She’s not Interested in having Relationship at the Moment

Whenever someone tells you he or she is not interested in having relationship at the moment, you have to understand that this actually means you are not in his or her league.

Give up.

As lousy as it sounds like a common lie to brush you off, the person is, in fact, trying to sound nice to you while rejecting you. Of course, this excuse is usually used by girls. To give them the benefits of doubt, you can assume that their brains have lied to them instead.

No man is an island and few people will choose to be stay single.

In reality, once a girl has found her eye candy, she will never remember what she has told you – not interested in any relationship. It does not matter when is the last breakup date since duration to heal does not matter at all. In fact, getting into a new relationship is one of the best way to heal.

Most of the time, no matter how decent and sincere you are, and how hard you try, a girl who does not take a fancy in you in the first place will never fall for you months later. Cases of success attempts are rare and you probably should not pin any hope while wasting your time and tears. On the other hand, retaining your dignity may increase the chance for you.

You can be a gem in another person’s eyes. Let the person who truly deserves your love be the fortunate one.

Guys cannot be trusted

Sometimes, saying some words may easily shows your shallowness when you are supposed to be at a certain age of maturity.

“Nowadays, guys can’t be trusted.”

I may not know what you have been through, but this is more of a teenager’s saying. And I wonder do you even trust your dad.

Since the internet has become a free private investigator, you can probably check a person’s information online. If all his details are available and clearer than any other guy’s, and you have decided to add him to your social network profile as a friend, learn to trust him more.

You may not mean it but some words can be very insulting.

I guess any guy who is up to no good would probably target a girl who is prettier and has a better figure. The wolf would have also strike the iron hot when the girl first makes a point to add him as a net friend.

Anyway, the worst person I have come across in my life is a female whom I have met three years ago. I know it well that girls can be even more dishonest and filthier than guys.

I may be corny and talking about pretty girls often but I have been single for nearly three years. If I am so desperate, I would have gotten into uncountable relationships. I control my urge and I think with the head on top of my body. There is so much effort I have placed in and I am so proud of myself that any insult that suspects my integrity would be treated highly as an abuse.

In words of fairness, many guys and girls cannot be trusted – not all.