Chinese New Year Eve 2011

[Wednesday, 2 February, 2011]

I spent some time blogging for the tuition agency and went to sleep after 3am.

I woke up at 9am to get ready for movie with my family. We caught “Ghosts must be Crazy” at Tiong Bahru Plaza at 11am. It was one of the lamest shows I had ever caught. It had two stories and the last one was really sick. I regretted catching it.

We had lunch at the food court. The four of us had kaya toast with eggs. The tea was diluted. My younger brother went straight for his tuition assignment. We went to the M1 shop for a while. After taking the train back, we went to the NTUC for a while and my mum went missing.

While I was trying to blog and do my work, Joanna messaged me and I was very stressed by her because I could no longer afford more hours to help her do her programming assignment. I started on a new article on teenage dating.

My aunt came over with my youngest uncle and we had reunion dinner at the Kopitiam at Pinnacle Duxton. It was the first time we dined out on the Chinese New Year Eve night.

After that, my youngest uncle went to Chinatown by himself to walk around. My mum and I walked my aunt to the bus-stop at Everton Park.

After reaching home, I continued with my work. There was some discussion regarding the tuition agency.


Lucky Chewed on My Spectacle

[Thursday, 14 October, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging on other blogs even though I knew I was lagging behind on my personal blog. I had a chat with Yaozhong before sunrise. I took some cereal and slept after 6am.

I was pissed off with the neighbour staying right above my flat for I had observed slamming of the bedroom door daily as early as 6am since long ago and finally confirmed it. It was definitely done deliberately for the banging noise was very loud. It happened almost every time when I stayed up till after 6am. When Lucky first came, the sudden sharp and loud noise would wake him up to start barking. I was not sure if the lonely bitch was the culprit or she could have rented a room, but there was a high chance that she was the sick fellow.

I woke up before noon and was pissed off with Lucky for chewing on my spectacle. One of the ends was torn and only the sharp metal was left. I threw him out of my bedroom and ignored him when he was crying in the living room alone.

I woke up again at 3pm and went to the gym after having my lunch. The main purpose of the early trip was to help Tze Khit with his website again. Bobby bought chay kuay teow for me in the evening. I did my workout after that and Letian came over to discuss with me over the business plan suggested by Andrew. Bobby was sharp and realistic and warned us about the little benefit we could get. I had my own doubts too because Letian was simply too similar to me and we were too soft to be good sales-persons.

I tried to show my brothers my spectacle at the house’s door and it broke immediately when I tried to remove it from my ears.

I rested for a while before going down to walk Lucky with my elder brother.


Henderson Waves with Family

Sunday started off in the morning with my elder brother’s plan to have breakfast at Amoy Street. We were, however, so unlucky that the stall was having a two day break. Therefore, we had chicken rice instead. So, my elder brother and his girlfriend and my mum shared half a white chicken and half a roosted chicken at twenty bucks. The taste was normal but I did not like the soup. After eating, we had a little shopping at the NTUC.

The next part of the day was during the late afternoon after taking a nap. My younger brother and mum were ready to go to the Henderson Waves. We stopped by the bread shop near 7-11 store and got some buns. My mum had a waffle and complained that the amount of peanut butter applied was very little.

The Henderson Waves

We started off at Henderson Road and challenged the stairs. It was not that tough after all. After admiring the place which I had been to for more than four times already, we proceeded towards the Terrence garden and then down Forest Walk. We stopped at Hort Park and the entire trip took us more than an hour.

We took a bus to Vivocity and shopped at the Giant. We conquered the groceries section and managed to let my mum know that we had to carry whatever we bought all the way home. We were drooling over some nice and cheap sofa but had to face the fact that our house was too cramp and messy to put any.

Next, we stopped at the Starhub shop and applied to change our house’s phone line to Starhub since we would be enjoying the free service as long as we were subscribed to SCV Max-online. We were the last customer and the Pilipino staff Christopher impressed me with his politeness.

We bought big coleslaw from Harbourfront Centre’s KFC and went down to MacDonald’s for dinner. They did not have student meal and thus, our budget meal was destroyed.

NP Meet-up and Mingfa’s Early Birthday Celebration

One of my busiest weekends was last Saturday. There was not much time to enjoy myself enough before the meet-up with my ex polytechnic classmates. Just as I was about to leave my house, Mingli called me to ask me get a cake for Mingfa; I was quite lost at first since I was already running out of time and that I did not know what time I would get home. It took me quite a while to remember that the cake shop at my neighbourhood was opening for throughout the night. I quickly rushed down to order a black forest cake and told the girl that I would collect it at night.

My eventful weekends started.

Meeting up with my ex comrades was great for it was always my wish to gather with my old friends occasionally. It was all because of my laziness to leave my house and lack of concentration to accomplish my work that I had neglected so many friends.

Benson made this gathering possible. As predicted, he brought his DSLR camera and even his tripod stand along and I was so ashamed to take out my old camera from my bag. After loitering around for a while, we proceeded to Breeks at Harbourfront where the rest started to join up with us. Somehow, we felt weird that the crews did not greet us like how they welcomed the rest of the customers. I made the same old order.

After the lunch, Yongming left us with his girlfriend. The rest of us went to Vivocity to walk around and eventually stopped at a café where we had to spend some time battling with the waitress to allow us to pull more sofa chairs over. The drinks were expensive but quite big in the serving.

Benson started playing with his two-month old baby and the flashes hit a foreign gentleman who was indulging in his book in the once quiet place. He was gone after some time.

The temptation of owning a DSLR camera multiplied. It was probably due to the fact that my old Olympus D-750 was too old that the image quality, focus speed, start up speed and recovering speed between shots were too backdated that I felt the urge for a better equipment.

We went to the Sky Garden and took group pictures before we parted.

It was after ten when I got home, Mingli informed me that she and Weitat were on their way to my place. I joined them downstairs fifteen minutes later and collected the cake. Then, we proceeded to the Hong Kong Café at East Coast Park to meet up with Mingfa, Mingen and Tiffany. Mingfa looked tired, whereas Mingen was having bad diarrhoea.

Black Forest Cake 0.5KG

Lighting the candles


with the birthday boy

Fortunate Mingfa with Tiffany and Mingli

Make a wish

Blowing the candle

Busy man cutting cake

Group picture – Mingen, Tiffany, Mingfa, Mingli, Weitat, Kailun

We began hiding the cake at the cashier and bringing it out after midnight. It was not very romantically done. By then, we were already full and thus did not eat much of the cake.