Mothers’ Day Dinner

[Sunday, 9 May, 2010]

I spent the early morning finishing up for the sCreative website. Then, I moved on to improve other websites. The morning was boring.

Work occupied me throughout the afternoon. I was able to push the latest design to live, which left me a more peaceful mind, except that lots of contents were required to be added.

Since both of my brothers were not in Singapore, I was quite pressured over where to bring my mum out for dinner. Tengy gave me good suggestions and I was very impressed with her knowledge of my neighbourhood, forgetting that she used to work around my place and Chinatown.

In the end, I brought my mum to Chinatown Point for Swenson since both of us could not order many dishes if we were going to have Chinese meal. The ambience was not nice because the place was too small. The banging onto the chair by the staffs and the loud market noise from the customers were annoying. We ordered a plate of fish and chips and breaded chicken to share. The waitress recommended us a $5 add-on for a drinks, soup and ice-cream to fill our stomachs completely.

We walked towards People’s Park Centre at the Swanston store to get cheap stuffs before going home. I wanted to help my mum to top up her Ez-link card since she was complaining that she had not done it for very long already, and suddenly she asked me to transfer some money into her bank account, and my hesitation to get a DSLR camera died.


The Weirdest Mothers' Day

Every year, my family would go for dinner together on Mothers’ Day. Since my mum’s birthday was just a few weeks before Mothers’ Day, we would normally focus more on her birthday instead.

This year, my brothers and I had spent large sum of money during my mum’s birthday for the Hong Kong trip and therefore, Mothers’ Day’s celebration was somehow “forfeited”.

On the day, my elder brother was still at cold war with my mum and my younger brother went for his friend’s birthday celebration, leaving me alone with my mum. In order not to disappoint her, I accompanied her to Chinatown for dinner.

We had sting ray for dinner. Since the hawker told us we had to wait very long, I went around looking for finger food and got some Shui Guo, and durian flavour’s Tang Yuan. Before we could finish everything, we ordered Rojak from the stall owner who passed by. Together with the sugarcane juice, my stomach was so bloated. It was a dinner well-spent; it was cheaper than a single person’s bill at a normal restaurant.

We went to CK to shop around for a while and I finally got myself a sleeveless shirt. Things were cheap there but I supposed they were old. Since nothing else was to my liking, I chose not to waste my wardrobe’s space.