Amara Hotel Food Court Western Food Stall Scam

I had my hair trimmed on Saturday evening. I was preparing to book the appointment for the next day but the auntie told me to go down immediately before she locked up the place.

My mum went to find me and we crossed over the road to Amara hotel to dine at the food court at level four. I went straight to the western food stall and happily ordered the fish and chips set. Later, the lady stared at me for money and I handed over the five bucks but she told me it was five-fifty.

I was not surprised of them increasing the price and thus I looked at the signboard’s pictures again and looked for the price, which clearly stated five bucks only. I smiled and asked politely whether did they update the price, she simply pointed at an A4 size paper on the table for me. I was stunned for I did not notice it at all as I thought it was just a menu.

I felt very offended with the attitude of the lady because she made it sound like it was entirely my fault for not knowing the price change. If I were her, I would have apologised before pointing to the A4 sized paper, which sat on the “crowded” table.

Anyway, the paper read that from 7th August onwards, the prices of all the sets would be adjusted up for fifty cents. Why were the prices on the signboards not amended until this day, after four months?

I wondered how many people were conned like me, ordering the food and then only realised about the change of price later. What if I had only brought five bucks along with me and that I thought it was enough to enjoy a plate of western food, ordered and realised I was lack of fifty cents?

I was further astonished by the proportion of the food; everything had shrunk. Since I had chosen not to have rice, the usual practice was to change the proportion to French fries; however, the amount of French fries was unreasonably little.

To be fair, the fish tasted good and I would not mind the price, but I was too disgusted by their dishonesty and bad attitude that I would condemn the stall.


The Weekend of Programming

The weekend passed fast with expected work unfinished. My two days were totally burnt out by web design and programming. Database structure stole a big portion of my time, especially when new amendments were made over and over again during programming. At least I knew I had to make changes as early as possible before more work was created and more amendments had to be improvised.

Programming bugs told me my skill to the basic coding was still far from perfection. The punishment was long hours of debugging with lots of time wastage, which almost killed my perseverance. At times, I went to the room to lie down just for a couple of minutes and I believed my younger brother would find me irritating since his work station was inside the room.

My appointment with the hairdresser early at eight AM on Sunday morning proved to be a wrong decision. Initially I was afraid that I might have to go out at other timing, which was on the other hand, a wise move. Since I struggled till five AM in the morning, I almost could not get up and I had to keep chatting with the auntie to keep myself awake. I had my hair trimmed much shorter than usual.

There are still many blogs to update and pictures to upload. I suppose I have to give up on some of the work.

The Longest Filming Hours

It had been quite some time since I stepped into Mediacorp again. During the previous time when I decided to help Jesedy, they called off the filming the night before it.

Undercover again

I had a tough battle against my sleep to wake up four hours after hitting my bed. Taking bus 167 to MacRitchie Reservoir and taking the walk towards Mediacorp Radio gate was a hassle. I reached there right on time. While collecting the uniform at the wardrobe, the auntie was very nice and courteous, which gave me the relief.

Lizard on the floor while waiting

I started waiting at the usual place as hours passed by. More than an hour later at the stated departure time, there was no news from the AP. I received a call some time later, telling me they would be coming soon but would give me another call when they were on their way back; I could tell that they are not returning any soon. I joined another part-timer, Kelvin, inside the make-up room which was air-conditioned.

Awful tasting Fish & Chips

The noon sun waved to us and soon after near three hours of my arrival, the person called me again to ask us to go for lunch first. The other two part-timers joined me for lunch at the canteen. It was my first time dining there and I was glad that the canteen was opened on a Saturday. Many parents, maids and kids joined in to fill their stomachs. I ordered a plate of fish and chips, which cost $4.50 and it was the worse fish and chips I had ever had in my entire life of western food dining expedition. However, I swallowed everything in the end since I did not want to waste money.

We went back at around one and timing was just right that the whole load of them had returned. Then, I realised filming was going to be continued right at the gate. I laughed upon how they transformed the place into a police station. The director was a nice young chap and everyone seemed to be working merrily under the boss.

My hair length was too long for a policeman and thus they asked me to go into the makeup room to get them trimmed. It was the most enjoyable haircut session I ever had in my life because the girl who fought excitedly to do it for me was cute although I did not have my spectacle on. She was new to the place but I trusted that the company would only employ capable people. Anyway, I felt quite awkward. It was the first time after more than ten years of my life that someone else was trimming my hair for me. I was in sweat and had already applied some wax on my hair, which could have made her job difficult.

The bruise

We moved further in where the most exciting part of the filming started at the open air car park. Kelvin and I were holding a criminal, Ya Guang, and he was supposed to struggle to escape in Dawn Yeoh’s daydream during her first day of report to work. I was very excited when they mentioned about having actions. Ya Guang knocked Kelvin using his head and when I bended over to grab him, Ya Guang pushed me away using his back power. I was ready to fall hard to make it look real. My first fall to the ground was so hard that allowed me to roll just like playing volleyball. I had some minor bruises, which was so tiny compared to my usual games. They were too concern about safety however. I really liked involving in action shows.

When it was Dawn Yeoh’s turn to show off her skill to capture Ya Guang, she was too gentle to resist the fit guy. Movements were too weak and thus, we waited for very long before the scenes were over.

At around 4pm, I confessed that my judgement for the length of the filming session was totally way off. I almost thought I could leave before 1pm without all the delays. Suddenly they asked all of us if we could help them with another scene and we agreed since we were already there. We boarded the bus towards Seng Kang.

Michelle Zhuang’s NGs did not piss the director off. The whole load of us had to take extra steps though. The four part-timers from China created some nuisances by wearing the caps while waiting despite repeated warnings from the crews that it might alarm the residents. They even dared to hang out at the playground, talk loudly and smoke. I felt quite embarrassed to be near them for others might simply group us together.

Everything was alright until we went up to one of the units to resume filming, but there was no instruction given. So, all the part-timers were sitting on the stairs. While waiting and not knowing if the director would call for us, I started dozing off. The lacks of sleep at the awkward place, together with the boredom were killing me, adding frustration into me upon I woke up.

They could have sent us back earlier since we were not needed. Anyway, we only got back at around 7pm and I was so anxious to leave that I got everything changed during the journey. I waited for Kelvin to get changed and return his stuffs to the wardrobe before leaving. I dropped by the petrol station to use the toilet and got a cup of Slurpee before the invasion of dehydration.

I missed bus 167 right in front of me while crossing the road but luckily, the next one took less than twenty minutes to arrive.