Dinner with the Babes

[Friday, 9 July, 2010]

I spent the morning updating SmokeForWhat crazily. It took too much time and effort to type new article. I had a few more in mind and phobia was taking over me. I went to bed after sunrise, after replying Huiting’s SMS.

Since the initial dinner venue was at SP, I had no plan to take off early. After some hesitation, I made my way to the gym.

I had no time to waste like usual to take lots of breaks in between the workout. While others always used “resting is useless” to push themselves, my mind was full of “resting will make me late”. I almost killed myself by exhausting myself thoroughly. During the previous “day 2” training, I could do four sets of wide shoulder pull-up, but this time, my third and fourth sets could not even reach ten pulls to complete them. My injury on the left shoulder hurt more than ever.

I managed to finish the entire workout within an hour. While I was trying hard to stable my wobbling legs, I checked my phone and realised Eunice had changed the meeting venue to Bukit Timah. I rushed home to shower and get changed. When I missed the bus 75 right in front of me, I knew I was bound to be late. The next bus took ages to arrive while the road was full of other vehicles. There was no other way to get to my destination earlier other than this direct bus.

While I was still stuck in the jam of Holland Road, I thought Huiting was near Ngee Ann Polytechnic already and thus I would be the last to reach. I dropped off a bus-stop earlier and paced towards the Old Town White Coffee, reaching the junction earlier than the bus at the nearer stop. I was glad that I was not the last one to arrive.

It was a good dinner but since Eunice had declared to pay for the meal, I was quite stingy with the selection of my food. I was the only guy but it was not the main reason to be rejoiced, for the companion of nice people was more attractive. We moved to the food centre for dessert after that before Eunice called for a curfew at 10pm.

I had lots of fun crapping with Jade while waiting for her bus. After that, I went to KAP’s MacDonald’s to test their toilet before going home. The place reminded me of the past, after my A division volleyball games, the entire team went down together for dinner.

My plan to spend the peaceful night trip on bus 75 doing my work failed as I was troubled over Firman’s project, which had no budget.


Gym and Poster Submission

[Tuesday, 22 June, 2010]

I caught the World Cup match of Spain against Honduras together with my elder brother. Other than the Brazilians, the Spanish players did well enough to impress me with their skill and teamwork.

I went to the gym in the afternoon and did my workout as to not waste Tze Khit’s effort. I knew he meant well for me to build up myself and also to strength my muscle against my injuries. I knew I would not keep up with it. Ah Hui did well to entertain me with his craps during the gym session.

Nevertheless, the main motive of going down was to show Tze Khit the poster I had done. Therefore, after the workout, I continued with a little amendment before reloading all the files into his laptop so that Bobby could get to see it as well.

After reaching home, I continued to help him to update his websites with his latest photos.


The Injuries were still There

[Thursday, 3 June, 2010]

I had gaming till 5pm and it was difficult to wake up even at 10am. I made it to Tiong Bahru before 12pm but shifu was late for quite long. She introduced me to her friend, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s student. They went separately for lunch while shifu explained to me about Jeremy’s websites.

After lunch, I went straight to Tze Khit’s gym. He told me of additional amendments for his websites and I started working on it. It was difficult to edit another person’s work and I had problems searching for the exact files.

While working, I was distracted by the noisy gym. Then, Jeremy started asking me questions and soon, Kachua called and visited the gym. Since I had my sports gear with me, I skipped doing gym and joined Kachua for volleyball instead.

We went to Clementi ITE and I was quite surprised to see many ex colleagues’ cars around. We went to IMM since the hall was empty and I grabbed a Mc chicken burger.

Upon returning to the hall, we heard about story of Mingfa’ student fell and was injured by the hook of the volleyball pole near the private part. Everyone was disgusted. Mingfa was not around and I accompanied coach to chat. I joined in only at the third game and could see myself rust like as if I was a newbie. I was strengthless, or rather, having phobia with my hurting left should and foot. I even missed two serving, which was crappy.

Luckily, Weitat asked me over to the side to warm-up and I got more used to controlling the ball – usually, we had too many people playing with a ball by the side and I would not want to join in. However, the hurt on my left shoulder was too unbearable each time when I exerted it.

I played as setter in my third and last game, and turned the table around after being thrashed in the previous games without Mingfa.

After the game, we went for supper near NUS, next to the prata shop.


Chicken Rice at Chinatown Complex

[Saturday, 15 May, 2010]

It was a different start of the day for I did not feel like sleep early despite I knew I could not really doze off easily. I kept working till a couple of hours before sunrise.

In the evening, my mum and I walked to Chinatown to meet my elder brother and his girlfriend for dinner. We were aiming for the chicken rice near the escalator and having missed it a couple of times previously, we managed to get half a chicken after a long queue. While waiting, we saw a dish collector chatting away with customer despite the tables were in a mess. When my mum went over to approach her to help to clear up our table, she claimed that she was not in charge of our area. A foreign looking guy with a few piercing around his face showed a total attitude but he did not seem to look at me when I was trying to show him appreciation by smiling.

We did not have a long night out. After dinner, we went to the NTUC for a short while before reaching home at 8.30pm.

It was another boring day despite it was a weekend; I felt like a forgotten soul. The aching of my upper body caused irritation to me.


Saw Familiar Faces at Marina Barrage Finally

[Saturday, 27 March, 2010]

I finally went to the Chinese physician again in the afternoon. My stomach’s condition had improved a lot.

In the late afternoon, I dragged on before taking off to the usual spot at Shenton Way to start off my jog after missing it for weeks. The pain in my shoulders was irritating, which was one excuse that I hesitated. The sky and cloud were far too beautiful to give a miss though.

I actually set off earlier than usual. The paths were blocked by blockheads and I witnessed Chinese construction workers spitting on the road. The bad pollution was a major turn-off.

I started off with the sides of my knees hurting, especially at the right one. My timing had dropped but I was quite satisfied with it.

Marina Barrage was more crowded than ever and I hardly could find any empty space to rest. It was warmer than usual while the sun was setting. I strolled to the lift where there was shade and stared at the bridge where the usable water was separated from the sea. The wind was strong and I felt happier when each gasp of them seemed to penetrate through my entire body.

While I was taking my leave at the side facing the Singapore Flyer, someone tapped me and it took me a few seconds to realise Shuhui and Kenneth were there. Besides them was another couple and the girl was extremely cute. I stayed there for quite some time to look at the kite.

The return trip was faster as usual. I lost to the bus by a large margin but managed to overtake the alighted passengers before they passed by the tunnel towards Marina Bay MRT station.

It was an extremely boring night. It seemed like nobody was able to spend time to entertain me.


It was not a Day for Volleyball

[Tuesday, 16 March, 2010]

I finally got to dine together with my Shi Fu, Josephine. We went to IMM’s Fish and Co and she gave me very good guidance on my resume while waiting for the food. The meal was on me since she last treated me at New York New York the previous time at Jurong Point. I supposed we hit off well because both of us were very direct-to-point people.

The gathering of the MTRCs was never a smooth job; it was the last task I would be helping my boss with. I spent the afternoon updating my resume.

It was perhaps, one of the greatest mistakes I made, to join in the volleyball game at night. I knew there would not be many chances that I would play so often in future and thus, I gave up the dinner date with Irwin and Eugene.

The pain on my left shoulder was deadly. Even receiving a light ball would cause me cold sweat and I gave up soon knowing that the condition had worsened and that I would not be able to do well in the game.

Perhaps, the bad feeling was already back and the game was never as joyful as the previous week.


Last EIP Workshop

[Thursday, 11 March, 2010]

I started the morning with phobia from the previous day. I reached Bukit Batok at my normal timing but Andrew was even earlier to set up everything, however, the headphones were misconnected again. He walked away before the lesson and needless to say, I had to do everything by myself. He returned and left earlier than he mentioned. I felt stupid for someone being sent over to conduct the workshop was just in name, and I had to handle everything by myself, just like the times I was alone. I did not want to blow anything up since it was already my last struggle. Letting down expectation was a comfortable solution and I managed to enjoy myself especially with some of the cute people.

After returning to office with the bulky projector, I quickly went to find Kelvin to sign it in. Next, I had lunch with Cheng Hong in the canteen. We talked about the student counsellors and I was glad that the three ideal students I had in mind after observing throughout the previous orientation camp were all seated into the team.

I had a mixed feeling somehow towards the ending of my contract. My boss and colleagues knew well how bored I was towards staying after more than two years of toleration. My eyes were as tired as the past few days and I could not do much things in the office. I tried to drink more water before my health condition worsened.

I met up with Mingfa at the MPH in the evening. The rest of them arrived slowly for the volleyball game. I did not feel confident at all because of both my shoulders. The thought of the possible dislocation reminded me not to wildly challenge my limit again. The irritation of the pain for these two weeks did worsen my temper.

Volleyball was great without any “black face” around. I did both well and bad at times in my pain but did enjoy myself a lot. Kachua sent me home after that.


Badminton and Volleyball with Injured Left Shoulder

[Tuesday, 9 March, 2010]

I started off my morning with the mosquito bites, waking up earlier than usual.

My dread started again. Early in the morning, I set up everything at Bukit Batok while Weitat was back in Clementi to monitor his students’ examination. It was a good morning somehow since the teachers from Hillgrove who brought their students over were doing their jobs extremely well. I had an enjoyable morning crapping around with the well mannered students.

We went to IMM to meet up with Mei Hoe, Dorothy and Magdalene for lunch at Red Ginger.

In the afternoon, I went to set up two courts for badminton but initially only Joy came down, followed by Mr Baey who had forgotten to bring his short. I had a long warming up with Joy before Mei Hoe arrived to play doubles. Joy left before Deon came in to continue the game. In the end, Mei Hoe stayed behind to accompany me since I had to wait for the volleyball game. We met Daniel on our way to the office to keep my racket and he joined us at the MPH.

Mingfa bought my dinner over. The small packet of chicken rice fitted perfectly into my stomach and the chocolate milkshake from Sweet Talk was another sweet thing Mingfa bought over for me. I forgot to return him the money. Finally, I got to chat with him while waiting for pretty girls to pass by at the canteen but we were both disappointed.

The volleyball game was nice in my struggle with my injured left shoulder. The joint gave me pain whenever I received or set the ball. Nevertheless, it was a good night. Weitat came down to the campus to join us after the game and he sent me home.


Finished SYOG “Letters” Consolidation Fast

[Monday, 1 March, 2010]

On Monday, I was refreshed since I had enough sleep during the weekends, even though I struggled till late hour the night before with my website. However, I started feeling the sharp pain on the joint at my right arm as well, making me a total handicap.

I started off my day by consolidating another set of SYOG “letters” for Joy, and transferring all the gathered ones into PowerPoint slides. I was quite amazed with my pace of work.

During lunch, I joined Mei Hoe and Dorothy at “dead end” where I had a plate of wantan noodle. Both of them had endless reflections as usual. Halfway through our lunch, Weitat called and I regretted not trying to contact him earlier despite we thought he was going to settle his lunch on his own.

I concentrated too much on my own work and forgot the time to knock off. Joy returned and I waited for her for quite a long time before she gave me a lift to the MRT station. Since it was already late and that my arms were still giving me problems, I dropped the idea of my jog to Marina Barrage.


Financial Planning with Peh

[Sunday, 28 February, 2010]

After working till late, I woke up near noon to miss an hour of my favourite show on channel 8 – Plan A. Peh postponed the time of our meeting and thus I was able to slow down my pace.

I did not feel good since the joint on my left arm was giving me sharp pain whenever I tried to move it. I knew it was due to the improper sleeping position the night before the barbecue, which I swam and also carried excess heavy stuffs. I was quite frightened because I realised I could have dislocated my arms if I were to push myself more on that day.

As expected, he was late and I went to Tiong Bahru Plaza’s Long John Silver to sit down and continue with my uploading of photos in Facebook. We had very long chat before he started to do the financial planning for me. Since my elder brother was a financial planner as well, meeting up with Peh was simply to help him improve on his skill. I felt awkward since we would normally crap together instead of talking about such serious things. I hated telling anyone about my very private stuffs.

It was supposed to be a lunch together but he had already taken his lunch and thus, I did not find a better place to give him a treat, having to owe him his birthday present or meal for the past two years already.

After Peh left, I continued to work with my laptop until after 6pm. I dozed off quite soon after reaching home and woke up at around 9pm for my dinner. Then, I continued with my website.