Housekeeping Days – Windows 7

On Monday, the first day of my off days, I started packing my cupboard. Since my elder brother had gone to Malaysia for holidays with his colleagues and girlfriend, I was able to squeeze some spaces to open the cupboard and unload the stuffs.

I looked through the old lecture notes from my poly days and realised I had actually studied many things, which I had totally forgotten and not having a slight impression of them. Since the notes from UOW was all printed from softcopy, I threw them abandoned the hardcopies as well.

Due to my back problem, it took me long time to do my work with the intervals of rest. I even dozed off for long hours in the late afternoon and woke up feeling more tired than ever. Eventually, I finished three quarters of the packing and had to give up.

Day two was another busy day. I started configuring my younger brother’s laptop. It was my virgin try on Windows 7. Installing the software and transferring the remaining of the files on the office’s laptop lasted me for many hours.

My new baby was running on Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, T9400 at 2.53GHz with 4GB of memory. It was the lightest model since a year ago for 17’ inches laptops.

There were, however, many disadvantages. The graphic card could not even support Counterstrike Condition Zero well, let alone L4D which I was reluctant to try. The screen was dim and the sound was obviously not fantastic. I could feel the heat even after placing it on top of the fanning system. It had only three USB ports and all of them were at the right side. My brother had also warned me that the battery life could barely last over three hours.

At least, it was better than my office’s office in terms of RAM and weight (especially). The faulty HP laptop with auto adjustment of volume, refusing “alt” + “tab”, was more than a nuisance to work with. The BIOs problems forcing the draining of battery even when the system was off, killed my entire good impression for HP laptops.

Windows 7 was half an alien to me but I could see the great improvements. I was able to drag the folder upwards to the edge and it would maximum the window other than having to double click the window. The taskbar was neatly organised with all the similar items grouped together, displaying using rectangular icons instead of long bars; on mouse over, each individual icon would pop out nicely. The “quick launch” buttons were merged into the taskbar as well and I soon got used to it. For all the special folders such as “my document” and “my music”, I could see that they were classified under “library”, such that different folders could be added inside, but of course there was a default folder to be assigned.

I had problem with the installation of Photoshop CS3 due to the AVG antivirus. Following was the installation of PHP, which required the web server – either IIS or Apache. I was not confident at all since PHP did not seem to work well with Windows Vista. The other essential software are Microsoft Office 2007, MSN Live Messenger, Notepad++, Flash Renamer etc. I also set up the games.

In no time, I would be ready to strive all the way for my websites without worrying for the transferring and backing up of data files.


Computer Auto restart but no sign of Improper Shutdown

My desktop has been failing on me. It restarts out of nothing at times. After it reboots, there is no sign of improper shutdown.

I have tried booting my system in safe mode before running a full system virus scan, but it is a waste of time.

Opening the CPU casing is easy but there is not much dust inside for me to clear.

Now that I can only park my system in the BIOS setup screen to test if the problem lies with the operating system or the hardware.


Trojan Hijacking Google Adsense

A day before, I was fighting against some Trojans and spywares.

That was probably caused by downloading of some cracks from the internet and my Norton Antivirus did not do enough to stop any intrusion internally.

Anyway, I supposed it was nothing serious. The problem was that the images on all web pages opened by Firefox were changed to some weird advertisements instead; none of the Adsense advertisements were spared.

The creator of the Trojan was quite smart in a way that he replaced all the Adsense advertisements, which certainly would cause huge damages to the webmasters who were trying to make a living through Adsense advertisements.

Most internet users would probably not care about whether the Adsense participants are making money a not. However, the replaced advertisements did consist of pornographic and also very distraction images.

As for me, I did achieve results from Adsense before though things were not going well for now, I really cared a lot about the replacements of the Adsense advertisements on my websites. At least, even though it did not matter since I could not click anything by myself, but the visualisation of the actual Adsense advertisements on my websites were essential somehow to my brain.

I used Spybot Search and Destroy as usual, then followed by Lavasoft Adaware. In my desperation, I tried SpywareBlaster and MindSoft Utilities, which did not show any progress. I rebooted my system in Safe Mode and did a thorough scan using Norton Antivirus but it proved me that the amount of time used were really meaningless.

In fact, Spybot Search and Destroy did detect two unusual spywares, one of them was called “”. I surfed the net to realise there was a Trojan called “Trojan.Qhost.WU” which had been hijacking Google Adsense by redirecting advertisements from Google servers to a rogue server that displays advertisements from a third party.

Check for Trojan.Qhost.WU Infection in your computer:

Go to Start > Run > ping -t

Result: Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

If the first digit is a 6, you are not infected. If the first digit is a 9, you are infected with Trojan.Qhost.WU.

After repeating a few times of the scans, the problem was not solved. In the end, I even resorted to reinstall my Firefox. Since it was reaching daylight, I had to give up trying.

I got home after midnight to realise everything was working fine.

Downgraded to Microsoft Office 2003

People usually upgrade their software, but I’m doing the opposite. I’m not trying to be funny or sentimental but being forced to do it.

The school is using office 2003 and thus I have to downgrade my computer’s office so that I can practise the work at home before going to class.

Microsoft office 2007’s interface is much better and I really like it a lot. However, I still prefer the tools’ grouping of 2003, except that I cannot use the “ctrl + shift + F” shortcut to change the font’s properties.

After installing office 2003, I realise I’m using Outlook since last year and the downgraded Outlook seems to be encountering problems. I shall think thrice before I act again.

Takeaway for Them

[Saturday, 19 May, 2007]

While I was trying out the MindSoft Utilities XP software, Ying Ying messaged me and told me she could go for the beach outing sine her class gathering was decided to be on the day itself and not the next day. I almost wanted to worship her for being so sporting and friendly until she told me the condition the next day that she would go only if my dear sister was going and it was a sudden twist, turning me so off.

Anyway, I was having this itchy hand that I clicked on the Internet Optimizer, which resulted that my MSN could not be logged in after restart. There was internet connection and that the browsers were working fine. I did a number of trial and errors on the setting but none work. In the end, I had no choice but to reinstall my MSN, which actually worked.

My mum and elder brother wanted to take supper at the nearby coffee shop. I called Quek Quek to check out how he was getting on. He seemed to be drunk already and he asked who I was when I was using my mobile phone, and he promised to call me back, which he did not. I had two plain roti prata despite the fact that I was having flu and sore throat. I continued to work after reaching home, nodded in front of the screen a couple of times before going to sleep at 4am.

I managed to wake up before noon. Xiangxin messaged me in MSN and told me he had a friend asking him to approach me to help her find a flat in Ang Mo Kio. If I had not found a full time job, I would have gone all the way to help her since she was so kind to approach me and that Xiangxin’s friends should be of a certain standard – good people. It got me quite frustrated. I continued to blog and update my websites the entire afternoon.

I left for Clementi at 6pm and went to the hawker centre to help my volleyball team-mates get their food. There was some hesitation and finally they wanted a packet of carrot cake and three packets of chicken cutlet, but they increased one more share in the end. I had to stand near the western food stall in case my order was ready and the oily smoke from the satay stall besides it irritated me. Basically, I was lazy to even buy food for myself and it took me a lot of patience to run the errand for them. I hated the oily smell on my shirt and body, especially the hair. They could have sent someone who was driving to come over to get the food or even pick me up but I had to walk over from the central to Clementi ITE. I told my subconscious to remain calm during the long wait for the food would certainly brighten my buddies’ evening.

The nose block and itchiness on the throat irritated me throughout the evening. When I first got there, the mixture of Mingfa’s students were playing their last match. Weilun came over after that and started talking non-stop to me when I was not in the mood to hear any irrelevant stuff. I was still lack of sleep somehow and my condition was poor. I seemed to be taking off in a drunkard’s style during free spike. I played as libero throughout all the four matches and did a reasonable job. There was fun and laughers throughout and all of us did enjoy the night.

Suimin called me just when I was about to bathe. It had been so long since I last heard from her and I was quite disappointed that she was looking for me just for the sake of her PhotoShop again. I had burnt one CD for her soon after she requested for it but she did not seem to be interested to get it from me and thus I had already given it to Tiffany and Mingen. It turned out that she would rather buy it on her own and waste my efforts.

Porn star

We had fun inside the toilet. Weilun was crapping as usual and sounded rude to Mingfa. I started taking out my phone to take photos of him inside the cubicle but everyone was so enthusiastic that they took over from me. We had three camera phones in the end but did not do a satisfying job. Wilson was holding my phone in the end and when Weilun splashed water at him, he shouted as if Weilun was the one taking photos and all of us burst into laughers once again. Weilun remained calm afterwards and did not ask us to delete the photos.

Mingfa, Tony and I took Wilson’s car to the coffee shop. Weitat insisted to not take the car even though he was using adult ez-link card so that he could accompany Junyang. He was stubborn as usual and thus we could not change his mind to not waste the transportation money on the bus.

Since the four of us reached earlier than the rest, I called them to take an order first since we had to wait for the food. Weitat told me to get him one plate of chicken cutlet but he claimed that he had told me he wanted to get chicken chop. I tried to change the order but the auntie did not allow, but Mingfa kindly offered to order a plate of chicken chop and that he would take the chicken cutlet.

I had fish and chips for chicken chop and half spring chicken would probably worsen my throat’s condition. The inner meat was soft and nice but somehow, the fish could be smashed easily and thus not very easy to be eaten. After that, Junyang, Weitat, Mingfa and I went to the 7-11 store because Weitat wanted to get a prepaid card. We spent quite some time over there before Weitat “sent me home” because he was meeting his friend at Cityhall MRT.

I did not switch off the flash function and since the distance was too far away, it became blurry. Besides, since I had already “beaten the grass and alarmed the snake”, I did not want to risk taking another shot.

There was an attention-seeker playing his music very loud. I tried to take a photo of this inconsiderate asshole but forgot to switch the flash off. Since there were quite a number of passengers around, I felt embarrassed but luckily the asshole did not realise I was taking his photo from far.

I Got the Job

[Friday, 18 May, 2007]

I only managed to sleep at 4am but had to wake up early. After lazing around on the bed as usual instead of beginning work as planned, I managed to reach the company before 10am. Iris conducted the interview with me and it seemed more like a chit-chat session. She talked more than me to explain about the company’s vision and current situation, and all the questions prepared were not asked.

A thousand dollar

A hundred dollar

I went home to rest immediately. I frequented the bedroom often while doing my work and finally left for Toa Payoh before 3pm. I got there in less than half an hour and waited there while playing game. I met up with Rahman and Kelly before 4pm and when Mr Low was going to pass me the money, I was stunned. At first I saw that there were only ten-dollar notes and it was weird to hold over hundred pieces of them. Rahman did not bring the invoice despite I had reminded him severe times. Everything was settled fast for there was no loan. Kelly had a chat with me outside as I looked at my watch, anxious to make it to the office before 5pm since it was a Friday.

Just as I was leaving, I received a phone call from Iris and she told me the company had decided to employ me. I was taken aback. The fact was that I did not show any talent during the interviews except for my honesty.

I took bus 153 to Bukit Merah and gave a call to Winnie when I passed by Queensway Shopping Centre and she hurried me. I rushed up to the office after reaching the interchange but Winnie made me wait there as she left the office. It was good to see Louis again. I felt quite awkward holding the money and standing there for so long.

On the way home, I was busy coordinating time with David and Kaven for the office space. I began with my work at home and also did some calling for the beach outing.

Quek called me and told me that he was coming over to my place to a pub for someone’s birthday celebration. I was not feeling well and never had the intention to drink and thus I told him to call me when he was bored and we would meet up for coffee instead.

I was preparing to reformat my harddisk for it had been years since I last did it. It was so lag despite I had been scanning it with my anti virus, spyware remover and registry cleaning software often. There were also other major problems like restarting of system on the start-up and wrong labelling of system’s drive.

However, my elder brother advised me not to waste time to reformat it and then he told me to use the MindSoft Utilities XP software to check for problems. Since my ideal plan was to get a faster computer when I got the money and that the 933 MHz system would never improve much, I decided to take up my brother’s suggestion for the time being.

To The Office and The Stubborn Notebook

[Friday, 09 February, 2007]

In the early morning, I was still trying to get the laptop done. However, there was no connection to my home network and that I could not transfer software over or go online. Then, I recalled notebook would probably require some drivers to be installed and that Kaven did not pass me any CD. The situation was terrible. I gave up since I was not sure of the model.

I woke up at ten plus in the morning unexpectedly. My work efficiency was slow and that I even went back to the bed numerous times and dozing off. Kaven made a prank call to me and woke me up.

Later, Kelly gave me a call to retrieve some Tampiness keys from the office. I set off after making some calls. This time, I wore t-shirt and jeans, but of course putting on a jacket before I went inside.

I stayed quite a long time there to alias with Louis. Then, I met an agent called Jessica and she asked for my block 219 valuation report which she made a photocopied one and I was not sure if I had done the right thing as I did not even know her well. I met Peixian’s parents again and her mum had a chat with me and encouraged me to be daring to get some business. After that, I hanged around in the office to chat with Regina before leaving the place.

I went to look for Uncle Sam and stayed there since Kaven was coming over soon to pass me the CDs. I had quite a long chat with Cecilia and after she left, I helped Uncle Sam with something. After getting the CDs from Kaven, I finally got home.

I proceeded on to settle Kaven’s notebook and after some trying, managed to recall some of the lost skill. However, the notebook was giving lots of problems. I managed to get it connected to my network to access files from all the connected computers but unable to go online still. I had some attempts on trying to use the recovery disks but halted the process for I found it useless for the problems would definitely arouse if I were to upgrade from Windows ME to Windows XP again.

I had a few of the important programs installed. Then, I sought help from Irwin and did some manual configuration of the IP address but failed. Even with my brother’s help, nothing much could be done. The worst thing was when I suddenly realised that the sound driver was having problems even though I had just tested some songs just a while ago.

Dinner with Kaven

[Thursday, 08 February, 2007]

It took Kaven quite a while to persuade me to join him for dinner. We were supposed to meet up just for him to pass me his old notebook for reformatting and I found it difficult to turn him down.

We were supposed to meet up at a Thai restaurant near Beach Road, which was opened by his friend. The traffic was slow and the packed bus had to pause quite long at each stop for passengers to board and alight. Seeing that I was running out of time, I alighted one stop earlier and dashes towards the destination.

Being Singapore’s most road-idiot real estate agent, I managed to find the shop soon, which was near the National Library, however, it was closed. After standing there for some time while waiting for Kaven to get back to me, a voice called for me and I realised it was him. I got into his car immediately.

He was thinner than in the photo and was much more mature than his usual crappy character in MSN. He took me to a seafood stall somewhere nearby, where we ordered some dishes to share. Then, we started chatting non-stop. The dinner cost around $32 and I was quite shocked.

Later on, he sent me home and passed me his notebook. I was quite amazed for it seemed to be as old as my Toshiba one. Before I could finish installing the windows, Kelly had arrived.

I went downstairs to meet up with her and got a list of houses from her. After some explanation, we went to see Uncle Sam. Later, we had some discussion before we went on our own ways.

I continued with the installation of windows after that.

Windows Media Player 11 and Windows XP

Windows Media Player 11 was released a few days ago or even earlier.

Out of nowhere, your windows might prompt you to upgrade, which you might happily click the agree button. However, for Windows XP users, please be caution that you have to validate your windows version before you can start using it.

For those who do not wish to validate your windows, you can of course do a rollback by choosing the earlier date of the System Restore, which is before the installation of Media Player 11. The path to the “System Restore” is…

All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

Please be caution that the system changes made after the date you choose to restore to will be reset.