Collected, Lost and Retrieved the Company Stamp

[Wednesday, 29 December, 2010]

I worked a bit on the tuition agency website and went to sleep after 2am.

Lucky refused to sleep and he woke me up a few times. I went to office after 9am. During lunch time, Mike and I went to Tanjong Pagar to collect the company stamp and we became arrogant and crapped a lot about it. We had lunch at the second storey’s coffee shop and the noodle with wantan and char siew at $4 was nice.

We shopped at NTUC and bought detergent to wipe off the white board. Then, we went to Watson at Amara Hotel. After reaching the office, we realised there was really a transparent cover on the white boards and that was why we could not clean the markers’ ink away.

We enjoyed some grape fruit juice without alcohol. Suddenly, we realised we had lost the company stamp.

In the evening, we drove over to Pinnacle at Duxton and parked the car there for the first time. We changed our mind and decided to go to Tanjong Pagar for dinner at Mike’s favourite Chinese mixed vegetable rice stall. After that, we went up to the second level and saw our company stamp there. Someone had tied the plastic bag to the wall. We went back to the office to continue with work.


Birthday Celebration of the Three Besties

[Sunday, 28 November, 2010]

I started work on the home tutor Singapore page to list the tutors using Ajax. It was a stressful morning. Seeing that Lucky was bored and nobody seemed to have taken him down for a walk, I took him down alone after 3am. He refused to dump his waste downstairs but luckily the poo ended up on target at home. Clearing the newspapers was much easier than clearing the poo on the floor directly. I blogged and went to sleep near 9am.

I woke up at noon and started packing up. I went to Mount Faber Safra to join Peh and Gilbert for our post-birthday celebration. My stomach was causing problems. Anyway, Gilbert made a Doraemon cake by himself. After celebrating by the pool, just outside the gym, we started swimming. Gilbert and I were too lazy that we only went for four laps before we started chatting at the Jacuzzi.

We went to Lock Road for dinner. It was Indonesian food and the sauce for the chicken was quite nice. However, we wasted a plate of mango salad.

After Peh sent me home in his new car, I continued working on my tuition agency site.


Volunteered for ASD Singapore Goodies Bag Packing Team

[Saturday, 20 November, 2010]

I worked on the tuition agency website until 9am and managed to also create a Twitter and Feedburner accounts for it. I dozed off for a while until 10am and felt quite surprised that Huiting did not give me morning call. My mum bought noodle for me and the fish cake she heated up in the oven was cold. I went to the toilet twice and I knew I would be late definitely.

Huiting called me when I was at the lift lobby and in order not to be disconnected, I did not board the lift. She told me she was leaving Singapore Polytechnic and since she did not know how to get to her friend’s place as well, we decided to meet. However, I was not sure where to meet her at since she did not know the Pasir Panjang Food Centre. We agreed on meeting at the prata shop, which I knew would take me longer to reach.

I was too tired to walk after having the diarrhoea and thus I went to the bus-stop in front of Amara Hotel instead of walking a longer distance to Keppel Road. I alighted at Vivocity to change bus but Huiting told me her bus did not stop near the prata shop. Therefore, I got her to take cab in directly while I stick to my original plan.

After arriving at Pasir Panjang, I made a wrong move to enter the private estate on my left, which was actually a deadly. Judging from the map, if there was an opening, I would have shortened my journey by quite a lot. I took the entrance at the extreme right and managed to find a familiar path along the canal. Eventually I made it to the playground and I was lucky to reach the destination soon.

After going into the house, I managed to see Huiting and I was quite stunned to see that one of the girls was stylish looking. We got started soon and it was quite messy for the goodies from the sponsors were too many to be lined up properly. We had over four hundreds of goodies bags to settle and I mainly worked on some papers and magnets that nearly broke my back.

We ended work after 2pm and went to the nearest duck rice stall to eat. It was the second time I went there and I was quite surprised over how popular it seemed to be when there was nothing much special. The meal cost more than sixty bucks and Ricky, being the eldest guy, treated us.

We took bus to Harbourfront while Huiting stayed at the bus-stop to wait for her sister to drive over. I was quiet through the journey for I knew none of them, except for the stylish babe did talk to me on the way for our lunch. I waited at the bus-top while the rest of them went to the train station.

I dozed off soon with Lucky after reaching home after 3pm. I woke up at around 6pm and started working on the tuition agency website.


Helping Out at the Gym

[Tuesday, 2 November, 2010]

I went to sleep after 2am and woke up at 5.30am.

After meeting up with Terry, we went to the hawker centre to get some food. I bought only a bowl of beancurd for eighty cents. Since I had slept much earlier than usual, I could keep myself more refreshed in the morning. I spent some time writing and planning for Smart Tuition Singapore. I tried the burger from the ninja van but it was awful. I missed the chicken burger from the Stagmont Camp’s ex Specialist Mess uncle.

After the interview, which I was told that I could be granted time off to leave earlier on Thursday for my birthday dinner, I could not hang on for the afternoon as I was deprived of sleep. In the late afternoon, Terry and I hitched a car out of the camp.

After having my dinner, I went to the gym to help out. Since it was getting late, the meeting with Andrew and my team was cancelled. It took an hour to hurt my skin on the finger as they were short of penknives and I had to use brute force to tear the wrapping plastic from the new equipments. I left earlier with Andrew for they had enough people there. I knew I had done my part for my friends despite I was already being frustrated by the lack of time due to the reservist.


Bathing the Kampong Style

[Saturday, 16 October, 2010]

I started the FIFA Superstars game in Facebook after Guoxin pestered me a few times to play. It began quite a turned off for loading was a problem and there was bug that prevented me from doing anything at the start. After that, I continued working on Facebook. I went to bed after 4am.

Lucky woke me up in the morning and after dozing off a few times, I woke up for my mum’s packet noodle. I was half alive and visited my younger brother at the third storey’s temporary study room at noon. After going home, I took more naps.

The entire family had our dinner at the coffee shop between Cantonment Road and Yan Kit Road. We went to the noodle stall and the male stall owner was irritating me as he tried to sell his food too hard. When I footed the bill, he was showing me how to count the money right in front of me and refused to leave after some time, acting like a moron. I was also right about my anticipation of the drinks. We ordered homemade iced lemon tea and that guy served us four cups of very healthy ones, which were almost tasteless. We went back to get him to add more sugar but it tasted as bland.

We took Lucky for a walk right after finishing dinner. As we unleashed Lucky, he walked away without answering to our call and eventually went to the road. He was lucky enough that there was no car at the entrance of the car park as my younger brother and I noticed that he had no sense of danger at all.

After going home, I caught the television show on channel 8 for a while before my mum came home. My younger brother and I went down to the third storey with her to use the temporary bathroom. There was a moveable one placed at the kitchen but we did not like it for it was too small. Moreover, my mum needed to wash the clothes by hands since she could not use the washing machine, and it was too difficult for her to do it inside the small moveable toilet. We carried our stuffs down and then waited for mum to finish washing the clothes. It was like kampong style in the olden days where every household shared the common bathroom and toilet. It was fun but troublesome.


Smoking Outlaws

[Sunday, 10 October, 2010]

I took a long time to blog and went to bed at around 5.30am.

I woke up at noon and went to Ah Moy Street with my family for lunch. After that, I continued my beauty sleep.

Our dinner was at Swis Ling Restaurant, an outdoor seafood stall at 1 Teo Hong Road. We were telling the waitress that we did not want to sit near any smoking area and suddenly, two young Chinese guys came over and one was holding a lighted cigarette. They took the table next to us, which was stationed in the non-smoking area. We changed table. When the waitress came over, I questioned her about allowing her customers to smoke at inappropriate places, and she claimed that her customers would be fined two hundred bucks. From what we knew, the stall owner, or probably the person in charge would be fined as well for allowing that.

We ordered some mee hoon, fried rice, satays and a plate of pork ribs. The pork ribs were expensive with a few miserable pieces at ten bucks, but they tasted extremely nice. The homemade honey lemon was fantastic as well. However, my younger brother got bitten badly by mosquitoes and when the bill came, we were stunned by the price of the drinks.

Before we left, a China lady came over and took the big table besides ours, and started lighting up cigarette stick as well. I was very disappointed at how people could break the laws and harm other people’s health. I wondered how she would react if someone were to keep farting besides her while she was eating. Anyway, the waitress did not do anything as well, probably because she did not want to offend her customers and lose the businesses.

After reaching home, I got myself a photo of a smoker for an article in SmokeForWhat from a net friend.


The Weird Last-Minute Wedding Invitation

[Saturday, 2 October, 2010]

Lucky peed on his cushion and blanket and caused frustration in all of us. My mum left him inside the kitchen but I got him into the living room and accompanied him to sleep on the floor. He was, however, hyperactive and refused to go to sleep. My elder brother woke up and started entertaining him a bit before he went back to sleep again. I dozed off for a while and eventually went into the bedroom in the morning when the rest of them were up.

I woke up before noon but lazed around for some time before going down to the gym to meet Bobby. Since he told me that he would be available between 11am and 12pm, I did not take my brunch. He wanted me to help him with photo editing and it was a tedious job at the gym without a proper table. After that, I went down to see the new shop with him and Dan, and it was cool to know that they were expanding it downwards. Bobby wanted to catch a bite before his next training session and he decided to try the Keen on Crepes nearby, which I advised him not to. We had a long wait and I knew I was right about the taste.

After reaching home, I started working on my website and purchased a new domain name. My elder brother went to Vivocity with his girlfriend and I skipped it since I was busy and my mum did not want to go.

I had a frustrating night for my mum was bothering me with stories and Lucky’s poo. I was excited to see the movie “seven swords” on channel 8 but my primary school friend’s mum came over to deliver his wedding invitation card. She came in and sat to talk with my mum and I totally lost track of the great movie’s happening.

I found it so weird that his mum was the one delivering it down personally at late hour and made me write my name on the card for myself. She was also trying to get contacts of the other primary schoolmates. Usually, friends would call or drop a message online to invite before they officially prepare the wedding invitation card and I found it extremely uncomfortable to engage it face to face where I was kind of being forced to go without room for consideration. What bothered me were the time and travelling distance over to Pasir Ris and it was a church wedding. Moreover, I could not do other planning for my Saturday anymore.


Awful Rice for Dinner

[Wednesday, 22 September, 2010]

I went to bed at around 4am and woke up at 10am. My brothers and I had breakfast at the coffee shop “103” with Lucky. After reaching home, I dozed off and eventually woke up at 2pm.

After working with the website, I went to the gym at around 6pm. It was pretty difficult to keep up with even going there once a week. Hong Liang came over to my place and thus I left with him since he was on the way.

This time, Le Tian and Andrew were around. Andrew’s cheerfulness about his bodybuilding result did not die off and he spread the fun over the gym. His announcement of a new business put me down for I knew I was too far behind.

I had a very bad dinner for my mum did not start the rice cooker in the afternoon and thus the rice was badly soaked. It tasted really awful but it was a lesson about food for me. It reminded me of the rice taken during the ITE Clementi’s first orientation camp during January.

I spent the night working on the website.


Day Two – Lucky Lucky

[Sunday, 12 September, 2010]

The day began with the entire family at the neighbourhood, walking the dog. It was the second day Lucky was with us and he finally urinated once. My elder brother cooked noodle to share with me before I went to sleep at 3 plus.

Lucky was crying and scratching the doors in the living room and I brought him into the room to sleep with us, putting his pillow on the floor. Though we did not offer him the best dog food, he had the best companion on earth. I even patted him to sleep.

He woke up many times and walked towards the door before turning back to sleep on his pillow, and I continued to pat him until he dozed off again. I could not remember I woke up finally at what time after being disrupted from my sleep uncountable times.

My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend went downstairs to walk Lucky again in the afternoon. We were glad that he finally pooed.

In the evening, we fed him nearly half an hour earlier before we left the house. The entire family went to Harbourfront for dinner. The Seah Lm food centre failed me again. My younger brother bought a big bowl of seafood soup at twice the price of a bowl for singles but the portion was miserably little without the soup. What turned me off more was that the fish tasted hard and weird.

We went to Vivocity’s Daiso to shop for Lucky’s stuffs, such as bowl and toy. After that, we proceed to Pets Safari to try to find more stuff for Lucky. My younger brother was very turned off by the staffs again for he was at the shampoo section for very long, searching high and low, looking lost, but the staff did not bother. When foreigners went in, that staff attended to them immediately without any delay even though they did not ask for assistance. Service at the pet shop was really pathetic.

Eventually, my mum and my elder brother’s girlfriend bought food for Lucky. Lucky would be super glad if he knew that the two ladies who were so afraid of dogs would treat him well. We went to the Giant after that and got him more can food.

After reaching home, Lucky was so excited that he peed on the floor. We went downstairs to take him for a walk for the third time of the day.


Family Day at Sentosa Palawan Beach

[Sunday, 22 August, 2010]

I had a few outdated blog entries and thus I glued myself in front of the laptop until 5am despite having to wake up early. My younger brother woke me up after 9am and I was seeing stars as I got up and packed my stuffs.

We went to aunt’s house together with mum. Then, the four of us went to the Chinese temple to offer incense joss-sticks to our late family members. It was the first time I visited the temple after many years. After that, we went back to aunt’s house to eat and rest for a while before setting off to Harbourfront Centre. Since we were early, my younger brother went to get himself a pair of slippers.

I went to the toilet and Bianhong started calling me to feedback about the work I designed for his girlfriend’s birthday present. The reception was bad and it got cut off before I could make my way into the cubicle, but soon, he called back again. I did not want to tell him where I was since I did not want more causal questions. I hinted to him that I wanted to put down the phone but he was opposite to my usual sweet and short approach of handling things. My elder brother called me and I guessed he had arrived with his girlfriend, but I was too busy to switch over to entertain a second call before I could finish doing my business. After Bianhong put down the second call for nearly six minutes later, I checked my phone to see my younger brother’s SMS that he was waiting outside the toilet for me. A few seconds after I replied him, my mum who was beside him called me directly to deliver the same message. It was a totally bad start of the day.

The four of us went to meet up with the couple at the bus interchange and boarded the bus directly to Sentosa’s Beach Carpark. Since my mum and aunt wanted to collect their membership cards for the Resort World, my elder brother “deposited” his trolley besides the Sentosa membership sign up counter before we boarded the monorail to the Resort World station. It was my virgin visit there but since we were worried about the trolley, we did not walk around and started going back to the Beach station. Luckily, the trolley was still around.

We went to the Palawan beach and it was quiet despite it was already 2pm. The weather was hot and we started setting up the mini tentage. The volleyball was tempting and I missed the days I used to frequent the beach often with my volleyball gang. My younger brother started flying his mini kite bought in Europe and he got his feet blisters soon. After that, we decided to move over nearer to the sea since the breeze was strong over there. While my younger brother went to swim, my brother bought a normal kite on his way to 7-11 but it was a horrible experience. The kite was kind of weird and we could not fly it despite trying all ways to tie it. After wasting lots of time, we left the place in the late afternoon. On our way out, we got to play with some dogs.

We had our early dinner at Seah Lm food centre, which was right in front of the interchange. I took fried prawn mee bought from the extreme end besides the sugarcane drinks stall. I was disgusted at the stall owners for their attitude really sucked to the core just because they had good business to bother much. I was polite to them still, but I knew it was the last time I was going to buy food from them, and they were going to lose more customers soon.

After taking our dinner, my aunt left home by herself since she disliked staying out late. The rest of us went back to the same shop that my younger brother bought his new pair of slippers. My elder brother got himself one pair as well. Then, we went to Daiso but it was crowded and thus only my mum went in to get her candies. We went to the pet shop for a while and met Lionel. Finally, we went home.

It was already near 8am and everyone was exhausted. My mum wanted my elder brother to settle the turtles by the night since she wanted to start packing the kitchen once they were gone and be ready for Tuesday. However, my elder brother suggested doing it the next day, which boiled up my mum’s blood. She was so angry that she forbade us from getting a dog for she knew my elder brother would not take care of his pets for long with all the bad past records. We were all stunned by her stubbornness once again.

My brothers and I went for early supper at the Burger King together, leaving the two women at home since they were not eating. Hence, it was an unusual combination of the supper team. The restaurant was too cold and thus we did not stay for long.