Finally, Met up with Jenrine

[Tuesday, 4 January, 2011]

I had some discussion with my younger brother and eventually I went to sleep at 2.30am. Failing to doze off, I joined my elder brother. I woke up after 10am and went to the office.

Mike and I had our lunch at the second storey of Tanjong Pagar. He was then harassed by the car company Eazi Car Rental because they insisted him to pay the money for the wear and tear car battery. He got pissed off for the first time in front of me but I thought his temper was much better than mine.

We walked back to office and discussed over how Singapore’s review website had sided companies, probably because they were paying money for advertisements all that. There was no honest review site that allowed users to post bad reviews without being moderated by the companies. Therefore, a nasty company could easily get lots of fake good reviews on Singapore review websites. We even suspected that most of the so-called good reviews were written by the product or service companies themselves.

I had a chat with Vanessa finally after she commented on my Facebook. She thought I was doing great with an office space but I debated with her that it was Mike’s success because I did not get to contribute any amount of money. However, the conversation was short lived as usual because she was busier than me.

Mike left the office earlier to settle stuffs. I left during the evening to The Cathay’s Starbucks. Along the way, I saw that most of the shops at MacDonald’s House building were closed. Though the days when I was rushing projects with Soon Siong and the university gang at Starbucks was tough but I really missed them a lot. I had a cup of frappuccino while I tried to rush some work for the tuition agency, working on a new page regarding facebook.

It was not long before I went over to Plaza Singapura to meet up with Jenrine at the Long John’s Silver for dinner. I had quite a long chat with her over there, telling her the situation of my site. We went over to The Cathay to meet up with her boyfriend and I treated them for the movie.

Back at home, I continued with my work and at times when I wanted to ask my younger brother stuffs, he was too busy.


My Second Movie of the Year – Salt

[Friday, 6 August, 2010]

I went to bed at 4am and woke up after 1am. I blogged to clear some existing tabs in my browser. The packet rice was somehow terrible, or rather, my appetite was very bad.

I saw Zaki in MSN and I messaged him to ask about the updates for the gathering but he told me it would be cancelled. He asked me to go shopping for his video camera together, followed by a catching a movie. I called our buddies but none of them was free.

I met up with Zaki at Plaza Singapura at 6pm. We went to get the movie tickets first and started walking around. We visited Best Denki first but the salesgirl seemed to have no initiative. Though it was a moving out clearance sales, the selling price was definitely not the best. We walked over to Centre Point and the auntie at Harvey Norman was too busy clearing her stuffs slowly, rather than to even acknowledge our existence. We went to the Courts and waited for very long for the promoter to serve us. The Canon video camera was tempting and the promoter had a good trick of offering us an “extra battery” but Zaki was too calm to be impulsive.

Next, we went to SingPost at KPO building to collect his registered mail. I was quite amazed with the well decorated SingPost but the location was weird. I hated the idea of having to walk past smokers to get in. I was amazed by the products of SYOG at the display cabinets and the staffs were in Crocodile polo tee with SYOG logo printed on the chest. It was quite a long wait.

After that, we walked towards Long John’s Silver at MDIS building. Zaki bought an umbrella with Singapore flag near the entrance of MRT station before we went for our dinner. I ordered Golden Deal 1 with three pieces of chicken. It was more crowded than usual and a lady was lying on the table near the entrance to sleep.

We walked to Zaki’s place. He had a shower while I caught a documentary on Thailand’s death. I was amazed when I used the laser point to point at the floor and his cat, Pika, started chasing around. However, I could conclude that he gave up easily.

Zaki drove over to Plaza Singapura. I was already exhausted somehow, feeling unwell. My throat was rough and I regretted that I should have bought his second idea of packeting chicken rice back to his house for dinner instead. We walked around for a while before the movie, Salt, started. Sitting at the third row worsened my condition.

After the movie, Zaki sent me home and I felt embarrassed. Practically, I was stoning all the way and thinking if Salt’s movements were realistic, and also comparing her to my favourite Japanese game show – Ninja Warriors.