Another Bad Experience at MediaCorp

[Tuesday, 25 January, 2011]

I went to bed at 2am and woke up at 7am for my haircut. The auntie had some conversation with me after the haircut as she advised me to speak up more.

I went home to take my shower and rest before leaving my house for MediaCorp. I reached at around 11.30am and went to the Annex building to do re-profiling. It started raining heavily and I went over to the wardrobe department. After opening the windows, there were three or four staffs inside and all of them were looking at me. I did not know which one was intending to entertain me and thus I stared in blank for some moment feeling very lost. The guy started reprimanding me for not following their instructions stick on the windows even though I was going there to show them my own clothes and not borrowing any clothe from them. It was merely out of professionalism that I bothered to do it and I did not expect them to be so rude. I assumed they had undergone some stress earlier on but it was definitely not right to take it on others. Due to this incident, I would reconsider over the future project.

I waited outside the makeup room with my laptop for the first time not wasting my time waiting over there. Since I did not borrow any clothe from MediaCorp, I could have left the filming place straight away without going back. I sent Huiying, the AP of the show, an SMS and she called me back to tell me not to return the MediaCorp pass because she did not want the bus driver to pick up everyone at different places. It was purely bullshit because every part-time actor had been doing that and there was no issue to return the pass and wait right at the gate which was less than twenty metres away from the stairs where the bus would be picking up everyone; there was no detouring to be made and all the veteran mini-bus drivers were definitely used to it.

The bus sent us all the way to Toa Payoh Central. The rain delayed everyone and we were waiting for so long. Since the filming crews were ready to shoot any time and there was no place to sit, I did not use my laptop. I spent the time chatting with the part-timers. It was probably due to the delay that things did not go totally like the script. We almost thought we would not be involved until we were called to become super redundant in the background running after the “robber”.

The bus sent some of the crews to Yio Chu Kang before heading back to MediaCorp. However, one of them forgot to bring a prop out and we made a U-turn, which further delayed the time. By the time we got back to MediaCorp, it was around 6pm. I was famished and took dinner there with two other guys including Timothy. After that, Timothy and I went to the same bus-stop and I took bus 167 home. Along the journey, I took out my laptop and continued with my work. I was not sure if it was due to the tiredness or shaky journey that my head started to spin. I reached home after 8pm and dozed off with the headache.

It was a totally disastrous day and I regretted badly to take up the filming assignment. I would rather help someone to maintain the website and I would earn eight times more the money. Apart from the money, it was really a bad experience. It was probably why fewer people wanted to go back to MediaCorp.
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Recovering from the Sickness

[Thursday, 2 September, 2010]

I began the day blogging and even though I was still sick, I struggled with SmokeForWhat till 7am in my giddiness and headache.

My elder brother woke me up at around 2pm just to look at some pictures.

I spent the day on SmokeForWhat with distractions. Occasionally I still got some headaches.

My mobile phone was going to die on me soon.


Second Day of My Birthday

When I reached office, I saw a birthday present and a muffin on my desk. The tie was my second birthday present and I was very touched by Hirman. The muffin was from my dear Xiao Mei – Joy.

Lunch was at West Coast Plaza. Conversation was as messy as the fish market like usual but this time, the topic “friend” was too unbearable to hit on. Mei Hoe told me to “put down the chair” but she did not do it herself.

In the late afternoon, Hirman caught me in the office and told me he was going to town area and thus I decided to hop onto his car. Christine joined us since she was going Ions to meet her husband. I went in search of “red packet” with Hirman afterwards for he left his inside the office. After walking around Paragon and Lucky Plaza, we finally went back to the hotel and got one for free.

Jeremy and Andy could not make it for the FYP meeting. I had to cancel my volleyball session again and I could have met up with girlfriend if she was free instead. The remaining three of us proceeded. It was a lousy night for I was pinched by headache.


The Work Stress and Gone Case Lecture

The day started miserably for I was doing poster design instead of going to sleep early. There were stress placed by colleagues even though I could push the load away since I had already told them I was extremely busy with other stuffs and my studies.

I went to sleep after three AM to wake up after eight and quickly washed up for work. I met my problem child female on train and had a nice teasing of her before we boarded bus for two pathetic stops.

The day was quite special since O level results were going to be released at two PM and my posters were going to be distributed. Lessons and duties were affected and I had to cover up duties for Alvin in the afternoon. Before lunch, I saw Aaron talking to Jonathan, he seemed to be doing his usual pinpointing on the poster, and I was stressed up even more for I knew well I had not done my best but that was a last minute work.

I was already stressed up enough for all the design works and my studies but the afternoon drove me to a more desperate end. The sudden bomb set me up with giddiness and brain block.

I set off to school earlier than ever at around five thirty PM but bus 52 kept me waiting while most of the other bus numbers had arrived twice. I met Pui Kuan before the bus arrived. I first approached #2-22 to collect my student pass and they did not have my record even though my pass was already done and thus I stayed quite some time over there.

After calling Venus to check her results and that she finally picked up her phone, I went to the canteen alone for dinner. I had a plate of fish and chips and the hot serving torched my tongue. The fish was crispy outside, which I was neutral about it, but the fresh was soft and quite well done. $3.50 was dirt cheap compared to outside.

I entered the lecture theatre earlier than usual and sat there to rest but it was too short to doze off. The lecturer came in to start speaking without microphone. It was difficult for me to catch his accent and I went blank at some of his words. The lecture was too lengthy at first and I started to wander off soon even though my eyes were fighting hard to look at the slides.

I felt terrible for not understanding the lecture at all and I knew the worst cause of the night was due to the stress earlier on during working hours with all the rush work and last minute disorganisation.

I managed to catch bus 75 after pacing with my shoelace dropping off, in exchange of girls-watching at the bus-stop where many babes were around. Even though I got to catch more than fifteen minutes of the Yi Zhi Mei show, it was not as enjoyable as usual with the mild headache.