Spread the Love – October 2015

During our meet-up at Bishan after my interior shoot at Sky Habitat, Gilbert tried to give a dinner treat again. He chauffeured everyone to the next location “Wimbly Lu” for dessert and selflessly sent me home after that. Eventually, he got fined for probably parking at the wrong spot and remained calm instead of grumbling.

On the very same day, Wanling had given Gilbert and I our advance birthday presents. One of the items was a very well ergonomic coin pouch, which I would be keeping it until my existing one, made by my mum, decides to die on me. She also gave me another keychain with a picture of a Dachshund, which was very thoughtful of her.

Both of them are my rare buddies who are always ready to share their joy with me.

Spread the Love – December 2014

During my photoshoot with Lurvelle, Kelvin Sim joined in and offered very great assistance. He was able to even get safety pins during late night at Clarke Quay. During the entire shoot, he had been taking other great initiatives to offer his help. It was a culture shock for me because “escorts” of models were usually not more than “security guards”. I was very impressed with his courtesy and humbleness.

While helping Lurvelle with her three young models for their portfolio shoots, Kelvin Sim, Lester and Jacky joined in. Apart from rendering help, the presence of the three great guys made me feel heartwarming. It was good to hang out with people who were sincerity nice and had no secret agenda.

Mingfa’s youngest son, Elnathan, turned one year old. Weitat was too busy with his work could not make it down. Despite he was the main “organiser” for our usual outing, his absence did not hinder our trip down to attend the party. Gin, the great one took over the role and made arrangements. His timings were good and I was very impressed. Jingjie was another hero who actually took the trouble to ferry us (Gin, Bernard and I). It was an enjoyable trip with them to collect the cake for Mingfa. He also dropped me at Clementi MRT at the end of the day. Besides, it was illegal to stop at the bus-stop and Jingjie actually made a round by dropping me at the car park instead. Last but not listed, Jingkun also made his offer to fetch me from Bukit Batok, even though I took Jingjie’s car instead.

Mandy and Sharon Yeo were the hair and makeup artist and assistant during the couple shoot with Terry and Lynwen. They were very kind and easygoing, and also, literally strong. They rendered great helps during the shoot, including carrying of my heavy camera bag at times when we were shifting locations.

Terry, the man who made both Lynwen and I laughed throughout the shoot was the man who really made the shoot a success. Since the couple did not want any posing during the shoot, Terry had to make his wife smile in order to get natural photos. It was to the point that I forgot to snap photos while I was too entertained by him as well. He also gave us a treat at the end of the shoot.

During Christmas Eve, Gilbert asked me to go downstairs to meet him. I knew he was “up to no good” but gladly abide to his request. As expected, he passed me my Christmas present. While I had been spending all my time on work and photography, I did not leave any room to plan what to get for my friends during their birthdays and festivals. Gilbert was the only person who did not mind not receiving anything from me and instead, kept giving the little “smiles” and support that I needed.

While most of the time when I messaged Tricia Lee, it was for the sake of my photoshoot stuffs, she was glad to help me. Over time, guilt piled up but I continued to disturb her. She was always there for me, even during Christmas Eve.

It was Kachua’s wedding dinner, the sixth and last wedding for the last three months of year 2014 that I had to attend. Gim Young texted me and offered to give me a ride. Since he was staying in Holland Village, Orchard was actually very near his place. He ended up taking a much longer route to the hotel eventually because of me.

Department Lunch Turned into Farewell Lunch

[Wednesday, 18 March, 2010]

It was a different Wednesday, having two departments combining department lunch together at Mandarin Gallery. Weitat, Afni and Joy left the office earlier. I followed Bernard’s car and arrived at the place on time together with my department’s staffs. Their cold and repeated jokes on learning volleyball turned me off.

I had a big feast as the food was to my liking. There were at least two other cameras around and thus I did not take many shots. Towards the end of the lunch, I moved to the other end of the stretch of table to crap with my most usual gang. Then, I was teased for mispronouncing words again.

As I began to get sleepy with the heavily stuffed stomach in my irritated eyes, I was given gifts from the department as my farewell gifts. My heavy brain was too tired to react much. Josephine started with her farewell speech, followed by Kevin. I was totally lost at words after that with my brain frozen; the earlier cold jokes and teasing had already eaten up my words even though I was more than happy to present my feeling for the more than two years of stay with all the kind souls.

Immediately after the lunch, I was made to try out the three tops and a sweater outside the toilet. My great buddies had certainly put in great thoughts when choosing the items for me, trying to change my image. There was no mirror around for me to take a good view of myself but I trusted their taste.

We went on shopping for the banking staffs’ farewell gifts. I could feel that I could collapse anytime in my swinging head. I was intending to hitch bus 167 home to take a short nap during the journey but Afni changed her mind in the long queue in front of the taxi stand and I accompanied her to take train.

I would be missing my great colleagues soon.


Dinner with Happy Peiyun

I finally got to meet up with Peiyun again after years. Eleven years of friendship was fate too kind to me. We got to Boonlay MRT at almost the same time. She was kind, friendly and simple like usual. We had dinner at New York New York but I finally realised I would prefer Fish&Co after the dinner.

We walked around and she repeated her concern whether I was too tired or bored. She grabbed some clothes and by the end of the night, we went to Popular where she bought me a phone pouch to repay me for the dinner. I did not really want to get it since my current tearing one was bought by my younger brother and I would never feel good to dump it.

Comparing the meal and pouch, I would prefer getting the physical gift to being treated for dinner because the gift could last longer for good memorial; the food went into the stomach and would be forgotten in no time after flushing the toilet.

I felt very uneasy for not sending her home but I supposed she would be shyer if I were to do it.

This friendship I would cherish, for nobody I could think of could be kinder than her.