Spread the Love – March 2017

I got a dinner date with Guoxin and appreciated that he was one of my old good friends who would contact me to meet up once in a while. He also showed excess concern about my progress in photography.

I forgot to book a timeslot for my haircut and my hairdresser kindly slotted me in. Although it was just for a one-day reservist that nobody would bother about my hair, I still wanted to maintain a good image.

During the one-day reservist, Terry gave me a lift from Yishun MRT to Chongpang camp and then to Punggol MRT after that. He had finally bought his car since talking about it during the first time we had reservist together

Spread the Love – August 2016

My mum noticed that I had many photography equipment lying around and she packed some space at the shelf previously used to put Luckie’s stuff for me to store things.

Gilbert had a free movie ticket as one of his colleagues fell sick and could not go. He even picked me up to go over to Lido together. I stopped him from sending me home after that and I actually made it home earlier than him. It would take him double the time if he were to give me a lift home.

During the re-shoot with Angie at her place, she cooked dinner for both her new social media manager, Mary, and me. It was great to be given a treat by someone of a high status who had cooked personally for us. In fact, Angie had arranged the shoot such that I would gain more exposure for Mary would be capturing the behind-the-scene photographs – if Mary were to use them on her publication.

Weitat arranged around three sessions of volleyball games at Yusof Ishak Secondary School and sent me home twice. During the last session, we had dinner at Clementi and I was able to go home by myself since the coffee shop was quite near to the train station. Alas, he was very concerned if I could catch the last train and I felt very touched. Alas, I could finally feel less guilty by not troubling him. After one of the games, our favourite auntie footed the bill for our supper at a coffee shop in Bukit Gombak, which made me feel very bad since there were quite a number of us. Jingjie bought many bottles of greentea for one of the sessions and shared with us generously.

As I was asking my elder brother about using HDMI cable to replace VGA cable for my computer, he told me he had a spare one. When he came back to my house, he actually remembered bringing it along.

My hairdresser endured another last-minute booking from me as I was about to go for reservist. As usual, she was not pissed off. Anyway, she charged me the same price since twenty years ago and she actually needed not take my business.

During reservist, the drivers Fabian, Melvin and Kenneth gave us free rides that had reduced the amount of time and energy used in travelling. I made a new friend, Teck Hui, a social worker, who gave me a treat on the second day.

Another Bad Experience at MediaCorp

[Tuesday, 25 January, 2011]

I went to bed at 2am and woke up at 7am for my haircut. The auntie had some conversation with me after the haircut as she advised me to speak up more.

I went home to take my shower and rest before leaving my house for MediaCorp. I reached at around 11.30am and went to the Annex building to do re-profiling. It started raining heavily and I went over to the wardrobe department. After opening the windows, there were three or four staffs inside and all of them were looking at me. I did not know which one was intending to entertain me and thus I stared in blank for some moment feeling very lost. The guy started reprimanding me for not following their instructions stick on the windows even though I was going there to show them my own clothes and not borrowing any clothe from them. It was merely out of professionalism that I bothered to do it and I did not expect them to be so rude. I assumed they had undergone some stress earlier on but it was definitely not right to take it on others. Due to this incident, I would reconsider over the future project.

I waited outside the makeup room with my laptop for the first time not wasting my time waiting over there. Since I did not borrow any clothe from MediaCorp, I could have left the filming place straight away without going back. I sent Huiying, the AP of the show, an SMS and she called me back to tell me not to return the MediaCorp pass because she did not want the bus driver to pick up everyone at different places. It was purely bullshit because every part-time actor had been doing that and there was no issue to return the pass and wait right at the gate which was less than twenty metres away from the stairs where the bus would be picking up everyone; there was no detouring to be made and all the veteran mini-bus drivers were definitely used to it.

The bus sent us all the way to Toa Payoh Central. The rain delayed everyone and we were waiting for so long. Since the filming crews were ready to shoot any time and there was no place to sit, I did not use my laptop. I spent the time chatting with the part-timers. It was probably due to the delay that things did not go totally like the script. We almost thought we would not be involved until we were called to become super redundant in the background running after the “robber”.

The bus sent some of the crews to Yio Chu Kang before heading back to MediaCorp. However, one of them forgot to bring a prop out and we made a U-turn, which further delayed the time. By the time we got back to MediaCorp, it was around 6pm. I was famished and took dinner there with two other guys including Timothy. After that, Timothy and I went to the same bus-stop and I took bus 167 home. Along the journey, I took out my laptop and continued with my work. I was not sure if it was due to the tiredness or shaky journey that my head started to spin. I reached home after 8pm and dozed off with the headache.

It was a totally disastrous day and I regretted badly to take up the filming assignment. I would rather help someone to maintain the website and I would earn eight times more the money. Apart from the money, it was really a bad experience. It was probably why fewer people wanted to go back to MediaCorp.

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Younger Brother and Mum were Finally Home

[Thursday, 30 December, 2010]

I went to bed at 3am. Mike called me after 8am for breakfast. When I reached the void deck, my younger brother and mum arrived. I was finally relieved that they were safe from their Malaysia trip.

Mike bought a loaf of bread and we set off for the office together. I setup WordPress for Money Tactic for the morning.

At around noon time, we went to Tanjong Pagar and I got home to get changed for my haircut. The lift at block one was in the terrible state like when my block was under renovation. Instead of waiting and queuing up with the construction workers, I climbed the stairs up. After having my haircut, I went home to bathe and went down to meet Mike. I bought my lunch at one of the Chinese mixed vegetable rice stall and took it at the office’s canteen.

I spent the afternoon doing coordination for Smart Tuition Singapore. In the evening, we were supposed to go for dinner together but Mike changed his mind. We went home straight away.

I dozed off after reaching home until 10pm. My family and I went to Maxwell food centre for our dinner. The place was crowded with many butches. Some were joining the old uncles to smoke inside the hawker centre. We met my younger brother’s tall German friend. I bought a plate of satay mee hoon and it was terribly disappointing.

While we were on the way home, Lucky was the luckily dog on earth when some pretty butches started playing around with him, trying to pet him. We spent some time downstairs.


Overslept for 3pm’s Haircut Appointment

[Thursday, 28 October, 2010]

I had feedbacks from Yuqing, Yaozhong, Yingying and Jianwei regarding the design of my tuition agency website and all of them had different opinions on both the original and new formal looking design. The hesitation was killing me. I continued working on the website on its contents without making any major changes.

I started forwarding some interesting emails and blogged before I went to sleep at around 8am.

I woke up at 4pm in a shock for I had missed my haircut appointment, which was supposed to be at 3pm. My mum was busy packing the living room and had totally forgotten that I had instructed her to wake me up. Luckily, the auntie was available but I interrupted her from packing her house for it was going to be her flat’s HDB renovation soon.

My evening was spent quite efficient working on a tuition time sheet to put on the tuition website. I also spent some time settling some matters about the tuition agency.

My dinner was instant porridge and redbean soup and I continued with my work after that.


Yummy Protein Powder

[Thursday, 12 August, 2010]

I went to bed near 6am again and woke up before 12pm. Lunch was at the market, or rather, Tanjong Pagar food centre with my mum and elder brother as my younger brother was in school.

I had my haircut after 5.30pm. I was telling the auntie to trim my hair a little to keep it neat but she thought I wanted to keep it short like previously. My plan to keep a longer hair before my reservist during November had failed and I had not even taken a photo for memorial.

My elder brother wanted to go for a jog but due to my late haircut and he wanted to steam the fish fillet for dinner, we called it off. I went to the gym instead near 8pm, thinking that I might not be available for the next few days.

Junze was around and I was glad to see Shaohui there as well. This time round, I tried putting weights near my ankles and the first 4.6kg reduced my chin-ups to 15 times, whereas the 6.1kg combined weights further reduced the remaining sets to 12, 8 and 8 times. After the gym session, Bobby told me to try out the protein powder with the cookies and cream flavour and it tasted quite nice. I brought a box home and the 5.1kg weight was torturing to my hand after the gym session.

I was a heavier eater after the workout even though I had filled my stomach with lots of water just before I got home. Later on, my younger brother made a cup of vanilla and honey flavoured tea and he left it long in the living room, such that I thought it was for me and I struggled to finish it up.


Finally, Dinner with Miss Beautiful

[Sunday, 13 June, 2010]

I slept after 3am and was woke up by my elder brother and his girlfriend who got home from fishing. It was before 9am and they were speaking loudly in the living room and I could not get back to sleep after that. I gave the hairdresser some calls but she did not pick up and all of them seemed to be diverted to mobile phone. Alas, she called me back and I made an appointment with her at 1pm.

The achievement of the day was to complete a complaint letter regarding dumping of cigarette butts through HDB windows. It was a very long intended work and I was quite surprised that none of my neighbours had spoken up on the inconsiderate act since years ago.

I went to meet Irwin in the mid afternoon at Funnan Centre. After walking around for some time, I finally got myself a new mouse. The brand was Dexs and it was a laser gaming mouse costing around $14. The clicking was good and the shape was just right; I felt the price was worth it. I did not get an expensive mouse since my fingers were probably too strong and I did not want to waste the fund since I would be changing it more often than a normal user would.

Next, we proceeded to Sim Lim Square in Irwin’s brother’s car but we did not get anything. In the end, we went to West Coast Park but it was already quite late and we did not stay there for long before he sent me to Tanjong Pagar MRT. I dozed off a few times on his car and the sleepiness kept me quiet. Irwin was being very sarcastic to me all along since he got to know about my dinner appointment.

In my sleepy head, I went to Tampiness to meet Miss Beautiful. It was a long awaited meal with her. She chose to go to the foodcourt and buy food separately so that I could not give her a treat. It was a pity that it was late and we could not chat for long. Nevertheless, I was too sleepy that I was not as crappy as usual. Even though it was a very long and tiring trip just to have a quick dinner, I did not mind about it.

I cherish friendship more than others, especially when it comes to friendship with people of excellence character. How many friends can make real sacrifice for others in these days?


Haircut and Portfolio Good Progress

[Thursday, 22 April, 2010]

My mum started playing cards, which distracted me. I slept after 4am again, knowing I had to start sleeping early before my graduation ceremony.

I gave my hairdresser a call and she told me to call her back at 2pm. Then, she made me wait for another hour. I got the same short haircut.

I spent the entire afternoon and evening working on my portfolio, including of insertion of keywords and description to the HTML Meta tags. It was a very tedious job. I almost finished the portfolio, except that I was too tired and bored to add in descriptions for all the print-screens.


Waste My Time

[Friday, 5 March, 2010]

I was much relieved on the Friday morning for the three hectic days were over. The approaching of the weekends delighted me.

It was the last day of school for the year 2 students and I joined Alex and Kumar in their movie – Saving Private Ryan. For as much as I wanted to catch it, it had been donkey years and I finally finished it after missing the first part and having interruption. I managed to help Joey to debug her website; however, she did not seem to understand the reason Mr Baey did not want to spoon feed the class.

I picked up the call from Jingkun during lunch time and I went down with Daniel to meet him. We took two cars to IMM and securing a place in the open air carpark, we realised Dorothy and Mei Hoe had changed their minds to go down to Jack’s Place at Clementi Recreational Centre. We made the way down. I would really prefer the food from Swenson and Fish & Co. after that, since Dorothy hurried Mei Hoe back to office. Jingkun went off by himself and I followed Daniel to settle some bills at the Hong Leung bank.

I met boss after 2pm when I was hurrying back for my haircut appointment. He gave me a lift since he was on his way to the headquarter. I requested him to drop me at Dover instead of Clementi because it was a good chance to chat with him even though he was already late for a meeting for around twenty-five minutes.

My mum’s false news caused me to make a wrong detour before I had my hair trimmed. Before that, Jasmine promised me to get back to me before 4.30pm regarding the time to meet for dinner. It was 4.45pm and I messaged her that I was going to take a nap. An hour later, I woke up to tell her to meet another time since she was too busy having fun with her friends.

At around 10pm, she pissed me off furthermore by asking me out for dinner together with her stalking desperate friend who had been irritating me on my phone. I had enough of friends who did not show respect to me.


Jogged in Injuries and under the Rain

On Saturday, I started the morning earlier than usual. Just as I was enjoying myself in the C&C game, my mum asked me if I wanted to go and visit the doctor. I went alone to the Chinese physician for the first time, having a long queue outside.

After that, I went to the POSBank and was punished by the extremely long and slow queue. When it was my turn, I told the lady I wanted to change my ATM card and she claimed that I had to foot $5 for it. immediately, I asked her to upgrade my card to the “Go!” card and thus, the fee was waived off. I wanted to do it since long ago but I did not have a more complicated signature. On the spot, I had to come out with a new one, which I could have forgotten how I would sign it in future.

Before I went home, I went to find my hairdresser to book a schedule at 5.30pm. I had some naps before I went down to get my hair trimmed neatly again.

In the evening, I went for a jog towards my favourite place under the dark sky. I was probably insane to proceed in my body and the weather’s condition. I dragged on my injured right thigh and ankle, struggling since the start of the trip; the past few days of working-out had almost drained my energy completely. One of the greatest problems was that the Chinese medicine seemed to create stomachache for me to release all the toxic inside my body and I felt so uncomfortable throughout.

It started drizzling when I reached the place where there were many coaches around to fetch tourists. Though I took 31 minutes from Shenton Way to reach there, the sun had almost set off since I started off late. Kite-flying was as usual, together with large groups of people. There was a birthday celebration among a group of people, girls wearing gorgeous dresses and the guys seemed very fortunate. There were families and couples but no lonely soul except me.

The journey back took me even longer, increasing the timing by another three minutes. Luckily, the rain did not pour heavily on me. I was famine on the way but there was nothing much I could do. The jog was a test to my limit and I knew I should continue to push myself in all aspects of life. I could do it.

After reaching home, my mum was the only person around and she started nagging that my brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend had gone out for dinner despite she had cooked porridge with lots of extra ingredients such as bean curd and mushroom.