Home Alone Day Two

[Friday, 24 December, 2010]

Eileen messaged me in MSN to solve her Microsoft Word issue and thus I did not go to bed early as planned. My giddiness worsened and I went to bed at 3.30am eventually.

Mike woke me up a few times with his SMSes and I finally got up after 1pm. It was low productive day for me at home in my illness. I spent the most efficient time on photo editing. I heated up the “tang yuan” from the fridge as my late lunch.

I started working in the late afternoon and rewarded myself with a meal from Burger King near 8pm. A few minutes after I started eating, Lucky had finished his dinner and emptied his waste in the kitchen for me to clear.

After the movie on channel 5, Transporter 3, ended, I brought Lucky down for a walk before I started blogging.


To the Office Many Times

[Tuesday, 21 December, 2010]

The key thing I did was blogging, followed by editing of my photo. It had been too long that I did not play with PhotoShop and thus I refused to go to bed until 8am.

I woke up at around 1pm and went to the gym to find Tze Khit. He told me that Bobby had taken away the 3G mobile stick and thus he could not go through his website to tell me the amendment needed. I went to the office immediately instead since Mike told me the SingNet guy would be arriving between 3 to 5pm.

I started clearing up the office while waiting for the SingNet guy. Mike arrived with new IKEA stuffs from Tampiness and we continued with our work like fixing up the stuffs on at the walls. The air-conditioner guy came down with his two workers and we left for Vivocity. We shopped at Giants for drill, power extension bar and some stick-on wall hooks. Then we went to the food court to packet chicken rice for the workers. After going back to office to deliver the food, we left for Tanjong Pagar and parked the car at Amara Hotel. However, we went to the Thai food restaurant at the corner of storey two of Tanjong Pagar Plaza. There was a couple sitting at the table near the door and they seemed to know the staffs very well. They were playing cards and sometimes seemed quite intimate, and the most important thing was that the girl was very cute looking. The pineapple rice Mike ordered was a big portion and tasted very nice but my egg wrapping fried rice was just normal. I tried their sour plum juice but it did not really satisfy my taste.

After going back to the office, Mike decided to go back to Tanjong Pagar to withdraw money for the air-conditioner contractor. After it was done, we started cleaning and packing up again and left after 11pm. We wanted to have supper at the shop besides the prata shop for beancurd and youtiao but it was already closed. In fact, I had not even noticed it at all.


Bobby’s Cute Princess

[Tuesday, 27 July, 2010]

I started the day editing the photos taken at Gold’s Gym a month ago to resize and add watermark to them. I made several mistakes when using the automation function of PhotoShop and thus, lots of time was wasted with the hundreds megabyte size of photos. Meanwhile, I also chatted with Vanessa and went to bed before 5am, after sorting out the photos.

My mum woke me up to ask me if I wanted to have half boiled eggs again but I dozed off soon after that and she left the house without checking if I was alive. I woke up at 2pm and quickly filled the two eggs into my stomach.

My mum returned not long later and saw the cold milo on the table. I had problem chewing the fried rice she cooked for lunch for my stomach was not empty.

I went to the gym in the evening and Bobby had brought his cute daughter down because she had injured her eye and he wanted to take care of her. He showed me how pampered the little princess of his was. Andrew went down too and we had some chats over my non-profit websites. After the end of the day one training session, I climbed onto the chin-up bar and was surprised that I could still do twenty times.

After working out, I stayed behind to play with Bobby’s princess as Bobby guided Le Tian on his training. Bobby shared his views on money-making before the four of us left together.

I reached home at around 10pm and quickly took my dinner. Meanwhile, I uploaded the photos for Gold’s Gym’s Facebook fan page. While waiting for Jade’s usual ultra slow replies in MSN, I gave up and went to bathe after 11pm.


Bad Dream Again

[Thursday, 22 July, 2010]

Going to bed after 3am, the last time I checked the clock was at 5am. I had weird dream again and this time, my university was attacked by creatures. I went to the washroom, leaving my camera on a wheeled chair outside and it went missing. I went after a big batch of secondary school students who were nearby but could not find it.

After waking up, I continued with the Photoshop to help Huiting with her website and that was the main thing I did for the day. I was too engrossed that I gave up going to the gym.

It was a slow night.


Lost to Sleep

[Wednesday, 21 July, 2010]

I spent the morning continuing to edit Jack’s photo. I went to bed before 3am but was woke up by my mum to burn incest sticks for my late grandma. I went back to sleep and woke up after 2pm.

I spent my afternoon working on SmokeForWhat. I went to the gym in the late afternoon and had some chats with Junze.

I rushed home to catch the Ninja Warriors together with my brother and mum while I took my dinner.


A Slow Progress Day

[Thursday, 17 June, 2010]

I did some web design before going to bed.

In the afternoon, I had a couple of games with my brother before proceeding into marketing for my two non profit websites but it did not seem to be a good time.

Into the evening, I had spent quite a long time trying out on PhotoShop but nothing worked out.


Housekeeping Days – Windows 7

On Monday, the first day of my off days, I started packing my cupboard. Since my elder brother had gone to Malaysia for holidays with his colleagues and girlfriend, I was able to squeeze some spaces to open the cupboard and unload the stuffs.

I looked through the old lecture notes from my poly days and realised I had actually studied many things, which I had totally forgotten and not having a slight impression of them. Since the notes from UOW was all printed from softcopy, I threw them abandoned the hardcopies as well.

Due to my back problem, it took me long time to do my work with the intervals of rest. I even dozed off for long hours in the late afternoon and woke up feeling more tired than ever. Eventually, I finished three quarters of the packing and had to give up.

Day two was another busy day. I started configuring my younger brother’s laptop. It was my virgin try on Windows 7. Installing the software and transferring the remaining of the files on the office’s laptop lasted me for many hours.

My new baby was running on Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, T9400 at 2.53GHz with 4GB of memory. It was the lightest model since a year ago for 17’ inches laptops.

There were, however, many disadvantages. The graphic card could not even support Counterstrike Condition Zero well, let alone L4D which I was reluctant to try. The screen was dim and the sound was obviously not fantastic. I could feel the heat even after placing it on top of the fanning system. It had only three USB ports and all of them were at the right side. My brother had also warned me that the battery life could barely last over three hours.

At least, it was better than my office’s office in terms of RAM and weight (especially). The faulty HP laptop with auto adjustment of volume, refusing “alt” + “tab”, was more than a nuisance to work with. The BIOs problems forcing the draining of battery even when the system was off, killed my entire good impression for HP laptops.

Windows 7 was half an alien to me but I could see the great improvements. I was able to drag the folder upwards to the edge and it would maximum the window other than having to double click the window. The taskbar was neatly organised with all the similar items grouped together, displaying using rectangular icons instead of long bars; on mouse over, each individual icon would pop out nicely. The “quick launch” buttons were merged into the taskbar as well and I soon got used to it. For all the special folders such as “my document” and “my music”, I could see that they were classified under “library”, such that different folders could be added inside, but of course there was a default folder to be assigned.

I had problem with the installation of Photoshop CS3 due to the AVG antivirus. Following was the installation of PHP, which required the web server – either IIS or Apache. I was not confident at all since PHP did not seem to work well with Windows Vista. The other essential software are Microsoft Office 2007, MSN Live Messenger, Notepad++, Flash Renamer etc. I also set up the games.

In no time, I would be ready to strive all the way for my websites without worrying for the transferring and backing up of data files.


Slow Laptop

I was ready to sleep at three AM but Irwin seemed to be troubled and thus I accompanied him to chat downstairs my house until around six AM. I had two hours of sleep before getting up for work.

One of the most sickening things was that the office’s software was not updated enough to configure the new EHz-link card, such that I could not access into the office by myself until when the headquarter was ready to move on with the government’s trend and technology.

I received another two ang bao and I actually felt quite bad since I was already a grown up.

I tried new lunch together, which was the long-wanted nasi pataya but I was very turned off to the fact that inside the egg, it was plain rice instead of fried rice. The sauce almost made me faint. Other than that, the food was quite okay.

I had a pathetic day because I uninstalled the Photoshop CS3 from the laptop since the resource could no longer take the load. The system drive was actually too small; the free space had to have more than a gigabyte big in order for the entire windows XP to run at normal speed.

The research on my presentation was a disaster since the topic on cryptography was very dry for case study. I tried my best but with the slow system, keeping my eyes open was helpless.

I was quite tempted to get myself a laptop to use in office, for studies and to get out of my house to work at one of the cafes or fast food restaurants in future.

There was no badminton even though I had brought my stuffs along.

Weitat, Daniel and I left together without Jingkun. However, before we leave the gate, Jingkun had driven pass us without any signalling and we could see how rush he was.


512 MB Ram is Never Enough for Photoshop

I took a risk of spoiling my own reputation on Friday by not going to office. Weitat and Jingkun knew my situation well and suggested the idea to me the night before.

The travelling time was definitely harmful to my work. The time wastage and crawling-like speed of the laptop together with its lack of resource to do up the design work forced me to make up my mind. It was a good decision. At least I had clear self-conscience that I was even spending my own holidays on work.

The staff from Starhub finally called over. My younger brother confirmed the new line we were going to subscribe and together with my mum’s singing, we picked a new number out of the given choices. I would be waiting for the new SIM card to be delivered over and then my current line would be cancelled.

I was tremendously sick of receiving annoying calls looking for another person on my line ever since I got it three years ago. I guessed the previous owners of my current number were running away from loansharks and thus they did not let anyone know of them changing their numbers; or perhaps, some morons could have given their friends wrong number (my number). Lastly, it was also necessary for me to get away from gays and unworthy friends.

Jonathan sent me new pictures for amendments. I further touched up the faces of the models to remove pimples and moles, and smoothen their faces. I was one step nearer to perfection of my Photoshop skill though I was not even at half of the journey.

In the evening when I was taking my nap from the exhaustion of making love with Photoshop, my mum called to ask me to go down to get my watch done. It was a birthday present two years ago from my younger brother and the chain was a bit tight that I had not put it on for so long.


New Year Eve

I was supposed to make full use of the entire day but I woke up to be very restless. No matter how hard I tried to force myself to focus, my mind seemed to be numb. Despite taking naps, I could not help but to become a wasted man for the entire afternoon.

I signed up for an account for Wireless@SG but since there was no network at home, I could not try it on my phone.

My gang went to Jingkun’s girlfriend house for steamboat but I chose not to join in since I was quite sick of heaving steamboat. Moreover, it was at Bukit Batok, which was of a distance away. The worst thing was transportation at night for I did not want to make any of them drive me back after midnight specially from the West to Central of Singapore.

My decision to stay at home seemed to be correct as I got into the mood of working on Photoshop soon. I learned more skill as I progressed. Whenever I got bored, I had twenty minutes of counter-strike game.

While everyone was counting down for the new year, I was playing game.