Johor Bahru Trip with Family and Latecomer

[Sunday, 5 September, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging and surfing the net for the prices of iPhone and BlackBerry phone. I tried sleeping after 4am but could not doze off. I finally got up at 7am and started preparing myself for the Johor Bahru trip.

We went to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and bought the tickets for the train at 8.45am together with my aunt. It was the first time I used my new passport. We reached City Square before 10am and went to the MacDonald’s for breakfast while waiting for Anthony. He finally replied my younger brother’s SMS and told us that he would be late and thus we went shopping.

After we met up with Anthony, we went shopping for mooncake at the bazaar before having lunch at Kim Gary. We were surprised when Anthony bid us goodbye right after the lunch. We did more shopping after that and my mum also bought more mooncake. We took train back to Singapore.

We started enjoying the three slices of cake we got from Secret Recipe at Johor, together with bailey with milk. My younger brother forbade me from taking a nap since he did not want me to stay awake at night.

Our dinner at around 9pm was at the Muslim prata shop for the first time as we were too tired to travel farther away.


Kevin Chua was the Hero

I could not get to sleep after having five hours of nap. The three hours of sleep after that almost kept me on bed and late for work.

The most shocking thing that happened in the morning was Kevin’s SMS to inform me that he was sick. It was never easy to operate alone in Bukit Batok but I was glad and guilty that he joined me even though he was on MC. His consideration made me feel so lousy somehow because it was obvious that I could not handle things good enough; he was simply too impressive.

The morning ended earlier than ever and I proceeded back to office. Mingfa came later without Mingli despite they had planned earlier on to come together for lunch. Weitat was absent for the second day, down with gastric flu and that he did not even reply my SMS the day before and that showed how bad his condition was.

In the afternoon, I was killed by my Flash game because of the Toa Cah Soh part, which had left me since more than four years ago.

In the late afternoon, I had a little amendment to the “no smoking” poster before some of us gathered to wait for the clock to tickle. Bernard sent Wei Ming and I to Dover MRT, while George continued the ride and was probably sent to NTU directly for his night lesson by the kind fellow.

After reaching home, I remembered my mum was not cooking and that there were stories to hear from Irwin and thus I dated him out for dinner. We got to chat at Vivocity’s Long John’s Silver and later at the Sky Park.

Eugene came over to join us and we went to Kim Gary restaurant to accompany him for dinner. The waitress, Wang Na, was quite a babe. After the freezing moment in the snow-like place, we ended the day.

I got home to resume my battle through MSN with the skinny skeleton while Irwin was still on his an hour walking trip home with the hill climbing exercise at the end of the journey.


Beach without My Gang

On Sunday, I made an unusual attempt to travel down to the beach alone. It was supposed to be a much bigger group outing whereby Jenrine would call her friends and I would invite my gang along, but it turned out that I was too “unpopular”.

Weitat was at Hong Kong and thus, I lost my usual more-enthusiastic buddy’s perseverance power. I told Mingfa about it a few days ago and he did not reply my SMS the night before the actual beach outing. I had my MSN nick changed and there was no response except for Jianhao. There was no luck at all and since I was too lazy to get rejected again, I gave up. Jenrine’s gang decided to proceed on with the plan and the initiation of my next move was left tangling.

In the morning, I woke up early after sleeping for less than three hours. I decided to join in the fun since it was agreed earlier and that it had been some time since I last stepped into Sentosa after the lousy Rip Curl beach volleyball competition. However, the dark sky stopped me. I continued watching my Chinese drama until the rain finally ended, just in time for me to catch the episode where the Han emperor initiated the first combat with the Xiong Nu tribe.

I grabbed a bun before boarding the bus. I knew well that it was not going to be a usual play-non-stop volleyball day without the presence of my teammates.

Upon reaching the usual place, I spotted a group of people playing volleyball. One of the girls looked like Jenrine from a distance away and since I did not want to cause any embarrassment on myself, I stood by the same spot and watched them for some time. One of them told the girl that I was looking at them and she surprised me by questioning me.

The only familiar face was Huey Yong and thus, I went over to have a quick chat with him before I saw Shengli. I started playing with him and his friends in my “soft” legs and frozen brain. It was an awkward moment to play with two strangers on the same court, especially when they knew each other well.

Jenrine caught me after the game and I joined her group. Since they were of even number, I was sitting outside the court to rest my numbed brain. At times, we played together outside the court, which slowly got my body recovered.

Towards evening, I joined Yingying and Jenrine against Shaoxian and Raphael on a friendly match at a lousy court. The sagging net falling towards one side of the court made blocking difficult especially with the uneven concrete-like sand. I had a few knocks after diving.

Before ending the day, Yingying, Jenrine and I played against two guys. I was quite embarrassed at first to outnumber them but it seemed that we were too inferior somehow. I played as the setter again but failed to block any of the opponents’ spiking above the low net. It was quite frustrating.

With Yuenyin’s early departure, I managed to squeeze into Shaoxian’s car and we joined up with Shengli at Vivocity. We had dinner at Kim Gary, which was my third time, and we had great jokes over the meal even though we were kind of being divided into two groups.

Finally, Back to Beach

The sun showered me with too much love that my skin was burnt on this very interesting Monday, which was a holiday.

The sleep after six pm in the morning and waking up less than two hours later for haircut left me exhausted. Before I could get back into deep sleep, Mingfa called to ask me down to the beach. I was too tired for celebration of the long abandoned place. My brain was blank but somehow, could not fully utilise the remaining time to sleep.

I met up with the three of them – Mingfa, Weitat and Jingkun – at Seah Lm Food Centre. I had a cup of fruit juice while waiting for them to finish off their breakfast. Jingkun drove us into Sentosa where I witnessed the great changes at the entrance, and even the ticket booth for drive-in was shifted further in.

Since it was a holiday for most schools, the beach was actually occupied by youngsters despite it was a weekday. Full of sweeties in all sorts of bikinis, it was quite a gazing place.

We met up with Mingfa’s students and started playing volleyball. I was quite careful with my almost-recovered index finger. Beginning of the games wrote some incredible records for me; somehow I did better in spiking at beach than indoor courts even though the sand made jumping much tougher.

I did not take out my camera at all.

Into late afternoon, the sun had worn us out. It was tough on feet, dragging on a dehydrated yet heavier body, I simply lusted for resting. Since we left earlier than usual, we managed to skip queuing up at the washroom.


Longan drinks

My mushroom baked rice

French fries

The four of us went to Vivocity and had our early dinner at Kim Gary. It was my second time dining over there at the costly restaurant. Jingkun left us after the dinner and we started walking around before going home.