68547070 Telemarketing Singapore Spam

Here you go, dear company of Singapore number 68547070. Thanks for waking me up and making me so sleepy throughout the day. I did not pick up your foreign talent staff’s call because I was expecting such call and I did not want to lose my temper.

I did a Google search for your number when I was fully up and I felt I was the smartest guy on Earth for I got it right. There were so many complaints about you online.

Let’s just wait for next year’s new law from IDA to be implemented and I will report you for sure if you continue to do such disgusting thing.

Let me highlight – NO, I’m not interested in any of your investment or insurance product. FULL STOP.

Note: I assume the caller is a foreign talent because most of these nuisance calls I have received are from either Indian or Pinoy so far.

I slept Early

[Tuesday, 8 February, 2011]

I finally achieved sleeping before 2am because I had a bottle of alcohol hours before that.

I woke up after 9am and lazed around. After sharing with my elder brother about some points in PowerPoint Slides, I went to the office at noon.

I started doing administration work for the tuition agency, followed by drafting an email to my ex colleagues to greet them. I was distracted somehow and my English used was terrible.

Mike and I started doing area cleaning after 4pm until near 6pm before we walked to Burger King for early dinner.

Back at home, I was irritated by an SMS spam. An email to IDA resulted a disappointing reply a few days later to actually show that mobile phone spamming in Singapore is in fact generally legal.

I spent the rest of the night working on SEO for the tuition agency.


Too much Inspiration was Killing

[Thursday, 15 July, 2010]

My brother downloaded a new 2 on 6 Command and Conquer map and we had a second game together after struggling in the first game. It was 3.30am when I finished clearing up spams in Facebook groups. I made severe tosses on the bed before dozing off.

I woke up in the morning but forced myself to sleep, and eventually woke up at around 2pm. Dreams seemed to come back into me so often and this day, a monk appeared and my family seemed to be close with him.

After touching up a bit on the new freelance website, I could not control myself but to put my new ideas into SmokeForWhat, updating several pages and adding a new page – Quit Smoking Checklist. My perseverance had led to more hits from search engine, displaying my SEO skill; but the cute little Google Bot for PageRank had not visited the site for months that I was so anxiously waiting for the new PageRank result.

At night, there was a very nasty spam in Facebook by someone creating lots of accounts, flooding groups with “add me for farmville and if you love your iphone, but be nice xx”. The asshole could have succeeded in hooking up guys to add the fake accounts before starting to spam them individually, but so many accounts posing the exact same message was too obvious for most people, except for some horny guys who probably could not use their brains. I did my part by removing and banning them in one of my affected groups, which was terribly time-killing for the enormous count of them.


Scam Alert

I received a spam from the number (+65)81885003.

To the bastard:

I do not care about any free sex or shit. If you are so rich to give out any free air ticket, then you do not have to sell anything. If you want to lie, risking your entire family getting retribution in future, I can sigh for you.

I did not ever take part in any survey that requires my number. If you are trying to earn money by irritating others, be cursed.

You think by putting the texts in front and you are safe? Do I have to waste my SMS to “unsubscribe”? Do you even worth the few cents? How do I know if there is no hidden plot?

I can play games after midnight if you persist.