Family Shopping Night at Alexandra Road

[Saturday, 29 January, 2011]

I started the morning blogging, working on the tuition agency website and chatting with Mike. Eventually, I started editing the admin side of the tuition agency website and included a loading popup for the Ajax script, which was I quite impressed. I went to sleep at around 5am.

I woke up after 1pm and had wantan mee. I did SEO for the tuition agency site after that. It was another rainy day.

My family and I went out for dinner before 6pm. We went to the renovated hawker centre opposite Queensway Shopping Centre. There was a variety of food. After that, we went to Anchor Point, followed by Queensway Shopping Centre to shop. I bought a 3-quarter pant. Finally, we went to IKEA.

Back at home in time, I was engrossed with the channel 8’s show – Zheng He Xia Xi Yang.


The Weird Last-Minute Wedding Invitation

[Saturday, 2 October, 2010]

Lucky peed on his cushion and blanket and caused frustration in all of us. My mum left him inside the kitchen but I got him into the living room and accompanied him to sleep on the floor. He was, however, hyperactive and refused to go to sleep. My elder brother woke up and started entertaining him a bit before he went back to sleep again. I dozed off for a while and eventually went into the bedroom in the morning when the rest of them were up.

I woke up before noon but lazed around for some time before going down to the gym to meet Bobby. Since he told me that he would be available between 11am and 12pm, I did not take my brunch. He wanted me to help him with photo editing and it was a tedious job at the gym without a proper table. After that, I went down to see the new shop with him and Dan, and it was cool to know that they were expanding it downwards. Bobby wanted to catch a bite before his next training session and he decided to try the Keen on Crepes nearby, which I advised him not to. We had a long wait and I knew I was right about the taste.

After reaching home, I started working on my website and purchased a new domain name. My elder brother went to Vivocity with his girlfriend and I skipped it since I was busy and my mum did not want to go.

I had a frustrating night for my mum was bothering me with stories and Lucky’s poo. I was excited to see the movie “seven swords” on channel 8 but my primary school friend’s mum came over to deliver his wedding invitation card. She came in and sat to talk with my mum and I totally lost track of the great movie’s happening.

I found it so weird that his mum was the one delivering it down personally at late hour and made me write my name on the card for myself. She was also trying to get contacts of the other primary schoolmates. Usually, friends would call or drop a message online to invite before they officially prepare the wedding invitation card and I found it extremely uncomfortable to engage it face to face where I was kind of being forced to go without room for consideration. What bothered me were the time and travelling distance over to Pasir Ris and it was a church wedding. Moreover, I could not do other planning for my Saturday anymore.


No Nap because of Neighbour

[Friday, 1 October, 2010]

While catching the first few episodes of my favourite show about “Liu Bo Wen” online, I blogged. Eventually I went to sleep at 8am.

I woke up at 2pm. My elder brother went down to walk the dog and I was too sleepy to join him. However, it was just minutes after they left the house, my neighbour woke me up to help her to adjust her television, which my brothers had done for her the night before. Since I hardly get to touch the SCV’s remote control and that it was a different set from my house’s I was helpless.

In the evening, I went to the gym and had a chat with Andrew. It was again, the one and only time I went for workout for the week.

After finishing my dinner, I continued working with my website but the progress was put to halt when my brothers decided to walk the dog earlier than usual. I had fun playing with the scooter. We went home for the Taiwanese show after 11pm.


Bobby’s Birthday Treat

[Wednesday, 29 September, 2010]

I spent the morning catching my show until 4am. I woke up at noon but dozed off again until 2pm.

While continuing to catch my show, I made progress in my website.

In the evening, Bobby got me down to the gym earlier to meet up with the rest of his friends for dinner at the Chinese restaurant near the gym. It was his birthday treat, which kept me troubled for a few days over what I could get for him. It was difficult for a poor person to get anything for a very well-to-do person who had never ever looked at price for food in his entire life; his young daughter could have spent much more than me on food in total even though I was probably three times her age. Being a poor blockhead, I decided that I would just help him with his work.

The dinner was not really fantastic to me since I did not really appreciate the very traditional North China food. The waiter was wearing home clothes and what amazed me was his shorts. My seat was not very good and thus I did not talk a lot since I was sitting apart from Le Tian and Andrew, while Tze Khit was in Australia.

Soon after reaching home, my brothers were ready to go down to walk the dog. We brought the waveboard and scooter along. It was the second time I tried playing with the scooter even though it was in my house for donkey years already. I tried it more than ten years ago at Bianhong’s house and since it was movement was restricted, I gave up soon and his two cute sisters mocked at me. Anyway, I got a good hand of it soon.

My mum joined us after her work and we went home together.


Flu again after Swim

[Tuesday, 28 September, 2010]

I began the day engrossed in my Chinese show, which I caught at Tudou. I went to sleep at 6am with Lucky. He shared my mattress for the first time. I woke up eventually after 2pm.

My younger brother gave a last minute notice for a swim and luckily my stomach was in a better condition that despite having my meal a couple of hours before the swim, I did not feel as bad as in the past. After the swim, flu caught me again.

My brothers and I went down to walk the dog again. We spent most of the time at storey two, right opposite my mum’s workplace, where my younger brother played with his waveboard. I was busy sneezing.


Met the Greedy Witch while Walking the Dog

[Monday, 27 September, 2010]

I slept at 4am and woke up at around noon. The wall’s clock inside the room was lagging by an hour and I thought I had made an achievement of waking up before noon.

I took the afternoon to blog and work on the website. I was too engrossed that I missed my favourite show “Liu Bo Wen” and thus I started searching for it online. The story was based on China’s Ming dynasty when the descendants of the Yuan Empire wanted to overturn the new kingdom to revive their Mongolians’ pride and glory. It was more interesting than the modern days’ detective stories.

At night, my brothers and I went down to walk the dog. My younger brother brought his new Waveboard along. Unfortunately, we met Lulu at the third storey and she talked to my brothers, and asked them to view her two Jack Russell. My younger brother had long forgotten how cunning this lady was as it was some time ago when I told him about how money-minded she could get. They followed her to see the dogs and I went home soon since I did not want to waste my time waiting alone.

It was a weird world where some people could be two-hearted – kind to animals and yet scheming against innocent parties for money.


Shop for Dog Food at Great World City

I slept after 1am but the backache prevented me from dozing off. I tossed around and arched my back in both forward and backward positions. I was not sure what time I fell asleep. Nevertheless, I woke up after 8am and soon, received an SMS from Derong to say that Kelvin was having diarrhoea and the kayak course had to be postponed to Friday. My younger brother and I went back to sleep after that.

My aunt came over and the whole family went to Ah Moy Food Centre for breakfast and we were lucky enough that the lor mee stall was open. We went home to rest to prepare to go to Serangoon where my elder brother heard there were many pet shops for we needed to get better food for Lucky. I climbed up to my younger brother’s bed to sleep since he dozed off on mine while my mum and aunt were playing cards on it as well.

It was weird that I did not nap for long. I got up every fifteen minutes though I was very sleepy. Eventually we decided to go to Great World City instead as it was nearer. We went to the pet shop and I had to use my fifty dollar note to intercept when my younger brother was trying to fork the bill. The service of the shop was heaven and hell as compared to the pet shop at Vivocity. After that, we shopped around and I was shocked by the products sold in the Cold Storage for they were really high class. We went to the food court and were impressed by the variety of food, the prices and qualities. I had a plate of lemon chicken rice, which was quite costly at four bucks, but it tasted better than other food court’s serving.

We made it home before 7pm so that Lucky could have his dinner on time. His behaviour worsened as he peed around and even chewed on my mum’s new slippers.

Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show was screening on channel 8 and thus we did not get to see our favourite Taiwanese “Love” show. I was stunned when the guest singer, Jenny, tried to urge Singaporeans to donate more money by saying that we were all richer after the casinos were up. I thought she was trying too hard to show her shallowness.

My brothers and I brought Lucky down for a walk and he successfully climbed up the slide finally.


My Younger Brother had Finally Returned to Singapore

[Monday, 9 August, 2010]

It was Singapore’s National Day and my little plan was Facebook was to be executed. Running an event to get Singaporeans and supporters post their wishes for Singapore together, it was never an easy job when most people did not read instruction. The original plan was to get them to comment on the main status so that we could see the total number of posts without any counting, however, some of them chose to post new status, while most of them posted their greetings directly on the event’s page. I tried to reply to every of the scattered posts but dumb Facebook limited the number of posting even for the owner of the page.

I went to bed at 5am. As I had foreseen, I was woke up by my mum’s repeated annoyance. She stepped on the mattress so many times that jerked me up and she even threw her clothes on the mattress to make enough noise to wake me up, and that the clothes even hit me. I gave up and got up at around 1pm, feeling irritated by my mum’s irritation, which she could never realise what had happened.

My family and I had our lunch at Tanjong Pagar food centre again. We went for the Thai food stall and it was quite good.

After reaching home, I continued to try my best at Facebook but it was never an easy task. I was tired at times and I went into the room but my mum was occupying the entire two single mattresses in her nap as her useless stuffs were by the wall and she slept more towards the outside, whereas her clothes (not sure they were used or unused) were at the other end of the mattress. More than three times, I could feel my back aching but I went out of the room within five seconds. I stood by the front door and thought over how pathetic my future life would be. I wanted badly to have a room of my own so that I could have my own privacy and a neat working place to work on the internet, and I was very certain that I could make gigantic improvement on my work.

We left the house at 5pm after some flaming up of my elder brother as my mum started nagging at him fifteen minutes before the scheduled time to leave. My elder brother’s girlfriend stayed behind to catch the National Day Parade on television. The three of us took train to Tiong Bahru station to meet my aunt before we crossed over to take the opposite train towards Changi Airport.

We went to Terminal one and met up with my younger brother’s two buddies. The most dramatic thing happened as my elder brother’s first ex-girlfriend saw us and came over just before my younger brother came out. We started greeting one another and my mum was so happy to see her, and started grabbing her elbow like they were sisters.

We went home by train to put down the two big luggage bags before we went down to have our dinner together. The dinner was at the Food Loft coffee shop where we had seafood. The television show – IP Man – distracted me.

After reaching home, I spent quite some time catching up with my younger brother inside the room.


Lost to Sleep

[Wednesday, 21 July, 2010]

I spent the morning continuing to edit Jack’s photo. I went to bed before 3am but was woke up by my mum to burn incest sticks for my late grandma. I went back to sleep and woke up after 2pm.

I spent my afternoon working on SmokeForWhat. I went to the gym in the late afternoon and had some chats with Junze.

I rushed home to catch the Ninja Warriors together with my brother and mum while I took my dinner.


Portfolio and Gaming

[Saturday, 17 April, 2010]

I worked on my portfolio until 6am. It was another boring working day upon waking up.

In the late afternoon, I had a game of Command and Conquer and I finally got to beat the computers in a 3 versus 5 game.

I had curry with bread for my dinner. My mum made corn plus mushroom Campbell soup. I still preferred mushroom soup.

The Taiwanese “love” show on channel 8 distracted me from working on my portfolio.