Early Home from Tutorial

Yesterday, Weitat offered to send me to school again. Just as we were about to leave, Chi Chiang volunteered to give me a ride as well and I had to reject him. I felt so blessed with good friends who were willing to spend extra time just to make my life more comfortable.

I was more than an hour earlier for the lesson. The usual study tables at both sides of the lifts were filled and I moved to the opposite where I discovered the area where not as many people were desired. There was however, a group of students at the second table, making noises to distract me.

I was fed up with the Microsoft Word that hung on me and it was probably due to the windows updates I did before leaving the office. I had to switch to the 2003 version to get things working. It was a pleasant evening eventually with the passers-by, drawing more of my attentions. SIM was definitely crowded with cute babes.

I made my attempt to create documents for the FYP as the leader. Since I had wasted quite a lot of time with the MS Word bugs, Soon Siong caught up with me soon.

After dinner, we reached the lab right on time. Dr Loo surprised me by saying we could submit the assignments on the spot instead of following the paper’s instruction of emailing him before 7pm.

I began digging into the tutorial two all by myself and finished it right after Dr Loo announced that we had to submit it to him. We left the lab at 8pm, breaking the record. I was quite glad with myself for being able to finish the work for the entire group to prove my worth.

I missed a bus 75 right in front of me and thus, I followed Soon Siong in his bus 74 to transit to MRT.

I closed my lids a few times and lost track of the actual time that I dozed off.


Reasons to Skip Night Class

One of the irritating incidents I had ever encountered on the train was when I was trying to read up on my lecture notes by the side of the “inner” doors, two bangalas came in, one standing right in front of the door and the other one hanging on to the ring support at my left. It was not that bad if they did not start talking and sandwiched me with the noise. The latter even walked towards the doors to see the scenery and then walked back to his original position.

I spent my free time in office to study and do my assignment. Wee Lian’s kindness to get us involved in the afternoon’s workshop caused hesitation. I was more than happy to join in the creativity game with my colleagues but I had to prioritise my night class top after having a session the night before and also, waking up early in the morning for work.

Lunch was too sudden for me. It was quite a big group outing this time with Dorothy, Mei Hoe, Nicholas, Daniel, Mrs Wo, Vivian, Mrs Lam, Mrs Seetoh and my two usual buddies. We went to West Coast to have sliced fish soup with noodles. The person who attended to us was very impatient and rude and we were surprised that Dorothy could take it without asking us to leave together. Anyway, it was costly at the price of $5 and XO soup would be $7. Practically, I was not a lover of the item and thus, could not tell the quality.

Jingkun and I sent Weitat home before going back to the office. I was right that I could not stand sleeping for less than four hours the night before, however, I waited for Jingkun to finish off his stuffs and we left around forty-five minutes later than projected time. We even had some food outside the theatre, which cost us time.

By the time I reached home, it was almost five PM and I dozed off soon. I woke up in shock at around six-thirty PM, knowing that I would definitely be late for my night class. I hurried down to the bus-stop and it took around twenty minutes for bus 75 to arrive but it did not stop since it was too packed. Seeing that the bus-stop was half full with people who were all waiting for the same bus and not wanting to waste another twenty minutes or longer time to wait for another packed bus, I quickly paced off towards Tanjong Pagar MRT station, leaving a babe behind.

I was very quick on my feet like usual all the way to the station, however, inconsiderate people were blocking the way. Perhaps, I was very proud of myself for the consideration I gave to others whenever I was strolling slowly on the way, which in turn, increased the demands for others.

I was good in calming myself down, in order not to blame SMRT for not sending more bus 75 down at the busy hour. I was reminded of government’s campaign to advise Singaporeans to use public transport and yet the public transport system was never good enough. The train was very packed as well but somehow I managed to squeeze in.

Bad things did come with good returns for I was blessed to get to see a very stylish looking girl. She was slim in her office wear and at almost the same height of mine, holding a Mac book. I was more tempted when I saw her hold a shoes bag, which probably described her sportiness. However, she alighted at around Commonwealth.

I took bus 154 at Clementi to SIM and was late for more than forty-five minutes. I could have arrived half an hour earlier if I did not walk to the bus-stop, wait for the crowded bus and walk to the MRT station.

I was totally lost at the lab since I was very late. During the break, I sat with Yuanle and his colleague. Japit started revising the lecture and I was so impressed that he managed to enlighten me unlike the main lecturer who totally failed despite having more time with us.

I was almost killed under the torment for Yuanle’s friend went out to smoke during the break and thus when he returned, his entire body was smelt of smoke and together with his opened Redbull, the smell was horrible and poisonous and I knew the effect of taking third-hand smoke was far worse than anything.

At the end of the lecture, I called Irwin a few times before he picked up to tell me to meet up in another day.


Smoke Slayer Version 1.2

I started mugging on the way to work. I spent my morning more useful than ever.

Alex caught me at my seat to ask me to go touring with him after he had helped NEA to make $800. There was no luck inside his car and we had a little suntan after that before he advised me to take my lunch half an hour before lesson began.

It was crowded in the canteen. Jingkun and Weitat were already there with Mrs Wo, Dorothy, Elvin and Afni. Kevin joined us afterwards.

I was distracted from editing the Flash game. Flash animation was tedious work and it was difficult to demonstrate, otherwise, I would have to do thirty over projects and I would be awarded the points in the end.

I was very stressed up in the afternoon. After around four years, it was difficult to understand even my own coding. However, it seemed that hard work did pay off and I managed to debug it at around five PM, and finally feeling relaxed.

I went up to find my gang but they were all gone and probably did not want to disturb me since I looked stressed. I had a little chat with Meihoe for she was trying to show me the video taken during the cohesive event – Food Rally. Grace Cheong joined in to explain more details of her video editing story while I held my bladder.

I went to school earlier than usual and met Haiyati at the bus-stop and we took the same bus but she alighted at Clementi MRT. Traffic was much smoother at that hour. I went to the fourth storey to get a teriyaki chicken burger but took a beef one instead and I was more alert than usual to go back to the auntie. She made an exchange with me but I was rather disappointed with the taste of the chicken burger this time.

I went into the lecture theatre early but it was difficult to doze off. I concluded defeat. Yuanle arrived a few minutes before seven and finally I realised I did not check the school email for instructions and was totally unprepared for the tutorial.

Mr Loo started off broadcasting the presentation groups and helping us to find our team members. I was quite happy to get to know new people. Mr Loo sounded very soft and I was very glad when he mentioned that he would be taking another two of my modules in the next two semesters.

The tutorial was basically all about the presentation and we were dismissed as early as nine PM, however, bus 75 kept me waiting for long that I could only reach home at ten PM. I was so frustrated at the fact that even “bus 61” had arrived twice. Music kept my temper down.


Thrown $20 Ez-link Card to Sleep in Lecture

For the second consecutive Saturday, I went down to SIM for lecture. Although it was the last day of the intensive lecture for this semester, things did not spell good.

The lecturer executed his power to make everyone feel sleepy again and I was so wasted throughout. During lunchtime, Yuanle and I dined at the canteen together with his colleague. Both of us had fish and chips. I saw Lynn and Zijian who were nearby. Since I was very tired, I did not go over to address them but it turned out to be a wrong decision since Lynn told me her hottest classmate was actually presented.

I was expecting the lecture to end very early but somehow it was dragged until the very last half an hour. I overheard from some others that they were clueless as well. Yuanle did doze off many times as well but he was flooding the lecturer with questions after the lecture, which scared me off.

I was very frustrated to wait for around twenty minutes for bus 75 to arrive. The bus-stop began empty to crowded and soon, quiet down again. The worst thing happened when I realise my EZ-link card was not in my wallet. I dropped a two-dollar note instead and it began my depressive day. It was the first time I made such mistake of losing important card.

I was sitting at the farthest back of the bus and a young sweet girl boarded the bus with her mum. The back number sign of the bus was lying on the seat and the girl put it at the back. As the bus moved, the sign fell and hit her head. I took the board from her and put it besides me.

Since I got home late, my plan to take a quick nap failed. After clearing emails, I went off to Vivocity to meet up with Irwin. I was right on time but Tingfeng and him were earlier, queuing at Sushi Teh. It was the first time I went inside and it was quite nicely decorated. Irwin’s friend, Eugene, came and joined us, and we shared some dishes together. Irwin footed the bill of around $95.

After Tingfeng left, we went to collect the online booking tickets and it was billed under Irwin’s credit card. I met Albert who was camping there with his friends probably after their beach volleyball game.

The long awaited movie, Chi Bi 2, was quite impressively filmed but the fake storyline turned Irwin off. At least, I was able to concentrate fully. After the movie, three of us went off in different directions. We were supposed to go to Dragonfly with Kaiye who flew us aeroplane. Anyway, I did not have the chance to hear from Irwin about his recent story.

After reaching home, I was busy with filing of police report online, and spending large amount of time at the SAF, Ez-link and SIM websites.


Some Good Naps

As of always, Friday started early. It stretched until afternoon and I could finally rest myself with my gang at the canteen to enjoy a meal.

I was busy with my Flash game later before Daniel invited me to leave with him. After reaching home, I took a good nap for nearly two hours before going to school without having dinner. I dreamed of my colleagues and my boss quitted the job unexpectedly somehow after some disagreements with the management as he was siding with my gang.

I was sitting beside a lady who was more than average looking but I was quite turned off when she talked over the phone to describe how slow the bus was; I was expecting her to be more calm and classy.

The bus indeed provided us with air-conditioner for very long and it took nearly an hour to reach school, which was almost twice the time for night trip.

I grabbed a chicken teriyaki burger at level four and the bite delighted me; it tasted good like what Jingkun had recommended to me at the price of $1.50. However, since I thought it was not nice to chew inside the lecture theatre, I kept the burger for the break.

Since I could not see Yuanle at first and that I did not want to catch too much attention, I took the fourth row seat, whereby the front seats were all empty. Later on, I joined him during the break.

The lecture was as boring as before but since I had some sleep before that, even though the total hours of sleep did not even exceed six hours for the day, I managed to focus more. With the self-reading of a few chapters in front during the journey, I gained more confidence.

I acknowledged that the lecturer was of certain qualities, such that he could be standing in front, but however, he had the very bad habit of repeating his words continuously and also softening his voice before the end of his sentences, seemed like mumbling to himself that it definitely made sleepy heads more drowsy. I recognised that the module was “drier” than the earlier Internet Security one, but he did not have many entertaining jokes like Professor Willy. I got tired at the end of the lesson and I concluded that I needed more recharging like old rechargeable batteries.

One ridiculous thing was that the lecturer did not get back the attendance file a day before and thus he declared that everyone was present; on this day, he came back with a complete new list and thus everyone who was present for this lecture would be considered present for all the previous four lectures as well. What was the point of passing us the attendance file to sign at only the third hour to cause some of us to leave the theatre late since some people were taking their own sweet time to sign before passing around the theatre?

Bus 75 took “forever” to come again. I watched other buses arriving as the bus-stop’s crowd dispersed, I got very irritated. I guessed some of the regular customers of bus 75 had taken other buses instead. In my bad mood, I started listening to MP3s and somehow it helped to relieve the stress.

I got home to catch only the last few episodes of the Yi Zhi Mei and when I tried to watch it online, the You Ku website took forever to load, and it was really forever.


Meihoe’s Birthday Treat

Relieving duties were waste of time somehow when the subject was not my forte, or rather, totally stranger to me.

I managed to draft out something for the following week’s torment at Bukit Batok but the morning spelt anxiety for me.

Weitat went to meet up with his students. Alex and Mdm Seet were asking me out for lunch and I insisted to wait for Jingkun inside the staff room. I did not dare to disturb him during his lesson and thus only ten minutes later, I called him. When he told me he was going out, I was stunned and felt stupid and embarrassed for rejecting my two colleagues earlier on. I went to the canteen to buy the usual mixed vegetable rice back to office but I stopped by to chat with many people along the way. My colleagues returned when I just finished eating and I was very lost to explain what had happened.

I managed to spend some time editing my “Smoke Slayer” game in order to “revise” on my Flash and Action script skill. Every day was learning day. Just when I was so engrossed in the editing, Weitat, Daniel and Meihoe called for me and we proceeded to Avenue 2 for dinner. Mingfa and Mingli joined in the claypot rice feast and the dinner was on Meihoe because it was her birthday. I was quite embarrassed once again since she had told me before her birthday was on January and that I had almost totally forgotten about it even though she did not tell me the date.

Anyway, I was not a claypot rice lover and that my entire body was stunk after the meal and felt so irritated throughout the night. All of them claimed that that stall was not very fantastic.

I made my way down to the bus-stop at around 6.30 PM. Bus 154 came to welcome me and I was glad that it was not as crowded as what I had anticipated. I was early for lesson! However, the lack of sleep acted like drought and almost killed me completely. I was not sure if the module was too boring or the lecturer was just too weird. I was very stressed because Yuanle was far too smart and I was wondering if I was the lousiest in the entire lecture group.

The journey home was unusual for I was busy trying to SMS my contacts about my change of number. Like the previous times, which I had tried, after typing the message and then selecting multiple recipients before sending, the “internet” icon appeared and then failure message appeared. I went to the sent message to try to resend and the message was converted to MMS, which was so dumb for I did not add any video or image at all. My younger brother guessed it was because I had not activated the MMS service on my phone. Everything was so stupid and that I probably would wait until Sunday to start SMSing my contacts on the phone who I did not have their email address.

Anyway, a stylish girl boarded the same bus as me and sat two seats in front. The journey could be much more entertaining if I could get to see her more before she alighted before the big turn towards Great World City.


Stayed Awake for the Lecture

I finally managed to remember to buy some herbal tea for Mrs Wo and Dorothy since they were having sore throat and also for Meihoe who was engaging in tough battles nowadays.

There was a little peace saturating after the marking work was finished.

I abandoned Jingkun, Daniel, Afni and Kevin to have lunch with Benny, Liangquan, Gordon and Chun Leng since I did not want to disappoint them. We had some great laughs before I joined Alex and Mdm Seet for some prowling outside.

My initial plan of leaving early failed and I got home after five to try hard to doze off. Since my mum had forgotten to switch on the cooker, she bought a packet of white rice for me and killed my effort to doze off. My younger brother returned later to wreck my plan totally.

I missed a bus 75 and I was late for lesson for around twenty to twenty five minutes. Surprisingly, I did not doze off despite without taking a nap before the lesson. However, I did not know too many things to understand the lecture, especially all the terms.

After dismissal, I waited for Yuanle for him to ask questions before leaving together. Bus 75 arrived soon. There was no luck for the night and it was boring without any good sightings. My nose was sensitive to unpleasant smell, especially when some workers boarded the bus and sat in front and behind me, and the body odour almost killed me.

A woman who was rushing off at the same stop fell down. I met Kachua who was having dinner with his colleagues at the coffee shop beside Yan Kit Road and had a little chat with him before rushing home to catch the Yi Zhi Mei show on channel U.


Work Dwelled on Me

I was trying to sleep early the day before but while I was setting my alarm clock on the phone, I saw “inactive SIM”. I knew Starhub had cancelled my line when they were supposed to call and inform me first. I quickly got up of my bed and started sending emails to my friends to inform them of the changes. I also mass messaged everyone in my MSN. In the end, I got to sleep at very late hour.

Lacking of sleep caused emotional problems. My brain was still suffocating from the previous day of stress and bloating, and the day simply started off very badly.

Upon reaching the office, I was received by Alex and Mr Baey who told me the urgency of the smoking poster. Alex showed me an email sent over by the top sending his regards for the smoking cases. I felt being arrowed so badly. I did not have a chance to breathe since two week ago and I did not even have the chance to tell them I needed to go to the toilet.

The worst thing was that I was only given a warning letter to get the contents from, and that ideas from both sides were different. Changes made on the contents drove me insane. I was not merely designing a poster but an editor of the contents as well. Luckily, we had some time to get together to discuss finally and confirmed everything.

Even though I was not very fantastic with my output of work, at least I made effort to do my best each time, unless time constraint, I would still produce something more valuable. This time round, I simply put texts and available images on the PowerPoint slide and submitted, which I felt so silly and insincere, though I was plainly following instructions.

I started with marking of test papers finally, which was one of the prime causes of my stress. I took the work into the lab and stayed at the back to focus on them. Instead of going home before my night class started, I stayed behind to continue with the work in my sleepy mood, and I shut down in the air countless time to wake up a second later.

All the workloads reminded me of my previous attempts to leave. I hated it when my studies were affected by my work when I was actually planning to leave so long ago in order not to waste my money away.

The canteen closed early and since I was cooping myself inside the office to do my work, I did not have dinner. I closed my eyes to rest inside the office for fifteen minutes before taking off. I was quite lucky to meet Hasnah at the lobby when she was sending George and Mdm Seet to the MRT, and she gave me a lift as well, such that I could have additional options of taking bus 154 and 184 instead of mainly waiting for the tortoise-like bus 52.

The packed traffic destroyed my plan of grabbing a burger to eat before the lesson. I was in fact early for lesson but decided to stay inside to have a little rest. However, the lecture started with injections of sleeping pills into my body and I could not stay focus even for a little.

During the break, I grabbed myself a “poh pian” to struggle through the night. Surprisingly, I managed to stay awake during the second half of the lecture. The journey home was quite boring even though I did see a few babes at the bus-stop, inclusive of a stylish girl who was unfortunately too over skinny.

Irwin was finally back in Singapore and I made an appointment to catch Red Cliff 2 with him on Saturday evening.


The Work Stress and Gone Case Lecture

The day started miserably for I was doing poster design instead of going to sleep early. There were stress placed by colleagues even though I could push the load away since I had already told them I was extremely busy with other stuffs and my studies.

I went to sleep after three AM to wake up after eight and quickly washed up for work. I met my problem child female on train and had a nice teasing of her before we boarded bus for two pathetic stops.

The day was quite special since O level results were going to be released at two PM and my posters were going to be distributed. Lessons and duties were affected and I had to cover up duties for Alvin in the afternoon. Before lunch, I saw Aaron talking to Jonathan, he seemed to be doing his usual pinpointing on the poster, and I was stressed up even more for I knew well I had not done my best but that was a last minute work.

I was already stressed up enough for all the design works and my studies but the afternoon drove me to a more desperate end. The sudden bomb set me up with giddiness and brain block.

I set off to school earlier than ever at around five thirty PM but bus 52 kept me waiting while most of the other bus numbers had arrived twice. I met Pui Kuan before the bus arrived. I first approached #2-22 to collect my student pass and they did not have my record even though my pass was already done and thus I stayed quite some time over there.

After calling Venus to check her results and that she finally picked up her phone, I went to the canteen alone for dinner. I had a plate of fish and chips and the hot serving torched my tongue. The fish was crispy outside, which I was neutral about it, but the fresh was soft and quite well done. $3.50 was dirt cheap compared to outside.

I entered the lecture theatre earlier than usual and sat there to rest but it was too short to doze off. The lecturer came in to start speaking without microphone. It was difficult for me to catch his accent and I went blank at some of his words. The lecture was too lengthy at first and I started to wander off soon even though my eyes were fighting hard to look at the slides.

I felt terrible for not understanding the lecture at all and I knew the worst cause of the night was due to the stress earlier on during working hours with all the rush work and last minute disorganisation.

I managed to catch bus 75 after pacing with my shoelace dropping off, in exchange of girls-watching at the bus-stop where many babes were around. Even though I got to catch more than fifteen minutes of the Yi Zhi Mei show, it was not as enjoyable as usual with the mild headache.


Saturday Lecture, Volleyball, Mingli’s Birthday and Hong Kong Cafe

I was planning to sleep early on Saturday morning but a friend messaged me in MSN and thus, slowed down my blogging speed. I woke up after seven AM for the morning lesson and it was hell sickening having to go back school on Saturday. It did not seem like a weekend at all.

I was lucky enough to catch a bus 75 soon after reaching the bus-stop. At the first sight after boarding the new bus, I was quite stunned to see someone who looked like her.

On the way then I remembered I had forgotten to collect my student card the day before. The worst thing was that I had even forgotten the new room to collect it the next week. I went back to the original photo taking room and I was right that they did place a piece of paper at the door to highlight the place.

I met Professor Willy Susilo on the way to the restroom and I confirmed that he remembered my face; hopefully it was not due to me sitting at the front and nodding during his lecture.

They did not provide us a proper room for lecture. We were placed inside an examination room, which stretched far to the back, and thus, not everyone could really see the screen and whiteboard clearly. This was not what we deserved after paying such high school fee.

Yuanle was late and he joined me at my back’s table. The lecture was full of theories to remember and thus I was trying very hard to keep myself awake. Even though I succeeded like usual, the words did not really get into my brain.

We went to the more high class canteen during the break but the queue was long and thus we switched over to the “normal” one opposite. I met Reuben Tham and then I saw Mr Peh walk past outside.

Back to lecture, I almost wanted to kill myself for the torment to keep my eyes open. The daily less than six hours of sleep was breaking my mental system. When Professor Willy talked about the assignment and examination at the end of the lecture, I was very worried because I was never an outspoken person to debate during the presentation.

We were released very early and I left quickly to get some rest before going for volleyball. Unfortunately, I did not sleep for long and I could not get back to nap again somehow. The duck rice my mum bought was quite filling and that my stomach stitch regained during the journey back to workplace.

Mr Peh advised me of my bachelor degree course, as it was too short to be recognized in government sectors and that graduating at Australia would be a much better choice. The words kept my mind occupied throughout the night.

I missed the first game since we had seven people, excluding Mingfa’s students. I did not get many chances to spike when I got in and I wasted my rare opportunities each time. As I joined in the other games, I started to get back some feeling but I was already too tired on my legs to do much things. I made many attempts of good spiking and felt quite satisfied in the end.

Halfway through the games, Weitat and Mingfa fetched Mingli’s cake over, switched off the light and we started singing her a birthday song.

After the uncles had left, we stayed on to play two on two and I caused Andy to lose two games together with me since I had just trimmed my finger nails, which caused pains when I tried setting the ball. The softness on my legs resulted that I could not dig well without the proper foundation on the ground.

Wilson left to fetch Ruoci while Kok Chiang sent Oliver home and buying a packet of rice for the security guard. The rest of us camped at the car lobby and took off soon upon Kok Chiang came back. We went to Hong Kong café at Cineleisure. We were planning to park the car at the free parking car park opposite Cineleisure but the bird shits scared us away. Jingkun had a frustrated ride with moronic taxi drivers and we were afraid that he might do dangerous things. Mingfa bought new slippers at NewUrbanMale shop first since he lost his entire shoes bag before going for volleyball earlier on.

Weitat and Mingli shared a bowl of curry pork while Mingfa had his share with me. The usual milk tea kept us waiting for long and then we shared a mango sunrise, which was too filling for the five of us.

While we were leaving, we met Kaelyn aka Pauline. I had not seen her for long and we used to chat online last time before we got busy. The excitement lighted me up and I started doing the normal teasing, which kept the rest wondering.

I reached home at nearly three PM.