Attending Funeral Alone

[Tuesday, 15 February, 2011]

I took my second pill of Melatonin ever at 12.30am and went to bed at 2am. I could not doze off immediately despite it had taken effect already.

My younger brother’s alarm clock woke everyone up at around 9am. I started playing with Lucky and went to office at 10.30am. I did fifteen chin-ups with my laptop bag before entering the office. Mike did not come.

I worked on SEO and also submitted articles to many articles sites for Smart Tuition. I had instant noodle from the provision shop next door at around 4pm and went out after 8pm.

I was very tired but it was the second and also last night for Mei Hoe’s mother-in-law’s wake and I set off at 10.30pm to Zion Road. Hwee Siang had reached before me and I was quiet until he left.


Fridays Start at Six AM Again

Having an exhausting evening, sleeping at three AM and waking up at six AM, Friday was a torture.

Thing went on quite smoothly. Jingkun drove us out for lunch again and I started nodding at the back of the car to realise that we were reaching Jurong Point, and then I dozed off again until we were at the car park.

Both Weitat and Jingkun had itchy mouths that they had some small bites before having our lunch. A little walk around to search for watch kept my body weak due to famine and I was probably walking like a zombie. We went to the “Lai Lai” stall and that was my second visit for the small portion of duck meat together with a can of drinks which cost $4.70. I had a chocolate waffle and the chocolate spilled out during one of my bites, which messed up my lips and hands.

I actually planned to leave office earlier than the rest to get a nap first before the night’s event, but I ended up inside the Self Assessment room because of my problem child female. I left together with Daniel and we strolled to the MRT station.

I had a very short nap in the midst of working.

I met up with Sichun at nine PM at Telok Blangah Height’s bus stop and we went to the Sai’s family’s eldest sister’s funeral. All of them were busy and thus, we were the two loners waiting for Jinyang’s arrival, which more than an hour later. Nevertheless, it was a good catch up with Sichun. We had questions in our minds but dared not to ask.

Jinyang arrived late with his girlfriend, Sufen, in cab after taking a tour at Telok Blangah Crescent. I left at around midnight and was glad that I was still able to catch the bus though I had to walk a longer distance home.