Chingay 2011 – My First Time Catching It Live

[Friday, 11 February, 2011]

I was working on the tuition agency site until 1am before taking a tablet of melatonin. I managed to doze off only after 2am. Melatonin caused drowsiness in me and made my entire body weak. I felt tired but it did not put me to sleep as quickly as expected.

Lucky woke me up after 8am when my mum left the door opened. He was standing by the block of board and crying for me. I went to the office at 10am and continued with my programming work for Smart Tuition. I did some SEO work after that. Zaki called me to invite me to catch Chingay together.

It was pouring heavily and since I had to pass by my house to take the train, I decided to go home to get changed because I hated wearing wet socks. In the end, I decided to take bus instead. Bus 97 took me to near Millennium Walk and I tried my luck and managed to reach MacDonald’s at Marina Square to meet up with Zaki. He was sick and I offered to get him the dinner, which was a rare chance I could get to give him a small treat. However, I was famished due to not taking lunch and I upsized the two meals without thinking that he was coughing. We could not finish the second packet of French fries.

We walked towards the Singapore Flyer at the F1 racing track. It was muddy along the path before we could get up to the audience stand. It was one of the rare times I did not charge my camera’s battery and also not bringing the spare battery along. Anyway, the lighting was too dim for a lousy camera using freehand on moving objects.

The Chingay performance was fantastic. I did not even bother to look at the television for the broadcast all the past years and I knew the reason well – the live performance beat everything.

After the amazing event, Zaki had fun laughing at my feet because the mud looked like shit. I met Warrant Twang and we exchanged numbers. I was quite disappointed that he was still holding my old number and that was probably the reason why many friends had lost contact with me.

I went to Maxwell Food Centre to meet my family for supper. After that, they went to the NTUC for a while as I accompanied Lucky outside, trying to hurry home to catch my Bao Qing Tian (Justice Bao) on channel 8 at midnight.


Sunday at Marina Square

[Sunday, 23 May, 2010]

On Sunday, I was woke up by my brother’s girlfriend. They wanted to go for brunch at Marina Square. We went to Just Acia and I ordered fish and chips. It was more like the mixed vegetable rice’s fish cut into small slices with the fries. Nevertheless, the free flow of ice-cream and drinks was the greatest attraction.

After the meal, we went to John Little’s and I got myself a short. Then, we went to the soft toy catching machines to feel the excitement of others dumping their coins into the machines wastefully. It was a good place for girls-watching. My brother’s girlfriend gave a tried on one of the machines and she got herself a Pooh Bear tissue box. It was a good try for a dollar.

After going home and resting for a while, my mum returned home and we set off to the Maxwell Market at around 8pm. I got my mum her fish soup mee hoon before going to get my cheap and okay tasting noodle at the usual stall but it was sold out. After walking around the pathetic place with most of the stalls already closed, I got myself a plate of wantan mee at the stall behind. The place was somehow good for girls-watching as well.

Somehow, I was bothered for the entire day.


Dinner with Caiping

[Sunday, 16 May, 2010]

I met up with Caiping at Cityhall MRT in the afternoon. After reaching the National Library at the level 5, we were so disappointed with the Wireless@SG’s connection over there that it kept dying off within a few seconds. The power point by the side of the outdoor area was powerless.

We walked back to Citylink but the Starbucks was crowded and we found ourselves luckier at the Starbucks at Marina Square. I was quite amazed by the design of the mall for it was the first time I really took a detailed looks around there while sitting down. So much for the late night sleep, I was not as noisy as usual.

After that, she did some researches for her project, we decided not to go for movie and instead, we went back to Citylink to the New York New York for dinner. I took my usual fish and chips and it proved the restaurant was a disappointment. When we told the manager we had found a bone inside the food, he merely told us it was some plastic materials, and nothing was done for service recovery. If Dorothy were around, she would definitely write a long and detailed email to complain about the lousy service.

Other than the service issue, the dinner was great and we had a long chat.