High Efficiency in the Office

[Monday, 31 January, 2011]

I had the leftover satay from the chalet as supper. My elder brother placed some of them into the oven. Both of us preferred doing it on a barbecue pit but it was quite difficult to do it inside HDB flat.

I wasted a lot of time reinstalling my software that helped me to check for Google Page Rank because I realised there was no page rank indication. After some time, I checked my browsers and realised they no longer indicated it as well. I thought Google was down until Mike told me on the next day that it was probably due to Google blocking my IP temporary to avoid spam. I went to sleep at 6.30am.

I woke up at 2pm and had nasi lemak. My elder brother was watching a sadist murdering movie about how a girl took revenge on the guys who gang-raped her. It was one of the most disgusting movies I had ever watched. My elder brother told me another movie “SAW” was worse.

I went to the office at 4pm and worked very hard. Finally, I pushed the new page about the Study Guide live. Then, I continued with SEO.

I reached home near 8pm. Lucky disturbed me throughout the night and I could hardly do anything.

It was near midnight when Joanna approached me for help in her Java project.


Sunday Dinner at Chinatown with Family

[Sunday, 16 January, 2011]

I spent hours to blog before going to bed at around 5.30am. I woke up at 3pm to work on the tuition agency website and I managed to improve on the tuition assignments feed.

I had dinner with my family at China’s town and I was quite turned off to see the huge crowd due to the pasar malam for Chinese New Year. We ordered a set meal from a seafood stall that offered sting ray, prawn, vegetable and toad’s meat at around $37. I did not really like the food, besides, they were too spicy. My elder brother got some satays and almost got himself into some problems.

I took a little walk around the NTUC with my mum and younger brother. I was busy checking out the coke’s price because I thought Mike could save near 50% money by purchasing large bottle coke instead of can.


Unlucky Day of Rotten Food

[Sunday, 20 June, 2010]

I was pissed off by the Command and Conquer game’s AI. After the game, my brother and his girlfriend went for supper and I chose to sleep earlier since I was lack of sleep. I managed to doze off soon after they returned.

In the afternoon, the three of us went to Maxwell Food Centre for a Thai food stall but it was not opened. We decided on the only chicken rice stall but the half chicken they gave us were full of fats. Usually, I did not mind taking the skin but its fats simply turned me off this time. The meat tasted lousier than normal chicken after scrapping off the fats.

We went to the NTUC supermarket for a while before going home.

Since we took our lunch late, we went for dinner at around 9pm. My mum suggested MacDonald’s at first but she claimed she was joking after we reached somewhere near the NTUC, at the main lobby. She wanted to go to Chinatown but it was already quite late and we went against the idea.

Instead, we went to the coffee shop at Cantonment Road, at the bottom of Yan Kit Road. We ordered three plates of food from the seafood stall and also twenty sticks of satays from the Malay stall. Just as we were wondering why the next empty table had a plate full of uneaten satays and there was only an empty stick on the table, we got to know our answer soon when ours arrived. The satays were actually overdone with burnt parts and they were marinated with weird sauce.


Great Family Day at Queensway and Chinatown

[Saturday, 1 May, 2010]

I tried to sort out the photos taken during the camp but got too tired and I gave up after 2am upon finishing my blogging.

It was a long sleep and I woke up at 1pm. before I could do much work, my elder brother suggested to go to Anchor Point with his girlfriend. We went to the Hong Kong Café while waiting for my mum to come. Then, we changed our minds and decided to dine at IKEA instead. It was a good meal.

My brother went to the pet shop nearby to get the birds’ food while the three of us walked around to wait for him. I saw my favourite chairs but did not get any of them for I was not sure if the price was worth it a not. We went back to Anchor Point where we got cheap yoga before moving to Chinatown.

We went to see the chair my brother recommended but the backrest was simply strings which I did not like even though it had the hollowness in between for air ventilation. Even though it had wheels, which the ones I saw in IKEA did not have, I thought I would need a good back support as well.

We went shopping for a while at the CK departmental store before we went to Chinatown Complex to get some fruit juice and also satays despite I was feeling bad on my throat. It was quite a good family even though I had missed out a lot of work.


The Day I put it to an End

[Friday, 2 April, 2010]

Into the deepest silent of the early morning where everyone was still sleeping, I continued to battle with my farewell letter. A sudden creativity came into my mind that since I had been designing things for the ITE, including websites, I might as well put the farewell letter into a website like what I did previously for my ex-company. Moreover, I had a web design nearly done some months ago, which could be put into good use.

My younger brother finally logged in MSN after 4am and I woke my mum up to chat with him using webcams since I knew my mum would not sleep well if I did not do that.

I finished off my work at around 7am, feeling quite proud of the amount of work I had done, even though I knew I could have done much more – http://sillydumb.com/iteclementi.

I woke up after noon. While my mum was on her way to get my lunch, my younger brother called her. I was fixing the pathetic internet connection when she returned and soon, I got everything fixed so that she could use the webcam. My empty stomach stalled for one and a half hour before my mum left the house.

The day went on fast. Moments of tiredness marked the time on my bed and I finally got to release some of my stress over the past few days by playing game.

After 8pm, I went to Chinatown together with my family. We headed for the usual chicken rice stall at the hawker centre but it was closed and we decided to try the stall at the shophouse nearby but it was badly packed. We went to the famous Holland Village XO fish noodle by the side of the food street instead. Twenty bucks per bowl of fish noodle could hardly fill our stomachs. In the end, we went back to the hawker centre to get some thirty satays with two rice.


Lorry to ABC Market

[Sunday, 28 March, 2010]

On Sunday, I woke up and started searching for the green bean soup my mum claimed she would prepare but all the pots were empty. In the end, I took cereal.

After noon, my brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend went to the MacDonald’s with me and after which, my younger brother stayed there to study. I rejected not bringing my laptop along since I had always wanted to stay away from home in order to concentrate on my work.

I dozed off in the late afternoon. I woke up to get myself prepared and suddenly my younger brother announced the meeting with his friends was postponed for half an hour. After that, we walked to Cantonment Close and took his friend’s dad’s lorry to ABC market at Queensway. It had been quite some time since I sat at the back of the lorry.

I had a plate of half spring chicken rice and my younger brother’s friend’s auntie bought chicken wings and satays, and I was stunned over the tables full of dishes. I was very entertained by the cheerful auntie.

After dinner, my younger brother left with his friends while the rest of us went to IKEA to walk around.


Loving ECP

[Friday, 06 April, 2007]

The struggle to stay up at around 1am to finish up my work caused me the day. I lay on the bed for a few minutes and I was never sleepy again. I tried to sleep at 4am but could not doze off. At first it was squeezing on the bed with my younger brother and mum. Then I shifted over to my elder brother’s side, which was much more comfortable but it did not help. I got up at 6.30am finally, deciding not to waste any time again, began to do some work.

I left for Bukit Batok after 8am. Kelly was waiting there for Mingfa and me. After Mingfa arrived at 9am, we went up to Mr Khin’s house. His wife showed us great hospitality again. After some discussion and taking of photos, we left.

Mingfa accompanied me to the Burger King. It was the first time I took their breakfast, which tasted alright. I saw a girl who looked like Sergeant Kim but even though we were just nearby, I did not try to greet her for she might not remember me and moreover she was with a guy.

I dropped Huiying a SMS since the previous time she blamed me for not telling her I was near her place. As I was telling her about cycling at ECP, she told me she did not know my friends. I replied her that she had met them during my chalet and she almost made me vomit blood by asking me why I opened a chalet again. I gave up.

Mingfa and I left at 11am. After reaching home, I began to blog for the previous day while messaging more people. Kwang Han suddenly flew us aeroplane and decided not to join us anymore.

I took bus 196 to ECP and met Gilbert and Rueben right at the bus-stop. We went to the MacDonald’s and by then, Andrew had arrived. He was a storeman at the secure store previously, who I got to know better during my ROC trip. I got to chat a lot with him before going back into the restaurant. By then, Jesslin had arrived and the five of us set off together.

With Andrew. Reuben at the back.

Purchasing drinks at the jetty

Children sitting on tree trunk; aeroplane; Gilberto hiding behind Reuben for shade; photography

Andrew the professional cyclist

We went to the two nearest bicycle kiosks but business was so good that they were almost empty. We had to move further down towards the east and got ourselves a $7 bike each for two hours duration, except for Andrew who had cycled there from his house. His cycling skill was impressive even though he was a PES E guy who had undergone a heart operation during my ORD period.

Meeting up at 2pm was a good choice for the park was much more crowded than in the morning and babes were all over the place. It was very refreshing to the eyes and body as we sweated out throughout the journey. At least, I felt good that I was exercising to improve the condition of my knees.

Jesslin, Gilberto’s secretary


Group photo, courtesy of the bicycle seat, thanks for holding on the camera!


We proceeded till the Changi Safra Chalet before making a U-turn. In between, we had a number of breaks as well. We had real group photo-taking near the chalet.

Cute doggy

Drenching thirst at the food centre

Andrew, Rueben and I were leading the way as Gilbert displayed his weakness again. I halted the two cyclists at the food centre to get some fresh coconut drinks and after a while, Jesslin finally arrived with Gilbert who did not look at the left. We could only manage to Gilbert but Jesslin was way beyond our shouts.

As we were nearer to the central, the roads were very congested but it gave us the fun. There were times we tried to overtaking big groups, little kids blocked the way with sudden stops, and I could play well with braking.

Gilberto was so happy that he could make it back

My favourite bicycle kiosk – it was almost empty inside when we were returning the bikes

The crowd

Cute girls bladding

Drinking outside 7-11 store

Gilberto’s free show

Tunnel.. they didn’t want to stop and I had to take it fast

Andrew left after we returned the bike. We strolled to Parkway Parade and Gilbert was disappointed that the rest of them wanted to go home immediately. I took bus 196 with Rueben and finally started dozing off on the bus. Gilbert SMSed me, saying that he felt he had lost his weight just by such short distance of cycling and that he could eat more food at night to celebrate for it.

Upon reaching home, there were satays waiting for me and I could not stop eating. The satisfaction was great. I continued with my work until I started dozing off during late evening. My mum and younger brother started packing the house again.