Day with Countless Visible Products

[Friday, 14 January, 2011]

Sore throat started to erupt. I was working on the tuition agency website and had the “Singapore Services” page up and also revamped on “Our Services”. Then, I blogged about the release of GCE ‘A’ level results 2010 in year 2011. I finally went to bed at 5am.

I woke up after 11am and set off to the office at noon. The property agent in representing LHN group came over and we had a long chat from the office to the canteen. We tried the leftover dishes from the new Chinese chef.

After writing a new blog at Smart Tuition Singapore Blog about Sophie, I continued with some amendments for the admin side. Then, I proceeded to do SEO.

Mike and I took cab over to Vivocity in the rain to take a walk and have our dinner. We went back to Challenger and were quite disappointed that the Xbox showcase area was filled with products and I supposed the charismatic Xbox girl had finished her holiday job.

We went over to Harbourfront Centre and I was impressed with the shop next to the food court that sold very creative and cool household products. Then, we had western food at the first level for our dinner before heading back to the office by bus to Kampong Bahru Road.

I worked on the Singapore Schools page and began my crazy SEO journey for the night. We were both excited to see the results weeks later. We left the office at 11pm and I continued with work right after reaching home.


Day Two – Lucky Lucky

[Sunday, 12 September, 2010]

The day began with the entire family at the neighbourhood, walking the dog. It was the second day Lucky was with us and he finally urinated once. My elder brother cooked noodle to share with me before I went to sleep at 3 plus.

Lucky was crying and scratching the doors in the living room and I brought him into the room to sleep with us, putting his pillow on the floor. Though we did not offer him the best dog food, he had the best companion on earth. I even patted him to sleep.

He woke up many times and walked towards the door before turning back to sleep on his pillow, and I continued to pat him until he dozed off again. I could not remember I woke up finally at what time after being disrupted from my sleep uncountable times.

My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend went downstairs to walk Lucky again in the afternoon. We were glad that he finally pooed.

In the evening, we fed him nearly half an hour earlier before we left the house. The entire family went to Harbourfront for dinner. The Seah Lm food centre failed me again. My younger brother bought a big bowl of seafood soup at twice the price of a bowl for singles but the portion was miserably little without the soup. What turned me off more was that the fish tasted hard and weird.

We went to Vivocity’s Daiso to shop for Lucky’s stuffs, such as bowl and toy. After that, we proceed to Pets Safari to try to find more stuff for Lucky. My younger brother was very turned off by the staffs again for he was at the shampoo section for very long, searching high and low, looking lost, but the staff did not bother. When foreigners went in, that staff attended to them immediately without any delay even though they did not ask for assistance. Service at the pet shop was really pathetic.

Eventually, my mum and my elder brother’s girlfriend bought food for Lucky. Lucky would be super glad if he knew that the two ladies who were so afraid of dogs would treat him well. We went to the Giant after that and got him more can food.

After reaching home, Lucky was so excited that he peed on the floor. We went downstairs to take him for a walk for the third time of the day.


Family Day at Sentosa Palawan Beach

[Sunday, 22 August, 2010]

I had a few outdated blog entries and thus I glued myself in front of the laptop until 5am despite having to wake up early. My younger brother woke me up after 9am and I was seeing stars as I got up and packed my stuffs.

We went to aunt’s house together with mum. Then, the four of us went to the Chinese temple to offer incense joss-sticks to our late family members. It was the first time I visited the temple after many years. After that, we went back to aunt’s house to eat and rest for a while before setting off to Harbourfront Centre. Since we were early, my younger brother went to get himself a pair of slippers.

I went to the toilet and Bianhong started calling me to feedback about the work I designed for his girlfriend’s birthday present. The reception was bad and it got cut off before I could make my way into the cubicle, but soon, he called back again. I did not want to tell him where I was since I did not want more causal questions. I hinted to him that I wanted to put down the phone but he was opposite to my usual sweet and short approach of handling things. My elder brother called me and I guessed he had arrived with his girlfriend, but I was too busy to switch over to entertain a second call before I could finish doing my business. After Bianhong put down the second call for nearly six minutes later, I checked my phone to see my younger brother’s SMS that he was waiting outside the toilet for me. A few seconds after I replied him, my mum who was beside him called me directly to deliver the same message. It was a totally bad start of the day.

The four of us went to meet up with the couple at the bus interchange and boarded the bus directly to Sentosa’s Beach Carpark. Since my mum and aunt wanted to collect their membership cards for the Resort World, my elder brother “deposited” his trolley besides the Sentosa membership sign up counter before we boarded the monorail to the Resort World station. It was my virgin visit there but since we were worried about the trolley, we did not walk around and started going back to the Beach station. Luckily, the trolley was still around.

We went to the Palawan beach and it was quiet despite it was already 2pm. The weather was hot and we started setting up the mini tentage. The volleyball was tempting and I missed the days I used to frequent the beach often with my volleyball gang. My younger brother started flying his mini kite bought in Europe and he got his feet blisters soon. After that, we decided to move over nearer to the sea since the breeze was strong over there. While my younger brother went to swim, my brother bought a normal kite on his way to 7-11 but it was a horrible experience. The kite was kind of weird and we could not fly it despite trying all ways to tie it. After wasting lots of time, we left the place in the late afternoon. On our way out, we got to play with some dogs.

We had our early dinner at Seah Lm food centre, which was right in front of the interchange. I took fried prawn mee bought from the extreme end besides the sugarcane drinks stall. I was disgusted at the stall owners for their attitude really sucked to the core just because they had good business to bother much. I was polite to them still, but I knew it was the last time I was going to buy food from them, and they were going to lose more customers soon.

After taking our dinner, my aunt left home by herself since she disliked staying out late. The rest of us went back to the same shop that my younger brother bought his new pair of slippers. My elder brother got himself one pair as well. Then, we went to Daiso but it was crowded and thus only my mum went in to get her candies. We went to the pet shop for a while and met Lionel. Finally, we went home.

It was already near 8am and everyone was exhausted. My mum wanted my elder brother to settle the turtles by the night since she wanted to start packing the kitchen once they were gone and be ready for Tuesday. However, my elder brother suggested doing it the next day, which boiled up my mum’s blood. She was so angry that she forbade us from getting a dog for she knew my elder brother would not take care of his pets for long with all the bad past records. We were all stunned by her stubbornness once again.

My brothers and I went for early supper at the Burger King together, leaving the two women at home since they were not eating. Hence, it was an unusual combination of the supper team. The restaurant was too cold and thus we did not stay for long.


Romance Tips

It is romantic to eat by the roadside with your girl sometimes since it is very uncommon nowadays. Next, a little shopping and purchase of finger food and drinks help to spice up the day. To begin on a journey up to Mount Faber via Harbourfront is a challenge for couples. Next, you can reach the cable car station to view the grand scene, followed by the stature of Mr Merlion. A long walk down the road in the darkness is both exciting and sweet. Finally, grab a good place at the Henderson Waves, lie down and look at the stars. Life is so wonderful.

For these, you need a sweet girlfriend who is sporty and easygoing.


Staff Bonding – Food Rally

Friday was quite a special day. After some hesitation, I finally decided to go into the office in shorts. When I saw Alvin wearing more causal than me, I knew I was safe. Afni made some cupcakes for everyone. Most people were in high spirit.

I went to Pui Kuan straight away for the amendment of the poster once again and around an hour later, just before everyone was moving off, she told me there was another amendment.

Things almost turned sour when Weitat dragged the time. He was helping Madam Seet with her work and at the point of time when we were moving out, he was not down at the car park yet. Jingkun was frustrated for the sudden delay because it was already planned since so early. I felt it was ridiculous as well but I remained silent since it was pointless to say anything or to change his decision like always. We decided to go ahead with the game without him but he turned up to ease our disappointments.

Joy sped off in her Suzuki, sending the four “hunks” she claimed to Hort Park. We were quite lost at first but we eventually got ourselves registered at the car park and took a picture to start off. Our initial plan was to stroll off fast but the teams in front were running and thus, we followed.

Jingkun was deadbeat somehow at the start at Forest Walk unexpectedly. My right knee started to ache soon as well. Weitat and I tried to take the gradual slope up to realise taking the stairs could be much faster. We reached the Hilltop and finally climbed up to the usual Henderson Waves.

Next, we tried to fool the rest of the teams into wrong direction but it somehow did not work. The journey towards the Cable Car station marked my greatest mistake as I led the team to take the stairs up. It was the normal route for trekking but the other teams took the road instead and made a faster and less effort trip.

The finish dash down the stairs towards the Harbourfront MRT station allowed me to lead all the way, except that we were all lost at the entrance since it was the last station and yet nobody was around to receive us. Jonathan and Joy were doing their shopping and had to rush over.

I was told of reporting near the food centre and quickly rushed over to get the puzzle from Sharon. It was a magic cubic and Jonathan quickly torn it apart to cheat. The next puzzle was a list of location for us to decode and we simply continued solving them by the crowded covered path besides the food centre. Some people were doing surveys near us and we borrowed a pen from a sweet girl but she was gone when we were about to take off. The pen was from City Harvest.

We went to Yuan Ching, Bukit Timah, Adam Road and finally Clementi to take pictures with the stalls. Our greatest defeat was at the traffic jams and we did make some minor mistakes in turning, but overall, Joy was reckless enough to help us speed up a lot. The final mistake was that we should have asked Joy to wait for us near the main road instead of the car park because it took us quite long to get out afterwards.

It was a very enjoyable day even though we could only emerge as the fifth team out of twelve of them. We had nasi lemak from Adam Road for our lunch at the school canteen. Later on, it was announced at the prize presentation that they had extended it to five teams instead of three, and we were glad to receive the twenty bucks NTUC voucher.

I took a lift from Bernard and then Weiming accompanied me until Commonwealth MRT station.

My elder brother and I were engrossed in the 倚天屠龙记 on channel 8 every weekday at eleven PM and thus, we watched it online after midnight and dozed off together.