Birthday Celebration of the Three Besties

[Sunday, 28 November, 2010]

I started work on the home tutor Singapore page to list the tutors using Ajax. It was a stressful morning. Seeing that Lucky was bored and nobody seemed to have taken him down for a walk, I took him down alone after 3am. He refused to dump his waste downstairs but luckily the poo ended up on target at home. Clearing the newspapers was much easier than clearing the poo on the floor directly. I blogged and went to sleep near 9am.

I woke up at noon and started packing up. I went to Mount Faber Safra to join Peh and Gilbert for our post-birthday celebration. My stomach was causing problems. Anyway, Gilbert made a Doraemon cake by himself. After celebrating by the pool, just outside the gym, we started swimming. Gilbert and I were too lazy that we only went for four laps before we started chatting at the Jacuzzi.

We went to Lock Road for dinner. It was Indonesian food and the sauce for the chicken was quite nice. However, we wasted a plate of mango salad.

After Peh sent me home in his new car, I continued working on my tuition agency site.


Swim, Shop and Eat with Family

On Sunday, I woke up early despite sleeping late. My younger brother asked me to go for a swim together but I was too lazy to give a definite answer. It started pouring and I dozed off after catching my favourite show on channel 8. We finally set off together after 2pm for Mount Faber SAFRA.

It was super costly at $3.20 for my entry ticket. My right wrist and middle finger were giving me problems. There was lots of phlegm once my head went into the water and it was very uncomfortable. After swimming for six laps, it started pouring and we got up and camped under the big umbrella to chit-chat. I was frozen to continue the swim after the lifeguard gave the signal for clearance. I stayed at the Jacuzzi and my fingers were numbed. I enjoyed the heated water inside the shower and they even provided us with the body lotion.

My brother had a buyer for his phone and thus we called off our plan to go to Vivocity’s Daiso, and instead, made our way home directly.

My whole family went to Chinatown in the evening. We shopped at the Swanston shop and it burnt my pocket a hole. Next, we continued to shop towards Chinatown Complex and dined over there. Each dish cost $8 and we had three of them, which I felt was quite a reasonable price.

It was the rarest long weekend ever for I spent three continuous days with my younger brother.

The biggest problem was that I was supposed to get kicking with my websites to start my career.