Spread the Love – September 2016

The month began with the resuming of my reservist. I was thankful of the great people who had accompanied me through the depressing period. They talked rot and kept me entertained. The drivers, Melvin, Fabian and Kenneth did us favours by ferrying us around.
I had not one but three photoshoot sessions with Ao Xuan to utilise her holidays. Although she sounded super laid back and lazy, she kept her promises despite having obstacles like rain. The first shoot was a lifestyle shoot done at Boat Quay. The second one was a studio kind of fashion shoot using Tze Khit’s gym and finally, a travel blog style of shoot to complete the entire Southern Ridges. It probably took her great effort to find out about me in order to trust me completely to hang out with me alone. (updates: she showed her princess-like attitude later)
Jake was finally able to meet up with me and he gave me a dinner treat. As usual, he was sharing things with me to try to help me while I was already too bored of updating him on my slow progress in life.
One of the luckiest things that had happened in my photography journey was the meeting of good people. Even people of higher status in life had showered me with love. Angie Mui, the woman I looked up to and someone who was busy in her passion, contacted me just to inform me that the photographs that I had taken for her would be released on the October 2016 issue of Expat Living magazine. Little kind gestures and lots of appreciation from her made me feel great.
Yonghao organised a mini hiking session from Harbourfront MRT to Henderson Waves. After that, we made a delivery of fruits donated by a nearby stall to the free chefs at Bukit Merah where they hosted free dinner for residents on every Sunday evening.

Romance Tips

It is romantic to eat by the roadside with your girl sometimes since it is very uncommon nowadays. Next, a little shopping and purchase of finger food and drinks help to spice up the day. To begin on a journey up to Mount Faber via Harbourfront is a challenge for couples. Next, you can reach the cable car station to view the grand scene, followed by the stature of Mr Merlion. A long walk down the road in the darkness is both exciting and sweet. Finally, grab a good place at the Henderson Waves, lie down and look at the stars. Life is so wonderful.

For these, you need a sweet girlfriend who is sporty and easygoing.


Staff Bonding – Food Rally

Friday was quite a special day. After some hesitation, I finally decided to go into the office in shorts. When I saw Alvin wearing more causal than me, I knew I was safe. Afni made some cupcakes for everyone. Most people were in high spirit.

I went to Pui Kuan straight away for the amendment of the poster once again and around an hour later, just before everyone was moving off, she told me there was another amendment.

Things almost turned sour when Weitat dragged the time. He was helping Madam Seet with her work and at the point of time when we were moving out, he was not down at the car park yet. Jingkun was frustrated for the sudden delay because it was already planned since so early. I felt it was ridiculous as well but I remained silent since it was pointless to say anything or to change his decision like always. We decided to go ahead with the game without him but he turned up to ease our disappointments.

Joy sped off in her Suzuki, sending the four “hunks” she claimed to Hort Park. We were quite lost at first but we eventually got ourselves registered at the car park and took a picture to start off. Our initial plan was to stroll off fast but the teams in front were running and thus, we followed.

Jingkun was deadbeat somehow at the start at Forest Walk unexpectedly. My right knee started to ache soon as well. Weitat and I tried to take the gradual slope up to realise taking the stairs could be much faster. We reached the Hilltop and finally climbed up to the usual Henderson Waves.

Next, we tried to fool the rest of the teams into wrong direction but it somehow did not work. The journey towards the Cable Car station marked my greatest mistake as I led the team to take the stairs up. It was the normal route for trekking but the other teams took the road instead and made a faster and less effort trip.

The finish dash down the stairs towards the Harbourfront MRT station allowed me to lead all the way, except that we were all lost at the entrance since it was the last station and yet nobody was around to receive us. Jonathan and Joy were doing their shopping and had to rush over.

I was told of reporting near the food centre and quickly rushed over to get the puzzle from Sharon. It was a magic cubic and Jonathan quickly torn it apart to cheat. The next puzzle was a list of location for us to decode and we simply continued solving them by the crowded covered path besides the food centre. Some people were doing surveys near us and we borrowed a pen from a sweet girl but she was gone when we were about to take off. The pen was from City Harvest.

We went to Yuan Ching, Bukit Timah, Adam Road and finally Clementi to take pictures with the stalls. Our greatest defeat was at the traffic jams and we did make some minor mistakes in turning, but overall, Joy was reckless enough to help us speed up a lot. The final mistake was that we should have asked Joy to wait for us near the main road instead of the car park because it took us quite long to get out afterwards.

It was a very enjoyable day even though we could only emerge as the fifth team out of twelve of them. We had nasi lemak from Adam Road for our lunch at the school canteen. Later on, it was announced at the prize presentation that they had extended it to five teams instead of three, and we were glad to receive the twenty bucks NTUC voucher.

I took a lift from Bernard and then Weiming accompanied me until Commonwealth MRT station.

My elder brother and I were engrossed in the 倚天屠龙记 on channel 8 every weekday at eleven PM and thus, we watched it online after midnight and dozed off together.

Southern Ridges Trip 2

I made my second trip down to Southern Ridges for the second time on last Saturday morning. It was a trip organised by Gilbert since more than a month ago. Initially I felt the stress of works piling up and thus, quite regretting promising him to go.

It started raining while I was waiting for them at the starting point. It was good to see Yong, June and Sherlyn once again. We started sitting at the top of the stairs until a SMRT staff came over to ask us to go further down to get out of the camera’s sight, which was quite weird.

As the rain stopped, we began our journey and this time, Gilbert and I made sure that we would not make any unnecessary detour like the previous time. I was extremely tired after the previous night’s volleyball and I my legs were weak upon the start. Since we were walking at a much faster pace, I was quite worried for the other three of them not able to fully enjoy the sceneries.

We met up with another Gilbert’s friend, Charles, at the Henderson Waves, and together, we proceeded on the same track like the previous time. At the moment we reached Hort Park, Gilbert was not feeling well and we took a little rest. Gilbert insisted to proceed on with his plan and thus we pushed westward, over Canopy Walk before making a final rest. Then, we made sure we took the correct path down the end of the Science Park where we took the bus to Buona Vista. We took only three hours to conquer the Southern Ridges this time.

We transited to bus 100 back to Vivocity, where we had a concussion one by one, and as usual, I took the lead. Sherlyn was wide awake throughout though and Charles got alighted somewhere to go home. The rest of us had our lunch at Seah Lm Food Centre and I had the usual chicken rice. Yong ordered a drinks from the fruit stall called “Power” for me. It was secret recipe and I could only taste mango but it was not bad.

After lunch, we walked towards Vivocity and soon, took Yong’s car back to his condominium at Geylang. We slacked at his place for quite some time before going down to the pool. The girls played PSP by the poolside. I was too weak to swim and the water started to freeze me. In a while, I was found enjoying at the Jacuzzi, which failed to satisfy me.

We moved over to the standalone Jacuzzi further away which seemed to be boiling. We had to lower down our body bit by bit to get used to the temperature. It was all comfort after we succeeded in submerging the entire body under neck. The next challenge was to enter the normal pool to taste the freezing water. My legs gave ways before reaching the destination and put my butts on the floor; the expanding and contracting of muscle in the process could have caused the weakness. Next, I enjoyed the feeling of dipping myself entirely into iced water. I made my last dip into the warm Jacuzzi before they called it off the day.

Back to the house, we called Rite Pizza to make orders for dinner. It was a splendid meal. Then, we continued to play PSP until around ten PM and Charles started sending Sherlyn, Gilbert and I home. I had some good chat with him on the way.

Trekking at Southern Ridges

I completed the Southern Ridges trekking with Gilbert just now.

We met up at the Seah Lm food centre and started off at the Harbourfront MRT station.

We took the right direction after going uphill and finally walked the opposite direction towards Jewel Box restaurant (Slogan: Singapore’s Iconic Hilltop Destination).

Next, we crossed Faber Walk and finally reached the speculate Henderson Waves; we were so impressed by the great work at such a great height – near 80 kilometres above sea level.

We proceeded to Hilltop Walk and after more struggles under the hot sun, we reached Forest Walk, which was a grand place with the steel bridge leading visitors towards the Alexandra Arch; it was never possible to access to Alexandra Arch from the Hilltop Walk with the steep slopes until the completion of the Forest Walk.

We finally arrived at Hort Park which I had visited once a few ago near midnight and could not walk around. I did not expect it to be a very big place.

We took the Canopy Walk and lastly, arrived at the Science Park after some extra walks.

It took us around five hours to complete the journey, inclusive the photo taking throughout the expedition.

We took bus to Bouna Vista MRT and walked to Holland Village after that. After some consideration, we decided to dine at Coffee Club. It was my first time and a very disappointing one. Gilbert discouraged me to order fish and chips and thus, I tried the Alfredo, which was actually pasta together with ham and mushroom in mushroom cream. I was actually “allergic” to pasta and furthermore, the sauce made me sick right after a few bites. The soup of the day was tomato soup, which was not to my liking. After the dinner, which I did not finish, I had mochaccino and I had never expected it to be served hot, and thus, I was extremely disappointed. The dinner could be described as a complete disaster.