First Jog with Lucky

[Wednesday, 15 September, 2010]

I went to bed at 2.30am and woke up at 2pm eventually since Lucky kept me occupied like the previous nights before I could doze off.

I finally went to the gym after hesitating whether to bring Lucky along. After missing it for around two weeks, I was lucky to meet Andrew, Junze and Le Tian. I did my workout with my hurting left shoulder. After that, I stayed behind to chat with the three guys, and Bobby was too busy that he could only hop by a few times to join in.

I reached home near 8pm, which was almost an hour late from my targeted time. At around 10pm, my brothers and I went down for a jog with Lucky and we were surprised that his stamina was far less than we had expected. We had fun playing catching and hide-and-seek with him at the third storey from car park to playground.


Dinner at Amara Hotel Food Court

[Thursday, 9 September, 2010]

I worked through my new website and went to bed at 8am. I woke up at 3pm to continue with my work.

In the evening, I was planning to go down to the gym after missing it for a week but my younger brother called and we decided to go over to Amara Hotel for dinner together with mum. I went down to find my mum before we crossed over the road together. I saw my younger brother going up the escalator sneakily and we thought he was trying to play hide-and-seek with us. My mum dragged me to the lifts. In the end, my younger brother explained that he was trying to look around and not trying anything funny.

He bought a set meal from the Hong Kong food stall and my mum got her Thai food, which was pathetically little in quality. I had a Korean chicken set and it was rather costly. After the dinner, we shared a bowl of sea cucumber dessert. We finished the 7pm Taiwanese show “Love” before leaving the food court.

At night, I went jogging with my younger brother at the third storey and completed seven rounds in an area smaller than my usual route. I was surprised that I was still able to do eighteen chin-ups when my entire body was weak.


One Task Down – Huiting’s Dry Shirt Design

[Tuesday, 17 August, 2010]

My elder brother’s girlfriend did not come over and thus, my younger brother and I moved our laptops over to play Command and Conquer together with him. We stopped at 2.30am as my younger brother needed his beauty sleep. I stayed behind to watch the soccer match between Manchester United against Newcastle United. I got sleepy in the midst of the 3-0 game but I was too lazy to get up to brush my teeth and thus I struggled to stay awake till the match ended. I was quite impressed with the Red Devil’s performance although they could have scored more goals.

I woke up a few times and finally at around 2pm. I had a puzzle to solve in my dream and I told myself to wake up in order not to waste my brain cells. My lunch was packet rice as usual.

I started working on Huiting’s latest tasked job, to design the shirt. However, I dozed off many times and the progress was slow until the evening. I called Huiting to confirm about it and eventually she told me the logo was already up and I had to design the back’s picture only. She wanted it to be in one colour and the entire shirt was supposed to be in white, and I found it difficult to design without using colours.

I packed my work area finally, although it was only half done up. At 10pm, I accompanied my younger brother down for a half an hour slow jog around the neighbourhood. The Duxton Plain Park was quiet but foreign talents of different colours were resting around.

While catching the Taiwanese show at channel 8, Huiting messaged me and I confirmed my existing design with her. Eventually I sent her the final version of it and one task was finally down.


Finally, Jogged to Marina Barrage Again

[Saturday, 7 August, 2010]

I had lunch at the Tanjong Pagar food centre with my family. I had a bowl of fish soup.

The highlight of the day was the jog to Marina Barrage at 6pm. Due to the problems with my stomach and that I did not maintain a constant pace, I faced difficulties. For the start, I realised it was not a good idea to set off on the last Saturday before National’s Day. I knew there was rehearsal of the National Day parade and many people would crowd around at Marina Barrage to catch the fireworks.

This time round, I held on to my phone and started recording video from Shenton Way till Marina Barrage. However, the product was much shaken than I had expected. I was quite unlucky that traffic light was against me at the first junction to delay me badly. Soon, I was exhausted and my timing was disgusting in the end.

Marina Barrage was crowded. The management even projected shows at the ground level to a big screen and they blasted the sound. There was no quiet spot and I had to go till the far end where it was much warmer to take a rest. After being attacked by sand flies, I shifted to near the lift at where I used to camp at during my earliest few trips. Finally I lay down to close my eyes and rest. However, when I tried to check my watch for the time, it started to go haywire. The screen went blank and the alarm sounded to irritate me from my rest. It stopped after quite some time and when I tried to press the buttons, the same irritant came back.

It was not a good night to catch rehearsal’s fireworks for there was explosion for every ten to fifteen minutes that lasted probably around ten seconds each time. I was surrounded by Chinese from Shanghai.

It was one of the latest times I set off from Marina Barrage. I had to use the stopwatch from the phone’s function instead since the watch was down. I hated my timing. The jog seemed to have worsened my left foot’s condition.

My dinner was spaghetti cooked by my elder brother.


Email Gathering Script

[Tuesday, 11 May, 2010]

I tried so hard to doze off but failed after tossing around for more than an hour. I got up to continue with work until 6am.

The greatest achievement of Tuesday was to complete a script to gather email addresses from any chunk of texts.

The day was not as boring as the previous days for I utilised my SMS.

I had a jog before midnight again and my timing improved.


Elder Brother was back From Thailand

[Monday, 10 May, 2010]

On Monday, my elder brother finally returned to Singapore from his Thailand trip. I was not sure if my mum was aware of the messy situations at Thailand but I was sure that she was very pleased since she had started waiting since before midnight and she came home from work earlier.

I was the happiest man after all because of the laptop backpack he and his girlfriend bought for me at Thailand. It was a nicely designed black colour compact bag and I would say that was the best bag I had ever owned even though I had not brought it out.

In the day, I started gearing up for another fleet of Facebook marketing. I would probably gather more arms first before striking. I started tidying up my blogs. Some alignment problems cracked my brain badly and finally I realised it was due to the size of embedded Youtube video.

It was an extremely boring day.

I went for a jog before midnight and was quite satisfied that my timing had improved by half a minute but the lower back was giving me some slight problems during the jog.


Skype with Caiping and Peiyun

[Friday, 7 May, 2010]

It was a good morning chatting with Caiping through Skype for she was asking me questions regarding her project and she needed to show me her desktop. It was the first time I used Skype after installing it a few days ago. After that, Peiyun messaged me as well but we did not chat for long for I woke up my up a couple of time and that the network did not seem to be stable. In the midst of all the chats, I was busy improving SmokeForWhat and also updating my jokes site.

I woke up late and dozed off many times in the warm weather after eating the nasi lemak bought by my mum. I tried hard to work on the sCreative website again but the lack of inspiration put me to sleep many times. It was an ultimate boring day.

I went for a late night jog at the third storey at around 11pm and rushed home to catch my Korean show at channel U. My timing for the jog was 14 minutes 42 seconds and I realised I should never jog right after going to the toilet.


Marina Barrage under the Threatening Sky

[Wednesday, 21 April, 2010]

I caught the second half of the soccer match between Barcelona against Inter Milan with my brother. Having being jobless at the same time allowed us to communicate more.

I had a weird dream again. I was going to my uncle’s house and no matter how I tried, I could never locate it. I was as determined as usual and did not give up even though I got back to the same places again and again. I often had such dream with similar plot – doing my best and yet could not reach my destination. I came to sense and moved my physical body, after which, knowing I was dreaming, I forced myself to wake up to reduce my weariness of the search. Dream was taxing and after so many years of wondering, I could confirm it was due to one’s own imagination.

I had a slack afternoon before going off for a jog. It was one of the lousiest trips ever for I could feel my knees tearing apart at the first few steps. I persisted but the stitch on my stomach, probably caused by the water I took with the medicine before stepping out of the house, slowed me down a lot. In the mid of the journey, I could guess my timing was going to be terrible.

Even though it rained in the afternoon, the dark was still gray and threatening. By the time I reached Marina Barrage, I could only see darkness. I was not sure if the sun had set earlier or the dark cloud had made the entire sky much darker. The place was quieter than usual and only two groups of people were flying kites. I lay down near the corner after going up the slope and the freezing weather rested my mind. When I sat up, it took less than half a minute for the wet patch on the concrete to dry up. I was lazier than usual and collapsed again. Many things flew through the hollow sight with the towel covering my eyes.

Suddenly, many people walked pass and I was sure they were tourists but their languages were quite weird. They sounded like Thais but I could not confirm. When I looked at my watch, I was amazed of the ticking time. I was down there for around forty-five minutes without feeling the length.

I took off soon, feeling tougher than before but my knees were pleading me not to move off too fast. The heavy traffic at the T-junction before the Marina Bay MRT station, leading to Shenton Way, was probably slowed me down for more than half a minute. I reached Singapore Conference Hall at another disappointing timing, even though it was better than the earlier one.


Bad Warm Weather

The weather has been so weird that I cannot fully concentrate on my work. The warmness forces sweat out of the spores on my skin. Sometimes, I do not even want to lean my back on anything so that the sweat will not stain the chair, wall or even my mattress. It is difficult to get to sleep unless I am very sleepy. My mum has to put up with the absence of air-conditioner because the one inside our room is spoiled.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone would melt in Singapore, or probably, dies of heat stroke.

Every now and then, the sky turns gray like now, threatening to rain. Thus, my plan to jog to Marina Barrage always foils despite I have always been hesitating to proceed since I’m quite wary of my knees’ conditions as well. Even if it rains, the wind is weak and the air that intrudes through my windows is warm.


A Slower Jog to Marina Barrage

[Tuesday, 6 April, 2010]

My plan to go into jogging was almost halted by my sleepiness. My back was aching. It was beyond my determination for the evening to withstand it and I actually went to lie down at 6pm, dozing off soon.

I woke up at around 7pm. I was not in a clear state of mind but I knew I did not want to skip the jog again when I was not bounded by work anymore. My mum returned home at the same time. After gearing up myself in the half awake mind, I even used the wrong key to unlock the lock.

It was very late by then. I set off from Shenton Way besides the Singapore Conference Hall at around 6.45pm after doing my warm-up, and managed to squeeze through the gays to reach Marina Barrage at the timing of 19 minutes 43 seconds. I was expecting the lousy timing since my body could not function properly after the nap. At least, I was much faster compared to the past when I had to spend around 23 minutes to complete the course.

The sky was dark by the time I reached but the stars shone brightly. A kite with some lighting caught my attention in the middle of the stars. The string had three or four lighting too to add on to the beautiful sky full of stars. I was surprised to see the usual green snake at the hour but it certainly looked much less impressive in the absence of the sunlight.

I found a less crowded spot to lie down. The night was not as windy as usual but I still managed to cool down soon. Planes tried to steal the attention of the stars and it turned out to be a more beautiful sky. If it was not for my tummy upset, I would have stayed longer.

After getting out of the toilet, I set off at around 8.45pm in my weak body. I knew I could never race against my usual timing anymore but I was quite certain that I could beat my previous timing since my return trip was always faster. As I began moving towards the T-Junction, the bus arrived. Though it had given me a good head start, I was overtaken in the end. I managed to pass by the bus-stop seconds after all the passengers alighted.

Nevertheless, my timing was 19 minutes and 42 seconds, which was only 1 second faster than the previous timing. I was quite flared up with myself.