One Burden Off and Elder Brother was Home

[Monday, 27 December, 2010]

I was trying hard to solve an issue on Smart Tuition’s CMS that caused auto reload on completion of the first load. I walked through my coding and saw nothing that would trigger it. I was suspecting the server side but I failed to solve the problem. I went to sleep at 3am.

I was not sure if I did doze off but I got up at around 5am. Before 7am, I set off to the office.

It was quite a productive morning. I finished an article on deep breathing for the tuition agency website to help people to relax themselves. Then, I did SEO for it, together with the stress management article. After that, I started to work on Tze Khit’s website.

I had lunch with Mike at Everton Park. The standard of the fish and chips from the western food stall was a little below average. After taking lunch, I continued with Tze Khit’s website and it gave me quite a big headache since almost every link is targeted at the live site. When I was almost done with all the tasks on the piece of paper, he dropped me an SMS to let me know that he would get Daoxiong to update the site since he knew I was very busy. I felt it was really right since Daoxiong was the original person who started his two websites. I finally put a burden off my mind and started working on SEO for Smart Tuition.

I had dinner with Mike at Kampong Bahru at the Muslim prata shop near the bus-stop. We ordered Maggie goreng, laksa and mutton soup. None of them tasted good. After going back to the office, I was exhausted soon with the lack of sleep.

My elder brother had reached home before me. We went down to walk Lucky together. I got two packets of milks and some heat reducing drinks at the NTUC before we went home.


MS Word Level Up

I have never expected myself to take so many hours to finish formatting a report on MS Word.

I’m now more familiar with amending the default settings to synchronize everything properly, inclusive of the content page, SmartArt, page number in different sections and other features.

I’m supposed to recuperate my health in order to fight a stronger battle to prove myself…

Sleep just before daylight again.


Never Do Windows Updates for Microsoft Office 2007 Again

Updating Microsoft Office 2007 seemed to cause a big bug in the Word application. It nearly boiled up my blood throughout the morning since after midnight.

Every time I wanted to open up a document for amendment, it started to hang. It was so urgent that I had to finally remove the MS Word 2007 application and install MS Word 2003 instead. The removal of the application took so long that I dozed off in between.

It was a draining day.

I would never do windows update for MS Office 2007 again.