NEA Officer Reacted Fast

When I was having lunch with my mum and younger brother on 24th December (Christmas Eve), my brother complained that he was molested by the mosquitoes during the short trip to the nearby coffee shop. I noticed that there was a pool of water being trapped at the construction area of the new lift below my house. I was quite worried about mosquito breeding and thus I decided to inform NEA about it. This time, instead of using email, I used their Android APP to take a photo and submitted my feedback.

Two days later, I received a call from a NEA officer telling me that he had checked the place and assured me that the contractors had poured some oil over it. Even though they took two days to get back to me, it during Christmas period and I was really impressed by their speed of work.

Respect Volunteerism

My beautiful friend woke me up early in the morning to offer me to join in the fun to bring the hunks and babes for a free meal. Despite having only two hours of sleep two nights ago, being bitten by the burning sun and spending late night to support my celebrity friend’s performance, I sweet-talked myself to get up. After caressing the toilet bowl twice, I rushed off to meet the volunteers in my weak body.

It was supposed to be a great day working with people with great souls. I knew the least thing I could do was to take photos to capture the beautiful moments, including the unglamorous ones. However, things eventually turned out differently just like how monsters always appeared in fairytale stories right after the sweet introduction.

After bringing the hunks and babes to the temple in the east and securing them to their seats under the big tentage, we were told that we had to wait for the big shot to arrive before serving them their meals. I was deeply disgusted because I realised we were used partly for political drive. There were three rows of tables where fat people were unofficially banned from walking between them. We had initially occupied an empty table in the middle but were made to move our belonging to another table because they wanted to reserve the table for the big shot. None of us complained when we were told to serve all tables, including those hunks and babes who came from elsewhere.

I tried my best to avoid the big shot’s table in case some weird people might ask me to take photos of him, which would tarnish my girlfriend’s dignity or even broke the lens – I did not have money to upgrade to a better girlfriend for now. The big shot simply came over, late, just to shake hands and wait to be served for his food. I thought if anyone who really wanted to come over to appreciate the old hunks and babes who had helped to build up the nation, he or she would have done more. If this big shot had helped out in serving the food like how the volunteers had sweated and exhausted themselves, I would at least respect him a little. It was indeed a rewarding part-time job that would give him over $10k per month. I did pity him for many people were talking behind him during his “glamorous” moments.

The drama to showcase the “kindness” of the big shot was not the most disgusting incident of the day. A lady who seemed to be the overall in-charge of the hunks and babes showed me how ugly mankind could be. Almost all of us did not know which farm she came from but she was first seen grumbling over some barricades, saying nobody would answer if any of the hunks and babes were to bypass them and fall. I was not sure if she was truly concerned for the elderly or simply did not want her head to roll, but her tone was harsh. It was just like walking on a street and a bitch came over to bark you for killing her entire family. As I moved nearer, she turned to me instead and continued to rant like as if a photographer would be so free to invite the old people wander about. Around five minutes of my life was wasted just because I tried too hard to show respect to even creature.

The same lady was ranting at another guy throughout the event. He could be her co-worker or another volunteer she had recruited. When he was trying hard to serve the hunks and babes food, she barked at him to go over to take photos of the big shot. I was extremely disgusted once again because the event was supposed to be organised for the hunks and babes and not the big shot, while our main job should be to ensure that they would not go hungry and be served with great efficiency. Even if USA’s president Barrack Obama was there as a special guest, our focus should be on the hunks and babes who had contributed to our society so much in the past.

The third brainless thing this lady did was to rant at us again at the end of the event after the big shot had left with satisfied stomach. She seemed to want us to take group photos with the big shot for whatever motives she had. It was either she was brainless enough to slip it off her mind or she had whispered to the grass to request us to do that, but she blamed us. One girl was finally pissed off and stepped up to stop her imagination and bring her back to the real world. She was lucky enough that we were inside a temple and I tried hard not to put my friend on the spot. Anyway, none of us was willing to take photos with any big shot. We did voluntary work not for show.

I feel so sad for Singapore due to the existence of such lady who is killing volunteerism. Which volunteer would offer his/her help in future to events that such lady is in charge of? Volunteers are not being paid and the least thing the organiser can do is to show them respect. In fact, even if the lady has paid people to do the work, she should also treat the salaried workers with respect. I wonder if she would feel ashamed if she ever see how I treat the town council’s foreign cleaners. You cannot simply point fingers at anyone if you think the weather is hot.

Lastly, I’m also confused over the need for calling for volunteers for some charity events. If the organisers have such close links to big shots and that they have to suck up to these wealthy and powerful people, they should be able to get many “sponsors” to employ staffs to handle the events. Why are the time of innocent and poor volunteers be needed for such events when they can offer their help to other events that truly lack funding.

I have actually learned a big lesson for the day but the main thing is that I should have tried to find out more details about any voluntary work before agreeing to help, be it taking photos or babysitting the less healthy people.

I love seeing kind souls working hard selfishlessly. The world needs more true love to make more people’s lives beautiful.

The Space to Start Family, Not Sex

I was having dinner with Jake’s mum together with my mum and younger brother on Wednesday when she asked me why I did not get a girlfriend.

At first, I told her I could not get any. Later, I admitted to her that some of the main problems were due to lack of time and financial stability, and that my house was small.

Her response was that it did not matter even if my house was very crowded because I needed not to bring my girlfriend home to do business when I was in a relationship.

I was stunned and embarrassed as my brain went into a daze. For some time until we changed topic, I had forgotten my initial reason.

It was not about the space for sex I was talking about, but the future.

If I were to have a girlfriend and we decide to get married one day, we would need countless bidding for a new BTO flat that is “affordable” (my foot!). It would then take at least three years for the flat to be built and be ready.

No, I would not want to get a resales flat in the ridiculous open market and live in greater debt.

The rich people who always pretend to sound puzzled over why the birthrate in Singapore is falling badly are responsible for the downfall. People hate them for good reasons.

I would never want any girl to suffer with me. People may argue that a girl who is worthy of my love would not mind suffering with me but I would still leave things to fate before I am confident of taking care of another person.

Mike and I were Criminals for a Few Minutes

Mike and I were crossing Pinnacle Duxton towards the Kopi Tiam on Friday early evening. We saw three policemen talking to a guy from a distance away. Just a few seconds later as we were reaching our destination, we were stopped by the police from behind at the stairs. They requested for our identification cards immediately without telling us what was going on.

Since we were wearing smart causal and our faces were more than pleasant that we hit up well with any stranger soon, it was really weird for us to be checked; moreover, we were empty-handed. Judging from the distance they had tried to catch up with us after they finished the business with the previous guy, they were trying hard to hit a quota before their dinner.

One of them was doing the job of verifying our identification cards by calling back to probably their office while the other two, including a lady, were looking around rather than to chat with us. I thought they could be friendlier and also try to get some feedback from us, rather than treating us as suspects.

I was very delighted to finally witness policemen doing patrolling in Tanjong Pagar like this. I might not have walked around the neighbourhood everyday but it really showed how rare it was because I had already stayed here for over twenty years. Of course, I had met policemen in the neighbourhood before but they were busy doing investigation probably because someone had called to seek their help.

During the period of time, I felt quite awkward because the passers-by might mistake that we had done something illegal. If I were among the policemen, I would definitely try to initiate conversations and smile.

After that, I kept wondering why the policemen were doing their patrolling at such early hour when the sky was still bright. In my opinion, crimes such as robbery would more likely to happen at night. I am very sure that there is no patrolling around Tanjong Pagar Plaza at night because there are still many topless guys sleeping all over the places, such as resident corners.

I hope things will start to improve.