so empty. I did not like the fish and chips but the fries were quite nice.

Back in office, I started off with the final task allocated by my boss. The office became quieter soon and I left by myself at 5pm sharp to continue with my resume editing at home, but to doze off before I could do anything.

I went through Mingfa’s friend’s company website and was not very certain that I could really assist them in anything to my interest. I made it a point to send him my resume anyway.


It was not a Day for Volleyball

[Tuesday, 16 March, 2010]

I finally got to dine together with my Shi Fu, Josephine. We went to IMM’s Fish and Co and she gave me very good guidance on my resume while waiting for the food. The meal was on me since she last treated me at New York New York the previous time at Jurong Point. I supposed we hit off well because both of us were very direct-to-point people.

The gathering of the MTRCs was never a smooth job; it was the last task I would be helping my boss with. I spent the afternoon updating my resume.

It was perhaps, one of the greatest mistakes I made, to join in the volleyball game at night. I knew there would not be many chances that I would play so often in future and thus, I gave up the dinner date with Irwin and Eugene.

The pain on my left shoulder was deadly. Even receiving a light ball would cause me cold sweat and I gave up soon knowing that the condition had worsened and that I would not be able to do well in the game.

Perhaps, the bad feeling was already back and the game was never as joyful as the previous week.


Table Tennis with My Favourites and Dinner with the Oldies

Early in the Monday morning, I was shot again. During lunch time, I went to the office to realise everyone was not meeting out for lunch. Sometimes I just wondered if I should just start joining others instead of having to wait and even being informed of unavailability last minute. There would not be many chances for me to dine with others, including the students. In fact, I did not mind packing the lunchbox back to the office every day.

I was quite lucky that Joy was free and thus we went to Clementi Central together. I learned more about the post office from her. Then, we crossed over the road over Clementi Town Secondary side for a quick bite.

It was quite a good afternoon for I spent quite some time near the PE room playing table tennis with my favourite class. When the ball fell into the drain, I tried to reach for it but it was too deep and my shirt got into contact with the ground. The concern of them, especially Jiali, made me feel fortunate. The last survivors were Boon Peng and Criz. I was destroyed easily in my slippery shoes.

After reaching home, I took a little bit of my mum’s bon bon cha cha before I washed myself up. I missed the bus 80 right exactly in front of me across the road and I felt stupid for checking the IRIS website. I met up with Irwin at the arcade at Vivocity. Then, Huiling joined us, followed by Tingfeng. Tingfeng suggested Dian Xiao Er but somehow we switched over to the White Dog Café, which seemed to be a better choice.

Eugene was late since he had some miscommunication with Irwin, thinking that we were meeting at Bugis instead. I had a plate of tradition fish and chips, and it came in three long pieces, given a smaller diameter, easily to be consumed than other restaurants’. The taste was good as well.

I wanted to talk to Eugene but I was not sure if the rest of them knew about his recent trouble, and thus I kept it within me. When they started talking about food and travelling, I felt like I just came back from ancient. When Irwin tried to get me involved by telling Tingfeng I wanted to get a DSLR camera, I seemed to turn into a caveman from his replies.

The problem of communication lay on me for I was not bothered to keep myself updated with news, not even my hobby – photography. I was never a food craver, neither an experienced traveller. I was too different from most people.

The manager quite scared me with her fussiness about the slightest arrangement of the tables. We stayed inside the restaurant for very long and left after 10pm.


Dinner with Happy Peiyun

I finally got to meet up with Peiyun again after years. Eleven years of friendship was fate too kind to me. We got to Boonlay MRT at almost the same time. She was kind, friendly and simple like usual. We had dinner at New York New York but I finally realised I would prefer Fish&Co after the dinner.

We walked around and she repeated her concern whether I was too tired or bored. She grabbed some clothes and by the end of the night, we went to Popular where she bought me a phone pouch to repay me for the dinner. I did not really want to get it since my current tearing one was bought by my younger brother and I would never feel good to dump it.

Comparing the meal and pouch, I would prefer getting the physical gift to being treated for dinner because the gift could last longer for good memorial; the food went into the stomach and would be forgotten in no time after flushing the toilet.

I felt very uneasy for not sending her home but I supposed she would be shyer if I were to do it.

This friendship I would cherish, for nobody I could think of could be kinder than her.


Last Indoor Volleyball of the Year 2009

On Wednesday, I had lunch with Magdalene, Jingkun and Weitat at West Coast Plaza’s Thai Express. It was my second time having lunch with Magdalene, and also, at the exact same location. The food was great. After that, we went to the bubble tea shop for the $1 cheap drinks and once again, the girl placed the pearls in before I could stop her.

I hurried my existing work and had to wait for further instructions before continuing, thus I was able to do my own stuffs without any burden the first time in the past two years. It was a pity that the office had to close by 7pm.

I went down and saw students arriving for taekwando and I could sense problems. Uncle Jiaming had arrived and I started talking to him. Mr Peh arrived to solve the problem by requesting the coach to have the training outside the MPH instead.

Mingfa helped me to packet fish and chips over and it was instead lousy. The french fries were similar to botak Jones’ but they tasted much awful. After eating, I joined in their second game and it was an easy match to us. Everything turned over completely since Mingfa stepped out of the court and everyone was restless. We could never get back our forms even when Mingfa was back. My energy was optimised but I could only stroll around the court most of the time. In the last game, we finally regained some spirit. We had fun finally.

During a spike, my right calf cramped and I collapsed on the floor. I missed the next few chances to perform myself since I could no longer jump properly.

We went to Carl’s Junior at East Coast Park. For the second time, I felt dizzy after the travelling. I was afraid that I could not finish the set meal and thus, I chose not to eat for the first time.


Wednesday, Mute Again

On Wednesday, Jingkun, Weitat and I went to IMM to meet Dorothy for lunch. We settled on the Banquet food court. Daniel arrived with his students while Mei Hoe and Vivien joined us.

I targeted the western food stall for a plate of fish and chips and the stall holders were two China ladies. Her English was very frequent but her pronounce was worse than mine. It was the first time I was being asked whether I wanted mashed potato or fries for my fish and chips and she pronounced it totally way off that she had to use Chinese instead. It was not my fault for the next customer faced the same problem.

It was not a peaceful meal as usual, having to chew on the nasty fish, and hearing debates and people trying to battle each other on volume and ideas. Sometimes I really wondered if they had understood each other’s intentions after each conversation since they did not want to give way. At least, I knew Mei Hoe would not get the main point most of the time.

From Weitat’s car accident, we talked about car insurance and then human’s insurance, but it seemed to stretch further away. There were times when I tried to ask something, none of them heard me as usual. I was never interested in competing because it would only make things worse.

After lunch, a few of them were going to Giant to get stuffs for the next day’s teambuilding event and luckily Jingkun wanted to go back to the office to do work and thus I could follow his car back together with Mei Hoe and Vivien. If only I did not have any project on hand, I would have enjoyed the shopping with the rest of them.

Back to the office, I did a final touch-up of a design for PowerPoint and also helped Jingkun to solve some programming problems. Then, I joined Bernard’s car to Dover MRT station.


Met Firman at SIM

The second day suffering alone was more withstandable than the previous day. I loved students who were appreciative. I had my lunch with Daniel and his students followed us. The fish and chips at Clementi’s Botak Jones was filling but the frozen fish did not taste very good.

Weitat gave me a ride to SIM again. While I was going up the escalator, I saw a familiar figure, and he banged the folder on his hands on the wall. It had been ages since I last saw my army buddy, Firman. I accompanied him for his dinner instead of setting up my laptop at one of the study tables. I was quite envious of him, being able to purchase a HDB flat together with his mum.

After meeting up with Yuanle and Soon Siong for dinner, we tried to finish the tutorial fast. Soon Siong and I left the lab quite early again, while others stayed behind to do their project discussion.