Typing a Feedback Email

[Friday, 28 January, 2011]

I got home at around 2am from the chalet and started typing a complaint email against NTUC Costa Sands Sentosa Resort until after 6am before I went to sleep.

I woke up eventually at around 2pm. It was a rainy day and I worked mostly on SEO for the tuition agency website. I was very tired throughout the day and thus progress was slow.


Worse Chalet Experience at NTUC Costa Sands Sentosa Resort

[Thursday, 27 January, 2011]

I worked on the tuition agency website until 4am and woke up at 11am.

My elder brother’s friends came over as we prepared to set off to Sentosa for the chalet at Costa Sands Resort.

I had a horrible experience at the chalet and was very disappointed with their services.

I managed to spend a couple of hours working on SEO for my blogs and other websites before my laptop’s batteries were drained up.

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One of the Best Days – Suntan, Dinner and Movie

[Friday, 3 September, 2010]

I was taken aback to realise that my source code for the Quit Smoking Calculator being stolen by someone who was foolish enough to be discovered by me. I was probably too naïve to believe that the world was still quite decent and nobody would have done that; at least the person would have credited it to me. This was not the case this time and the girl did not even care to modify much of the coding. I dropped her an email to check if she was a human or wildlife before I would do anything. I could see details of her in her Facebook profile.

I spent too much time doing the website instead of looking for a job, and I really cherished my baby a lot.

This nasty incident forced me to include a simple copyright statement on top of the pages in a form of comment. Scripting in JavaScript for simple application was easier than doing it in PHP, which involved other pages, but due to security purpose, I would have to make new adjustments in future.

I went to bed after 5am but the backache caused me my sleep. It was really bad this time that I could only doze off after 6am despite I was really tired. I woke up before 8am, before my alarm clock on my phone sounded. Even though I lazed on the mattress, I did not dare to doze off for I knew I would oversleep. Wanling dropped me a SMS to delay our meeting time from 9.30am to 10.30am. After stepping out of my house before 10am, I asked her and she told me she would make it at 11am instead. I returned home after seeing her reply.

The top buttons of my Sony Ericsson G705 failed on me whenever I pulled the slide phone down and I had to push it back before I could press the button to send SMS. Since I had got the time, I did a restore factory setting action to be surprised that the phone went back to normal. However, it soon regained the stupidity. I was glad that the phone did not die on me totally before I met up with Wanling at Harbourfront MRT station.

We went to Breeks Café at Harbourfront Centre. Since I had taken my breakfast while waiting for her earlier on, I did not have room for food. Consuming a bowl of soup was filling enough. We started our usual chatting and I was quite astonished over her comment on me that I had too many things in mind to get working, which made her a good observer. We went over to the hawker centre to purchase our lunch from my favourite chicken rice stall before we boarded the Sentosa bus.

We went to Siloso beach on account that there would be more bikinis than the Palawan Beach’s side. We lay the picnic mats and started to enjoy the peaceful day, watching foreigners passing by and a couple showing off hot kisses. It was one of the best afternoons I had ever had, suntanning with a sweet girl who could easily tolerate all my craps and indecisiveness for more than eleven years.

Apart from the enjoyment, I had headaches regarding the dinner date I had with Guoxin and Mingli without my phone. I had to use Wanling’s phone to communicate with them and I was hoping too much to finalise it as soon as possible that it cracked my head. The problem was I wanted to include Wanling in since she had no curfew, and that Mingli had told me that she did not want to go out till late hour. Guoxin and I were considering over catching a movie after dinner over either at Vivocity or Jurong Point. If we were to catch it at Vivocity, it was more convenient to go home for Wanling but Mingli might find it a hassle to meet us; whereas, Jurong Point was too far for Wanling to go home. Guoxin suggested going to his house after the movie at Jurong Point to wait for his dad’s car so that he could send Wanling and I home, but it would be after midnight. After hesitating for some time, Wanling finally gave in and agreed to Guoxin’s suggestion.

After washing up in the late afternoon, we went to Harbourfront’s MacDonald’s because Wanling was too thirsty for the coke, which she claimed that the restaurant served the best. I tried hard to fix my phone but it insisted to depart.

We met up with Guoxin first and went to the movie ticket booth immediately to purchase the tickets. Mingli met up with us at New York New York. I had a plate of teriyaki chicken instead of fish and chips for I wanted to fill my stomach with something harder. After dinner, we shopped for a while until near 9pm when the movie started. I forgot to get a group photo before Mingli left.

We went into the cinema right in time when the movie – Grown-ups – started. The seat was low and I had a bad time with my back, trying not to block the person behind me by sitting low. The comedy was fantastic and I almost died laughing many times. I supposed the companion made it better.

After that, we took bus to Guoxin’s house and started playing with his dog, Golden. Then, we played daidee and I got my ear and forehead hit by Guoxin.


Family Day at Sentosa Palawan Beach

[Sunday, 22 August, 2010]

I had a few outdated blog entries and thus I glued myself in front of the laptop until 5am despite having to wake up early. My younger brother woke me up after 9am and I was seeing stars as I got up and packed my stuffs.

We went to aunt’s house together with mum. Then, the four of us went to the Chinese temple to offer incense joss-sticks to our late family members. It was the first time I visited the temple after many years. After that, we went back to aunt’s house to eat and rest for a while before setting off to Harbourfront Centre. Since we were early, my younger brother went to get himself a pair of slippers.

I went to the toilet and Bianhong started calling me to feedback about the work I designed for his girlfriend’s birthday present. The reception was bad and it got cut off before I could make my way into the cubicle, but soon, he called back again. I did not want to tell him where I was since I did not want more causal questions. I hinted to him that I wanted to put down the phone but he was opposite to my usual sweet and short approach of handling things. My elder brother called me and I guessed he had arrived with his girlfriend, but I was too busy to switch over to entertain a second call before I could finish doing my business. After Bianhong put down the second call for nearly six minutes later, I checked my phone to see my younger brother’s SMS that he was waiting outside the toilet for me. A few seconds after I replied him, my mum who was beside him called me directly to deliver the same message. It was a totally bad start of the day.

The four of us went to meet up with the couple at the bus interchange and boarded the bus directly to Sentosa’s Beach Carpark. Since my mum and aunt wanted to collect their membership cards for the Resort World, my elder brother “deposited” his trolley besides the Sentosa membership sign up counter before we boarded the monorail to the Resort World station. It was my virgin visit there but since we were worried about the trolley, we did not walk around and started going back to the Beach station. Luckily, the trolley was still around.

We went to the Palawan beach and it was quiet despite it was already 2pm. The weather was hot and we started setting up the mini tentage. The volleyball was tempting and I missed the days I used to frequent the beach often with my volleyball gang. My younger brother started flying his mini kite bought in Europe and he got his feet blisters soon. After that, we decided to move over nearer to the sea since the breeze was strong over there. While my younger brother went to swim, my brother bought a normal kite on his way to 7-11 but it was a horrible experience. The kite was kind of weird and we could not fly it despite trying all ways to tie it. After wasting lots of time, we left the place in the late afternoon. On our way out, we got to play with some dogs.

We had our early dinner at Seah Lm food centre, which was right in front of the interchange. I took fried prawn mee bought from the extreme end besides the sugarcane drinks stall. I was disgusted at the stall owners for their attitude really sucked to the core just because they had good business to bother much. I was polite to them still, but I knew it was the last time I was going to buy food from them, and they were going to lose more customers soon.

After taking our dinner, my aunt left home by herself since she disliked staying out late. The rest of us went back to the same shop that my younger brother bought his new pair of slippers. My elder brother got himself one pair as well. Then, we went to Daiso but it was crowded and thus only my mum went in to get her candies. We went to the pet shop for a while and met Lionel. Finally, we went home.

It was already near 8am and everyone was exhausted. My mum wanted my elder brother to settle the turtles by the night since she wanted to start packing the kitchen once they were gone and be ready for Tuesday. However, my elder brother suggested doing it the next day, which boiled up my mum’s blood. She was so angry that she forbade us from getting a dog for she knew my elder brother would not take care of his pets for long with all the bad past records. We were all stunned by her stubbornness once again.

My brothers and I went for early supper at the Burger King together, leaving the two women at home since they were not eating. Hence, it was an unusual combination of the supper team. The restaurant was too cold and thus we did not stay for long.


Second and Third Volleyball Games of the Year

I had my second miracle touch of the year on volleyball last Thursday evening. As I had only a couple hours of sleep the night before and that I over-exerted myself with my big heavy backpack after walking around, my muscle was giving way. I did not do well and both my legs cramped at the same time for a second in the air during the second game.

My third volleyball session was on last Saturday at Sentosa. It was also my second visit there, but the first beach volleyball game I had for the year. I could not stop teasing Kian Wee since I had not met him for almost half a year. The games were great and jumping without the shoes gave me the chance to do better than in indoor court. We did not have dinner together and thus I could not give him a big treats for his previous year’s birthday.


Suntan with Wanling

I woke up unusually early on a Saturday morning again. The actual plan was to meet up with Wanling at 10.30 AM but she changed it to 11.15 AM, and she probably went back to sleep after that.

She was one of my long-lasting female friends who still kept in contact with me. Almost all my female friends drifted away from me slowly after they met new friends or sweethearts; and the remaining probably could not stand my frankness, my poor time management, and maybe other flaws.

She was late. We went to Subway to grab our breakfast and Giant to get a bottle of mineral water before heading towards Sentosa. We set up the mats outside Café Del Mar and started to enjoy the delicious sandwich. It was one of the most causal Saturdays that I ever had with my work being placed aside totally.

view from the sand

As I underestimated the power of the sun, I did not apply sunblock lotion on my legs and thus getting bad burns. Washing up at the washroom caused some fears for the water flow inside the cubicle seemed to be unstable and it would be the most embarrassing experience to walk out with shampoo on my hair.

We got back to Vivocity where Wanling got a little shopping for Christmas cards before we took the train and headed towards Chinatown. I bought shampoo and toothbrushes from the usual Swanston shop before I walked her to the Sago Lane.

Beach without My Gang

On Sunday, I made an unusual attempt to travel down to the beach alone. It was supposed to be a much bigger group outing whereby Jenrine would call her friends and I would invite my gang along, but it turned out that I was too “unpopular”.

Weitat was at Hong Kong and thus, I lost my usual more-enthusiastic buddy’s perseverance power. I told Mingfa about it a few days ago and he did not reply my SMS the night before the actual beach outing. I had my MSN nick changed and there was no response except for Jianhao. There was no luck at all and since I was too lazy to get rejected again, I gave up. Jenrine’s gang decided to proceed on with the plan and the initiation of my next move was left tangling.

In the morning, I woke up early after sleeping for less than three hours. I decided to join in the fun since it was agreed earlier and that it had been some time since I last stepped into Sentosa after the lousy Rip Curl beach volleyball competition. However, the dark sky stopped me. I continued watching my Chinese drama until the rain finally ended, just in time for me to catch the episode where the Han emperor initiated the first combat with the Xiong Nu tribe.

I grabbed a bun before boarding the bus. I knew well that it was not going to be a usual play-non-stop volleyball day without the presence of my teammates.

Upon reaching the usual place, I spotted a group of people playing volleyball. One of the girls looked like Jenrine from a distance away and since I did not want to cause any embarrassment on myself, I stood by the same spot and watched them for some time. One of them told the girl that I was looking at them and she surprised me by questioning me.

The only familiar face was Huey Yong and thus, I went over to have a quick chat with him before I saw Shengli. I started playing with him and his friends in my “soft” legs and frozen brain. It was an awkward moment to play with two strangers on the same court, especially when they knew each other well.

Jenrine caught me after the game and I joined her group. Since they were of even number, I was sitting outside the court to rest my numbed brain. At times, we played together outside the court, which slowly got my body recovered.

Towards evening, I joined Yingying and Jenrine against Shaoxian and Raphael on a friendly match at a lousy court. The sagging net falling towards one side of the court made blocking difficult especially with the uneven concrete-like sand. I had a few knocks after diving.

Before ending the day, Yingying, Jenrine and I played against two guys. I was quite embarrassed at first to outnumber them but it seemed that we were too inferior somehow. I played as the setter again but failed to block any of the opponents’ spiking above the low net. It was quite frustrating.

With Yuenyin’s early departure, I managed to squeeze into Shaoxian’s car and we joined up with Shengli at Vivocity. We had dinner at Kim Gary, which was my third time, and we had great jokes over the meal even though we were kind of being divided into two groups.

It Rained Again at Beach

Sunday’s beach was another disappointment for the rain ruined it completely for us.

It was supposed to be only passing shower as claimed by the weather forecast but somehow the sky did not spare us. So coincidentally that the rain was showing love only the southern part of Singapore again, my weekend did not go accordingly as planned.

We did not even get to finish a game and was chased away by the rain. At least, I was able to get to see Peh after so long.

We bathed inside the open shower inside the toilet while the rain continued to hit on us.

While waiting outside the washroom, we spotted a illed smoker’s doing to the pond.

We had dinner at Vivocity’s Central. The mood was pretty good until a waiter came over and tagged me on my shoulder to inform me that no photography was allowed there. It was actually so rude of him to touch me even though his tone was polite.

After that, we did a little shopping before going to Anchor Point to find Mingfa’s shirt. However, Mingli and I got ourselves something inside the G2000 shop while Mingfa left empty-handed. My new short sleeve shirt would allow me to wear less one long sleeve shirt to work every week.

Mingfa gave me a ride home after that.

Finally, Back to Beach

The sun showered me with too much love that my skin was burnt on this very interesting Monday, which was a holiday.

The sleep after six pm in the morning and waking up less than two hours later for haircut left me exhausted. Before I could get back into deep sleep, Mingfa called to ask me down to the beach. I was too tired for celebration of the long abandoned place. My brain was blank but somehow, could not fully utilise the remaining time to sleep.

I met up with the three of them – Mingfa, Weitat and Jingkun – at Seah Lm Food Centre. I had a cup of fruit juice while waiting for them to finish off their breakfast. Jingkun drove us into Sentosa where I witnessed the great changes at the entrance, and even the ticket booth for drive-in was shifted further in.

Since it was a holiday for most schools, the beach was actually occupied by youngsters despite it was a weekday. Full of sweeties in all sorts of bikinis, it was quite a gazing place.

We met up with Mingfa’s students and started playing volleyball. I was quite careful with my almost-recovered index finger. Beginning of the games wrote some incredible records for me; somehow I did better in spiking at beach than indoor courts even though the sand made jumping much tougher.

I did not take out my camera at all.

Into late afternoon, the sun had worn us out. It was tough on feet, dragging on a dehydrated yet heavier body, I simply lusted for resting. Since we left earlier than usual, we managed to skip queuing up at the washroom.


Longan drinks

My mushroom baked rice

French fries

The four of us went to Vivocity and had our early dinner at Kim Gary. It was my second time dining over there at the costly restaurant. Jingkun left us after the dinner and we started walking around before going home.

Met-up with Irwin and Beaching with ex HCJC players

[Sunday, 10 June, 2007]

The files transfer from my old harddisk to new harddisk lasted till 3am and I was so turned off because the old system seemed to be able to do a faster or at least, similar pace’s job.

I started to install software and was so happy that I could easily open and close Photoshop within seconds. I was sure that I could multitask with different software at the same time and there would be unlimited progress in my self-learning and exploring.

I resumed with my work and went off at 6am. Stock price went up, which was a blessing to my financial situation.

I woke up after 8am and met up with Irwin at Harbourfront Centre. It had been so long since I last met up with him for he rarely came back to Singapore and every time it was for a short stopover.

We went to the food court but I was not very comfortable with taking those foods for breakfast and thus we went to MacDonald’s instead. I ordered a hotcake meal and finally, I won over him to foot the bill. I could not remember when the last time I treated him to something, or perhaps, this was my first time. Sadly, I could not finish the food. Since harsh brown would taste awful after turning cold, I gave up on it and admitted to my sin.

Irwin accompanied me to search for the place to apply for Islander card at Vivo City. Then, we went to the arcade centre but came out soon. Then, we went to Daiso where I purchased a mirror for my work place. After that, we sat down to chat somewhere nearby. His friend arrived at noon and after some time, we went to walk around and soon, Mingfa called me.

I met up with Mingfa and Wilson near the main door. We shopped at Ripcurl shop where they purchased a new singlet each. After which, we went to do our Islander cards and realised that renewal date was counted on the day our existing ones expired. Since it had been more than half a year, we chose to pay $20 instead of $15 to re-apply for the membership in order to enjoy our full one-year free entrance to Sentosa.

Phototaking was horrible with the lighting, angle, background and webcam, and therefore I did not like this new islander card as well. Anqi, Haokai and Kian Yong arrived and they proceeded inside first. Wilson, Mingfa and I went to the Giants to get four bottles of mineral water before we took Wilson’s car to Sentosa.

We met up with the rest soon. It had been quite long since we went in with a number of girls. I started off with digging with Haokai and managed to get exhausted by him. We started playing inside the court soon and we were too good for challengers with the combination of ex HCJC players. I was, however, too lack of sleep that fatigue saturated my entire body including my brain that I played quite badly. There was one time when I even lost count and set off for the fourth touch.

I had snoopy at the 7-11 store, which I had been craving for. We resumed with games inside the lousy court and Guoxiong joined in, perhaps, to get to talk to Yingyi and Anqi.

We met new challengers and one of the players was a well-hated person. They seemed to be so confident of winning us with their heights but I clarified their mistake by a thunder with my knuckle. Eventually we won again and started playing among ourselves.

Roy finally arrived with three girls when we were about to leave. We went to bathe near the Beach Car Park. Suddenly we realised it was Roy’s birthday and thus we went over to greet him outside Coffee Bean.

Mingfa and I took Wilson’s car as usual. Some of them took Weichong’s car and the rest took the monorail. It took quite some time for us to find a parking lot at the Vivo City’s car park. We were waiting for a car to leave a lot and suddenly another car tried to beat us to it and Wilson hit the horn a number of times before he gave up.

Both Mingfa and Wilson had to withdraw money before we went to Food Republic to join the rest. I had a long queue at the western food stall and upon seeing that the fish and chips did not look good, I ordered chicken chop instead. It was very expensive at a food court for $6.40 per plate but it tasted quite satisfying.

After the dinner, we went to meet Roy and his three female friends again. We settled at Burger King in the end. It was already very late and we did not go elsewhere.

I took bus 145 home. I took extra caution in transferring the money back to my future sister-in-law’s bank account for the new computer and left my own account quite drained.

I resumed work upon reaching home. Then, I realised even the fast system could not help me much in the speed of blogging.