Singapore MRT Breakdown – People trapped in underground

I’m deeply disturbed by the video above. I do not care about how many people are saying “this is just a disruption of the services, give them time to fix it”, because it is not the main point. If you are trapped inside the train some depth below the human race living level, how would you feel? I assume most people are quite sympathetic towards others because human beings are born with kind nature. If you are thinking that this is just nothing, imagine your love ones are being stuck inside the trains. If you think that is not the worst scenario, visualise your grandparents then. I have come across some comments that the train has backup power that allows up to 45 minutes of ventilation during power failure. Even a kid would know that maximum battery lives would decrease over time – your mobile phone tells you that and your laptop has proven you that as well. What is the capacity of people for the 45 minutes of ventilation being measured? Some creative people may think that this is a once-in-a-fifty-years rare thrilling experience but I think differently. Before you attend Halloween night parties, you know you would be scared. Even if you are going for the roller-coaster ride, you should expect some breathless excitements. You know you will be fine after all. On the other hand, if the train has stopped for some time inside the tunnel and you realise it is getting stuffy with many passengers inside, you do not know if you can live for how more. If you think it can be forever safe in Singapore, the government will not be conducting emergency drills “Northstar”. Singaporeans are already warned about terrorism and scenes will flash through their minds during the lock-down during the train breakdown. You call for help and you receive none, you do not know what is going to happen next and when it is going to end. Most passengers seem to be fine except for around two who have fainted. Still, I expect quite a handful of victims could have developed some phobia after being mentally tortured for hours. All it takes is for the train officers to calm the passengers down and open the doors for ventilation. This society is being drawn a big thick line in between the very rich and the rest of the people. The rich people are managing everyone and they do not understand the rest of the people’s needs. They do not understand the basic needs for survival and the slightest integrity that even the poor people need. We are often powerless to do anything.

Ziying’s Advanced Birthday Dinner

[Thursday, 16 September, 2010]

I went to sleep at 2.30am after my mum scolded Lucky for peeing on the floor outside the room when I was inside the toilet. It was not long before he woke up and started peeing on the newspaper I placed in front of my wardrobe. I thought it was okay to leave it there but he woke up again and started scratching the newspaper. I was not sure how long he took to doze off but I had a hard time doing that.

I woke up after 12pm and went back to sleep and finally got up at 3pm. I spent quite some time clearing up spams in Facebook and also trying to save the Facebook pages from the team’s nonsense.

My younger brother returned home earlier to take care of Lucky’s dinner since my elder brother and I had to leave the house for appointments.

I was shocked after alighting from the crowded train from the green line at Jurong East for the platforms were packed. The next train towards north was, however, far from the station. It took about six minutes for me to suffer in sweat before I resigned to fate that Singapore was overpopulated and the SMRT was totally not efficient enough. I waited for the next train and I started to figure out people who usually stood right in front of the doors were not totally at fault because many passengers could not board the train.

I was late for ten minutes. Jason and Cher Fong were sitting at the entrance of Mayim and Benson arrived soon. Later, I realised the actual table booking time was postponed for half an hour. I was told that the dinner would not be expensive but it did not seem so. Jason had bought a compact yet solid camera while Benson brought his DSLR along, and thus I did not take out my pathetic camera. It was a great dinner with all the friends around. The final bill was thirty-eight bucks each.

Benson, Jason and I waited for Lynn to settle some stuffs with her friend outside KFC before we went to the train station. Jason and Lynn took the same train as me.

New but Not Really New Laptop

I went to the IT fair at Expo yesterday with my younger brother, elder brother and his girlfriend. My stomach was bloated after the lunch at the Tanjong Pagar hawker centre. I regretted not being more determined to resume the visit to the Chinese physician.

There were many sweet salesgirls over there, which was quite distracting.

We were looking around at all brands such as Fujitsu, Acer, HP, Dell, Sony, and Toshiba… etc. In the end, my younger brother was captivated by a HP tablet laptop and a light weighted Acer normal laptop. He chose the latter since my elder brother advised we should just focus on getting whatever we wanted instead of being tempted by other interesting features. We chose the Acer one.

I wanted to get a simple laptop since I had to return the current one to my office after end of the year. My younger brother was using a powerful system he bought from NUS and he offered to exchange it with me for a lower-end laptop since he would only need one for his science report and surfing net.


I wanted to get the Acer laptop from a net friend who I realized was working there but somehow she was too busy to reply me the night before. I could not recognize her in the big exhibition hall and thus I gave up the idea because I would not want to go all the way there again.

After that, we walked around a sportswear warehouse sale where I saw a nice black Deuter back pack, compact enough to hold a laptop. It cost $79 and I gave it up, feeling the ache.

The MRT was crowded with people as well. We chose to go to the opposite direction instead, to the airport. My elder brother and his girlfriend decided on the Xin Wang Hong Kong Café and we had a long queue outside.

The waitress was cute and impressive on her memory. She had memorized the entire menu and thus, once we gave her the number of the food item, she could double confirm with us using the names. I ordered a plate of luncheon meat noodle for my throat was not feeling well.


Cupboards in front of the Train Doors

At Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, when I was getting out of the train at the purple line (NEL), everyone was standing on or behind the yellow lines. There were however two Indians standing right in front of the doors when obviously there were many people waiting to get out of the train.

I hardened all my chest muscle that I had left after slacking for almost a year and walked straight once the doors opened, without any intention of giving way to the two dogs who were trying to squeeze in before the rest.

Obviously, passengers getting into the train should make way for those who were getting out. These bastards were selfish and thoughtless that they would only care about themselves at the expense of others. These brainless creatures were simply lengthening the time taken for all passengers in regardless of moving into or out of the trains.

I felt so excited for a few seconds when I banged into the male dog, as he was pushed forty-five degree by the impact. He turned and stared at me and that made me even more joyous. I was feeling so strong at that point of time and I wished he would be a firm ass.

I could have taken out my phone and do a video taking but I was simply lazy and the doors would have opened before I activated it.

Actually, there were two staffs just a door away, but they did not seem to be doing anything. As transportation fee raised and we had to fork out more from our money, we were actually feeding those useless bums. Of course, most of the staffs did show enthusiasm in their work, but there were a few obvious black sheep among them.


Bad MRT Jam on Thursday

Thursday’s morning train was delayed badly. The halting at every station and the slow movement slaughtered my hope to reach Bukit Batok early. When the opposite train passed by, I could even see the passengers quite clearly, and that shown the speed of both trains. I reached at almost 9am.

It was not the first time I saw big crowds in the morning within a month. The government was persuading the citizens to use public transportation, but how much trust could we place on the services?

Things did not turn out as good as I had expected, as the level of difficulty was much higher. I managed to keep things under control eventually. I could have done much better if I was not alone.


Reasons to Skip Night Class

One of the irritating incidents I had ever encountered on the train was when I was trying to read up on my lecture notes by the side of the “inner” doors, two bangalas came in, one standing right in front of the door and the other one hanging on to the ring support at my left. It was not that bad if they did not start talking and sandwiched me with the noise. The latter even walked towards the doors to see the scenery and then walked back to his original position.

I spent my free time in office to study and do my assignment. Wee Lian’s kindness to get us involved in the afternoon’s workshop caused hesitation. I was more than happy to join in the creativity game with my colleagues but I had to prioritise my night class top after having a session the night before and also, waking up early in the morning for work.

Lunch was too sudden for me. It was quite a big group outing this time with Dorothy, Mei Hoe, Nicholas, Daniel, Mrs Wo, Vivian, Mrs Lam, Mrs Seetoh and my two usual buddies. We went to West Coast to have sliced fish soup with noodles. The person who attended to us was very impatient and rude and we were surprised that Dorothy could take it without asking us to leave together. Anyway, it was costly at the price of $5 and XO soup would be $7. Practically, I was not a lover of the item and thus, could not tell the quality.

Jingkun and I sent Weitat home before going back to the office. I was right that I could not stand sleeping for less than four hours the night before, however, I waited for Jingkun to finish off his stuffs and we left around forty-five minutes later than projected time. We even had some food outside the theatre, which cost us time.

By the time I reached home, it was almost five PM and I dozed off soon. I woke up in shock at around six-thirty PM, knowing that I would definitely be late for my night class. I hurried down to the bus-stop and it took around twenty minutes for bus 75 to arrive but it did not stop since it was too packed. Seeing that the bus-stop was half full with people who were all waiting for the same bus and not wanting to waste another twenty minutes or longer time to wait for another packed bus, I quickly paced off towards Tanjong Pagar MRT station, leaving a babe behind.

I was very quick on my feet like usual all the way to the station, however, inconsiderate people were blocking the way. Perhaps, I was very proud of myself for the consideration I gave to others whenever I was strolling slowly on the way, which in turn, increased the demands for others.

I was good in calming myself down, in order not to blame SMRT for not sending more bus 75 down at the busy hour. I was reminded of government’s campaign to advise Singaporeans to use public transport and yet the public transport system was never good enough. The train was very packed as well but somehow I managed to squeeze in.

Bad things did come with good returns for I was blessed to get to see a very stylish looking girl. She was slim in her office wear and at almost the same height of mine, holding a Mac book. I was more tempted when I saw her hold a shoes bag, which probably described her sportiness. However, she alighted at around Commonwealth.

I took bus 154 at Clementi to SIM and was late for more than forty-five minutes. I could have arrived half an hour earlier if I did not walk to the bus-stop, wait for the crowded bus and walk to the MRT station.

I was totally lost at the lab since I was very late. During the break, I sat with Yuanle and his colleague. Japit started revising the lecture and I was so impressed that he managed to enlighten me unlike the main lecturer who totally failed despite having more time with us.

I was almost killed under the torment for Yuanle’s friend went out to smoke during the break and thus when he returned, his entire body was smelt of smoke and together with his opened Redbull, the smell was horrible and poisonous and I knew the effect of taking third-hand smoke was far worse than anything.

At the end of the lecture, I called Irwin a few times before he picked up to tell me to meet up in another day.


Bastards on Train

On Tuesday, I woke up earlier than usual since Weitat was on leave and I had to cover up his work in the morning.

I had a tough time for the second hour as the keys were misplaced and it was the first time I used that room. Later on, I was trapped inside since I did not want to chase people off.

In the afternoon, there seemed to be a great miscommunication and that I had to leave my lab halfway. I wanted to share more of my knowledge but it seemed impossible with the sudden turnout.

On my way home inside the train, I stood by the side of the doors and the train was packed especially at Dover MRT. Suddenly, I smelt some food and realised two guys who were standing right in front of me were eating. One guy was chewing on bread and another guy was holding a packet of titbit, which seemed to be bah kwa. The smell was strong and they managed to catch many attentions with their super irritating voices, trying too hard to be DJ.

I was already in a bad mood but I tried hard to calm myself down for as much as I wished to insult them inside the loaded cabin, I knew well it would turn out to be a thrashing beat in my fury if they were to reveal more of their monkey-like behaviour. I would love to video it down in the process of confronting them but my phone’s battery was low and thus, I had to allow them to disgrace themselves in the public. Before I alighted, one of them opened another finger-food which was wrapped in a tube shape and I was sure many passengers would feel like slapping them.

Anyway, these two monkeys were probably from Singapore Polytechnic and I doubted both of them were Singapore Chinese, at least one was definitely not; since they were speaking in English and that they simply looked weird.

People who stay in Singapore are getting more ridiculous than ever and I’m having huge doubts of the situation in future. I believe the government is trying too hard to strive in this world to bring our economic to a greater level that certain aspects of the society are neglected. Can we live in a more gracious place?