Finally, Jogged to Marina Barrage Again

[Saturday, 7 August, 2010]

I had lunch at the Tanjong Pagar food centre with my family. I had a bowl of fish soup.

The highlight of the day was the jog to Marina Barrage at 6pm. Due to the problems with my stomach and that I did not maintain a constant pace, I faced difficulties. For the start, I realised it was not a good idea to set off on the last Saturday before National’s Day. I knew there was rehearsal of the National Day parade and many people would crowd around at Marina Barrage to catch the fireworks.

This time round, I held on to my phone and started recording video from Shenton Way till Marina Barrage. However, the product was much shaken than I had expected. I was quite unlucky that traffic light was against me at the first junction to delay me badly. Soon, I was exhausted and my timing was disgusting in the end.

Marina Barrage was crowded. The management even projected shows at the ground level to a big screen and they blasted the sound. There was no quiet spot and I had to go till the far end where it was much warmer to take a rest. After being attacked by sand flies, I shifted to near the lift at where I used to camp at during my earliest few trips. Finally I lay down to close my eyes and rest. However, when I tried to check my watch for the time, it started to go haywire. The screen went blank and the alarm sounded to irritate me from my rest. It stopped after quite some time and when I tried to press the buttons, the same irritant came back.

It was not a good night to catch rehearsal’s fireworks for there was explosion for every ten to fifteen minutes that lasted probably around ten seconds each time. I was surrounded by Chinese from Shanghai.

It was one of the latest times I set off from Marina Barrage. I had to use the stopwatch from the phone’s function instead since the watch was down. I hated my timing. The jog seemed to have worsened my left foot’s condition.

My dinner was spaghetti cooked by my elder brother.


Marina Barrage under the Threatening Sky

[Wednesday, 21 April, 2010]

I caught the second half of the soccer match between Barcelona against Inter Milan with my brother. Having being jobless at the same time allowed us to communicate more.

I had a weird dream again. I was going to my uncle’s house and no matter how I tried, I could never locate it. I was as determined as usual and did not give up even though I got back to the same places again and again. I often had such dream with similar plot – doing my best and yet could not reach my destination. I came to sense and moved my physical body, after which, knowing I was dreaming, I forced myself to wake up to reduce my weariness of the search. Dream was taxing and after so many years of wondering, I could confirm it was due to one’s own imagination.

I had a slack afternoon before going off for a jog. It was one of the lousiest trips ever for I could feel my knees tearing apart at the first few steps. I persisted but the stitch on my stomach, probably caused by the water I took with the medicine before stepping out of the house, slowed me down a lot. In the mid of the journey, I could guess my timing was going to be terrible.

Even though it rained in the afternoon, the dark was still gray and threatening. By the time I reached Marina Barrage, I could only see darkness. I was not sure if the sun had set earlier or the dark cloud had made the entire sky much darker. The place was quieter than usual and only two groups of people were flying kites. I lay down near the corner after going up the slope and the freezing weather rested my mind. When I sat up, it took less than half a minute for the wet patch on the concrete to dry up. I was lazier than usual and collapsed again. Many things flew through the hollow sight with the towel covering my eyes.

Suddenly, many people walked pass and I was sure they were tourists but their languages were quite weird. They sounded like Thais but I could not confirm. When I looked at my watch, I was amazed of the ticking time. I was down there for around forty-five minutes without feeling the length.

I took off soon, feeling tougher than before but my knees were pleading me not to move off too fast. The heavy traffic at the T-junction before the Marina Bay MRT station, leading to Shenton Way, was probably slowed me down for more than half a minute. I reached Singapore Conference Hall at another disappointing timing, even though it was better than the earlier one.


Dinner at RSYC and Magdalene Birthday Celebration at Marina Barrage

[Friday, 9 April, 2010]

I spent my Friday on the configuration and marketing of my domain.

As I was going to prepare to leave my house for phototaking at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC), the conversation with Joy stalled some time. I was slow somehow and before I realised, time had passed so quickly that I knew I would be late.

The stopped rain suddenly returned more fiercely than before. I kept my pace slow but the water still managed to get into my shoes to kiss my socks wet. I was at the most frustrated mood waiting at the bus-stop but it took more than twenty minutes for bus 30 to arrive. As expected, due to the slow bus, more passengers boarded and alighted and thus delayed the journey a lot more.

Halfway through the journey, the rain stopped completely. I alighted after the junction near the NUS prata shop. I almost took the wrong direction towards Clementi Wood but decided to walk back to the junction. It was a long way towards the RSYC.

I was late for almost an hour but I was not the latest. The ambience was nice and I regretted not setting off earlier. I received a trophy from Diana for contribution in the SYOG volunteer training project.

After the dinner, I took jingkun’s car and he forgot that I wanted to go home to get my wetted socks changed before joining the rest of them at Marina Barrage. He took the highway straight to ECP and then took the wrong exit. He took the wrong again and we landed up at PIE near Aljunied.

After reaching Marina Barrage, we started changing and I wore my PJC t-shirt with a FBT shorts. The rest of them were in school uniforms. We started celebrating for Magdalene and made noises at the bridge.

A Slower Jog to Marina Barrage

[Tuesday, 6 April, 2010]

My plan to go into jogging was almost halted by my sleepiness. My back was aching. It was beyond my determination for the evening to withstand it and I actually went to lie down at 6pm, dozing off soon.

I woke up at around 7pm. I was not in a clear state of mind but I knew I did not want to skip the jog again when I was not bounded by work anymore. My mum returned home at the same time. After gearing up myself in the half awake mind, I even used the wrong key to unlock the lock.

It was very late by then. I set off from Shenton Way besides the Singapore Conference Hall at around 6.45pm after doing my warm-up, and managed to squeeze through the gays to reach Marina Barrage at the timing of 19 minutes 43 seconds. I was expecting the lousy timing since my body could not function properly after the nap. At least, I was much faster compared to the past when I had to spend around 23 minutes to complete the course.

The sky was dark by the time I reached but the stars shone brightly. A kite with some lighting caught my attention in the middle of the stars. The string had three or four lighting too to add on to the beautiful sky full of stars. I was surprised to see the usual green snake at the hour but it certainly looked much less impressive in the absence of the sunlight.

I found a less crowded spot to lie down. The night was not as windy as usual but I still managed to cool down soon. Planes tried to steal the attention of the stars and it turned out to be a more beautiful sky. If it was not for my tummy upset, I would have stayed longer.

After getting out of the toilet, I set off at around 8.45pm in my weak body. I knew I could never race against my usual timing anymore but I was quite certain that I could beat my previous timing since my return trip was always faster. As I began moving towards the T-Junction, the bus arrived. Though it had given me a good head start, I was overtaken in the end. I managed to pass by the bus-stop seconds after all the passengers alighted.

Nevertheless, my timing was 19 minutes and 42 seconds, which was only 1 second faster than the previous timing. I was quite flared up with myself.


Saw Familiar Faces at Marina Barrage Finally

[Saturday, 27 March, 2010]

I finally went to the Chinese physician again in the afternoon. My stomach’s condition had improved a lot.

In the late afternoon, I dragged on before taking off to the usual spot at Shenton Way to start off my jog after missing it for weeks. The pain in my shoulders was irritating, which was one excuse that I hesitated. The sky and cloud were far too beautiful to give a miss though.

I actually set off earlier than usual. The paths were blocked by blockheads and I witnessed Chinese construction workers spitting on the road. The bad pollution was a major turn-off.

I started off with the sides of my knees hurting, especially at the right one. My timing had dropped but I was quite satisfied with it.

Marina Barrage was more crowded than ever and I hardly could find any empty space to rest. It was warmer than usual while the sun was setting. I strolled to the lift where there was shade and stared at the bridge where the usable water was separated from the sea. The wind was strong and I felt happier when each gasp of them seemed to penetrate through my entire body.

While I was taking my leave at the side facing the Singapore Flyer, someone tapped me and it took me a few seconds to realise Shuhui and Kenneth were there. Besides them was another couple and the girl was extremely cute. I stayed there for quite some time to look at the kite.

The return trip was faster as usual. I lost to the bus by a large margin but managed to overtake the alighted passengers before they passed by the tunnel towards Marina Bay MRT station.

It was an extremely boring night. It seemed like nobody was able to spend time to entertain me.


Late by a Minute

Last Saturday morning, right after midnight, my family went to the prata shop for supper. I loved suppering with them more than any other meals for everyone’s mood would be better at the late hour. Apart from that, we would only go to nearby places such as the prata shop or MacDonald’s to spend quality time together.

I woke up late. I was back to the very ridiculous sleeping habit since reservist period when I was trying hard to rush work at home until early morning.

The afternoon was tiring and my work efficiency was low. I dragged on until late evening before leaving the house for my jog. It was not a good day for any activity for my stomach gave me lots of problems. Sitting down too long on the chair had also weakened my knees. I began the jog in my half dying body but I was very amazed of myself for no matter how many problems I had before each jog, I would make it to my destination.

I did not have much rest at Marina Barrage this time for the sky was already dark upon reaching. The place was completely dark as well and I could hardly see any person with fair skin. I went to the toilet again and missed the bus to give it a head start. Knowing that in my condition, I was never able to complete with it but I even fell behind the next bus which arrived less than three minutes later.

My timing for the to and fro trips was longer than the previous time for around a minute. I felt uncomfortable to jog without the Polar watch to keep track of all my time, duration and heart rate.


A New Jogging Record from Marina Barrage

Last Tuesday, I finally made my trip down to Marina Barrage again after missing it for nearly two weeks. My target to jog for forty times this year was not on a safe margin yet.

Having been tortured by the awkward sleeping position on the chair during my reservist days, I was uncertain of my decision to make the trip down. Perseverance was perhaps one of my virtues. I started off with my lower back giving me the pains but I pushed on with my weak knees. I could feel myself slowing down at the beginning of the journey and I was basically dragging my feet after the finally T-junction separating Marina Barrage from Marina South Pier. Nevertheless, my timing was better than most of the trips.

It was a quiet evening. The usually long green snake kite was up there and it seemed to have conquered the other kites. I lay down by the side of the grass and tried to fix my phone as it could not save photos.

I took a long rest over there but my stomach ruled my mind and I could not wait any longer to race against the bus when the night hit 8pm. My return trip was tougher than usual but I managed to keep my speed consistent. I met the bus at the T-junction and it did not catch up with me given that it had to make a U-turn at the Barrage.

I was quite amazed of myself when I checked my timing at my finishing point – I made a new record again; moreover, it was a return trip after weakening my legs.


Broke my Jogging Timing Record

EIP, my dread, finally started on Tuesday morning. Going down all the way to Bukit Batok ITE was killing half of my days that I was unable to do any other stuff. It was a test of my luck to see which secondary school students were going down in order to judge how tiring I would be by the end of each session. I was lucky that the Westwood Secondary school kids were very adorable. However, I made a great communication mistake and Zaki reached at 8am.

Zaki sent me back to campus to attend my department meeting, which started forty-five minutes earlier and the meeting was over soon upon reaching. Nevertheless, I got to enjoy the nasi lemak from my boss.

I had a payback of my lack of sleep due to gaming before I went to bed. Throughout the afternoon, I was never productive by nodding in front of my laptop. The worst thing was when I discovered that my smoking site did not work properly on my webhost even though everything was fine on both laptops I was using. It was disastrous to work with AJAX when debugging was needed.

Sometimes I did doubt my own principle. I always did my best to attend to all my friends but somehow it made me very unfocused. I had been observing friends who did not even glance at me when I stood beside them during their conversation with others, and indeed they were more successful than me.

I reached home at around 6pm. I slacked for some time and finally left my house for a jog after taking my medicine. It was another challenge to my limit for I could easily sleep like a bear at that moment. I started off weak and felt like sleeping at certain points of time. By the time I reached the big T-junction separating Marina Barrage and Marina South Pier, I was exhausted. Nevertheless, I was impressed with my final timing.

On the Tuesday evening, the place was not even half as crowded as the weekends. There were more groups of youngsters around. The usual huge green snake kite departed soon before darkness embarked. I started lying down to rest. The time tickled fast and before I could doze off, it was near 8pm. I made my way down and did some stretching longer than ever, distracted by a mini bus which I suspected was from MediaCorp.

When I started to take off, I was glad to see bus 400 stopping at the bus-stop. My second race against the bus was granted but I was not given advance start off as long as the previous time. Before I reached the T-junction, the bus had already beaten me. I did not give up and kept my pace constant at the exhausting speed. My effort had a payoff for I managed to overtake the alighted passengers inside the small tunnel as they were walking towards the MRT station. I was quite proud of myself.

I could not keep up with the pace after turning away from the entrance to MRT, but managed to push myself furthermore. In the end, I checked my timing and was very amazed with myself for I broke my own record by taking less than 19 minutes.


Problematic Facebook and Jogged in Illness

I spent the full day of my Saturday trying to upload the photos taken during the camp into Facebook but as usual, it was problematic. After waiting for very long, it displayed error alert and I had to redo again. I tried uploading smaller numbers of photos at one go but the errors appeared most of the time. One very irritating issue was that some of the photos were uploaded but a few were missing, such that I had to compare to find out the missing ones.

I went for a jog in the evening before completing the work. I took a small muffin and my medicine before leaving my house at around 5.30pm. On the way, I realised the medicine I took was for my flu, cough and sore throat, and not simply for my stomach problem. It was too late and I had to endure running in my blocked nose.

It was not my plan to challenge my limit again for I had heard numerous cases of people collapsing while exercising in their illness. This time, I did it again. Somehow, my timing was more than satisfactory even though I slowed down a lot at the big T-junction separating Marina Barrage and Marina South Pier.

Marina Barrage was crowded on this Saturday evening. The sky was clear even though it was gray before I took off. The gradient colour painted delights in me. The strong wind dried my sweat fast as usual. I found myself a space and lay down immediately to rest, and also, trying hard to prevent liquid dripping out of my nose. The cough hurt my throat a little and I had this feeling that I could not make it back.

There were two groups of people creating loud noises on the field. The first group forfeited a guy by coming over to lie besides me. When I was standing by the side, a cute girl from the second group was forced to come over to greet me but she only waved. I was disturbed by a SMS regarding work that I was most fearful of, but I decided to fully indulge myself in the beautiful and lively place.

I stayed at the Barrage longer than usual. When it was 8.30pm, I decided I should rush home to continue with my work. Half of the crowds were still around and new visitors continued to arrive. I left reluctantly in my semi blocked nose, feeling more feverish than the earlier journey. I was delighted upon reaching my destination at Shenton Way for my timing was much faster than expected in my illness.

Death was nothing.


Late Jog to Marina Barrage

Yesterday, I had a busy morning, doing tiny stuffs, such as a little clean-up of my table. I even tried to do up the timesheet for the current month since I would not be around at the end of the month.

I went for lunch together with Jingkun, Weitat, Dorothy and Daniel at West Coast hawker centre. I took half spring chicken. I got two cups of lime juice at the price of 70 cents each. It tasted diluted and Jingkun claimed that he tasted soap. I realised the fact that going for the queue was a better choice.

Weitat, Dorothy and I went to Sheng Siong supermarket for a while to get some chocolate as Christmas presents.

After going back to office, I continued with my work until mid afternoon, Daniel and Jingkun asked me to go for a short tea break together at the Mr Prata shop. I only took a cup of bandung.

I left office together with Cheng Hong but he had to wait at the bus-stop for his brother to fetch him, and thus, I went home alone.

As I was planning to leave the house, it started raining. I played game while waiting and lost the Command and Conquer game a few times while versus the computer one on one, and it created frustration out of me. It was 7pm and the rain had completely stopped, I left my house after a little packing up.

It was the latest timing I had ever left my house for a long jog. The sky was totally dark and the paths were quiet. I maintained my speed well and eventually got there with more energy reserved, even though I was not feeling well with my stomach.

There were three babes at the bus-stop and I regretted not going earlier. Since it was late, it was not as crowded as my usual trips, whereas most of the people left were couples and partially families. Near the lift was a group of friends who made more noises than others.

I lay besides the grass for more than twenty minutes to enjoy the breeze. I reached home at around 9pm and I was quite satisfied with the speed for the return trip.

It was a night of race against time. Blogging, replying messages and helping Gilbert with his photos caught me struggling hard. The main distraction was the Pets game in the site. My plan to finish off a section of the smoking site before sleeping was unfulfilled. I was trying to push the site to live without the programming parts.