Second Movie with Family for the Year

[Saturday, 5 February, 2011]

My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend started playing monopoly deal game in the room. Lucky joined us but he was moving around to change his sleeping position, unlike my mum could sleep throughout at the corner. Lucky, however, refused to stop farting. After the game, I continued with SEO work for the quit smoking site and went to bed after 7.30am.

My mum woke me up before 11am to get ready for movie. We went to Great World City to catch the movie “It’s a Great Great World”. Since we were in a rush, we did not take breakfast before that. It was a good movie and I enjoyed the pieces of stories inside. It was filmed in a humorous and touching way.

We went home after dropping by the pet shop. We had steamboat at home for our first meal of the day. I started dozing off and by the late afternoon, everyone was out of the house. I continued sleeping with Lucky using my chest as his pillow as usual unless 7pm.

I started playing a game in Command and Conquer before watching my favourite show on channel 8 – Zheng He Xia Xi Yang.

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Shop for Dog Food at Great World City

I slept after 1am but the backache prevented me from dozing off. I tossed around and arched my back in both forward and backward positions. I was not sure what time I fell asleep. Nevertheless, I woke up after 8am and soon, received an SMS from Derong to say that Kelvin was having diarrhoea and the kayak course had to be postponed to Friday. My younger brother and I went back to sleep after that.

My aunt came over and the whole family went to Ah Moy Food Centre for breakfast and we were lucky enough that the lor mee stall was open. We went home to rest to prepare to go to Serangoon where my elder brother heard there were many pet shops for we needed to get better food for Lucky. I climbed up to my younger brother’s bed to sleep since he dozed off on mine while my mum and aunt were playing cards on it as well.

It was weird that I did not nap for long. I got up every fifteen minutes though I was very sleepy. Eventually we decided to go to Great World City instead as it was nearer. We went to the pet shop and I had to use my fifty dollar note to intercept when my younger brother was trying to fork the bill. The service of the shop was heaven and hell as compared to the pet shop at Vivocity. After that, we shopped around and I was shocked by the products sold in the Cold Storage for they were really high class. We went to the food court and were impressed by the variety of food, the prices and qualities. I had a plate of lemon chicken rice, which was quite costly at four bucks, but it tasted better than other food court’s serving.

We made it home before 7pm so that Lucky could have his dinner on time. His behaviour worsened as he peed around and even chewed on my mum’s new slippers.

Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show was screening on channel 8 and thus we did not get to see our favourite Taiwanese “Love” show. I was stunned when the guest singer, Jenny, tried to urge Singaporeans to donate more money by saying that we were all richer after the casinos were up. I thought she was trying too hard to show her shallowness.

My brothers and I brought Lucky down for a walk and he successfully climbed up the slide finally.


Great World City, Raffles City, National Library

On the last day of last weekends, I wanted to rush my work but my mum and younger brother wanted to have lunch outside. They had gotten a thirty-dollar voucher for Crystal Jade from Starhub. For the lack of time I had spent with my family, I decided to join them.

We boarded bus 75 and alighted at Great World City. Soon, we found ourselves at the reception of the Crystal Jade Kitchen. After waiting for ten minutes, we were put to sit at the first table near the door. After having a tough time deciding what to eat, the waitress started to point out that the dishes we had chosen were sold out already. For the dim sum menu, almost everything except my mum’s pork leg was crossed out. We did not enjoy the meal for we expected much better quality of food. The bill exceeded twenty bucks more than the free voucher.

After the much disappointing meal, we shopped around the shopping centre. My younger brother decided to take the shutter bus to wherever place it would drop us at. While waiting, we witnessed a pathetic cab driver brushing his car at the back of another cab and started laughing while both of them came out of their cars.

We eventually reached Cityhall and my brother tried to please my mum with the donuts at the Donut Factory. I tried the latest flavour “Chococcino”, which was good and it was not long before my lips were messed up. We proceeded to the National Library where my brother borrowed books using my account and I also grabbed a book on “MySQL”.

It was around evening when we reached home and it was just nice to catch the show “太王四神记”.